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He said to his brother, I'm a wealthy man the wealth I have. I'll split it between you and me. Who, where, when, and why? Stay tuned.

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All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek His eight and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, non chemists guide and whomsoever alarmists, guides, non can guide and I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped except a law alone who has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger. Dear viewers, I greet you with the greeting of Islam. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to a new episode of your show. For the sake of Allah, I am your host Mark Dawson and Hamidi. We have our guests with us Brother Mohammed, and

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brother Abdul Rahman Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Today, we will try to deal with stories from the past and the present, to see the examples in terms of brotherhood, how righteous people achieved the highest form of brotherhood, how they dealt with one another, how they respected one another one another, how they helped one another in different aspects, so that we may follow this example and make our lives follow the same code of honor and character.

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Now from the best that we can learn from we know is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his companions Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, God can Allah configure rasulillah here's what will happen very early in the messengers for Lotus and um, there is for you the best example, the best example. So homosassa is the best example for us. And the way he dealt with his companions is a very great manifestation of beautiful or and high form of brotherhood. We know for example, that the Prophet is allowed to lie to them any money that came to him, he would give it to the Muslims to the Muslims, and you know about the story of the team one day, and he urinated in the masjid. And some

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of the companions wanted to attack attack. And can you tell us about this Muhammad? Remember what happened when he went to the masjid and as he said, he resonated in a corner there. So the companions were like, surprised and they got angry with them. How can he do such an act in the in the masjid where they worship Allah subhanaw taala. And so they stood up and like, almost attacked him. So never

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saw that action. And the end, he stopped him. It wouldn't even leave him, complete his finish up his urination, and then just get some water and pull it on it. As simple as that. And don't have to do to scare him and not to cause them running around the messages and things like that. That he treated that even reflects the the art of Tao and advice in Islam, we should always be nice and get this bed when he was a Muslim. I mean, he's our brother, Islam. He's our brother. So these are the messengers. wassalam took it. Yes. Yeah. So the companions because they're, because then the masjid will the sanctity for domestic? Yeah, it has its sanctity. Okay. So you can't for example, it's a

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sacred place, you can't urinate in domestic. So they wanted to jump on him. They wanted to attack him. So as you said the purpose was on them and prevented them from that. And he said, Don't stop them. Let them complete. Even Don't. Don't bother him. Let them finish. Yeah, let them finish the magic of kindness. Yeah, well, this is we can see a brother made a mistake. So it tells us to be gentle with him. Be gentle and easy. So he said and when he finished processing and said, Just pour some water there. It will Charlotte purifies. So the man became very impressed and you can see the love, that this kind of behavior, the kind of this kind of brotherhood creates. The man said after

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this, you do not remember what he said actually.

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He prayed for the prophet and he said, No, I I just like the companions. So the Prophet corrected him and told him

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he said, Allah Mohammed, Mohammed Al Azhar hamana Allah, have mercy upon me and upon Mohammed Salim and don't have mercy upon anyone else, other than us, because he saw this as a shield.

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The compiler is now located. So, you see how So, he had this love straight away for the messenger

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because of the mercy that he dealt with him by, so, we see, when we implement this, you can see the love that Allah brings between the brothers we deal with studio, about humbleness

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to unbelievers in Mecca, were like, figuring out a way to go and kill the profits of ourselves. So, they got an excuse to, to, to be there and to go travel to Medina, which is like about 500 kilometers away from Mecca, and B, A, B with a nebulizer lamp and kill him. So

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one of them went, and the cop saw him coming with his sword. So on top hated this man, he just liked him a lot. So he asked him, What are you doing here? He said, I'm going to meet the Dalai Lama for a reason. So he said, Okay, well informed me, so I sell him. But still, he didn't let him in. Because he like, disliked him a lot, then then

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gave the permission for this man to be to enter and he wanted to talk to him. So the men came in. And then every saw I said, and told him to have a seat. And he inquired about the sword. He said, Well, I carry it around with me, but I came for this matter. So that told him, Well, you didn't come for this method, you came to kill me with the sword, as you have been discussing with your friend in, in America. So the guy was like, astonished and surprised. How could they never you know, so

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it was revealed to him to the Navy through an agent.

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So that made this man turn to Islam, because he knew the miracle of the nebulizer lamp, that he was informed by Allah subhanaw taala through an angel after that, the point is that when this man entered Islam, he told him that he hated him so much before, but now he is more close to him, then his sons.

