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My dear respected brothers and sisters,

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no doubt,

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every human has their own

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Every human living today, and living in the past would have things which are

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positive in their life and things which are negative.

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And there are people who have

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good things

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and they recognize the good things.

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And the people who have bad things and they recognize the bad things.

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And today I want to talk about an important topic which I think if we were to understand and to comprehend,

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it will change your life.

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Most probably, I'm not going to be arrogant and say will definitely change your life but most probably will change your life.

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And this reality, which we want to explore today

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summarized by Allah subhanho wa Taala in a few verses in the Quran in surah, Ibrahim, when Allah reminds us, of a people who went through very hard times and hard tribulations and probably the most often repeated story in the Quran, and that is related to destroy the children of Israel and to the prophets that were sent to them. Musa alayhis salam

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and the loss of Hannah what Tyler said, well, Mousavi is in

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an absolute coma. camino umatilla No, was that Kira won't be a yarmulke in the physiological illiquidity sub bar in Chicago, we send oosa

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with our signs,

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with our clear signs,

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that you will take out your people, your tribe, your nation, from the darknesses to the light.

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So the following advice is about how do you as a Muslim as a human, if you follow this advice, you will come out of the darkness into the light,

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no doubt.

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Because Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling you this.

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What is the process? The process is what the key room the Aiya mela, remind them?

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Let them recall, was Allah subhanho wa Taala terms a yummy law, the days of Allah?

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What are the days of Allah?

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Some people might say that there is a law, about the judgment and the Day of Resurrection is not the days of law.

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mean those periods of time because we know the word days young in the in the Quran, and certainly in the Arabic language is not just a 24 hour days, not about day and night days, a period of time

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can be a small period of time.

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Or it might be a long period of time. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, saying remind them about those times,

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which term the days of a law or when a law gave them so much

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those periods in your life which were pivotal those moments of your life which changed you those moments of life which Allah bestowed his near Mount on to you.

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A day in your life.

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When you came into this world, your birthday

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so Nima from Allah subhanaw taala, because to be a human is an airman in itself.

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The day when Allah subhanho wa Taala gave you

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different things now each person will have those days

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might be a day that you passed an exam, it might be a day that you got married. It might be a day that you were blessed with children, it might be a day that you were saved, maybe you were going in you had you had an accident, and you were saved by a loss of Hannah Montana, or an accident was a verse from you.

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Each person has those days.

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And there will be days as a nation.

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There'll be days which are nation remember days. And there will be days which are remembered by a community or there'll be a day when remembered by tribe like a loss of hantai reminds quraishi Isla de Porush, they have days when Allah looked after them, and he mentioned reminds them about the incident of the fee, the elephant and so on. So you will have days which are either on a nation basis or on a community basis or an individual basis. But the reality here which will bring you out from the darkness to the light is that you remember those days

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because in remembering those days, is the key

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to the rest of your life.

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How you view the rest of the world. And the last panel attalla goes on to remind us that musala is along with the

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Colonia Mata La Jolla alikum Remember that? Yeah, I'm over law. Remember near Matala alikum, the blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and he reminds them about some of the incidents

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is the people of Moosa

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went through very difficult times.

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They were enslaved.

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What do you can imagine tomato Holly and a bathtub in Israel there was enslaved by Pharaoh.

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They were made to work like slaves they were treated like slaves.

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There they were.

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persecuted in the worst ways your su Muna can sue Elijah, they were inflicting on you the evil is a type of punishment and torture is a bit hoonah Abner, the way he was a buffoon and they were killing your children, your sons. Think about this, the goddess your sons are being killed.

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Why is the Humana nissa comb and they were allowing your women to keep on living so like almost like your wives and your your women were remained unprotected because the males are all out of the equation.

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So Allah Subhana Allah to Allah through reminding us that to remember those days, that when you are going through difficulties or hardships, but Allah says, Remember the Nirvana of Allah, remember the blessings of Allah, because despite all of this, that you're going through, and you couldn't have summarized such a more intense, horrific kind of thing to be inflicted torture and punishment and killing.

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Yet Allah says, remember the good days.

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Remember the neon,

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and this is the key. This is the key that will change anybody's lives. Because whenever you wake up in the morning, you have a choice. You have a choice to be

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happy war sides,

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and optimistic and bright looking to the future and thanking alarm for giving you another day.

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Hence the Muslim The first thing he does when he opens his eyes, says Al Hamdulillah hamdulillah Dr. Han about Mr. Martinez The first thing to interact.

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Or you can wake up, miserable, wretched,

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feeling bad and say oh, it's not another day.

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You have that choice every day to make

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and the choice that you make will influence that day and influence probably the rest of your life.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says if you want to become out of the darkness to the light, you have to stop looking at the bad side of things.

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You have to look at the positives. Always have a positive outlook on Allah.

