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Omer El-Hamdoon
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Spit out, Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah voila and he also have even wider

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the naming of the Quranic chapters tsereteli surah. Allah subhanho wa Taala named salata, Surat for the obvious reason related to the first verse, which is so Hannah Olivia SLR, the Abdi Leyland, glory be to the one who has taken his

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slave is a slave meaning here, the prophets lie Selim from Masjid al haram to elementary the upside so I saw is a night journey. That word is Surat actually comes from the meaning of Night Journey to walk or to move during the night. And so Elisa is the part of the Night Journey which are lost pantalla transferred the prophesies of them from Mecca to

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produce from electrical harem to MSG, the episode to show him of the signs that he has prepared for him. And because of this verse at the beginning of last pantalla, has named the Surah Surah. Al is Surat, it's almost like a trans portation. It's a movement, it's going from one place to another to see the signs of a loss of Hannah who died. And when you read Surah Al Assad, you also feel, you will see that there are verses which are about transporting and transforming you as an individual, in many ways, we have verses in Russia. Last pantalla talks about his signs, we have versary talks about someone that I allow on the adab that person should do you know, there's a whole list of

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things starting with the worshipping of a lie and being good to parents and then going through being righteous to others and so on. So the whole chapter of Islam is, is linked to that dimension, but also has another dimension. This is the other name of

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Allah, and the author name of solitary surah, which is Surah benissa. In so it's also known as the chapter of the children of Israel in. And again, the reason for that is because it also mentioned at the beginning of the school rebellious rain, and it also talks about and it mentions them as well. And the case between Iran and Moosa and the loss of Hannah Montana makes a very special mention here. And this is part of the prophecy of the Quran. And it says that when the second promise comes, and he was talking to Benny aside, when the second part come comes, we will bring you from throughout the world we will gather you from throughout the world. And so how Allah today, this kind

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of this prophecy has happened with the formation of the State of Israel, and that the children of Israel, the Jews have come. I mean, they're not not all of them, but many of them have come and settled in Israel, and so prophesy that our last pantalla mentioned specifically in this chapter, the children of Israel.

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Also, another sort of the last

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talk we're going to mention is salted MBR surah tel MBR is a chapter which is named the profits. And again, it's a very, very straightforward reason for mentioning that because half of the surah talks about stories of the profits or loss Pantanal goes through the mention of many of the profits, and he mentions them in brief, alluding and sorry, pointing and directing us to some of the important aspects related to these prophets was interesting, though as well that amongst in the surah, which is named prophets that almost also mentions Maria Maria set out and from this perspective, some of the owner might have derived that Miriam is also a prophet, which is there is a quite a difference

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between the LMR about this, but that is one of the reasons behind that salted Hajj is also named for the Hajj, because in Surah, Hajj, Allah Subhana Allah talks about the essence of Hajj, how it started with Ibrahim Alayhi Salam and some of that can and some of the rules or Hajj it's not the only solar that talks about hydro consulta Bakker also mentioned hydro, but here there is that direction within solar that has to be understood about certain aspects in terms of the shy the rituals are related to height, but hat also has a bigger picture because it is about intention is about purpose. And this sort of also sets the purpose for the believer in understanding their

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mission, understanding their role in life and also on

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The standing or loss of Hanoi to Allah and the functions of a person and very nicely towards the end of sort of hydrolysed pantalla mentions that this practice this Deen of yours is based on the deen of Ibrahim, the Miller of Ibrahim alayhi salam. And it's because of Ibrahim, that you are named Muslim me and although the verse has two meanings one is that maybe it's a long name do the Muslim mean, or the other meaning is that Ibrahim is the one who named your Muslim because Ibrahim Alayhi Salam he submitted to Allah he he did that s lemma Islam so from there becomes the name Muslim, or it is that a loss pantile ninja Muslim because he chose for you. This Deen, worldly to local Islam.

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Dena and that's part of the naming of the Hajj as well because the Hajj also is a journey with that submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So in this very short lesson we spoke about SATA SLR and salted MBR and sort of that Hadrian charleville and there

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