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AI: Summary © The host of a productive Muslim online course talks about how to manage one's sleep cycle and how to use it to have a more refreshing sleep. The course is designed to encourage people to use their sleep cycles to improve their sleep quality and boost their productivity. The course also provides information on how to set alarm times and access a sleep calculator.
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You're listening to the productive Muslim podcast season two episode 16

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Assalamu alaikum productive Muslims. Welcome to the show. I'm your host me for my roof and I'm here with Episode 16 of the pre Ramadan boot camp. In today's episode what I'm going to be speaking about is mastering your sleep cycle before Ramadan. So one of the most challenging aspects of Ramadan is how to manage one sleep. Some of us oversleep and use Ramadan as an excuse to not get much things done while others under sleep because of work late night therapy and staying up until fudger. Now the problem with not being able to manage our sleep is that we end up feeling groggy and tired during the day and we can't worship Allah subhanaw taala in a way that we want to like, we don't

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have that energy to do so. And so by mastering asleep we can be we can feel more refreshed when we wake up and not so tired. So this topic of sleep is a big topic and in fact, we have dedicated about 11 lessons to this topic on our productive Ramadan online course. However, in today's episode, I'm going to be speaking about sleep cycles and how you can use sleep cycles in order to have a more quality and refreshing sleep.

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Salaam Alaikum This is mcfaddin founder productive at productive Muslim Our mission is to inspire the almighty productive again. And when we were doing this is through our online courses and webinars that are hosted on productive Muslim this platform is a personal development platform for Muslims worldwide. It combines faith and science to overcome so a practical development challenges whether it's waking up early in the morning for overcoming stress or difficulties in life and from a bond with three special courses just stumbled on the platform what is pre Ramadan called the robot bootcamp. One is June Ramadan co production Milan course and one is postmodern called

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postmodern v. So make most of this platform join us today at productive Muslim Academy calm, be part of this personal development journey with us. Zack Lafitte Salaam Alaikum.

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Okay, so with regards to a sleep cycle, what is a sleep cycle. During the night your sleep follows a predictable pattern. So it moves back and forth between deep restorative sleep deep sleep and more alert stages and dreaming, which is the REM sleep. So together, the stages of REM and non REM sleep form a complete sleep sleep cycle that repeats until you wake up. So for the average person, a sleep cycle lasts 90 minutes. And so when you wake up at the end of the sleep cycle, which is the end of 90 minutes, then you will tend to feel much more fresh and alert. Whereas when you wake up right in the middle of the sleep cycle, especially when it's going through a deep sleep, then you are most

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likely to feel groggy and not very wake up in not the most ideal state.

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And so how can we use a knowledge of sleep cycle to sleep better up simple by structuring your sleep so that you ended up waking at the end of a sleep cycle. So that means in a multiple of 90 minutes. So if you go to sleep at say 10 o'clock, then instead of setting the alarm at six o'clock, which is eight hours, you will set the alarm at 530 which is seven and a half hours. And that is a multiple of 90 minutes. Now, you can either calculate this manually when you set your alarm, or you can head over to this really cool website, which is a sleep calculator. So it's called sleepy time dot sleepy time. So it's s LEPYTI dot m e. So it's just sleepy time and there's a dot after Now this

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website actually lets you know it calculates for you what time you want to wake up if you want to what time you need to sleep in order to wake up at a particular time or what time you should wake up if you sleep at a particular time. And this is all based on the sleep cycle. So if you want more information about what I was speaking about right now, then you can check out a blog post that we've written about mastering asleep. So I will link that to the show notes of this podcast. So that's productive Muslim slash s to e 16. And you can be able to find the link to this blog post that I'm speaking about. So what I want you to do in this episode is to test out your sleep

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according to sleep cycles. So set your alarm according to a multiple of 90 minutes and let us know how that goes. And also let us know how your challenges went. So did you do your physical challenge or social challenge in your spirit

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Challenge. So that's all from me. I will speak to you all again tomorrow with the next episode. Until then remember, work hard and be sincere

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