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Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The importance of Islam is highlighted, including its five areas of life, including eating, drinking, and worshiping. However, the Hadees wann yada wa (the "will of the nation") is emphasized, as the foundation for understanding one's behavior is built on protecting money and reputation. The importance of finding out who sits on the Sharia board and avoiding wasting one's time is emphasized, as it is crucial to ensure everyone has control over their earning. The speakers emphasize the need to be clear and considerate about one's views, while also emphasizing the importance of finding out whether one is breaking the law and not doing so because of their i.e. actions.
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We are talking about the

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importance of branding with regard to Islam

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and saying how do we distinguish ourselves as Muslims?

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Today we'll talk to inshallah, about

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we talked about eat halaal. We will talk today about earn halal.

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Islam as you know, and as I know,

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is not the is not the name for a set of rituals, it is not the name for a method of worship. It is not the name for any small specific thing.

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Islam is the name of a Deen a complete way of life, that Allah Subhana Allah sent for us through His Navy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And therefore Islam

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addresses and provide solutions for every aspect of our life. It's not only restricted to how to worship for something else is restricted. It is it expands and it consists of every aspect of our life, it impacts on our behavior, our o'clock, it impacts on our masirah which is our society. It is impacts on our mamilla earth which is our dealings with people which includes Of course, financial dealings,

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and of course,

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Islam addresses aqeedah and Avada. So, this is the five areas of life of a person

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in terms of dealings in terms of earning. The basic principle in the Sharia is as we know that everything is halal except that which has been prohibited

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and among the things which have been prohibited obviously, we know some of the main major ones which is to deal in anything which is itself Haram. So naturally dealing in drugs and alcohol and pork and so forth, are one of the most important ones is the issue of interest the issue of Riba

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and this is where a lot of people

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get dragged into

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areas where they are essentially consuming

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a very important matter and this is to

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understand the issue of risk.

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In understand what is risk understand how Allah subhanaw taala has distributed risk, understand that Allah subhanaw taala is the Rajat as I told you, there is a series of lectures of mine about four lectures which deal with this whole topic in complete detail. So, listen to them watch them, but in brief,

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a very good foundation for our own understanding is to take the Hadees wannabes Allah Allah subhanaw taala where he said that one Dirham of Haram in 100 Dirham of halal makes the whole thing haram

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and that is a good principle to use.

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You cannot go wrong with that. If you move away from this, then you go into some very shady areas

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where some people have ruled that a certain percentage of haram income is permissible

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if the majority of the income is halal, and these percentages vary, vary depending on which way you are reading somebody says 10% somebody says 15 somebody says 35 and various percentages Allah knows best, but my point is very simple, why my point is that even Nebuchadnezzar Sallam said that

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one 170% 1% so if you said that 1% makes everything Haram, then why do we need to go and search for anything else? The problem which happens is and this is something which is really for the machine and for the fuqaha to seriously reflect on

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is that when you start

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solace, when you start creating convenience, with the best of intentions, it is the purpose of the job of a hockey the job of it is to make the life of a person easy not to make it difficult. So the intention of the movie is we are we are not questioning the intention. We're not saying that the movie is corrupt or something else. We are saying that with the best of intentions in certain matters. If you permit certain things, and if you make certain things easy, then a clean system will never be established.

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nervous and then the very reason why we just think about this the IRS, the IRS prohibiting Riba.

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The IRS not only making it haram but Allah subhanaw taala said Allah and His Nabhi declare war on the one who deals with rubber.

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There is nothing in the Quran, not Xena, not pork, not liquor, not gambling, not anything which has been prohibited with such severity as has been prohibited Riba. Allah subhanho wa Taala declared war her on only two things. One is though is declared war on the one dealing with Riba and the other one Allah declared war on the one who

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causes harm to his earlier

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so when something has been probated with such severity,

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the IRS were revealed not yesterday, not 10 years ago, not 100 years ago, not 200 years ago, the IRS were revealed in the life of Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah azza wa jal. So if you ask yourself, that, why is it that 1400 years later, we still do not have a viable global robust Islamic banking system? Please understand my words. I'm not saying that there is that there is no Islamic banking at all. There is like Maggie, there is the bank as a bank there and so on and so forth. But do we have a robust global Islamic banking system? Does Islamic banking control the finances of the world? And the answer is no.

