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Abdullah Hakim Quick
AI: Summary © The 40 by 40 series covers topics such as Islam, including the rise and fall of Islam, the need for justice, and potential neutralization of attacks. The series emphasizes the importance of learning and rethinking one's practices to address issues and avoid failure. The Hadith deals with two crucial areas, the physical body and the spiritual body, and explains the concept of the heart and its importance in shaping one's behavior. The speakers also touch on protecting one's religion and honoring their religion to avoid future attacks, as well as the potential for conflict between the left and right groups.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa sallam Allah Salle are willing will appear in the Vienna Mohammedan. While the alihi wa sahbihi robotic wasallam while praise the due to Allah, Lord of the worlds, and peace and blessings be constantly showered upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad, the master of the first and the last, and his family, his companions and all those who call to his way and establish his Sunnah to the Day of Judgment, my beloved brothers and sisters, to our viewers, our friends, Salaam Alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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The 40 by 40 series is not intended to be a book learning academic session.

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But it is an experiencial base transfer of information

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and understanding based platform whereby we can look at everyday situations, and we can reflect upon the world that we are living in with prophetic eyes.

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And it is through years of traveling in the field of visiting Muslims in over 63 countries. And recognizing that many of the problems we are facing throughout the world are the same.

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That 40 traditions came about 40 Hadith so the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, developed as a means of facing the different circumstances that I was involved in, as a Muslim teacher, called to different parts of the world.

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So these 40 Hadith are not the hadith of Imam unknown.

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But this is the 40 a hadith of al al Islami of Islamic revival.

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Because what we recognize when I sat with these 40 traditions, that were repeating themselves over and over and over again, as I look for solutions for the problems Muslims were facing in different parts of the world, what I realized is that the 40 had a method to it.

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And the methodology, the men heads that came out of it was Islamic revival, touch dete. That right across the board, Muslims are in critical need, at this point in time, of a revival of the faith.

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It's not about our numbers, because Allah has blessed us with millions of Muslims were over 26% of the earth's population. It's not about our natural resources. Our countries are rich in mineral wealth, in strategic position.

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Our history

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is a great one. We were a powerful nation, we had ups and downs, yes, was like a cycle, the dibond calls doing in his moped Dhamma. He talked about the rise of Islam and the fall of Islam. But what is unique about this rise and fall is that it is continuous. It doesn't end, as other great societies have ended, you saw the Greeks come up, and you saw them go down. You saw the Babylonians come up, you saw them go down. We saw the Romans, where are the Romans today?

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But Muslims, although we reached heights, and then went down, we continue to come back because of something that Allah azza wa jal has put into our lifestyle that Allah has destined for the oma and that is studied. That is the revival of Islam.

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And that revival is continuing.

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Today, we are in a very unique situation again,

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and it is one that is testing the nerves,

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testing the mental condition of our whole nation, especially the younger people,

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martial arts or in Philistine is under attack.

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And Muslims are suffering. We're suffering, not just because of the attack, because we have seen periodically, attacks coming into the sacred lands, and Muslims eventually responding to the attacks. But what is frustrating today, as it was at certain points in history, is that we have the potential to neutralize the attacks. We have the potential to bring about justice in the face of oppression

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and so

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this is

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What is bringing about this tension.

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And it is critical for us to reflect upon what has gone on in the past. And we recognize that Islam came out of the Arabian Peninsula, it burst onto the scene, the Arab world was not so well known to the rest of the planet. But within 100 years, a small group of people

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with a divine message, were able to cross barriers of culture and language, had to reach the four corners of the earth. And it is reported that Omar have been affected by the law one, when he was the leader of the Muslim coma, and the Persians had attacked from the eastern side. He said, Sorry, but I'll be workcast rhodiola.

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And he mentioned that a long letter to sod that, when you're facing difficulty, when you see a huge enemy in front of you recognize that our victory is not based upon our numbers. It's not based upon our technology, but it is based upon our relationship to Allah subhanaw taala.

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And if we are equal in our military armaments,

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and we are more sinners, we have worst character in relationship to Allah than our enemies, then we are bound to fail. So we advise him, look into yourselves, look into your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala. Look into your relationship with the Sunnah with a way of the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him. And through that, we are able to face the challenge to withstand the pressure that is coming upon us. And that cycle is coming around again to us.

