Surah Al Fatiha for Children

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Salam aleikum. Surat Al Fatiha is a great surah

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It is named Al Fatiha, which means the opening because it opens up the Quran as it is the first chapter we read. It is also the opening of the Salah, because when we pray, we read this chapter in our prayer.

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It has other names which denote how great it is like the mother of the Quran, Omar Quran, the foundation of the Quran, assassin Quran and Surah Al Hamd, the chapter of praise. It is also considered the seven most often repeated verses. And even those those verses are short, they contain so much information and so much meaning. Because in this chapter, we start in the name of Allah most merciful, we praise Him reminding ourselves that He is the Lord of the worlds and that he is the best hour of mercy. And he's the one who gives. We also glorify him as the Master of the Day of Judgment, because everything on that day will be under his control.

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And because of this, we say you alone, we worship Allah, so we direct all our worship towards Him and to Him alone. And we seek help of Him alone, because he's the only one who else is able to benefit us or to harm us.

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The surah which we read every time we pray, has a very important to our which is a dinner set up and Mr. Beam show us the straight path, the path of those whom You have bestowed your favor upon, not of those who have been angered upon nor those who have gone astray. So we ask a lot every time to help us to guide us to what is best and to keep us on the straight path. It is very important for a Muslim not only to memorize this surah but also to understand its meaning and application. Assalamu alaikum