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And that is not because Muslims don't have money.

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Muslims have money Muslims have a lot of money.

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Why do you think banks like the the, you know, which is the largest Islamic bank in the world? HSBC?

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HSBC is the biggest Islamic bank in the world? What does that mean? Whereas LBC, as you know, is a is a regular haram bank itself, excellent bank dealing in Riba. So how is it designed? They have an Islamic banking branch? What do they do? They take the funds of the Muslims, and they invest them in islamically,

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Sharia compliant stocks, and so on and so forth, and they give our return, just to one banking instrument, which deals with people who have large amounts of money who are looking for a halaal return. That's all.

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why they're doing that because they make a lot of money in the process. You don't want interest that is brilliant, as far as I'm concerned, if I if I can take your money, and I don't even have to pay you interest.

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That I love you. I mean, I love you, I love your money.

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Why does this why why do we have the situation because we have not been strict? I seriously believe that with regard to bank with with regard to interest based banking, it is essential for the fuqaha to be completely and totally rigid, total religion. What Allah subhanaw taala declared war on how do you give them How do you give a convenience there on what basis?

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If you become completely rigid, then people will be forced to create a system which is actually valid.

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Until that rigidity comes the system will not happen, believe me.

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Second big issue is

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that the fuqaha, who are on the boards of the Islamic banks, the Sharia boards of Islamic banks, to have a fee to have a Mufti on a Sharia Board of an Islamic bank is like having a judge in the court who is paid by the two people who are fighting the case, the plaintiff and the defendant and the defendant, if they are paying the salary of the judge. What do you say about the possibility of justice in that court?

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The point I'm making is I'm not saying the judge is therefore corrupt. No, all I'm saying is there's a principle in the Sharia that not only must you be correct, but you must also visibly be visible be you must appear to be correct. For example, if you find that you know,

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if you find that an island who looks like an alum right, is coming out of a disco

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or coming out of a bar.

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Right. So you ask the chef what happened to him How come you are coming out of this bar is an event that gives out to the people

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right is whatever that means you have to find another place to give that this is not proper for you. We are not saying that you are drinking alcohol. But you are not Why are you coming up?

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of this bar. I mean, you know, this is this is not is not correct. It's not your worker does not, does not permit you that you should come out, even if you're going to even even to go and give power. You said, Please don't give that was not the bar. Right? If you give the tower somewhere else to these people, I mean don't don't go inside that place. That is the issue. The issue is not that the nouns will have been we got the names that we know of people who are sitting on the Sharia boards are are extremely good people who have completely complete faith and trust in them as individuals. But I'm saying that that equal to sitting coming out of a bar, I know you will not

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drink but you are in the wrong place, man.

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So if you are on a Sharia Board of a bank, and the bank is paying your salary, then this is

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the appearance of it is wrong.

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And that's exactly what is happening today in the Islamic banking world and in the world of Sharia boards. There's also equally true which is happening with regard to halal certification organizations the other day we spoke about that halal certification of organizations How do they where where does their income come from, from the come from the companies who are manufacturing those products?

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So, am I manufacturing a product I am paying you a fee to stamp my product halala How do I as an outsider as a consumer, how do I trust that tell me

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essentially, who must pay the salaries of the fees on the

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Sharia boards, public we should pay we should pay because it is in our interest, who should pay the Holla Holla certificate fine organizations we should pay

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or if it's an Islamic State, the state should pay

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not the banks and not the manufacturing companies. The judge who is the move to the bank, he is like the judge in the court, the judge in the court must have an income which is independent of the two people who are fighting the case the judge must be aboveboard as far as does is concerned the judge must not have anything to gain or lose whichever way he decides the case only then we can say that this is a

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justice will be done inshallah.

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So very very clear. What I would like to say is obviously you have no control over who sits on which board so forget that but certainly you have control over what you earn.

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So do go and take expert opinions on that but ensure that every single cent of your earning is halal. If you are not doing that and if you have got haram mixed with that no matter how little it is, as I said yesterday in the in my talk that is like having a certain percentage of urine in a glass of water that you are drinking. So you decide how much urine you want to drink in that glass of water is 10% Okay, or 15% okay or 35% Okay, or maybe you want like what are you decide to drink all the urine without any water Allah Allah right. Do think about it. I'm sorry how serious they are. I know it is disgusting. I hope you are disgusted. Because that's what eating Haram is 1000

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times worse than this. Because eating haram will take you into Jannah right stretch without any is like a grease slide you put your foot on zoom.

