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AI: Summary © The shale team is confronted with accusations of the wrong way they are supposed to tell their success and the shale teen. The shale team is hiding and trying to steal information from the shale team. The shale team is trying to steal information from the shale team and they are hiding.
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So Allah azza wa jal continues.

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What and now Yvonne in Atlanta Paul insol, Gino ello, la he, Kathy Beth. So the verse continues, that will ANOVA And verily us, so before I even mentioned that, so keep in keep now track of the second enter verse number four, here is to eradicate schilke completely. And then verse number five, isn't what we are looking, what we are looking at, at this very moment, the next verse number five. So they also mentioned here in verse number five, is that we thought, what a Nelvana. Now we thought now the word of Vernon comes from the word of one. One literally means something that we thought of something that we assumed it was like this, but it was really something else. What they're referring

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to here is their knowledge. So banana in this verse here is referring to, it's referring to their knowledge. And then Taku will ensue. Well, Gino Allah He ketubah. So they were focused on what others amongst them, the the humans and the Sheltie used to say upon Allah or a belt Allah, it all ended up being a lie. Listen to the verse, it says here, and now van in Atlanta school, they were only they're only addressing what people used to say about Allah, what the lies they used to say. So they're focused on the words that people said, they're not focused on or they're haven't addressed the actions of what people were doing. They were simply focused on what people were saying about

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Allah, and all the * that they were saying about Allah, this ended up being a ketubah, in ended up being a clear lie. Why is that so crucial to know, because it's very easy to speak to somebody and persuade them to do wrong, it's more difficult for your actions to show them that it's more difficult for your actions to persuade somebody to do something. But you can actually persuade them to do anything you want by simply speaking to them that may take longer, that may take longer, but the consistency is there, you can just sit there and talk about what a terrible life they're living. And this is the way that they can get out. You can sit there and use all the words in the beautiful

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language and sing to them and do whatever you want just to persuade them to believe you. So they focused on what people were saying that this was actually in and of itself a lie upon Allah subhanahu wa Tada.

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Also, it continues here, and it mentions one unknown. So here in verse number five, what's happened? They have eradicated the history of shelduck. So what they're looking at here is what people have all set throughout their history, their history, what people have been saying. So the next enter, they eradicated the history of shirk as though it never existed. Now keep verse number five, put a star or something beside it because we're going to connect this with another verse shortly. So this verse number five, here is your past the history that they've addressed now the shell team. Let's continue now to verse number six, one unknown, of unknown KML, Vernon tomb la burapha, la who I had.

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So here

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what unknown of unknown KML Vernon tomb. So what unknown, again, is referring to the shale teen themselves. And it mentions here, come alvernon tomb and laborers, Allahu Ahad, the jinns thought the exact same thing that human beings thought. So they're saying, we thought exactly what they thought you guys thought that Allah is not going to send down anybody for us, is not going to send down a profit or a messenger to tell us about our result to tell us about our nothing. This is exactly what we thought we also were in denial the same way that you guys were in denial as well. This here of course, as men, as mentioned, this is the statement of the djinns as well, that they

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themselves amongst them, they didn't believe that Allah will send down an individual to tell them about the correct path to tell them about the prophecy of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Then the verse continues,

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the verse continues. So what happened here in verse number six, verse number six is the jinns. They basically what happened here is

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The the gain the power over the weaknesses and the faults of us they took advantage of our weaknesses. And they've also addressed those weaknesses. They took our weaknesses and they blamed it back on ourselves say, look, we thought the same thing that you thought. So we're no different from you. So don't think that you're more superior than us. This is a very crucial point brothers and sisters when you're dealing with trial team, because the first thing that chelten always like to do is they always like to show you superior, the superior that they have over you. They always want to scare you and show you that they're stronger than they're better that they're this and that they're

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that. And here Allah azza wa jal also kind of touches on some of the history behind that is again, this is why the rhythm and they said we do this to ourselves when we cause the shale teen to influence us and to make us become weak.

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Then verse number seven,

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what an la mesna. Summer fry Jana, Molly at howdah. sentia. de then was shuba. So here a lot. So a gel continues. One, meaning the djinns the shell clean lessness summer. So this, again, are the shell team that they're speaking that whenever they wanted to request the news or to hear about what was happening in the summer in the skies. This was from their nature. This is from Ida Tina. This is from our ways this was an order nature for Jenna Molly at Henderson. So every time they went up, they found that they were confronted with guards how to son comes from the word how to Sir, or how this which is the guard the person who's taking care of those affairs. So they found that it was

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Molly at it was filled with all of these guards of angels that were there. Molly at Henderson shady den was was shuba shaden. These guards they were strong, they were powerful. And they were also shuba. They also had some handle the angels, they were equipped, they had weapons with them. So they had the shooting stars they had these, this fire missile with them if you'd like it's always a burning flame that they would release upon the shale teen anytime they came close. And it's the Quran is actually very distinct about it. And it's going to mention a couple more details.

