Taraweeh Reminder #07 – Practice Patience

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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at hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah so Allah, Allah He also have a lot of

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sisters. Welcome once again. And this session we are talking about a reminder, a general reminder relating to our daily practice of Islam. And today I thought I would talk about an important topic which we all you know, we all have that kind of, we all know about it if you like, but it is very much something that it's important to address. And it's important to mention, and we know that Milan is essentially the month of

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the month of patience, patience. As they say in English Patient patience is a virtue no doubt is a virtue. And it's a virtue because Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us repeatedly in the plan and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam teaches us about the importance of patience in the Hadith, and indeed, in the practice. So, a lot of hand tyla is very generous, is very generous. And when you look at the plan, some of the commentators they said if you look at the different acts that Allah has placed within the plan, and has mentioned them two different things the Salah, there's

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the Hajj, you know there are different acts of ecological and bring in different things, all have a set reward or a link to reward to them, except fasting and accept Saba, which is patience. So as for fasting Allah subhanho wa Taala says, In the Hadith, kulu, Armand even Adam law,

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every action of the son of Adam is for himself. And Hashanah, one hazard is multiplied by 10 to 700.

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Many faults are 100 levels, multiples,

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except fasting Illa song, but he normally when I see, except fasting, it is for me, and I will recompense I will pay it back.

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As for fasting.

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And for some of

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the profits a lot, a lot of handouts, and in ma or fasab, everyone and your own behavior, his app, that the folks who are patient, those who practice prak practice, patience, and he named them a cyber one, because that's almost like their character, they are cybil. And that's part of their inherent character that they are patient in mo for slightly longer later. So they will be given their reward without measure. And so you can see with Saba and song, it's unlimited, a lot of power dialer will give and why is that, because these acts are very hard, they are difficult. They need they need a struggle. They are not something that just can, you know, just happens like that. There

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is a there is a struggle. And usually, usually that struggle is not apparent. You know, it's something that is hidden from the eyes of others.

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Fasting obviously we know that you know, you when you're fasting, people can see you they don't know whether you're fasting or not. And similarly, you might be patient on different things and we don't know whether you are patient what kind of difficulty you are going with. And that's why in another Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he can contrast between sadaqa charity and salah and suborn, the three sides he said, a similar to a more was set up at Uber, Han or suburbia, he described the signer as what he described as other possible hand and he described the soul as the when you focus on the different wordings you find that the Saba which is called the

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the Saba which is called the art

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that is actually

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the same type of light that is described for the sun.

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And when Allah subhanaw taala describes the facet, the Salah as nor does the same type of light as the morning because the light of the sun is an intense burning light, which means that there is an intensity there is a burning there is an interaction is not something that's just, you know, straightforward, and that's why support is like the light of the sun, with the intensity with the struggle etc. Where the solar the light or the solid or both.

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Light, they both illuminations but they are different. In the Salah is tranquil light, much like the moon is a kind of tranquil light. Allah subhanho wa Taala ordered us to be patient in the Quran. And he said was beautiful was Bureau is a direct command, we know from our,

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the shoe of fool the foundation of under the say what, when something is a command

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and all sorts of philosophy Mr. And we'll do that when you have a command, then the command usually is their obligation to Allah saying you must be patient that is a command from Allah.

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But he then gave you the award without measure number one. Secondly, he also said to you something very great, which is that you will get something so special,

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you will have something very special. And I'll come back to that. Something very special in a moment in sha Allah tala, which is part of the reward that you will get. The other thing that that loss panda says to you is that it's the best thing, the best thing because if you are patient was well in sabarimala highrollers Sabri, it's best. The patience is the best kind of act, for somebody to behave somebody to act in accordance, when you are patient, you are doing the best thing that is possible. Another thing that Allah subhanaw taala reminds us is that there is there is sub and there is masaba. There is patience.

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And there is encouraging patience, the interaction of patience. And that's why you saw the last or Allah doesn't want us just to have a man and to do the good deeds and to encourage others to do good things in truth, because you have to encourage people to be patient, there has to be that Taurasi. Because no doubt there will be difficulties and there will be struggles in that regard as well. And

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the loss of Hannah Tana has made some great reward for people who are patient, again, time is short to go things but when you read the Quran, you will see that many times Allah says, you know the angels as they greet the people as they enter agenda, they will say to them, this is in accordance because of your Subhan, Allah Subhana, Allah will say this is the reward that you get because of your suborn because of your patience, and so on and so forth. So there is great reward waiting for those who have patience, and the highest reward, which I think is important. And this is something that we have in this life, as well as the next Allah says in the law, Hamas slavery, a lot is with

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those who have sovereignty.

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And this isn't itself a great, great thing to have. Because you think about today, a lot of the people are in

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a lot of the people are in lockdown. Some people actually by themselves, you know, I know a few people out by themselves. And obviously it's not just a few, there's a lot of people

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what's better than when you feel comforted that allies with you,

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is a great feeling. It's no longer just a matter of are I you know, I'm just getting along with my life and struggling No, a lot is with you. And that is an important realization that person has to have when you have patients allies with you. And if Allah is with you, what else do you need, because a lot of the law of the world is the one who will provide you with all the necessary things we talked about in a couple of reminders ago about happiness, and the internal happiness and the true happiness to being something internal. So it's also important that the patience is also internal, that meaning that you understand that Allah subhanho wa Taala will give you what you ever

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you asked for, by being with you. And being with you is the best thing that you can have, I mean, all the other things, all the material things that you can have.

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They may be of benefit, they may not be of benefit. Think about those people around you, you know, they can give you comfort, but then again, they might be you know, they might be a source of your frustration. A lot of today a lot of jokes and things going around about how people are getting more angry, more frustrating, more family problems because of the lockdown because people are, you know the nature of friction, but when allies with you, that's not going to happen. It's a different different equation altogether.

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It leads me to say that patience is not just about being patient with times of affliction and hardship, because you also have to have patience, at times of abundance when Allah subhanaw taala gives you you have to be patient as well. That in itself, there is a sober as well. And in addition to that there's a sub there's a sub or against committing haram but there's also a sub in keeping up with the good

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Yeah, how many times do you think

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Start something but then you you cannot keep up with it in terms of citation of the Quran in terms of the care in terms of your Eva in terms of righteous deeds, etc, there is a subject which you have to maintain that. And that in itself also needs a type of patience and perseverance, which Allah Subhana Allah will reward and sometimes that is actually harder. And that's what I was what I said to the profits or loss was bad enough second, Malawian, add on our bombilla data while ashy, and give your neffs patience, encourage your nerves this is this is this is directed to the Prophet size and although the messages to the whole woman that give yourself patience with those who are calling

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to their Lord, in the early hours of the day, and that late hours of the day, so that means that is not just about being patient when it's hard, but also being patient when it's good. Also being patient on the bad as well as keeping patient from away from the mass email as part of data makers amongst those who are patient and have the support and have the ability to

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to practice this. Because with that support comes the liat comes the illumination with that somebody will have something which is the greatest thing that you can have, which is to be in the company of a law