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And so in this circumstance,

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there is a traditional the Prophet peace and blessings be upon him,

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which takes our men hedge after we have looked at the condition of the world, and it starts to take our men hedge inside of ourselves. What is it about our practices, what is inside of the body of Islam

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and in this 40 hadith of Islamic revival, that was put together some years ago as a metaphor as a source of the 40 by 40. As is becoming more and more relevant, per day

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this is available on my website. I came quick.com

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and in the fifth Hadeeth, a deep number five

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and not man, even Bashir, read the law one reports. I heard the messenger Allah alayhi salatu salam say, Al Hallelu Bagan will haraam or Bayesian ouabain Omar was shabda Hatton. Now ya know mohaka theorem and enough four minute talk column was shot by hat is still early days he were led woman worker official bohat Cora and Yarra hollow hammer, you should go on u Rp. Allow in liquidly melakukan hemma allow in hammer law e r d e mohar. Mo allow enough in just that the motiva either solahart Salah * Jessa do Cold War either faster get faster digests just to come

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over here

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would tough opponent in

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this tradition, the prophet peace be upon him as seven. This is considered one of the important deeds foundational Hadith by the great scholars, especially this scholars effect can the scholars have the internal muscles and these are two areas which are crucial for our change inside of ourselves.

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So the Hadith deals with two areas it is seminal, it is worked in two crucial areas. The first part brings us and it says that which is lawful is clear and that which is prohibited is clear.

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But between them a doubtful matters, about which not many people know. So he who avoids the doubtful matters, clears himself in regard to his religion and his honor.

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But he who falls into doubtful matters, falls into that which is prohibited like the shepherd who pastures around a sanctuary, all but grazing there in.

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Surely every king has a sanctuary. And surely the sanctuary of Allah on the earth is his prohibitionist

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Verily in the in the body, there is a lump of flesh, which if it is a good repair, that all all of the body is in good repair, and which if it is corrupt, the whole body will be corrupted. Truly, it is the heart.

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This Hadith was reported in Bukhari and Muslim

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it is of critical importance. And again traveling around the world and looking at the Muslims, looking at the size of our masjids looking at the potential reality that we have, and the frustration that we have, we have to realize that Allah subhanaw taala through the prophet so seldom has made halal and haram clear.

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And so, if we are doing her own, if we are involved in that is no need for any explanation. If we have gone off the path, then this is crucial for our lives, our respect, and our own.

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But what is in between the halaal and harangue?

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Me chahat doubtful matters.

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This is an important area.

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Because the world that we are in today is filled with doubtful matters because of the rise in the new technology, because human beings are doing things that we've never done in the past, flying around the Earth, as though we were afraid we Virginie. This is something unheard of in the time of the prophet SAW some flying all around the planet, over and over again.

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Being able to cure diseases, being able to develop technologies, artificial intelligence. And so there are a lot of doubtful things. And this is where it is crucial that if we find ourself in the doubtful matters, it is better for us to avoid it. We need to protect our Deen our religion, and we need to protect our honor.

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Because our honor, our respect is being trampled upon.

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And realize that our honor and respect was not based upon being Arabs, not based upon being Turks, Persians, Africans, Europeans, or whatever race tribe we were. It was our Deen, it was our way of life connected to the revelation that really gave us honor in this world. And I promise of honor in the hereafter. And so the doubtful matters can take us into this gray area. This confusion, not sure which way to go to outfit

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the tribulations and trials of the gray area.

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And so it is critical for us to come clear and Hallelu begun, well, how am OBJ

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and so in terms of effect, this is a foundational Hadeeth and it is a protection Hadeeth it is a hadith of guidance for our community when we are facing the new issues, be safe with Allah subhanaw taala don't fall into doubtful things willfully and intentionally and expect a lot to get you out of it.

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And so, the foundation of our fic that the province of Southern brings us but along with this in his prophetic nature of Jameel Kalam the ability to bring great meanings with a few amounts of words. He tells us there is a lump of flesh in the body. If it is sound and healthy, the whole body is healthy. And if it is corrupted, the whole body is corrupted. And that is the heart.

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What is the hot what is the importance of cold followed what is important of this?

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Allah subhanaw taala has put this lump of flesh into our bodies and the reality of the heart. It is the most unique organ in our whole body

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is the only part of our body that was cells are alive, all of it is alive. It is doing more work than any other part of our body constantly. If it stops, if it dies out life is over.

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And if we get transplanted if we're fortunate enough to get another transplant, it's got to adjust to us

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It has to continue to pump.

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So the heart is a crucial

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part of our body.

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But the heart in the general sense, is not just the physical, it is also the spiritual part. It is also part of our intelligence. And for a long time, doctors and scientists believed that human beings were basically made up of a brain and the body and the brain is basically directing the body.

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It's like a hard drive. But the reality is that the brain is impacted on by the heart itself. And scientists have found that there are connections between the heart and the brain. And so a great many of our decisions that we are making emotional decisions. It is the heart, which is making the decision, and not necessarily the brain, the heart is bringing information.

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Or the the the, the heart has the emotion as well. The brain is just your hard drive pure facts. But the heart now has emotional facts. And these are facts which are crucial on the ground, because we have had emotional experiences throughout our lives. And these experiences inform us as to which way we should go, how to approach different issues in our lives.

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And so the heart is critical. And the connection of the heart to the brain is crucial. Many doctors would say that the heart is actually the most important decision maker.

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And not just the facts that are being stored inside of our brains.

