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In this

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section we'll meet them in a test make sure you go to E and comm go to the virtual ng ating grave Earth our home and is recruiting. You know, my name is Chaitanya harita us by profession I am a lecturer but I also do cross religious studies. Actually I have prepared question but that question is not so relevant to the topic today. And because this question Was it with me for many years, so So, I'm going to change the question that's relevant, especially respected Dr. Zakir, as mentioned about the Vedas, the Upanishad and all the some of the issue Punisher.

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But I like to quote quotation here from Prima Bhagavatam came to three

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chapter 11 in text 35, which says Prusa beracha Brahma retrim Hum Aapke culpa, Brahma Brahma sublimity Yong Woo, the meaning is, in the beginning of the first half of Burma culpa, Brahma appeared

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then Remus life, there is a million called Brahma culpa, the birth of Brahma.

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The birth of Vedas was smokiness promass birth. So here it mentioned that Brahma takes birth after birth, and the waiter has appeared when he takes a birth. So in a vase on literatures libre mask H full H is three

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and 11,040,000,000,000 years, and if we go in that calculation, I think many of us here are bewildered. But this is a quotation from Seema Bhagavatam. Another thing I why I mentioned this, because Dr. Zakir mentioned that the Vedas says that the Lord don't have a form by the same Vedas also mentioned the lat form. I got another verse from Brahma Samhita chapter five text number one he says Ishwara perma Krishna searched and a week Raha an added rd to go in the server carnem carnem Ishwara parama Krishna says the Supreme Personality of got it Krishna is the supreme controller is paramount Krishna such an and avec Raha start mean, such an eternal, blissful and full of knowledge.

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So it's such an Ananda vichara ha we can hire refers to the form as transcendental form, which is given in the Vedas. I think, when we do a research on the particular scriptures, I prefer that we have a whole idea that the Vedas also mentioned about the the form and I have many other quotes which says that the Lord has been realized in different forms, which we then go down brother, this is Bhagavatam so you remember whether or not part of the Veda VEDA for Rick with your with thumb with Atharvaveda Yes, I agree with that. Brahma Samhita is the commentary by Brahma don't to comment record the text. If you follow the commentary of the Quran, the commentary of Quran written by human

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beings, you quote the text as far as Vedas are concerned, there were many Vedas today the big wade your way Wait some Wait a term of it is that we also

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we have hosts at the piranhas and

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under each of you as the question

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you asked the question let me reply, okay. As far as the Hindu scriptures are concerned, the Hindu scriptures are divided into two types should these and smithy Shruti is considered to be the word of God. revelation from God in it, you have the Vedas, you have the Upanishads then you have the smithy. splitty is considered to be written by human beings. They you have the ATS Rahman ma Bharath Bhagavad Gita as part of my birth, then you have the monstrosity. So between the two scriptures, the Shruti is superior than the sweetie. If they're the clash between the Shruti and the sweetie you have to follow the Shruti not disability, because should yield higher fame, maybe the Quran we have

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the Quran then we have the Hadith, if the Hadith which did not say it clashes with the Quran, then we keep the Hadith aside.

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What we have to believe in Quran and the Hadith, authentic saying of Pavan masala Salam, there are certain things which people are manipulated. So when such manipulated Hadith comes what we do we reject it. So now I'm quoting away the Veda is the highest, knows pretty can go against the visa. If it goes on innovator, we reject this treaty we follow the Shruti

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this I'm talking from Hindu scholars, as far as the Vedas are concerned, the Vedas speak if you read then instead of at the founder of Arya Samaj, correct in the Veda that

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only talks about God word god no image. I know there are other scriptures like Manu smithy and it has in which it talks about God having image but a lower scripture cannot overrule a higher scripture. When there is a conflict you have to follow the highest scripture that the reason I've quoted you VEDA so if you get a quotation from any book which is a smithy, it cannot overrule the Shruti or number one, point number two even if you get me quotation, if there's a contradiction in the Veda, then my follow up book which has contradiction.

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You got one contradiction the Quran. Quran says in Surah Nisa, chapter number four was number 82. A fella uses the Brunello Quran wala Karna, meaning the gorilla lover to defeat the elephant casita? Do they not consider the Quran with K? That if there were contradictions in it, it will never be from God. If there is a contradiction, then that book is not the word of God. You understand? So we as students of comparative religion, what we have to do, I am here to talk about similarities. I know there are many things which are differences in Quran and the Bible, Quran and the Veda. I'm here to promote peace and harmony, not animosity. Therefore, Quran says come to common terms as well

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as and you I know, there are many things which I don't agree with the weather. I'm not going to tell you about that. Why? Because that will create animosity. So my team would have told you let us agree to follow what is common, what is different, we'll discuss tomorrow. So let you and I agree, if you consider whether to be Word of God, I consider Quran to be the word of God, let us agree to follow what is coming. What is common is 100% of whatever according to you and me, but if you selectively don't follow passages of your scriptures might be selective. You tell me anything from the Quran, which I don't follow, I will say Saudi and I start following. I don't claim to be a very 100%

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Muslim, but a hamdulillah as far as what makeup I study and try and follow everything of the Quran. You point out a single verse in the Quran whether you believe the Quran in the Word of God or not, you point out a verse or inshallah follow the same me when I'm doing the same thing with the Bible with the Vedas. If the Christian believes the Bible to be the word of God, if the Hindus believe VEDA to be the word of God, you have to follow.

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I know there are contradictions, but I'm not here to talk about the negative point of the Scripture. I challenge anyone to point out a single contradiction in the Quran there is gone as far as the age of the Vedas concerned, according to Swami Dayanand Saraswati the Veda is 1000 310 million years old.

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But the majority of the scholars today of Hinduism say the Veda is approximately 4000 years old.

