Omer El-Hamdoon – Taraweeh Reminder #11 – Eat Halal Tayyib

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The world is about healthy living, not just about the type of food. The culture includes the importance of labor and proper preparation, including slaughtering animals. The negative impact of animal consumption on humans, including the loss of habitat and negative health consequences, is discussed. The importance of treating animals properly and avoiding negative thoughts is emphasized. Stop taking negative thoughts and focus on one's intentions.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While early wasabi, Allah,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah in the Quran he orders us to eat what is halal and what is

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many verses in the Quran, point to this and indicate this. Yeah you Hannah's kulu kulu Mima holiner lokrum mean a lot of the halal and flavor eat from that which we have cause to come out from the land for you had an unbeliever. And the instruction from a loss of Hannah wattana is to eat Helen, but also is to eat, leave. And whilst we are fasting, and move on, there is a conscious

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move to be more aware of what we are eating, what we are drinking, what we are consuming a loss of habitat or wants us to eat that which is Helen.

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And Helen is not just about that animal which was slaughtered in a certain way. But halaal is more about the whole concept of what is acceptable, what is permitted.

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Because Halloween is about knowing and consuming the foods which are good for you, and Allah subhana wa tada by making certain categories of food permissible, and certain categories of food, impermissible, he is telling us that this is best for you. And this is not best for you. So there's a clear instruction that we have to understand that halon is not just about something which is done in a certain way or prepared in a certain way. But rather, it's about a whole attitude of where we are linking up with a loss of Hannah what odd. And thinking that because it is Helen, it is because Allah my Creator, has told me that this is good for me. And whatever he has made her wrong is not

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good for me. And therefore, you can then extrapolate this further by saying that all that Allah has ordered me to do is good for me. And all that Allah has prohibited me to do is bad for me.

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Today, the world, most of the world anyway allows alcohol, you know it is permissible in the world laws.

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But the same countries that allow alcohol say is permissible. They also know that alcohol is a big danger to society. It's a very dangerous drug. its dangers are far extended within not just a person but the his family, her family, the community and society a lot. In fact, alcohol probably costs millions and millions of pounds for the health services throughout the world. If we talk about the worldwide account billions,

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but a loss for hanten already made the harm because he knows the natural consequences of relating to this drink. And similarly, you can see other things in that regard as well. So let us have that mindset of thinking what is Helen is something that allows pantalla has chosen his head and it's good for us. But the other concept that allows pantalla wants us to think about which is labor that is not just about halaal. But it's also about something which is labor, something which is good. And the whole concept of labor is twofold. One is the fault, the type or the aspect, which is related to how the food is produced. So there's the material aspect of the year. So here we're not just looking

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at the how the meat is prepared or etc. but also how is it prepared? How is the animal reared?

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What kind of care is given to her anymore, and so hon Allah,

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Allah Subhana Allah has given certain secrets within this whole aspect, which we may not really know.

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Very detailed, but they are there. And that's why even the preparation of the meat has to be done in a certain way that the knife needs to be very sharp so that the animal is not in pain. You must not show the animal the knife. You must not slaughter and

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animal in front of another animal and many other modes, all of these panela. I assume that when you do this, I mean, imagine an animal seeing its other animal, his friend being slaughtered in front of it, what kind of stress does that produce in the animal,

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it must produce some sort of stress must produce some sort of hormones, mufflers or some sort. And if that is all captured within the meat, as it's then slaughtered after that, then is not going to be healthy, no doubt. But that's something that's not maybe measured very well. Secondly, there is a limit as well, there's a mercy towards the animal. The animal shouldn't be treated well, to creation of a loss Hunter. Yes, Allah has given you this animal to eat. But that means you should also treat the animal well, do not treat an animal badly. And today, you know, the modern methods of preparing food and the mass consumption industry has meant that people put money before the health of animals,

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which is unfortunate. So it's about being lazy from that perspective.

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The other aspect of babe which I want to mention is that which Allah subhanaw taala mentioned or the Prophet size that I mentioned in the Hadith, in the law, evil Naoko Illa.

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is by you. He is pure, he is good, he only accepts that which is good. So if you want that, your interactions with our last time, we're in the month of Ramadan, pure month, you're trying to climb closer to all time in your interactions relating to what you put inside your mouth has to also be a tube

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and pipe in that

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metaphor, not metaphorical, the metaphysical sense. Everything surrounding the consumption has to be played. And in this regard, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam gives us an example. He said, a man who is increasing his journey and our long journey. He is dusty, disheveled from the effects of the journey. He's tired. He's raising his hands up to the sky, he's making dry out I'll be out. So he's trying to invoke a loss of habitat to get

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his daughter answered. But the prophesize m says, Mohammed Abu Hassan, his food is

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Michel O'Hara. His drink is

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malborough Haram, his clothing his home, what was he a bit Haram is nourished how all the things related to his consumption is harm.

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For knows the job and how would he be answered? How will he be answered? Because he's not living a baby of life? His life isn't by you. And so if his life is not the How can his interaction with a las panatela be for you?

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And in the Hadith, the prophet SAW Selim was asked by side his uncle, sided name apostasy, the Rasul Allah,

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Allah hanya Jain name or Jabba Tao ask Allah that He makes me someone who was dies answered.

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And whoever doesn't want to share his dies, ask him Do you have a direct line to Allah subhanho whenever you ask Allah, Allah gives you straight away its power, isn't it? Obviously from the anatomy of a loss pantalla is that he gives a coordinate to his judgment and not to avoid. Imagine if we had that control. What kind of mess we would do in the world today, you know, anybody somebody anger, somebody angers us, we'd make against them. Somebody annoys you, you'd make the eye against them. So that doesn't that's not going to be very good. So a loss of Hannah hodeida

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makes the reason for your diet to bounce Do you have to be so the prophesied? Sam said, the other side of the mapa Maka tokunbo. java, make your consumption by YouTube? He's not just Highlanders, not Helen halaal is one level. The next level is three you make your consumption by Yep, tokunbo Java dour, you will be one that will be answered in the dour. So, this was something that sad took away and before you remember talking about legacies and how imprints happen and sad had that with himself to the extent that he was known amongst us however for one who used to make dua and his daughter used to be also there is a story about this but unfortunately time has run out for us to

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mention this to the take home message today is

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when we eat you know we drink. We have cravings especially in Rome, Milan, think about what you are putting inside your mouth. Is it good? Is it healthy? Is it healthy? Is it that which pleases our last panel what time and

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Are you eating for the right reasons? Do you have the right intentions, that's a different level altogether, intending to eat something for the sake of being,

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you know with a loss, that great intention.

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So we're gonna stop there.

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