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The prophet SAW them on one occasion, when a companion came to him, and then asked him for some guidance. He told him his stuff the callback, ask your heart. What does that mean?

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Cody, Cody, on your hard drive, what does it mean? We used to say in America when I was growing up, always let your conscience be your guide. What is your conscience

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it's not something that you can put your hand on.

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It's not something physical.

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The heart is a spiritual thing. The heart is like the door to your soul.

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The soul is from the orders of Allah.

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And nobody knows what it is. But the heart plays a crucial role in representing the soul

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in connecting the spiritual intellectual understanding of the individual, to the reality, and the prophet SAW, some would say to his companions, line up, shoulder to shoulder, don't let the shade time come in between you. So that go close. So your hearts will not be divided.

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And we pray the Lord will help us to lift the pandemic so we can go back shoulder to shoulder. But it wasn't just the physical thing.

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It was the spiritual thing. It was the unity.

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So he's talking about something else. He's talking about a higher force, higher than just that magnificent organ that is pumping inside of our bodies. I remember very clearly, and this is an experience that many of us have gone through, especially those in leadership positions. And this is some years back in Toronto that had a huge growing community, all schools of thought, all nationalities, and we came to the point that we needed to unite.

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So by the mercy of Allah, we united all communities for the beginning of Ramadan, people were tired of having different Ramadan is different EADS, like there's more than one moon in the sky. And so we united ourselves. We came together.

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But as the month went on, people started to divide. And by the end of the month,

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we divided into groups not only to eat but three eats.

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And being in a leadership position, I realized that the essence of the problem was not if the left Alma Talia, it was not the difference in the horizons, as some scholars would say. The real problem was if the left was blue, it was the difference in the hearts because some people did not want to be united.

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Even if you brought them proof in one case we had, we went to a small Masjid and we were in a high section of Toronto. And that year the Hilo was clear to us. And I went to the brother and I said, Brother come outside, the halaal is here, we can see. And he said, No, I'm not going outside the masjid, because the calculation says something different.

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So he had made his mind up, that he was not going to be united. So it's something inside of our self.

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And that is of critical importance to us.

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The heart has a barrier around us, like the anxious walls that surrounded our great cities, the great city of Baghdad, of Damascus, of Cairo, of carnal Nigeria of Timbuktu, the great cities in Delhi, the great Muslim centers will be surrounded by a wall, but the wall has got entrances in it. And these entrances the mud how the scholars have found that there are different entrances that the shaytaan has to the heart of the beliefs. And we need to protect ourselves from these entrances from amongst the entrances, that all of I have found is pride. Pride is a way that the shaytaan will be able to be left can penetrate the hot and corrupted. I'm proud of my color, proud of my race, proud

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of my passport. Pride can lead to tribalism. It can even lead to races.

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There is also hassard there's jealousy, jealousy of progress by a brother or by a system.

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There is also a herd of anger and emotion overtaking the way that we think

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some of the great scholars emammal ghazali shakos man Dan fodio Rahim Allah and others have even showed that Sue have done that being suspicious of other Muslims can be a medical, it could be an entrance to corrupt the heart. The Evil Eye identified doing things out of haste, except what is absolutely necessary. And the prophet SAW Selim said Elijah Lamanna shaytaan, that doing things hastily is from the devil.

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quick decisions without thinking without having the wisdom. These are all factors that are corrupting our hearts. And this is the bottom line. This is what is is affecting the whole of our body. So when the hearts are corrupted,

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when the internal part of our lives is corrupted, the connection to our soul, then everything else is corrupted. Our politics is corrupt, our economic life is corrupt. Our social life is corrupt. We can't unite in our families. We can't unite in our communities. Our nations are divided.

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Martial Arts xR is is under attack. There are hundreds and 1000s of Muslim soldiers standing at arms, some of them with their hearts beating to give their life for the masjid. There is technology. There is everything in our hands. But we divided

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it we don't know how to come out of it because we're not looking inside of ourself. And so the internal Muslim

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and this is how we find our men hedge. We find the 40 Hadith, the 40 experiences the 40 gems of guidance, touching on crucial areas.

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So let's see in sha Allah, how this plays out how it continues on and to develop into Islamic revival.

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I pray that Allah subhanaw taala

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would have mercy upon the weak and the innocent was suffering

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in Philistine muscle Xi in China. Most of the Uighur Muslims, the Rohingya Muslims, those in Central African Republic, the Yemeni Muslims, especially the children, pray that Allah will ease the burden of the children and raise up the right type of leadership in the Muslim world, to take us from darkness into light. We pray that Allah would help us to clean our hearts, clear our lives, so that we can be vessels to deserve the authority from

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Hello. So deserve Nussle law, the help of Allah, which is very, very near.

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I leave you with these words. And I asked a lot to have mercy on me and you. So part of Arabic Arabic is that the Maya seafood or salmonella Allah mousseline, Al Hamdulillah, who Rob Bell alameen wa Salaam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi a better cat

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