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Today, the scholars say we don't know to whom the way that was revealed, in which part of the world it came. There are differences, Quran everything is authentic. Yet the scholars believe even though we don't know what is exact age of the Veda, even though we don't know where and which part of the world came the first time, even though we don't know which stage it came to. Yet the Hindus as a whole, they believe VEDA to be the most sacred because they believe I respected I may not agree everything of it, because they respect and try and take out the commonalities. So as I told you, Vedas talk about not the sympathy Mufti of that God, there are no images punishers talk about that

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Vedas talk about it. So if you get me a scripture, which is lower does not contradict, it cannot overrule the Vedas. And if you tell me that there are worse in the Veda talking about then there's a contradiction.

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So you are the Hindu, you have to then find out why this contradiction, is it no book of Almighty God, if it's in its true form, can have any contradiction. Same thing we believe, Quran mentioned injeel, the vahi, which was given to me the word of God, but the present Bible, I can find out hundreds of contradiction. I don't want to do it. I know I'm trying to combine religion to what I see the president by pin is not 100% the Word of God. It's a mixture. It contains the word of God. It even contain the word of the prophets. It even contain the word historians. It even contains pornography.

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I'm sorry to say that it contains obscene things. To me as a student of comparative religion. I'm not here to criticize the Bible. I'm talking about commonalities. Let's come to common terms. If I try and criticize that will begin my city.

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There are certain passages of the Bible I cannot read to you. Even if you give me a million dollars, I cannot read. Even if you give me a million US dollars to me and say read this passage in front of the audience. I cannot

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because my religion doesn't allow to read obscene things in front of the audience. You understand? But I'm not here to degrade the Bible. I'm talking about common things. Same thing with induce keep that further Quran is concerned. The language of the Quran is so sublime. You can eat anywhere in the world. You can eat to your wife, you can eat your children you can eat to your father, but

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certain passages of the Bible I cannot see your bed that have come for communal harmony. And based on that I have done research on the scriptures on the Jewish scriptures on the Christian scriptures. Unfortunately, people have most of the religions, they blindly follow what is mentioned by the church what I mentioned about the temple, what we have to do is we have to ask them for proof, who has the banana come into the game, but if you're truthful, so that's the reason what Dr. Zakir Naik says in Islam is zero. Chapter number was number if I say I'll call this private, it carries no weight. Allah says in surah Majda, chapter number five, verse number 90, I'll call it privated. So

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based on this brother, I'm going to get the Hindus, the Christians, the Jews, the Muslims together to come on a common platform and at least agree to follow what is common in the scriptures. So that universal weather will increase Pope Francis the question

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exactly, I think they are limiting the knowledge that is in the web as well as content all the knowledge that is what whereas mean. So if you say I only take the thrill, teen or disability, so that is limiting because in

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the way that we are taught, okay, we are. I'm saying there's not one word in the Vedas say Hinduism.

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So by Oles we are talking about Hinduism. Hinduism comes in the few 1000 years ago, only what they Sanatana Dharma. So I'm not going to say you ask the question, I'll reply, but every question requires an answer which take few minutes. I'm not saying don't follow Smithy. But if there's a contradiction between the smithy and the Sruthi, the Shruti carries more weight. For example, go to a doctor who's a specialist heart specialist, who will then BM in cardiology, and a general physician MBBS who's talking about heart who will you believe support the mother the heart attack after MBBS MD after MD SDM his BM in cardiology will you follow them or will you follow me be a

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doctor for artificiality

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suppose the modality who will you follow

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the one I effect with sorry one year fade me who will fade more as a logical person a DM of hospitality or MBBS doctor you under for sending? I don't know you can if you don't know

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why he said or experience word you have two people you have come first time to a country and one as DM one and then be busy will you take your mother to

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Dawn we have a D correct. So similarly when there's a contradiction between Sruthi and smithii we have to follow Sruthi that's what the new scholars say nada anywhere in the world for

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now, now coming coming to your word. Every time you're asking a new thing you have to clarify you said the word Hinduism is not then the Hindu scriptures Correct. Jawaharlal Nehru, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, in his book discovery of India, he said the word Hinduism is not then any Indian literature until the Arabs came to India, this word Hindu was given by the Arabs.

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The Arabs gave the word to the people who live in the land of the Indus. Even today when I go to Saudi, they call me Hindi, Hindi, Hindi. So new is a geographical definition. The word Hindu was given by the Arabs, people living in the land of industry. So Hindu is a geographical definition for the people living in the land of the Indus Valley. By geographical definition I mainly by geographical definition, I'm a Hindu and a Muslim, Indian, Muslim, Hindu Muslim, but if you say new me those who believe in worshipping idols, then I'm not a Hindu. According to Swami Vivekananda, Hinduism is a misnomer. The right word should be written just

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because they follow the Vedas. Hinduism is a misnomer. It was a word, a title given by the Arabs when they came to India, and to those of us Takane. Even today, when I go to Saudi, they call me Hindi, Hindi, Hindi, and I'm proud to be a Hindi, but I don't believe in doing Agile worship, to come into Hinduism. This is a misnomer. The right word is a dentist, or can we say another term? I agree with you. And another term believe that God is one and God, no images. Show me one person who is a pure follows an anthem who says that God has god image that maybe I'm not sure. Have you studied then other than I'm still studying, that's why I'm studying. Yeah. You have not passed and

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maybe it's also yet

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you have not passed MBBS also, Quran says Quran says in surah in the health app number 16 was 43. And sorry, I'm here chapter number 21 Verse number seven first aloo Ali's victory in kundala dolla moon if you don't know the person who's an expert. So hope to answer the question whether good for next question. You can go beyond the Q B and the other non Muslims. Thank you, brother.