Virtues of Hajj #01 Hajj is Not Only for HAJJIS

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AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the importance of performing the first 10 days of the month for Islam, including belief, daily prayers, and the use of the "dawn" meaning "dawn." The speaker emphasizes the need for everyone to perform the hedger every day to benefit the umpich of Islam, and highlights the importance of learning and practicing the act to become a "daughter's dis convenience and avoid becoming a "daughter's dis convenience."
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feeding had one man done to follow mean Hi Ed Lim who loll what does that word offer in a whole year was?

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What the Goonies

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I said I'm only gonna lie about a cat, Thriller hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah My dear respected beloved brothers and sisters

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put the calendar in front of you the whole calendar 365 days and ask what are the best 10 days of this whole year? And the answers gonna come from none but the most truthful Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the best 10 days or so Lhasa Salam said and the Hadith in Bukhari, ma'am in a alarm, no Salah Habu Illa Allah, no days were righteous deeds are more most beloved to Allah. Then the righteous deeds done in these 10 days, which 10 days he means the first 10 days of the month of the AJA, the first 10 days of the month of the hijab, which will start in sha Allah Allah this Wednesday.

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Brothers and sisters In another Hadith Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he used the word of dawn. From the greatest days, the most superior days are these days. And we all know that also Allah says seldom, he is very eloquent in his speech. So every word he says he means it. So these are the best 10 days of the year. They are coming up in sha Allah Tala. And unfortunately, even though this is the season of Hajj, but many of us many of us will be deprived from performing Hajj this year. Now

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this huge constitution called Islam, it has a lot of flows and regulations. It handles the relationship of the human being with his rub with ALLAH SubhanA wa taala. It handles the relationship of us with our family members, with our neighbors with the non Muslims even it regulates our relationship with our enemies. This constitution called Islam also have all kinds of flows of divorce laws, inheritance laws, business laws, everything or something that somebody sent them taught us. He taught us which foot to enter the bathroom, to how to rule a country and everything in between. This whole thing called Islam is built, is founded on five pillars

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on five pillars. We all know the Hadith and the idea is in Bukhari and Muslim, the first Hadith that we memorize, by heart, the first idea that we teach someone who revert to Islam, which is the Hadith Booney al Islam or Allah comes, Islam is built on five pillars,

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the testimony of faith, the shahada, the solid, the five daily prayers, there's a cat giving money to the poor, taking from the rich and giving it to the poor, performing Hajj, once in a lifetime to whomsoever can afford it physically and financially. And the first thing of the month of Ramadan, we all know this hadith. Now, my concern or my question

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is, I understand that without the shahada, you can never be a Muslim that says how important it is. I understand that the salaat to be a pillar, it's five times a day. If I have on a regular basis, five times a day I am connecting with my Creator, the 3am it is it is good to be a pillar because it is once a year we fast and we try to become closer to Allah subhanaw taala. There's a caveat we take from the rich man money from the rich and we give it back to the poor to strengthen the society, but has

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To be a pillar of this Dean,

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how come? Why am I confused? Why am I this really

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makes you think and ponder Hush. Millions of Muslims do not perform it

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because they could not afford it physically or financially and they are not sinful.

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And even for the people who performs it,

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even for the people who perform Hajj, it takes seven to 1213 days from their lifespan from 6070 years.

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So how can something that millions of Muslims do not participate in do not perform and they're not sinful. And even if I perform it, it takes only one or two weeks out of my whole life.

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To be a pillar, not a sunnah to be a pillar of this Deen, there must be a lesson, there must be a lot of wisdom behind it. Because the one who prescribed it is the Aleem himself is the Hakeem is the all wise himself.

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So that's why the hash

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is not only for the people who go perform hash it there must be so many lessons in it, that it will be beneficial for all Muslims, the one who perform hash and the one who are not performing hash, because everybody knows someone who's going to hash either their, their family member or their neighbor or their friend. And when they come back, and they tell them the stories of hash and they tell them how they felt that hash, the whole ummah will feel the season of hash. So there is a lot of wisdom. Why this

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a bad this act of worship Allah prescribed it to be a pillar of this Deen a pillar of this Deen SubhanAllah. So there are so many benefits from the hash that will benefit the whole ummah. What are these benefits that we gain every single year from hash? That will be our discussion in these 10 days of the hedger every day in sha Allah Allah. We will take one of those moneta, Allah says in the Quran yes Shadowman alpha, the witness benefits to them, we will take one of these benefits and discuss it and explain it in sha Allah Tana dialer and we will try to implement it in our own life. Subhanallah there is a you know, I this is my first time here in Dallas, this high season, usually

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Allah subhanaw taala blessed me and I go to Hajj every every year, but because of what's happening this year, so I want to take advantage and share a lot of our experience about hash with all our with our our viewers. One thing I will tell you about hash is that if you perform the hash, listen carefully, if you perform the hash the proper way.

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One time in your life is enough.

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One time in your life is enough. If you really learned all the lessons of hash that you're supposed to learn.

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One time of performing hajj is sufficient. That's why in sha Allah Tala we will take one lesson every single day. Keep stay tuned with us in sha Allah Tada. Every single day at a certain time, you will see our broadcast in sha Allah may make May Allah subhanaw taala make us all benefit from the series in Charlotte Allah, may Allah azza wa jal accept all our Annelle that we are going to do in these 10 days. Please strive push yourself get out of the comfort zone in these 10 days fast. Read a lot of Quran make a lot of ADKAR give a lot of sadaqa perform a lot of tahajjud go out of your comfort zone because the Amal done in these days are the most beloved to Allah azza wa jal and we

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love Allah subhanaw taala and we love what Allah subhanaw taala loves is that a coffee comes from Hannah Colombo.

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