Omer El-Hamdoon – Naming of Quranic Chapters #07 Chapters with Prophets names

Omer El-Hamdoon
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hamdu lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While he was so happy he won while

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many chapters in the Quran are named after prophets of Allah subhana wa Taala. And I want to mention very quickly four of those chapters, but two of them are going to be in passing the chapters 1011 and 12. Eunice, who would and use of and the chapter 71, which is more, as for chapter 71. And why well, then it's exclusively the surah is exclusively about the story of North alley senem. And so therefore, it is befitting without doubt that this sorta is called the School of North, although the story of more, Noah appears and much longer in other swore. But this law specifically is exclusively about no Holly is Sarah and it highlights his mode of Dawa, and so on. So it has taken that name as

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possible that use of surah number 12. Then again, that's what it is almost exclusively about use of with the exception of a couple of verses and several verses, a couple of verses at the beginning. And several verses at the end. The rest of the surah is about the story of use of alley, Sam and what a beautiful story. It is. It marks the tribulations and the trials of use of the young, handsome boy who was put through a lot. But Allah subhanaw taala gave him so much at the end. And I rather enjoyed the book written by the young man al Faris. It's a modern writing called the boy in the well, which is takes on the story from the Quran and also uses other sources of reference to put

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this story in a format which is very appealing to the younger generation look out for that book and maybe even get a copy of it

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as what sort of universe then this surah also takes its name after a mention for Eunice alayhis salam and even though the mention of Eunice is only in one or two verses in this whole surah. Yet it's very important because Allah Subhana Allah wants us to pay attention to what happened with you and it's because Allah says for Lola kana Potter yet one minute, China Fahim, Anwar Illa ko means that it seems that the majority of the villages and the towns before

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they were given down by their profits, and they did not accept it, unfortunately, except the uniqueness is in the people of Yunus, the tribe of Yunus who are from the city of Nineveh nainoa which is where currently l Muslim is, which is where I am from having dinner. So it's something that I'm proud to say that hamdulillah from the city of the righteous slave and the righteous prophet Yunus Allah hustler, and until recently Eunice la Sam also had, there was a mosque built, dedicated to him in and also went till unfortunately, ISIS, they bombed the mosque, mail have bombed him for what he did and destroyed many massages. Unfortunately, I don't know what kind of Islam they preach

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which bombs massage But anyway, you understand Islam allow us to bring attention through this sort of naming this sort of newness to show you that

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there can be occasions where people will accept the dollar because until then everybody was rejecting the dour the tribal Brahim Lord who would sign it and nor before all these people reject Him. And so it might seem like there was a trend that people weren't going to reject the Dow but almost said no. Look at Eunice alley set up and his people actually believe even though Eunice and he said he left them when he was angry and thinking that they were not going to believe yet Allah subhanaw taala guided them so that surah carries that name for the, if you like the memory of this great prophet of Allah Subhana Allah and the achievements there in that the whole village, they all

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believed in Allah subhanho wa Taala as for surah number 11, which is solitude. Again, it is a surah which mentions a number of stories of prophets before it includes prophets like in LA Salaam and hood and sila and Ibrahim and law and shrine. They mentioned that their stories in that but allow us to bring our attention specifically to who dilation and because there is a specific mention of hood in the surah and this mentioned is related to the fact that who would are

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Hold on is,

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was given.

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Given a specific

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prophet prophecy, that specific miracle,

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which was, if you like one immaterial kind of miracle, and that miracle which ally again mentions his wallet hood. And he says that when the people of who that they challenged who they said, Where is your miracle, you didn't bring us a miracle. He said, Well,

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he just said, this is the miracle. But this was the miracle. He said, You are all a tribe. You are great people great stature. There are giants. There are big people they were roaming around, he said, and I am one individual. If you can harm me, then plot against me Do your plan harm if you can.

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And the reality is that they couldn't harm him, which further showed the power of a loss of habitat because with all their

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you know, plotting all their minds all their strength, they couldn't harm would alayhis salam and that was one of the reasons why this was named hood. Because it was to bring us our attention to this reality that end of the day power of harming and benefiting is only with Allah subhanho wa Taala and that was the everlasting miracle for who would which Allah Subhana Allah sent to the people of God.

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I hope that has been beneficial for you.

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