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So it's like

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the Brotherhood is like, accepting Islam. So it's a you have to accept him as a brother. And actually, once he becomes a Muslim, well, you have this love for him, because you share the man, you share the man together, you said the man and the province of salami had I mean, an amazing character, who was the best character as he was described in the Hadith, that his mannerisms character was the Quran. So he was a manifestation of the Quran of the manners of the Quran. This is why the professor was very kind to his brothers, and even he was countries people. I mean, his people before he joined Mecca, when they tortured him, they, they dealt with him in the worst of

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ways, but he was still kind to them, he was still saying to them, I feel for you the fire and it's punishment. So I'm concerned about your safety. And he displayed that there's even this other story, where the prophet SAW some loudness. And there was he had a neighbor who was Jewish.

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And the neighbor with

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the Jewish neighbor, used to dislike the puffs

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and be against him. So he used to throw dirt on the on the door of the prophet SAW some life. And of course, whoever, like most people nowadays are most most of us if someone does that, we could even go and hit him.

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Then the prophet SAW some, he didn't say anything. And then once he found that it happened a lot every day, once he found that there was no more garbage or dirt on the door. So he went and asked about him, and he found him sick. So he was like, I didn't see the garbage for I said maybe something happened to you and the Jew Mashallah converted right away when he saw that

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and that that is like this, this shows how is he was treating people around him? Yeah, people, sort of brotherhood neighbors in the neighborhood, creating even non Muslims in a good way. Mashallah. So, this is an example for us to follow. I mean, have this love for the people and you consent for them, that they become guided, and you show the best of character to the people the good manners that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam had, and we can see that kind of love even from the companions towards the Prophet because in Islam, they are brothers to one another. So, we can see from the way for example, the companions held the prophecy

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Hello Ollie was lm in Mecca when he was challenged by the disbelievers. I mean, believing your brother when your brother tells you something that you believe him as a biblical Siddiq, when he was told about the personal assets of Solomon, he went to, for the journey of Venezuela under the mirage. And in the morning, a Buddha Hall came to the professor last time and he said to him, what do you have today? I mean, what strange things you have today. So the professor last time said to him, Well, I went I was taken to during the night to roxa. Then I went to the heavens at this lower mirage. So he said, and you came back to the same night? He said, Yes, the well, you should gather

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the people and tell them that then, would you have worse tried to mock the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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So the messenger Salaam did that, and the people came? And he told told them, and some people will tell they left Islam after they became Muslims, because this was a great trial. Well, this thing is to them was beyond reason. Can you do that? Because?

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Because they didn't witness it. Yeah. And also, that the man wasn't really complete. Yeah. So usually man is believe in what you cannot see. That's the case. And it's beyond reason. Beyond the minds, yeah. So when the disbelief is one straight abubaker because they wanted to create doubt in his heart about Hamas, la sala de la la. So they said to him, do you know what your friend is saying today? What did he say? Well, he said that he went to I mess it up. So during the night, and he went to the heavens and made the SWOT, and he came back during the same night. So workers said to them, Did he really say that? He said, Yes, she said, then I believe

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we see the Brotherhood. I believe him. I believe him. I believe in me more than that, I believe him that the revelation comes to him from Allah. So why should you not believe him in this one. So you see the attitude from the brothers towards one another. This is the beautiful attitude that believers should have. And even one day the messenger saw lots of love. It was seldom when he was preaching Islam to the disbelievers. And they wanted to attack him and Abubakar came to defend him. And he said to them, You kill a person because he's saying, My Lord is Allah. And he defended the messages lost them because they wanted to hurt him. So aboubaker got hurt, and they started hitting

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him really hard. And one of them with his shoes, he started hitting a walker on his face, to the extent that you couldn't tell the face of all the features of Abu Bakr his face, and he lost consciousness. And when he woke up after being in a coma, the first thing he asked about what was the prophet SAW lighting was that that was the first thing he asked about. He was concerned about the messenger, you see the amount of love, they had for one another amount of concern. And even during the hijra when they were in some caves, and there were scorpions and snakes use workers to block the holes.

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By I mean using his own feet, yes. And he would be getting bitten by these insects by the scorpions in order to defend the messenger. So Allah Islam, he would sometimes walk in front of him, behind him to his left his white, just to protect him was concerned about that. And there are many beautiful examples that the prophet SAW Selim and his companions demonstrated to us how to have the best form of brotherhood. And they made that this beauty these beautiful principles into a reality into a reality. This is why they had the best Society of a non history, and the better brotherhood they had amongst each other this way, they became stronger and slam gained ascendancy. And people

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started to come to this camp because they saw something they have never seen in their lives. Unprecedented brotherhood, unprecedented mutual love amongst one another. And the more they live the true way of living, yeah, which is given by Allah the Creator. Yeah, like well, the more we deal with these examples, the more we will learn we will come back to deal with more beautiful stories in sha Allah. For the time being, we have stopped for a short while and I say to our viewers, stay with us. We're coming to you back shortly inshallah.

