Role Of The Judeo-Christian Tradition In The Quranic Narrative

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Sh. Mohammed explains to us what the role of the Judeo-Christian tradition is in the Quranic Narrative

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A lot of times people when they when they look at the story of Musa right and even other attend other classes about that. But then sometimes we'll run into situations where we're learning about the Judeo Christian tradition of the life of Moosa. Does that content stick around? We consider it like, what's its role in the Quranic narrative? Well, we deal with this issue a lot. Whenever we are talking about different profits or messages in the whole, I'm sure we come across information from Judeo Christian sources. Yeah. And we're like, what do we do with this information? Do we accept it wholeheartedly? Or do we reject it wholeheartedly. And what essentially we need to do is we need to

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properly understand the platonic narrative. And if this information that we are getting from non organic sources, or non Islamic sources, is not contradictory to what we have in the Islamic tradition, then what we can do is we can accept it for its academic value, sure, and for the intellectual value that it adds to the story that we're discussing. And that doesn't mean that we have to establish it as a hard and fast you know, fat historical fact. Now, what are some questions that might come about in terms of the relationship between the two of them? Oh, there's a lot of a lot of questions that would arise like for example, was the pharaoh at the time of the birth of Musa

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the same one that Moosa later then comes to as a prophet and messenger, and the one that essentially drowns, okay, and then also, you have so many different characters in the story of Musa so. Are there any characters that are in the Quranic narrative that are not in the biblical one, and vice versa? Okay. So these are some questions that we will address along with many more in our upcoming course, the life of masa