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I want to talk about this issue of freedom. You know, a lot of us youngsters oldsters, all sorts of stirs.

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We want to be free. I don't mean we don't like restrictions, we don't like rules and regulations and whatnot, and we want to be free. I want to be free to do this one, we are free to do that. Why must I ask my parents? Why must ask my boss why wants to ask my teachers, and so on and so on.

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The issue is, you want to be free? Yes, of course you can be free.

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So what prevents us from being free? And that's what prevents us from being free? Because freedom means responsibility.

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You want to be free? Absolutely no problem. What does it mean? It will now you're responsible for yourself, you will fall in a hole,

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you have a holy experience.

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And as all of your own making, I mean, you know, nobody's going to pull you out. And nobody's going to tell you that all of this, because now you're free. So the whole issue of freedom is freedom comes responsibility, Allah subhanaw taala made a beautifully,

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you know, network work. We, we think networking is our invention, you know, it's very important to be networked. Networking is also has created this world. Everything has a reaction to it, everything comes as a result of something.

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And in this networked world,

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the reality of freedom is freedom is yours, anybody can be free, provided you own responsibility for yourself. If you don't own responsibility for yourself, you say that Java is responsible for me, then you are subject to my rules.

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If I were responsible for you, then I call the shots, I make the rules. If you want to be responsible for yourself, then you make those, but then you're free. But then the responsibility comes with which means that if you do something

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good, then under law, you get the benefit of that. But if you get some if you do something wrong, then you don't have anyone else to export that blame to it is yours.

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And that's the whole issue of freedoms, a lot of people want to be free, but they don't want to be held accountable. And you know what, that is not possible.

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That is not possible.

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Allah subhanaw taala told us we had a now homeless data lesson, we have shown them both the paths,

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pick this one up, pick that one on Java volumi on Java code.

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We will wants to have faith have faith well wants to deny, deny.

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But that freedom is the freedom free

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among Java code. And after that, in Argentina, dissolve in

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Toronto, so there is a consequence.

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So we are free to choose. But freedom is not free.

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That's a very important thing to remember. Because a lot of people want to know it's a free world. Yeah. When it's a free world do you think so?

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You're free to make the choice will give me good results.

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So it's a very, very networked world. And we'll see as we go along our network, it really is.

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And that's what I'm saying that we like to talk about freedom, but we don't want to own responsibility for ourselves. And that does not work.

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We all talk about the rat race, right? How many of you feel that you are in a rat race? Anybody?

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Only a couple of the sisters and the brothers are all not in the rat race.

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You know the saying very famous. This is the problem with the rat races even if you win, you're still correct.

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So what do you do?

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How do you get out of the rat race?

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To become a cat.

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Somebody actually asked me I wrote a whole article on this thing of incidentally. Somebody asked me how do you get out of the rat race I just become a cat. So that is what is a cat. So let me share with you. I'm going to share with you one slide out of this whole article. What is a cat the difference between rats and cats? Now think about this. What do rats do rags gather stuff.

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The fear hunger. So the old resources they go and hoard stuff.

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They stay close to the ground with the leaves barrels and the

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Seek safety because that's what they do. And rats are very fearful. They're always afraid of this and afraid of that.

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Characteristics of rats, I want you to obviously extrapolate this and link them to ourselves. And I'm not saying that you are rats, even if you are you Muslim rats.

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That must make a difference somewhere but

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the thing is that, you know, think about, on the other hand, what do cats do, and cats expanded not only your house cat, but take lions or tigers.

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Number one, they hunt, they don't hoard food, they eat fresh every day.

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But it takes effort. You want to eat fresh every day, you have to make an effort.

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You want to eat the same stinky stuff, you can go and order it. But sticks.

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Number two

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gleim. Hi.

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cats don't live in burrows. Even a house can jump on our day will sleep on a wall or something. It's cats always seek the high ground. Why? Because the high ground gives you perspective.

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If you get lost in the forest, like this afternoon, if you go into on this jungle Trek and you get lost,

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then what do you do? You know what these guys are going to do? They will take attendance when the track finishes.

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Not many.

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Not when you start? Yeah.

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Well, it gets lost in the in the jungle, you will become a link to the

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cats. So now if you get lost in the in a forest or on a desert or something, the chance the chances are that you just keep walking, you're walking around in circles, you get nowhere. So what do you what do you do? Or what should you do? You seek some high ground you try to climb a tree or a

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hill or something you climb that hill, because it gives you a hydrant gives you perspective, what perspective? perspective is the ability to hold simultaneously to pictures in your mind where I am now and where I want to go?