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So this is where the shale team now they recognize that every time they went up there, this is what they got confronted with. So here in this particular verse in verse number eight,

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is that here it shows that

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there were about their privacy's, everything else, everything about the shale team, in terms of our whereabouts, our privacy's, what we do what we say is a shell Tino always curious about us, they always want to know about your secrets, they always want to know about what you're up to what you're doing, where you're going, what you're saying that shell T and are always with us. And as long as we keep our emotions stronger, that's when the shell team become weaker and weaker and weaker from us. This verse here, verse number eight, it shows that the shale team, this is what they care about the most. It's about our personal affairs. They try to go up to the summer, what are they trying to

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hear? They're trying to hear about the affairs of mankind, what are the angels talking about in terms of what's happening in earth, so they want to get some heads up information about what's happening in the dunya. And that's when they were confronted by guards and guards that were armed as well.

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One benefit that I got when I looked at this particular versus the believers, you always are equipped with the tools to fight off the shale team. No Muslim can make an excuse that they don't have the strength to fight off shale teen. The fact that you are Muslim alone is the power to fight off the shell team, just by being Muslim alone. This is so crucial, because always remember brothers and sisters that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even himself had a shell team with him. But for him, the shell team became Muslim so it doesn't really influence him or encouraging him to do anything How long? The point is, is that Allah still created a shell team for the Prophet of Allah.

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So none of us can run away from this. So here we see this in verse number eight verse number nine

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verse number nine, what another coup Nana po do mean hammacher at least. For me, sturmey are Erna yejide Allahu she has about rusada what an akuna Nepal

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So they said Verily we use to Nepal road, Nepal. It comes from the word car, the car that literally means my spot. This is where I belong. This is my seat. That's why when you when you go and you find a seat on a train or on a plane or on your spot there, let's call your mccard belongs to you. So they say that it was our duty. This was our place Macari this summer. We used to have a place that every time we would go up to the heavens or go up to the summer. We used to have this area where it was our listening area. This is where we used to go to to find out information Macari there is some but they recognize Look what the shell team recognize.

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Familiar stimuli learn whoever tries to listen to this now. Yeah, J Dilla, who she had about rusada they're going to find a shooting star in ambush the word or rassada it means ambush. What does that mean? It means that these angels are sitting there and they're just hiding. And they're waiting for these shell teams to come. So they're actually taking these places wherever it is in the summer in ambush and they're hiding and they're waiting for the Shelton to come and try to steal information. And the moment that they come in, they steal information or they want to that's when the the angels they come out and they release that shooting star or that burning flame of fire to them. So here

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it's also a it's an interesting description that Allah azza wa jal also mentions to us

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another wisdom that some of the scholars that they mentioned in terms of why the shell team they try to use steal this information is also to help the Sorcerer's the sight of the was it psychics, all of these individuals to give them information. And in according to one narration, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that, if at any point, I shaitan, was able to steal information from the Sunnah, they would come down and they would bring it to the sorcerer and add 100 lies to it. And that's what they would give to them. So this is also another wisdom as to why this happens as well. As we mentioned here in this particular verse,

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verse number nine now is dealing with the persistence of undiscovered stubbornness and their commitment to wanting to do evil. So Allah starts off what and verse number nine, their persistence in wanting to hear their persistence and breaking the rules and their commitment to wanting to do evil for all of mankind. This is the nature of the shale clean. And we'll just take one more verse inshallah, before we break, when necessary, a chatroom or ew man fill out of the rajabi him or up boom, or Russia.

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So they also mentioned the genes are talking amongst themselves. And they mentioned that we're underlain add a chatroom re w men fill out, we don't know that the fact that we've been prevented from entering and listening to this stuff, listening to all this news, we don't really know is this something that's good for the people on earth? Or does it mean or is it something bad? We don't know. Is it good in the sense is a love going to send somebody else's a login to send a prophet is a law, look at the game they use the same word, I'm allowed to be him or boom Russia? Or is this a good direction? That's things are going now where we can get this information, that shoutout to I

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don't know that at model hub. So they don't know what's happening. Why is it that they've been prevented from getting this news? There's a couple interesting points here that we want to focus on.

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And also a particular narration by airmesh, little Viola 101, a one of the famous scholars of the Civil War and he mentions a very, very interesting narration of a shaitan coming to visit him one day and inshallah we will mention this after the sada some Allah Subhana Allah Allah protect us from the shell teen And may Allah subhanho wa Taala give us the strength and their health that we always increase our Amen. In this dunya reward us for it in the effort or so we will just pause here in sha Allah, what are filled with marijuana only 111 e or have been around I mean