The Productive Muslim Podcast – Season 3 Ep 30

The Productive Muslim Podcast
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the challenges of creating productive Muslim podcasts and the importance of productivity. They also talk about achieving productivity goals and controlling one's language to create a sense of purpose. The speakers express concern about being unproductive and the potential for negative consequences. They express their desire to improve their code and language, control their language, and become a good person. They also express their desire to work on their language and language skills.
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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast season three, Episode 30

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Welcome to productive Muslim podcast, season three. Assalamu Aleikum, I'm your host and have handy. And this is the productive Muslim Ramadan detox challenge. We are now at the end of our detox, I pray that you guys have had an amazing Ramadan, and that you have come out of it way stronger than you are when you went into it. For today, your article is on the phosphor technique, which is something that I want us to, from now on be applying in any situation that we have, where we have strong emotions. And this technique is just basically it's very simple. Just imagine yourself one year from now, and how you feel in any sort of situation where you're feeling maybe very angry, very

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jealous, very excited. And the reason that you do this is to put things into perspective, because sometimes we can become very engrossed in things that when we look back on it, we're like, why did I spend that much time on it? Why was I dwelling so much on something that was of so little importance to me, and then you start realizing what matters in your life are trivial and want. So for example, you might be feeling really, really embarrassed at a moment in time. Picture yourself a year from now is anyone even going to remember people like they don't, they don't care. After a while people forget, people move on. Like, this is not something that you should be focusing on.

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You when you project a year into the future, you start realizing what really matters. And you start being able to sort of detach emotionally from things that happen that can really, really consume you. So after reading this article, your only task after this is to fill in the reflection sheet, which we're going to go through together. So the first question of it is using three words, how would you describe this hard challenge? Now, I think one of the things when I was making this hard challenge was I was very conscious of the fact that Muslims are a very, very, very diverse demographic, from mothers, fathers, students, the elderly, but still young at heart. Those who work

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full time those who study those who stay at home. And so I found that quite challenging to create tasks that would be doable by anyone, and everyone. So were there any tasks that you could not complete? And why any sort of feedback that you give on this for yourself personally, this can then be used to create an even better Ramadan hot detox. 10 is an excellent next year insha Allah. Now what tasks Do you think you'll continue to incorporate into your daily life, I would say the one task surprisingly, that I would incorporate is pmla, which is quite surprising, because it's not actually something that I've ever done. But I think realizing that it's not difficult to do, and

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also realizing that myself that there are points in the night where I do wake up. So there's an there's no nothing lost if I spend that time, worshiping Allah subhanaw taala at night. And then of the three things that I wanted to get out of this hard challenge in worksheet one, which was diet, she actually did achieve my goal of doing what's in the prayers. By the way, I'm very proud of myself and hamdulillah. And it's something that I definitely want to continue.

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So one of the questions on this as well, is what does productivity mean to you? And I want you guys to think about this, because it's something quite personal to each and every one of us, given our life situation. So for me productivity

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is it's making the best use of my time for both the dunya and the ephemera. But specifically to me, productivity, is making sure that when I meet a loss penalty, I'm able to answer for my minutes that I spent here on Earth, I'm able to answer for exactly how I spent my time without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. Because you know, being productive doesn't have to mean always working hard being productive could meet me spending time with my mom, being productive could be me reading a book that's still me being productive, being productive could be me doing to be on the train. But it's a case of that when I meet les pantalla. And all of these things that I've done, have become a

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better for me, because one of my last panels Allah says that man was not created except to worship. And we're very fortunate in that every one of our actions can be counted as a better and this is productivity actually, I think this might improve productivity is to be able to turn my day to day activities into a bed for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. Now what as of the end Did you really connect with and why? So one of the areas that I really connected with word when I was reading sort of Caf where it says, hang on a second, let me get this

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out of

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levena M and o Amina sali Hattie in Orlando do a gentleman as an AMA. So indeed those who have believed and unrighteous deeds, indeed, we will not allow to be lost drawed any who did well, in these, the reason that this air, it's, it's always connected with me every single time that I've read it but specifically in this month of Ramadan, it's because a lot of sometimes there are a lot of things that you do that either people do not see it, or it doesn't work out the way that you wanted it to happen. And when that happens, you feel like it was just a complete flop, like there was no point in doing it in the first place. But this age is constantly reminds you that when you're

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doing something, you're doing it not for awards from other people not for praise from other people, but for award only from Allah subhanaw taala. And I think that's something very, very beautiful. Now, if your future self starts to become unproductive, or allowed bad habits to creep in, what would you say to yourself,

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I always say to myself that especially after this one, Milan, there are a lot of things that I 100% want to improve on. The two main things that I want to improve on specifically is my code and memorization. Because I found when I go to third parties with some of my friends, when it comes to art is when we wanted to turn away, I would say nobody has my mind enough to enter lead any one of us entirely. So my goal is to memorize enough Qur'an that at least next year, at least for one night or two nights, I'm able to lead people away. So I would love to be able to do. And the other thing that I also want to do is, is controlling, controlling my tongue, but also being able to remind

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other people what conversation takes us further away from Allah subhanaw taala. And this is something that I'm worried about in terms of being unproductive. Because what happens is, is sometimes we are very quick to speak about what is going on in other people's lives, without realizing that it doesn't concern us at all. And we're guilty of doing this without even realizing because sometimes it might even be a celebrity. It might be like a Muslim celebrity, I don't know whether it's an Islamic speaker or a dairy or something. And we're talking about them and their life and their personal situation, or something that they've said, failing to realize that actually wears

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backbiting about somebody, somebody who has a family, somebody who is a human who might potentially make mistakes, and we don't realize this. So these are two forms of unproductivity first one being in not memorizing the Quran. And the second one being intense of conversation with others. If I find that my future self especially starts to slack within these two areas, I'm gonna say to myself in terms of God, and do I really want to meet Allah and be able to recite many things, and not the book of Allah subhanaw taala do I really want to be able to say that I spent ages doing exercise or ages reading a book on this, but the book of Allah subhanaw taala was not able to read and memorize like

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you know, when you have your favorite movie, and you know all the lights for it that probably for me would be lacking I can tell you all the lines before anyone says it. I feel like the Quran is of so much value to us that we should be spending time memorizing the plot and to be able to meet Allah Subhana Allah with and then and then when it comes to unproductive conversation, one thing that I would definitely tell my future self is that whenever I speak about someone if I don't get their forgiveness or if I'm not praying for forgiveness from them, imagine if a normal pm I answer to them that you know, a my tongue has held me accountable for things that I may have said about somebody

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else's life well that is if that person's in the wrong that they've made a mistake I still have no right to speak about them. And if that happens on numerous ama what will I have to say for myself? So these are things that I definitely want to work on. I want to hear how the heart detox challenge went for you guys. I want to know if you find it easy if you find it hard if you would definitely do it again. And I'm really happy that I got to send them another one with you guys and inshallah, if we still live I will be with you guys next time with them. Salim Ali Kumar has Allah Hill bucket

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