Naming of Quranic Chapters #26 The Chapters of 048 Conquest and 110 Nasr

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The transcript discusses the significance of the title "the beginning of a new era" in Islam, as it describes the period before the conquest of Makkah, and how it has led to a whole new generation of Muslims. The title also references a treaty called the " rid of the prophesies," which is a reference to the beginning of a new era in Islam.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was salam, ala rasulillah Allah and he was so happy.

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Today, we're looking at two chapters from the Quran, which in one way they carry similar meanings in terms of the Title One is to look at a fetter and the other is solid and muscle, and fatter, meaning the conquest and analysis of meaning the victory. Now, both of those titles are very inspirational and motivational titles, because they are inspiring the Muslims, especially when you consider that the time of the process. And then it was a time of battles, it was time of

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military expeditions, you know, it wasn't a simple, you know, just simple Tao of telling you about Islam, etc, there was right from the beginning, there was an announcement of enmity towards the prophesies, and his message right from the beginning. So there was a whole concept of you know, battles and so on, and then battles need victory, they need conquest. Now, probably most people think that the name alfetta, the conquest is probably due to the conquest of Makkah, and that is incorrect. This surah was actually revealed, after the soul of her day via the Treaty of Arabia, which was in the year six, after the hegemon. Now the Prophet slicin them after having defeated or

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after the military loss of the Arabs against him, when they came out all the way in the in the Rambo, we talked about the chapter over there.

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And they went back, they couldn't defeat the Muslims, they lost in that respect, they were scattered, they they lost their their hopes, their optimism, their enthusiasm. And they went back so in the next year, the process and said, Well, now that that is that we should be able to go and do our own ra to the house. So he prepared and they went for the other ombre. However, Quraysh didn't want to be seen as losing another phase of the confrontation and the conflict. They did not allow him it's a it's a story in the Sierra, which is very important to go back and read and learn. However, after this, there was a treaty and that treaty was a treaty of peace, that we shouldn't

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fight, we should have 10 years of peace, you know, nobody should attack each other, etc, etc. And the treaty is quite clear. So this treaty after the prophesized lamb

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signed this treaty, Allah revealed this, we're on the way back, and that's why it's called a feather. It was a conquest, because the treaty itself was a conquest, the treaty itself to actually reach an agreement of no for no battle to peace, that was considered

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a treaty, sorry, a conquest. And it was the beginning of a whole new change in Arabia, because now I mean, if you look at the message of the process, and right at the beginning, it wasn't about, you know, domination and to try and control and have sovereignty of ours, but it was just about that one, it was just to tell them about laid a line or stop worshipping the idols, go back to the worshipping of Allah, as was established by Ibrahim alayhis salam. Now they didn't accept that they fought him, etc. So the Prophet just wanted that opportunity to give down now that there was peace, and there was no more battles, that was the ideal environment for the process of them to reach out

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and to give Dawa. So that's why the Quran called the effect of a conquest in that regard. And as for Sultan, NASA well, and NASA is probably you are related to the conquest of Mecca, because after the conquest of Makkah, which happened a couple of years later, due to the fact that

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he did not keep up to their side of the bargain. A law named is a muscle and as a result of this, lots of people started to enter into the Dean of a law lots of people started to become Muslims, once mcap fell from the hands of the machete kin to the religion of monotheism, the religion of Ibrahim alayhis salam, and that which the Prophet slicin and Mohammed has bought, so people started to enter, and that was a victory in itself, but not that the victory wasn't

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merely that, you know, there wasn't the conquest itself, but it was rather that people saw Islam they understood Islam and they entered into the deen of Allah. So Allah called that as muscle. And we know that this chapter also was almost like an old

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set an alert to the processor them that his time was coming close as well as he has achieved and has made his mission successful alarm