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Choose whom he wins Subhana Allah Allah for his mercy for his messengers, for the revelation to be revealed. This is not for the human beings to make that decision. If a person would turn to our last panel to Alison Seeley, truthfully, asking for forgiveness, Allah subhanaw taala promised to forgive. We have as Muslims a duty and that is to recite the book of Allah to ponder over the verses, the words of our last panel to Allah and to act according to the Quran, the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah

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compresses everything, but it who would this mercy will be for, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent to all mankind. So the oma are the people of the prophets of the largest seller, all mankind since the time of the prophets, I send them till the Day of Judgment. Why waste our life without getting to know every verse in the Quran? What Allah Subhana Allah wants from us.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Welcome back. So we saw how the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and his companions, and they showed the highest level of brotherhood ever known in the history of humanity, and we will inshallah, we'll come to see other more stories, inshallah, how when the Muslims abide by the rules, or the law, well, Islam will have completely different society, completely different individuals, everything is better than we can imagine. Do you recall any stories, not necessarily from the companions, maybe from other generations, that would really show a high level of brotherhood, I recall the story.

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I recall the meaning of the story, actually, one of the companions, Abdullah, the son of Alma

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he met the son of, of a fan of his dad who did good to his dad, before back in the days. So just for that reason, he tried to help him when he met him in the desert, he gave him water, he helped him just for the sake of the fact that the his dad

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did good to his dad. So this even spreads it among, you could say generations.

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It's really stress the Brotherhood. And then and the Hadees. The meaning says that, this is one of the best things to do.

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Yeah, somehow Lhasa slow it even that he met

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a person. And he was so good to him because he was because this, this person's father was good to his father. You see how brotherhood goes and spreads? couriers? Yes, oh, yeah, it goes even two generations generations. And some other generations was said that our beloved Omar even gave his hope and his cloak and his

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I mean his scarf, he gave it to that person. He gave it to him as a

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demonstration for love. And when he was asked, Why did you give that person or that bid when he was actually a bit one? But did you give that bid when I mean, all that stuff? And he said because his father was a friend of my father's.

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So the love when that love brotherhood for the sake of Allah went on to generations? And have you come across any stories about? Well, it's about the teaching of the

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companions to be softer with each other. Apart from what people, most people think about the Navy SEAL, so lambda is aggressive or likes war or something like that. So he's also a teacher with a good way. So there was like the Sahaba, were doing the prayers. And one of them sneezed. So actually, you say Alhamdulillah for the one who's nice. So one of the sahabas companions said they are harmless to the Sahabi as a companion That's nice. So the others hobbies might just hit on his leg, they would like giving him looks and things like that. So he's like,

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a bit annoyed of what's going on. He was like, blamed too much for making like a simple mistake. But then episode SLM, just told them to take it easy. And only during so all you have to recycle on not not going, not not using a harsh way to teach the Sahaba. Okay, yeah, let's clarify this point more, maybe some people would say why would they speak during the Salah? Well, at the beginning of Al Islam in the early days of Islam,

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it was permissible for them.

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To look around, during the Salah, or sometimes to talk to one another, to talk to one another, so that this man, he, he was away from the prophets of Los Alamos from the Muslims for some time. And he came back and during his absence, will the ruling that no one should speak during the Salah or look around. And that was the time of the ruling. So the companions now they knew this ruling and they apply it. So this man came, and during the Salah, he sneezed. So he said and hamdulillah so the companions will they, either they looked at him or this made some noise and objecting to what he's saying, why are you speaking during your Salah? So he started saying, maybe as you said, What did I

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do? What did I do when he was praying because it was normal for him to speak during so there was no problem. He didn't know, the new ruling. So after the prayer, everyone was looking at him. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Oh, he turned, he said, which of us knees? And he said, he said, hamdulillah Well, I said, I did so so the province of Muslim Central, so this is the prayer only for reciting Quran remembering alleged in speak. And that it may be it was a 12 another narration that actually what he did was that

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he, a person came and was reciting the surah. So the man asked the person next to him, and and he was absent from the process alone for some time. He said, when did when was this war revealed? That was during the prayer. So the man everyone started looking at him in a very strange way. Why do you Why are you speaking is what they meant that look. So after the prayer, the process of them said, this is the prayer. We shouldn't say we shouldn't speak we should only run by Allah Subhan Allah to Allah and recite Quran so you see, the mercy of the professor lost him and the way he deals with his companions, that strengthen the love that's reading the love amongst them, and make them a better

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Even I mean, from the beautiful stories that we can recall, can you tell us about

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how when the people from Macau, they wanted to confirm andina, how they dealt with them how they held them. And they demonstrated

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the Brotherhood amongst them. As soon as they reached to, to Medina.

