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Ismail Kamdar
AI: Summary © The importance of proving Islam's true religion is highlighted, along with the natural way of life it operates and the need for a creator to achieve a sense of happiness and inner peace. The speakers emphasize the natural tendencies of Islam, including affirmations and the use of words like "good" and " evil," as well as the importance of finding a way to have a greater purpose and desire for worship. The development of Islam as a natural faith and a way to live a good life is also discussed, along with the need for individuals to engage with their natural beauty and show their love for Islam to boost their spirits. The potential for corruption of the media and the "fit minor" concept is also highlighted.
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Mr. Viru we're not meant to be here to welcome

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you Rudy and kusina amin c Jamar Lena mejor de la de la mejor de over the har de la my bad forgot to call Allahu Allah

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Villa inna Shivani rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Rocky more Jacqueline de hanifa Frida Kahlo Isla de Fatah Rhonda, let them de haut de la liga de la creme

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de la.

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Over the next few weeks, inshallah, we are going to go through some of the proofs of Islam, we are going to ensure discuss many of the different angles through which we can, in our own hearts arrive at the position of conviction in Islam, and also through which we can present the message of Islam to others. And this topic stems from a question that many young Muslims have at some point in their life. Generally, this question crops up either during our teenage years or early 20s. When we look around, and we see that the Christians claim that their religion is the true religion, and the Jews claim that their religion is the true religion, and the atheists claim that no religion is a true

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religion, and confusion begins to set in. And a very genuine question pops up. And that question is, how do we know that Islam is the true religion? It's a very important question. Now, 2030 years ago, when somebody would ask this question, How do I know that Islam is the true religion? Very often, our answer would be, keep quiet and believe. Right? But that answer doesn't work. And especially doesn't work in the modern era, where we are surrounded by causes of skepticism. We are surrounded by New Age movements, like the atheist movement, and the ex Muslim movement, and all of these things that are corrupting people's mind and causing people to experience a higher level of that. So it's

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important that we engage with this question, and that we go through a spiritual journey of asking this question and arriving at a concrete conclusion. So the first thing I want to say so a person who is having this question in their mind, how do I know that Islam is the true religion? Let me assure you, you are not the first person to ask this question. And throughout my life, I have met hundreds, if not 1000s, of people who have asked this question, did the research and arrived that conviction, Islam is the true religion, some coming from Muslim backgrounds, some coming from other backgrounds, but all of them followed a, a part of seeking the truth sincerely, and they arrived at

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the conclusion of Islam being determined. And there are certain things that convinced them that Islam is the true religion. Now, one of the things I did a few years ago is, I researched the stories of people who converted to Islam, to find a commonality to find what was the most common cause of conviction to cause a non Muslim to become a Muslim? I thought it might be the Quran. And for those who didn't, it was 100. I thought it might be a biography of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And for many of them, it was we'll have to live up. But what surprised me was that the number one thing that the majority of stories had in common, was the concept that we call in Islam,

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the fitrah.

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A humans natural understanding of what is right and wrong. And that's what I want to base today's discussion on for us to understand, what is the fitrah? How does it prove Islam to be the true religion? And why is it that some people don't arrive at this conclusion? So the word Peter is mentioned only once in the Quran, in Surah, room, Chapter 20, verse number 20, Allah Subhana, Allah says, that, turn yourself on Devote yourself entirely towards the true religion of God. Right, turn yourself entirely devoted entirely towards to religion of God, faith that the law is that the father or

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the natural way of life that God created within human beings. This is the only mentioned in the Quran of the word Phaedra, where Allah describes Islam as the natural way that he has created humans upon the word Phaedra also pops up in the Hadees, in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that every child is born upon the fitrah but it is his parents that make him a Jew or a Christian. And we will discuss this Hadees in more details in a second football. The point the point is that this word fitrah is found in both the Quran and Hadees. Now over the years, the olema have differed on what does it mean and there are many different definitions but the the

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We are going to go with the other one that fits in with our topic of trying to prove Islam is the definition given by a great scholar of Islam, even taymiyah Rama hula, where he said that the fitrah is our natural understanding of right and wrong, it is the beliefs that are ingrained in human nature. And his theory was that the beliefs that are ingrained in human nature, there is only one religion that agrees with those beliefs, and that is Islam. So what are some of the beliefs that are ingrained in human nature? Number one, is the belief in the existence of a God of a higher power. How do we know that the belief in God is a natural part of the fitrah.

