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In this path that they're trying to go down a man can be a woman and you can you can kind of give into these delusions and you can you can

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supplement these these mental illnesses. I mean, that's let's be honest, that's what it is. Even if you ask the person themselves, they'll tell you I'm mentally ill, something's wrong with me. Why do we these days buy into that? Why do we say that? That's good? Why are we teaching children? This? Why are we sexualizing? Children? That's the

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That's the craziest thing in the world. Why is that? Okay? Why does anybody that's, that's an able bodied adult, feel like it's okay to talk about a child's sexual orientation sexual anything? Why is it sex and children in the same sentence?

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It's so mind boggling to me that more people don't say how wrong this is. And so many people attack people who who come out against it, it's pure evil. If sexualizing children is an evil than, then I don't know what is. I mean, it's the purest evil that I that I can think of.

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In allowing people to do this, and allowing people to remain children and, and give into this stuff is is just, it's just wrong. It's just flat out wrong, is in a lot of we've been talking about is Islam and you know, things being allowed and not allowed. And if we truly believe this is the word of God, and we know that this is the word of God, why would you not listen to what God is telling you? You're going to hear him, and then look the other way and say, Okay, I'm gonna do what I want to do.

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It's the most insane thing in the world to me, and I don't think Earth has a big enough punishment for people that that decided to do that. Yeah, and I think many people when they see the mob attacking a small group, attacking people who come out, say, look, leave our children alone. Do your thing in your bedroom. Keep that over there for yourself. But leave our children alone. Which should be obvious, apparently, is not. Yeah, apparently it's not. Yeah, I feel like that should be the most basic obvious thing. You have a right to defend yourself. You have a right to defend the people that you love, especially defenseless people. Speaking about children, and it's defenseless. They don't

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they don't know anything. They only know what we tell them. And if we tell them right off the bat, that it's okay, if you want to be a little girl. If you're a boy, it's okay. It's okay. All right, be sure if you

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it's, it's it's so crazy. And even when you hear the arguments of all genders, is a social construct. Many things are a social construct, we still abide by them.

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This building that we're sitting in at one point was a social construct. We're still here. Why is that an argument? I don't understand if gender is a social construct.

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Okay, it's true.

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All right.

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I don't understand any of the arguments for this type of dysphoria that a lot of people will experience