Mirza Yawar Baig – Ramadan Reminders – Day 16

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of praying before the start of a day is discussed, with a emphasis on the masON asgar and practice practices. The transcript provides instructions for a daily schedule, including praying for the beginning of your day, the end of your day, and the beginning of your day. The importance of praying for your life is emphasized, with exercises and recipes for various tasks including the daily prayer for the holy month, the holy month, and the holy month. The exercises encourage listeners to practice these activities and use them as opportunities to learn and grow.
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alameen wa salatu salam O Allah will be even more saline mohammadu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa he was able to sell them to Steven Kaziranga see Rama Babu might have ancestors yesterday we, I spoke to you about or I began to speak to you

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that is on the

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on what I think is a good schedule to have to introduce in your life and as I said the purpose of this reminder is for us to practice it and to make it a habit in Ramadan and then we can keep that throughout our lives inshallah and that is to begin your day with the huddled and like I said yesterday, I find that getting up one and a half hours before

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that's two slots of 45 minutes. So one and a half hours before the time for fudger starts that is the best do the best that you can do inshallah. And then what you do is you pray the head job in the first slot or 45 minutes

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inshallah This is sufficient, and then in the next slot of 45 minutes, read wonders of Quran.

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Now another way of doing that is maybe wake up instead of one and a half hours, wake up one hour before and read that one Judo Quran in target itself. So that's another possibility. Now, if you are not a half is a male does matter make us make the Quran part of our lives and part of our entire system and make us her father Quran inshallah, we'll talk about this issue of how to score but in her job and of course, in all our field, you can look at the most often read, so you don't have to, you know, not, you don't need to know it by heart, you can look at the most of at the GitHub itself and read, you can read it on your on a device, you can read it on an iPad for whatever is convenient

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for you.

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You can even hold the Quran in your hand and read and then place it on a stool or something or a chair, which you have placed conveniently there when you go into a recording studio, or you can have it on a stand and you get these nice stands on which you can I usually prefer to sometimes if I read I prefer to have it on a stand and have a big one big, big must have with nice big writing of course you know why for me to read small print and stuff. So and then you can read from that so as you as you wish

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you can read that if you want to read a full Joe's in a record of the huddle,

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then you will have to read roughly about two and a half pages. And I'm talking about the osmani

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Barney script was one report on which has 15 lines per page. If you're reading that then you if you read two and a half pages per record, it will finish the whole juice in a trucker

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so up to you whatever you want to do if you if you'd like to do that hamdulillah otherwise you can read in the tahajjud whatever surahs you know, and then you can read and then read this one Jews of foreign

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before Salah to 5g so once you finish that, then you go to the budget for Salah to further inshallah pray fudger and after further, if you if Allah gives off your calendar, Allah inshallah, then either stay in the masjid or come back home, I'm giving you a schedule inshallah, which is good for the rest of your life in sha Allah. But given COVID conditions, you might not be permitted to stay in the masjid until the time for some time for a shock. So don't worry, it's okay don't you don't have to follow whatever regulations are there in your country. But then come back home and if inshallah this is possible for you then sit unzicker

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until the sun comes up, and then pray two and two, which is the which is a lot of Doha to rocket and to rocket and then you finish further. And then you can you know, start your day. Now think about this, that if you do this,

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then approximately every day of your life will begin with two hours of worship, two hours of Harless rather, of Allah Subhana Allah insha Allah and in this module, make all the doors that you want to make because this is the time and Allah subhanho wa Taala specifically or not

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says and says Who is it that needs me and my help, who is it that needs buy protection? Who is it that needs anything from me, let him ask and I will give. So therefore this is the number one best time to make dua and with complete and total belief insha Allah that Allah subhanho wa Taala will accept this dog. So this is the

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this is the

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benefit of

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beginning your day like this having that as a daily schedule. Angela right.