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So let us be very clear, let us eat halon Allah subhana wa Jalla Allah is not wattage, Allah subhanaw taala is not dependent on you earning some haram from somewhere because he cannot feed you La la la quwata level Allah subhanaw taala can and will feed us halaal the test is on us. The test is for us. If you say I will not eat any haram Allah Allah subhanaw taala will give you a Hara halaal from sources that you cannot even imagine.

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But if you also make all these you know conveniences and then you come and say well you know i have a fatwa from this Jamia or that Mufti. As I said yesterday, there is a difference between the hokum and a fatwa law and legal opinion two different things.

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A movie can give you a fatwa. And that does not mean the movie is dishonest. No, he is giving you a fatwa based on his understanding.

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But does that change the hokum? It does not

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know I, if I am if I if I'm a lawyer, and you come to me with a with a with a, you asked me for a for a legal opinion in a particular matter, maybe it's a matter of tax or something, and I give you an opinion, this is my understanding. Now my understanding may be wrong.

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So now when the police comes for you or the taxman comes for you, and you say no, no, I've got this

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legal opinion which in Arabic is fatwa This is the photo of so and so about this tax. So therefore, I am not liable to pay the taxes. It was you know, you're the guy who asked the legal

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opinion from he was wrong.

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So that that piece of paper that you have got has no has no value has no meaning.

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As far as we are concerned, you are guilty.

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It is your job to find out whether you are breaking the law or not. Now you can you can say, Well, you know, I went to the movie theater, you went to the movie, you did not go to the movie The material if you broke the law, you broke the law.

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So do not fall into this trap, by all means, as far as it at the best. That's why there is always a law seller. And obviously this applies doesn't apply to everybody. It applies to people who have some taqwa in the heart

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where he said the best movie is the is your heart, ask your heart, but obviously if your heart is already corrupted, it is not gonna tell you the right answer. So, heart has to be has to have some coins, but inshallah we will listening here we assume that the hearts are good inshallah. So, make very, very sure as I told you, I gave you I gave you a disgusting example keep that example in mind.

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Getting a fatwa

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does not solve your problem.

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Like what I said yesterday in his talk, you may have a fatwa, but the responsibility is still yours.

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So make sure that we it has because if we do not eat halal, meaning that if the earning is not valid, then we are in serious problems. One of the questions on the Day of Judgment is where did you earn from and where did you spend it? Did you earn halal and spend holidays or did you earn haram and spend haram or vice versa whichever It is very important questions for us to be able to answer so let us make sure that we don't fall into that trap. Let us make sure that our earning is 100% halal. And as I told you, Allah does not need your help to feed you. Allah will feed you. So make sure that you eat only you earn only halal, no contamination, no mixtures, no nothing, eat, eat, eat

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halal and halal. If it is not halal, shut the shop. Close the business.

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And Allah will provide you from sources that you cannot imagine.

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Right? And I tell you the example of a Hindu man not even a Muslim man. Narayana Murthy, the head of Infosys 100 company, what billions of dollars without a single Peiser a single rupee a single dollar of interest base borrowings.

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Not even one and not today from day one. And I spoke to him he I know the guy I asked, I asked him, I said, Why don't you Why didn't you borrow borrow from the banks? Because it's normal normal for you.

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He said, Because interest destroys wealth.

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And he says, we decided on the on day one that we will not borrow on interest.

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So I said what did the people say that people said this cup you will have to shut the company I said What did you say? He said we will shut the company. No problem.

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We will shut the company but we will not borrow from the bank.

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Today you know Infosys.

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What is the size of the company? What is the health of the company?

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And they are following an Islamic system? You know they are not they are not Muslim. They're not following the Islamic system for the sake of Islam nothing. Because it just makes good financial sense. I hope the Muslims have this sense. Because not only does it make good financial sense, it also makes good sense with regard to Allah subhanho wa Taala so let's not play games with Allah. Let's not show percentages to Allah subhanaw taala right, let's be very clear and clean. Was Allah Allah Allah will carry while he was I was buying burrata Gomorrah. Me, too.

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