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If you

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if you've lost your father

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and you still have your mother when Think about all those people who have lost their parents, they don't have a father or mother.

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Or if you only have one child, think about people who don't have a child.

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You have your leg amputated, submits, I know a bit extreme. You have your like empathetic about people who have both legs amputated.

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Think about people who've lost their eyesight. Think about people I've got bad health. Think about people who will have

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lost them on you think are people who don't have a shelter over their heads think about this so much hundreds and 1000s of realities that you can conjure up in your mind, which wherever you look at it, you are better

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and you are in a better position.

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In fact, being here today and listening to my words is an AMA from Allah subhanaw taala to think about all those people who are not

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submitting to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So there are

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ways to look at life and you have a choice of either being positive

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or being negative.

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But look at the beauty as well. Voila, Samantha wants to remind you as well he says, they are punishing you and torturing you. You're so Muna. Consuelo What are you the una Vina? Why is the human any SATCOM always being inflicted by humans on humans? What does allow also remind you which is important in the positive outlook? He says what he that he comes on from this is a this is a test this is a trial who has a test from it's not just from Pharaoh is not transformed other humans not from the Egyptians it's what he's actually Kabbalah on Morocco become it's a test from your Lord is a trial from your Lord. So even the negatives in your life

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are positive because Allah is trying his testing

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he's experimenting your your

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your resource your mineral why you really made out so it's also a bit near mahoma last time because guess what, the most the best of all humans

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are the most intense in terms of their trials. I shouldn't do nasty Bella and

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so the more you are trial than the more you are test, the higher you are in the status of a loss.

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So that's also an area that you need to be thinking about.

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From our last panel.

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And the prophet SAW Selim reminded us that a national Mirage

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I'll tell you that Teddy, the NASA Mahajan, you will find that people are minerals.

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People have they have their their qualities, their realities are different.

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People are different in qualities. And how do you find the quality of a mineral by testing it.

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And one way that

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people test minerals is by burning them.

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And that's where the word fits in it comes from fitna actually means to burn

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in the Latina fatten or more money or more Minato law tells us

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about the people over the food. They analyze in effect enemies, those who burn the believers. And that's where the word fitna comes from because fitna is a burning

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How do you find whether this mineral is a pure gold?

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You put it in the fire

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and to see whether or not the material actually gives you that pure gold or whether it's just it's just rock.

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So the tests and the trial is there for you from Allah subhanho wa Taala for to test you to see who you are.

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And then Allah Subhana Allah to Allah continues. Why does anara bukem

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lN shakar khardungla z the nutcombe your Lord announced declared it's a principle is a declaration is a reality is a fact. law in Shackleton, if you are grateful, if you remember the positive things if you count the name of Allah Sopranos and thank Allah day in day out our in our about the Nam that Allah has given to you. Then what's Allah how's Allah gonna treat you less Eden, I will give you more I will give you I will surely definitely give you more. That's the linguistic structure of that word.

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He didn't say as either, he said the law as he then netcom is an emphasis I will give you more.

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Even when you look at the structure of the sentence, why he has done or have become when your Lord he's talking about himself in the third person, waste as an Arab bukem Lion Shackleton third person, but when he talks about how he will deal with you he goes into the first person

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I will increase you, I will surely increase you to further emphasize the moment you step into the circle of circle, a law comes closer to you as well. But it no longer talking to you in the third person you will talk to you in the first person, I will surely give you more.

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But will incur for Tom,

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if you are ungrateful, if you are always pessimistic, you're always counting the the hardships, the difficulties, the calamities, or you know, looking, you're worried about your life, you know, your bills are going up, you're this your neighbors were always just moaning and groaning and miserable and wretched and just have nothing good to say life, which is a form of gratitude, which is what Cofer is, then Allah says in that either be less shaded.

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Now some people might mistakenly translate that and obviously the language is there to say in either English or deed my punishment is, is severe is intense, or losses.

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Some people might say, well, this means that I've doubled.

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But Allah didn't say.

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He said in as Avi Alicia did, my punishment is intense.

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And what more punishment than you staying in that miserable state of affairs that you are,

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meaning on the one hand, when you thank Allah, Allah will increase you in your answer you become in a cycle of happiness and optimism and outlook is your outlook is positive. When you are ungrateful. And you reject a law, you remain miserable in your life. So you live the rest of your years, just being miserable. And that's that, that you're going to be in.

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That's the intense as a

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because not only do you have to live this life, it's forced onto you. But you're also living as a miserable life because you can't get out.

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That's the other that's going to come to you for being miserable. Do you have a choice, either to walk this way, or to walk this way.

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And this, my dear brothers and sisters is a key in life summarized in these verses, which if we really understood and pondered upon,

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it will make a difference in whether the rest of our lives not only are something that we live, but we are happy to live and we are worth is worth living.