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Then the other important thing is the importance of the maslon asgar. The Vicar that also last Salaam used to do after every fourth Salah

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make sure you do that may tell you find people as soon as the salon they make for the first Salah immediately the startup and start praying sooner. This was not the tsunami, Mr. seller, his method is Sona his habit was that he would remain sitting after for Salah, and then he would make the scarf. So he would say stuff for a lot three times, then he would say.

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I mean sometimes in different places. The order of this has been reported differently. That doesn't matter. You can do whichever way but do it. Then he would read I thought it sokola three times is Allahu Akbar staford Laila the most of them Asana is him, then he will read ayatul kursi. Then he would read colva la had a lot of Fela ruggedness, once each.

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And then he would read on or do the test before TV, which is 33 times one Allah 33 times or 134 times Allahu Akbar.

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And then he would read Hebrew, and then he would say lai lai La La Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, la policia. And

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after that, he would say lai lai la la de la sharika lahu. Lord will go I will handle you here are you me to Hawaii law coalition. So it's the same thing with the addition of your heat where you meet while I pollution? COVID he would say this 10 times and then he would say allama Lavalier limited Allah motiva, Marotta Allah and fossil gentlemen.

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Right? Yeah, he would he would do this and this is the basic fundamental amount of

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asgar that he would do

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after every for Salah

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in salado fudger after salado, Pfizer, Angela after Sarah Maverick, the

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Salt Lake last and more that they follow Allah Allah will follow and call out to be nurse he would recite three times instead of once. Right I only once which is a regular other Salawat But father and mother he would recite it three times. So I stopped for Allah. So then Fatiha. Surah to the class three times what that n three times and the rest this was in further and Maverick and in Johor and Azhar in Asia. It was a stuffer Allah ayatul kursi

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Soto leafless and more than once each, and then he would do the rest of the ASPCA. So make sure you do this. Then make sure you pray the sadhana maka, which is with every Salah, except as it was or it is for God before.

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And of course they are different.

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In some way it is to rocket, whatever it is, but whatever you know from your mother, follow that and make sure that you do the Santa Monica, please understand this. So now Makarov Sato fudger is extremely important.

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Even if you are praying saucer

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in your travel which you will pray instead of forgot to pray to God for the harasser. And you do not pray this home that with satin father you will do pray

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like you do

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not bring the Sunnah in suffer in travel with cancer is the Sunnah it's not prohibited if somebody wants to pray they can do that. But from the heydays of even our Alon Omar, he said that also also Trump did not use to pray the Sooners when he was traveling, so inshallah

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you can follow this. Or if you want to pray and and the light is not prohibited. You can also do that. So this is the sooner the sooner the sooner and Salawat. The sooner. Prayers after fourth are extremely important. The fuqaha have

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That if you have if you have not done it immediately after the Salah or before the Salah as the case might be, then you must necessarily complete it before the time for that Salah is over so the first so suppose you prayed Juma prayed as or in the masjid and then you prayed the sooner you didn't pray sooner there, then go home and prayed. Another thing is that it is better for you to pray the Sunnah and never feel at home than praying them in the masjid Rasul Allah Salim said do not make your homes into graveyards because it is not permissible to pray to make Salah in the cemetery. So when we just said don't make your houses into graveyards, make sure that you pray in your house also. So your

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your tahajjud and the Sunnah of the four Salawat and other now I feel should be prayed. It is better to pray in the home at home. But of course obviously you can pray to the Muslim. Final thing is another Witter. It is why it is almost as important as four and therefore it must be prayed. You can praise another Witter immediately after praying the Sunnah of Asia or you can delay it and you can pray it after you pray. You're finished praying the hedgehog, whatever is convenient for you and make sure you do not miss it. It must not be missed. There is no color for it. So therefore make sure that you prayed every day. Winter should be well winter ideally should be the last Salah but

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even if you pray with her after Asia, you can still create a Hadoop and you can still pray now I feel after Witter. There is no problem with that cha cha cha Camilla Clara. May Allah subhanaw taala make this Ramadan the best of your lives was Karim Ali. He was I will remain but I have to guard my life.

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