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I can give you a few reasons how we know this, number one, there has never been in the history of this world, an atheist civilization, never in the history of this world has been a civilization based on atheism. This is a new age thing. And it doesn't last people who become atheist, either the children or the grandchildren go back to believing in God, it can't last. It's not something that that stays with humanity. Many of my friends who have converted to Islam, their parents became atheists, by the parents were Christians or Jews or whatever, they became atheist, they left the kids to grow however they want, and the children end up becoming Muslims. Why? Because atheism is

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not natural. The natural inclination of a human being is that there must be a higher power, there must be a creator, and he must agree to me for a purpose. And this is why if you go to the remotest corners of the earth, if you go to a jungle, where there are people living, who have no interaction with civilization, who have never,

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even when any of the major religions, you will find, I'll guarantee you that you will find that the people of those civilizations, they believe in a God, and they believe in a higher power, and they believe in a creator, because it is built into our nature, it is a natural part of being a human being that you know that there is a creator.

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And so the belief in a god is part of

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what else is part of our fitrah a belief in the afterlife. And again, this is something that sprawled across the globe, in every civilization, even to those who have never heard about Islam, they have some kind of belief that after you die, you're gonna come back, whether it's in this world, or in the next show in something else. But every culture drove history from the Greeks to the Romans to many more than cultures, even those who don't believe in a religion. I think about how hypocritical This is. Those who claim to be atheist, those who claim to not believe in a religion, when somebody dies, what do they say? You say, rest in peace. What's resting in peace. If you're an

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atheist, if you don't believe in a soul, if you don't believe in an afterlife, who's resting in peace, and when

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I say that it's our human nature that we believe there's an afterlife, there's a place after this world where souls can find peace. This is ingrained in our fitrah. It is part of the natural beliefs of humanity, that there is a life after this life. Another thing that is part of the Future Part of human nature is a desire for purpose. And one of the main causes of depression in the modern world is that people feel that their life completely lacks purpose. So we have people today who become wealthy and become famous, and have everything in this world. But they feel that their life is meaningless, and they feel that their life has no purpose, and many of them even end up committing

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suicide. Why? Because a desire to have a purpose is ingrained, ingrained in our fitrah. It is a part of who we are. We can't just live our lives, there has to be more to it. There has to be something else out there. There has to be a greater purpose to life, this question and the desire to have the answer is ingrained within our nature. linked to this is the desire to worship something. The desire to worship something is part of our fitrah human beings get a sense of happiness and inner peace from worship. And this is why you will find even today, one of the most bizarre developments of the 21st century is that atheists are starting churches. atheists are starting churches because they

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feel empty without worship. They feel empty without spiritual guidance. They wanted atheists to give them some new age spirituality, because something's missing. What's missing is that your nature, desires worship, your nature needs to worship human beings find in a piece in worship, they find happiness in worship. And when you remove that from your life, you feel anxiety, you feel depression, you feel lost. So how does all of this prove Islam? All of this proves Islam because every single thing that is a natural belief in human in human beings hearts, Islam is the only religion that agrees with it 100% and builds upon it. So for example, we naturally believe in the

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existence of a higher power. The Quran teaches us who that higher power is and gives us a description of you, and the most logical description in the world. If you compare the description of who God is in the Quran to the description in any other religion, you will find that the Quran

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description is the one that makes the most sense that there is only one God, there is nothing like him, he created everything he is most just his most loving, he's most merciful. This description is the best description of a creator, and you will only find it in Islam.

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Our natural inclination is that there must be an afterlife. The Quran and Hadees give us the best description of that after like the one that makes the most sense, the one that is the most detail, and the one that gives us a roadmap on how to get there. Our natural inclination is to worship God. Islam gives us the most details of how to worship God exactly the way he wants us to worship him from the details of how many times a day to pray, to how to pray to what to say, in your prayer, to what what feelings you should experience in your prayer. It is described in details in Islam, unlike any other religion,

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the desire for a purpose. Islam is the only religion that explicitly explicitly gives life a purpose. It is the only religion that explicitly tells us why we created and what we need to do with our lives. And this is why this question and this feeling that law people have in my life has no purpose, my life has no meaning, a practicing Muslim neighbor feature a practicing Muslim neighbor visas because at the very, very least, my purpose in life is to get to agenda. My purpose in life is to please Allah subhanho wa Taala. My purpose in life is to be a good Muslim. There is always a purpose here, because Islam gives you purpose Islam gives you meaning. Another aspect of the fitrah

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is that Allah has built within us a natural understanding of good and evil, a natural understanding of what is right or what is wrong. And here again, you will find that Islams and the explanation of what is right and wrong is completely in line with the fitrah. So for example, how do human beings know that murder is evil?