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And this is the higher to pay diva. The Good Life that Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about when you do good you believe in Allah and you could do good deeds, Latina mano y mano sila hace la no hana home hayata Jeeva will give them a good life, because they are always looking at the optimistic things of life.

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So they look at the positives with a positive light and they even at the negative aspects with the positivity as well. But this is good must be good this prayer inshallah, then good in that inshallah.

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And that, I think, is a very important lesson in our lives, that we have to acknowledge and practice it close the gaps, a lot of gaps there, you can just squeeze in a little bit.

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My dear respected brothers

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and sisters.

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One of the things that the loss of Hannah dad also reminds us, and it is

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not a coincidence that was also mentioned in Brahim.

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Which for me, I was thinking about the day and it sort of appeared to me I've never seen this Tafseer before. Doesn't mean there's something maybe somebody else has said it but I think it's quite unique.

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A lot of time we read the verse when Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us of something called near metta law.

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And he says we're in town do narrow meta law, law.

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If you try to enumerate count, narrow meta law, you will not be able to count it, you will not be able to count. Now I've heard people say, Well, this number here means neon and the blessings of a law. If you try to count the blessings, there's so many blessings and etc. And some people have said well actually here Nirvana is just a single it's not near I'm allowed to say when I went out to Nam Allah, He said when Kaduna and that's one Nana. You will not count and some people will even one near Emma you will not be able to

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No, which with me didn't sit quite well, because that doesn't quite make sense to me anyway.

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To say that one never met cannot be enumerated because then yeah, yes, there's so many blessings you can never be able. So I, I

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understood this verse in a different way, which is that there is one near ama,

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which you will never be able to enumerate it no matter how much you try, and that near ama is

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the name of Allah.

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It is that Allah Himself, Allah subhanho wa Taala is the near man,

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he is Namah Alec, so no matter how much you try to count the blessing of Allah on to you,

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you will never be able to.

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So recognizing that Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And this is a singular lightwire head, he is one, but because he's also infinite, you will never be able to count the loss of Hannah. So here when I was saying was, was guru near Amma tala

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to recognize that Allah is the blessing that he is there for you. It's almost that kind of essence of Eman to recognize that Allah exists, to recognize that Allah has given you all that you have, and that he has guided you to Islam, and he has given you all your faculties and all the pleasures in London, and wherever you have,

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then it is from Allah Subhana

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I think that in itself as a meaning is quite pivotal, because it makes us recognize and understand and know

00:21:50--> 00:22:05

Allah subhanho wa Taala his very existence is a blessing for us that we need to be thanking, and no matter how much we try to thank, we will not be able to thank because if the near ama itself is non

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enumerated, we cannot count it than the sugar, which reciprocates that is not something that we can count or we can ever do. And so you will be continuously be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala but you will never be able to really reach the gratitude.

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But this same

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the same issue came and was presented by Tao de la sala to our last panel

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that would set the and he recognized this he said Oh Allah, if

00:22:45--> 00:22:49

my Shukor my gratitude to you, for your Nana.

00:22:50--> 00:22:56

My gratitude to you for an AMA is in itself an AMA, which I need to be grateful for

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my gratitude to you.

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So just saying Alhamdulillah and thanking Allah for his Nana, there is an AMA, which I have to always I have to be grateful to. So it becomes almost like a cycle. So when will I ever be grateful to you, I will never be grateful to you.

00:23:16--> 00:23:22

But Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Atlanta, Chicago, now you have

00:23:23--> 00:23:33

been grateful to me because you recognized this. And this is the essence of Chicago, is to recognize that and to then divide by your life.

00:23:35--> 00:23:40

And finally, my dear respectable suggest that we all go away with a practical aspect

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is that it's good for us.

00:23:45--> 00:23:48

To have a moment with ourselves

00:23:49--> 00:23:54

just a very short moment and have to be long, every day. Where we

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maybe write down a few of those things that Allah has given us. You know, remember because Allah says the kid obey the law. Remember the days of Allah remember those moments? When Allah subhanaw taala gave you things, it's good for you to sit down and to just write those down.

00:24:12--> 00:24:23

And every time you feel upset, you feel miserable, you feel discomfort, just pull that paper out and say, Yes, I've got all these things. And if you do that, if you do if you write three things every day,

00:24:24--> 00:24:27

you'll soon have a very big list.

00:24:28--> 00:24:45

But hamdulillah you got a mobile phone, it's not going to be a long piece of paper, it's just going to be a big file that you can just scroll up and down and look at it. And you will see the ammo loss apparent and say, Well, actually, why am I miserable? Because I've got all these things to thank a lot of data for. And I think that's a practical something we need to learn.

00:24:46--> 00:24:58

We need to teach our families we need to teach our children and that way in sha Allah Allah we will be more optimistic in life and we will live a better life with Elijah allama. Fill in our life.