Stories from the Past #07 Sitting of Ibn Abi Dhi’b

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a story about a scholar named CEOs who were found in acture during the time of the implementation of Islam. The story describes a woman named Moqud who was found in a basket and stood up, leading to a discussion about the necessity of people standing up to discernment and oppression to reduce oppression. The speaker concludes by thanking the audience for listening.
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Today we have a small narration related to one of our great scholars on Islam and in fact,

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one of the most bravest amongst the scholars in terms of speaking against those who are tyrants. And this was the scholar that was known as ibn Abi xiP. He was a scholar who was found in Medina, he was born in the year at after the Hindu which is the same year that Imam Abu Hanifa was born. And he existed around the time, obviously, Abu Hanifa and also Imam Malik, who he met on many occasions, even if it was a very

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knowledgeable man and very pious, in addition to as I mentioned, he was someone who was very firm. And the narration the story that I have for you today is that once he was sitting in the masjid, with all a lot of other people sitting there a lot of dilemma, a lot of students of knowledge etc. And then the Khalifa at the time, who was known as ever made mad, he was the son of

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Jaffa, and also one of the embassy dynasties, so he entered the masjid and everybody stands up, you know, it's a form of

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not just respect, but it's almost like our or for the Khalifa. And this is probably, you know, sometimes the prophesy sometimes people fall into the category of what the prophets like Selim said, Whoever wishes that people would present in front of him standing meaning that whenever he enters they stand then let him prepare for his seat in the fire because there's an element of arrogance there. Now I'm not saying that So what made you wanted but obviously as he entered the masjid, everybody got up, there was that kind of

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all that he had as the Khalifa people also at that time, if you imagine a basket where people who overthrew the previous Khilafah the Omega three Rafa there was a lot of bloodshed, lot of killing, and a lot of oppression. So people also afraid of these rulers.

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However, even if he didn't stand up, and everybody standing, he's sitting there not standing. So a lady said to him, wha what's happening? What are you? Why don't you stand up, everybody else has stood up. He said, You know what, I didn't want to stand up. But then I remembered the saying of Hola, Yo Ma Kuhlman, Stolyarov, Bill al Amin, on the day that the people will stand before the master of the worlds. So I'm going to leave my standing for that day.

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And that's it, your assignment. And Maddie said,

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you have made all the hairs on my back stand because of what you have said.

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And that was a big sort of

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almost like an admonishment to humanity. Don't expect people to stand up to you because the one who really deserves outstandings Allah subhanho wa Taala everybody shall stand before Him on that day and be answering to Allah subhanho

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wa taala. And this story shows us the necessity for people to have the courage to brave to speak up because when you have that courage, and when that courage becomes dissipated in the society, then oppression will reduce however, when people are afraid to say to the tyrant, you are a tyrant, you're oppressing others they don't speak out, then the tyranny will spread everywhere.

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Thanks for listening