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Everybody agrees a murder is evil. You're it doesn't sit well in your heart, your fitrah knows that this is wrong.

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treating your parents Well, your Phaedra knows that this is a good deal. Justice is built into your feet, wry sense of justice is built into human nature. Where does all of this come from? This is the natural the natural way of living that Allah has created within us a natural understanding of good and evil. And we get this concept from the Hadees where he Sahabi once asked the Prophet sallallahu Sallam what is good and what is evil. And the prophets always said that God is all of good character, anything that humanity considers good manners or good character that is good in the sight of Allah for the most part. And then he asked him what is evil, the prophets will allow you some

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said that which you feel bad about in your heart, deep within you, Allah has gained in this consciousness, this fitrah that gives you a warning signal that this is wrong, that even without any guidance, there are many things in this world that we know by our feet are up that they are wrong. So that brings us to the next question. That Okay, Allah has created within us if he has created within us in the actual understanding of right and wrong, the natural inclination to believe in God and to worship God. What is the purpose of religion? What is the purpose of Islam? The purpose is to tell us how and to give us the details. That is the purpose. You see, naturally, we believe in a

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higher power. But who is Allah? What does Allah want from us? That is where the revelation comes in. Naturally, we have a vague idea of what is good and evil, but the details of how to stay away from evil and how to live a good life. That is why we need revelation. And so what Islam does what the Quran does, what the sooner does, is it guides our fitrah to be its best self, it guides our human nature to become the best form of itself, we naturally want to be just people, the Quran teaches us the highest level of justice, the highest level of justice is found in the Quran, be just even if it's against your own selves in your own family. This is the message of the Quran. Our nature helps

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us to be good to parents, the Quran gives us the highest level of being good to your parents don't even say a bad word to them. Don't even say, don't even make a sound in your mouth. And because of this comfort, our our hearts now need to know that this modern lifestyle of immorality is evil. And we don't need revelation to tell us it's evil. But what does revelation tell us? Revelation tells us Don't go near it, lower your gaze, observe a job. It gives us the guidance to stay far, far, far away from the modalities. So what Islam does is it folds upon the fitrah to help us be the best forms of ourselves. And that is why we need the Quran. That is why we need Islam. And that is one of

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the strongest proves that Islam is the true religion because it is the only way of life that agrees 100% of what is already within the heart of humanity. And I found this in dozens upon dozens of stories. When I meet people and ask them why did you become a Muslim? He said already in my heart I knew there's one God and Islam said the same thing. Already in my heart. I knew there must be a purpose of life and Islam showed me the purpose of life.

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Already in my heart I knew that alcohol is evil and Zina is evil and Riba is evil. And the Quran came with the same message that the Quran agrees with what's already implanted in our hearts. And there is no other way of life that does this. And this, to me is the strongest, strongest evidence that Islam is the true religion. The fact that it 100% agrees with what our Creator has already put in our hearts. So behind Robin Sharma is the fool for salami Allah Saleem hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen

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in Alhamdulillah, hoodoo en esta in en esto pero, one of many over here to welcome him in Cerulean fusina pamesa Yama, Lena, Miyagi, his

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inner circle, the secret of love for Hey, yo, Howdy, howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we're sure we'll move on to how does it work? olopatadine dadada poco de la COVID. Now,

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the next question that comes on the minds of people there is if we naturally have this understanding of good and evil, why is it that so much of what we naturally know to be evil is common today is normal today is the trend today. We live in a time where Zina is a norm. And marriage is becoming almost like outdated, almost unheard of. But young people don't even want to get married. We live in an age where atheism is becoming a norm. And this has never been in the history of society. You know, we live in an age where some kinds of sins that before people would even talk about and now being promoted by the television as being absolutely normal. And God. Where does this come from? And

