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A representative from a Muslim world discusses the potential of Turkey as a powerful nation among over 50 Muslim countries. They propose strengthening the Turkish Lira purchase, recruiting young Muslims to strengthen the position of the Turkish government, and promoting peace and prosperity. The representative emphasizes the importance of pursuing a course of action to improve the global presence and condition.

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the Muslim world is you, I, and every Muslim living on our planet today. Our challenges are many,

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but our responsibility is one.

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My dear brothers and sisters,

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I would like to share an important set of factors,

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which, if you understand it well

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may allow you to see the potential of Turkey.

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Some may view Turkey

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as simply a nation among other nations. But after careful examination, you can't help but notice that Turkey

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is certainly the most influential

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and the most resourceful

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of the over 50 Muslim countries in the modern world, let me provide

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a few examples from my observation.

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Turkey has the most powerful military

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in the Muslim world. Number two, Turkey is the largest producer of goods and services of any country in the Muslim world.

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Number three, Turkey was born. As a Muslim country, the population of Muslims in Turkey is 95%.

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Number four, Turkey has become the strongest voice

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and the clearest vision to address the political plight of the Muslim world.

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For these and other reasons, I am proposing that we Muslims, along with strengthening ourselves in whatever country we may reside, we should as a gesture of solidarity

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by the Turkish Lira, strengthen the Turkish Lira purchase Turkish goods and recruit

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took his services.

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Why? Because a strong Turkey

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is in the future interests of Muslims everywhere.

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My dear brothers and sisters,

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support Turkey,

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support the Turkish Lira

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and purchase Turkish goods and services.

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam and inhumanity. My name is shahada, Jessie, and I am part of the team that constructed this presentation that you have viewed. We didn't just present this to provide you with vital information. It is vital. But we presented this because we believe that there should be a course of action that we take to improve our global presence and condition. It is our conviction that the resources of Muslim world if they were applied properly, we could assume our rightful position in the world today, presentation that you have viewed is a statement and a suggestion on how we may be able to pursue that great

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initiative. I advise you to follow the proposal and the course of action that we have suggested to you. Thank you very much. Have a blessed day.

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The Muslim world is you i and every Muslim living on our planet today. Our challenges are many,

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but our responsibility is one