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And perspective is absolutely essential to get direction. For example, somebody calls you calls and says Sajid, I want to come for this knowledge I

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wear How do I get to ABC?

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So what's the first thing that you're asking? Think Where are you now?

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Because I don't know where I am now. But just tell me how to get a VC?

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Is it possible Can Can you do that? Impossible is one of the impossibilities. If you don't know where you are, I can't tell you how to get to ABC or XYZ or whatever.

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So the best I can do is I can say, well, wherever you are, find your way to that gas station, which is down there and then from the gas station. So what is he doing now is giving him a point in perspective from which he can lead him to this. In order to find direction.

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You have to know two things simultaneously where I am now. And where I want to go

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is one of our elders from otherwise went to New York for the first time.

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He got lost. So he phone his house. And he said they said where are you? He said, I'm standing between walk and don't walk.

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So what are you doing?

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You got to know a little bit more than that. Right? If you're standing between walk and don't walk, it doesn't help.

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So the

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Now why am I talking about perspective? Can you see the relationship to your life?

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You want to achieve something in life, it's not just important to know I want to be the king of England. Good idea. But where are you now?

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In what chance do you have of becoming the King of England?

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perspective is absolutely critical because unless you know you can hold these two pictures in your mind where I am now and where I want to be. You have no idea about direction. You have no idea about strategy. You have no idea about what it takes about resources and time and everything else. So your goal I want to be this I want to be that will just remain a dream and a fantasy. Sounds nice. But is it going to happen? Not likely.

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The difference between rats and cats

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is cats.

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Look for perspective

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and finally, what drives right fear? What drives the cat excitement? But even though the both are very similar what is excitement?

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excitement is the kind of fear

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except with one difference

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excitement is fear which anticipates a happy ending

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so therefore what is the difference? Fear which anticipates a bad ending freezes you and stops you from action

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but fear that anticipates a happy ending drives you to action

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a person climbing Mount Everest a person doing some potentially dangerous sport for the first time

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a person going to

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the masses must I have this in Kenya my my Kenyan brothers can correct me if I'm if I'm wrong but my understanding of the Masai

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you know coming of age kind of thing where man has to kill a lion a male lion alone by himself with only spear

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so that Masai warrior, the young man who's there who's standing out there now waiting with us, he has to actually

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trigger a charge because the lions of Georgia

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how you gonna kill the lion judges since we got to go there. trigger a charge let the lion charge and then he's gonna kill him with only spirit he's only allowed his spear and a shield. That's it. Nothing has no guns and no white hunter standing there to shoot the line. You know if it gets too nasty or anything like he's got he's got do that on his own.

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And that's a coming of age ceremony violent. You know, it's like these, these things that people have. If you think about that,

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today, the whole concept of manhood has vanished.

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It's terrible. I mean, you know, men walk around looking like women. I mean, then why do we need women?

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The whole concept of manhood of bravery, of strength of power,

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of responsibility of honor, discipline. We don't we don't talk about that. We don't teach that.

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This was the seven hour galanos, so many and many sayings

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have to do with the whole issue of manual. He said, don't work. Don't buy shoes that walk barefoot. He didn't say dog barefoot all the time. But he said walk barefoot, get your feet used to walking on rough ground don't have you know the soles of your feet, which feel like bones and soft needles.

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One thought and you are gone. function.

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He said don't mount a horse standing is a word onto a galloping horse.

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Don't just don't stop a horse. And now he says the horses running. Waldron.

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They used to do target practice, they would have a target on that end and a target of this ad. And they will shoot an arrow from here into that target. And then they will go across there and pull out the arrow and shoot into this target. He said run between targets don't walk between targets.

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To develop strength to develop toughness, the ability to take some pain.

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The ability to stay with hunger for for a while.

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I was I was in one of the rooms in the UK ones. And we talked about this and one of them. They told me a wonderful thing. They said we have a we have a practice where the senior students, we offer them this. We don't force them, but we tell them that so many hobbies we talk about so life is all about a solemn, saying he was hungry. He had no food for three days. And not only so many people that they had no, they had nothing to eat for three days that just drank water because there was nothing to eat for three days. So they said we offer them a visa How many of you would like to actually experience that?

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Just explain what does it feel like to be hungry for three days?

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Do you have any idea when we say

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three days? The savvy came and lifted up his shirt and he had two stones on his belly and he was shocked and he had three stones on his belly tied to his bed.

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What does it mean?

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Do you understand this? What does it mean?