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People there they were so welcoming. They felt they were like they were at home.

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And that was really nice, because it was kind of hard and stressful and all what they went through till that they reach Medina was really hard. And when they felt welcome that easy, easy did. And even though some of the people in Medina don't even know the birders Mecca, but they develop this kind of love, even without knowing each other. Yeah, because of the Brotherhood and Islam.

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And yeah, if they actually they split their money and they shed that money together. Because the answer and then immediately they had the wealth, and the module from Makkah, they left all their properties or their wealth, they lifted their maccha. And they migrated for the sake of the religion to protect their religion with the messenger sallallahu wasallam. So when they came the prophet SAW, Selim said this kind of brotherhood, Al Maha. So the mohajir on they would share the money with all the answer, they would share the money with the Mahajan. And one of them for example.

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He was with another companion from the Ansel the process, Allah made Maha between them. So he took him to his house with one person from alongside the companion from outside, took him to his house. And he said to him, listen, I'm a wealthy person, I have a lot of money. So you see this money, I'll split it between you and me, you will have half I will have the other half. Imagine who do this today. And I have two wives. So any one of you and one of them appeals to you more, I will divorce her. And after her death is over, you can marry her. So with honor and dignity, sexual desire, hello, hi, Anya. May Allah bless you, and you will find your wives and your families, but show me

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where the market is. So when he went to the market, because there were people who business they knew how to do how to trade, so they were very clever and that he made his own money. And I mean, he and his own living he made his own living. Do you see how the companies that were ready to give everything to their brothers who came from Mecca, they demonstrated the one of the highest levels of brotherhood as well, because these are the students of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we could see how they really looked after one another. They helped one another. And they had this Aha, this brotherhood they helped them, they looked after them. And even until today we can see

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this. I mean when you are a stranger in a country and you see Muslims that will open the house, the house for you, they will come they will give you a room to stay for

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Until the I mean, you get yourself together and you look, and you can go by yourself and look after yourself. They would keep you there, and they would offer you food and shelter. And you would feed in a family and then all races, people in the mosque. Yeah, they gather up all of them all of the ages, just to see the brother who came from Nevada, see his needs, and try to supply it with another type of brotherhood from our contemporary times.

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You know, there is competition between scholars. And this competition, sometimes we takes the people away from this kind of brotherhood, from the beautiful examples that we saw, at this time is one of all three of the best scholars of our time, that well known to most of us will have no bas, and shall Bernie and say from that, I mean, may Allah have mercy upon all of them? Well, they were the best scholars of our time, and they died just a few years ago, may Allah have mercy upon all of them. And they benefited the people through their knowledge. And, I mean, they were competing in terms of knowledge. They were competing in terms of teaching the Muslims and through all that

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competition, they kept brotherhood amongst themselves, they kept that brotherhood amongst themselves. So they always whenever you had one of them speaking about the other, they would speak in a very polite and beautiful way. And you can see the respect and the love they had for one another even one day was said that she had been praised or prayed he was visiting safer blue bars and he prayed behind him she had been Baz was the man she prayed behind him. We know that the difference of opinion between them that after standing up from record

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chillin anybody's after you stand up from record, you live you hands down, but she was of the opinion that you should put your hands up after standing up, or after Roku. So she should have been because he was there and the students have been bad. All of them were there. Out of respect. When he froze after standing from a quote, he put his hand up, following the opinion of shake, embarrassed, why? To show the respect to the students, shoulders and not to create fitna because they would say, Okay, well, this is how we know we know how to pray this way. Now you're coming with a new weight. No, he just made it out of respect to show teach the students how we should respect our scholars.

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And despite that competition, they have the love for one another uncheck everything in one day was asked about Jeffrey Bennett, he said, we know about demand be from the people of Allah soon have to be from those who defend the sun and teach it to the people. So you can see the love, even though people tried to create some kind of doubt and enmity, but they demonstrated at a high level of brotherhood, and mutual love. And these are the examples we want to follow. Because these are the people of knowledge, who follow the guidance of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And if we look through the examples and the lives of the scholars of Islam, we could see that they

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demonstrated very great examples actually, of how to love one another respect one another how to give advice to other brothers, and they had they knew the rights of the brothers upon them themselves. So inshallah we benefit from these beautiful examples and follow them. And we can create examples for the rest of the people to see what Islam is, and how the manners of the Muslims are designed, love him for being with us for taking the pains and to join us in this program. And I said is Aquila, Helen, and to our viewers, I say May Allah reward you for being with us for joining us. And I hope these information are beneficial for all of us so that we act upon them, implement them

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and show the beautiful example the beautiful way of Islam to the rest of humanity. I leave you in the protection of Allah wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.