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how does this fit in with our argument of the fitrah when he goes back to the Hadees that we mentioned in the first goodbar when the prophets lawyers have said that every child is born upon the fetal but it is his parents and society that make him a Jew or a Christian. What is Hades teaches us is that everyone has within them a fitrah. But society can cloud the fitrah society can corrupt the Petro society can confuse the fitrah. And this is what is happening around us. The best example of this today is the modern media. The modern media, for example, is pushing upon us this idea that it's normal, you know, for men to be romantic with men of a woman to be romantic with a woman, and

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they push it and they push it in every movie and every TV series. And the first time you see it, you are disgusted. Because that's your feature kicking in. And then the second time, you know it's slightly less discussing, and after seeing it 100 times or 20 times it becomes normal, then you begin to take off. It's not so bad. Oh, it can't be that bad. Oh, everyone's doing it. Oh, it must be fine. What's happening y'all, it is the media corrupting your Phaedra. It is the media clouding your fitrah. It is a constant bombardment of a message telling you that wrong is right and right is wrong. And after a while, if you allow me to brainwash you, you begin to think, oh, it must have a

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point, oh, this must be the right way. Or we probably have it wrong. In reality, what you have done is you have fallen into this trap of allowing society to corrupt your fitrah. It's the same with atheism. atheism doesn't come naturally to any person. They believe that there's no God, there's no afterlife, there's no purpose in life. This is a completely unnatural belief. This is one of the most depressing beliefs on Earth.

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Think about it. The idea anyone here who's lost a loved one, I know all of us who have lost loved ones in the past year to believe that you're never going to see them again, that there's no general that there's no afterlife. Can you actually live with that belief? Can you actually cope with that if you had a belief like that? atheism is depressing. It's a very depressing existence. How do they cope with that? How do they cope with losing a loved one? How do they cope with the fact that when they grow old and they go in to pass away? It's not natural? So how is it becoming popular today, even though it's never been popular in human history? Again, it is the corruption of the fitrah, by

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media, by schools, by universities, by social media, by all the modern things that we have people who come up there and they present it like it's logical, they presented like it makes sense, or one of the other ways to do it. They presented as an act of rebellion. They know that the youngsters want to rebel against so we have the appearance to say this is the ultimate act of rebellion. You want to become an atheist, or you'll just stop believing and religions. And so many people, they do this just as an act of rebellion, even though deep in their hearts. They know God is real. And they know Islam is true, but just to rebell, you want to get onto this bandwagon. So why does evil seem

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so good today? It's because of the corruption of the federal and how,

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how do we fight? We fight us by educating people by getting people to engage with a free trial once again. You see many of us are so accustomed to believing whatever we see on the television for believing whatever the university professor says.

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Believing whatever we read on the internet that we don't ever stop to think, what does my heart really say?

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What does my heart really believe?

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What What is my heart telling you, we all engage with our heart, many of us are scared of our own thoughts. We scared of looking internally, we are scared of being alone with our own thoughts. And because of that, we don't engage with outfitter we just follow whatever's popular, we just follow what was in the media, and this is how they get you. So introspection is necessary to go deep in your heart. And to think about these topics. And to reflect and to go back to the fitrah is very, very important. And the final point I want to make

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is that this is also why Today, more than ever, the world needs Islam. The world needs Islam, and we have to get the message of Islam out. There are many people out there who are in a state of depression, who feel that their life has no purpose, who feel that there's nothing, you know, greater and beyond that there's no way of coping with the problems of the world. There's no way of overcoming the immortality of the world who's had this doom and gloom mentality. The one thing that can help them is Islam. Because Islam gives you purpose. Islam agrees with your narrative, with your human nature. Islam gives you optimism for this life, and the next, Islam gives you hope, no matter

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what is going wrong. And we need to get this message of Oh, we need to show people that there is a better way of life, a way of life that agrees with your nature, a way of life that gives you purpose, a way of life to boost your spirits and that way of life is Islam. today more than ever, we need to get the message of Islam out there to save people from their own selves and to save people from the immorality and corruption of the modern world. We ask Allah to protect us in our youth and to guide us and to make us on the people have conviction and to make use of the people don't mind Robin to officer in the scene of Donna Robin our that Marina is from karma Hamada Allah dinamico

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Polina Robin, Amina Bella takadanobaba, Anna Warfield and our hamato Donna consumer alchemy company. So behind Robin is at the mercy fool was salam, another Busan with hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen Allah

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