Omer El-Hamdoon – Stories From The Past #17 – Salim and Hisham

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The speaker shares a story about Salem, the son ofenoon hubub, who was margins by Hashemipping a woman named Sanam. He says that sham comes up to Salem, and he offers Salem something from the dams, but Salem sham says he needs anything. He goes on to tell a lie to Santa, saying that he didn't ask for anything from the dams, and gives an example of detachment to the dams. He also tells a story about a woman who was margins by Hashem and gives an example of the same thing.
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story that I wanted to share with us also shows the attachments. Or in fact, detachment of some of the righteous people to the dunya is a story of Salem, the son of Abdullah, the son of amagno hubub. So he's the grandson of Robert I'm Lucha bot. And this guy was really great. Not only was he a scholar in different aspects of knowledge, but he was also someone who's detached from the dunya.

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During his lifetime he was doing you know, he was in the House in Mecca, the Sacred House and he was doing power off. And he was spotted by Hashem Ibn Abdul Malik, who was either the Khalifa at the time, the immediate Khalifa or he was nice, maybe the son of the brother of a Khalifa at that time, so he's obviously from the ruling party. Now he recognizes Sanam. And he says, silence is a great guy, it's my opportunity to maybe offer him something, you know, just show that I, I respect what he's doing and, and something like that. So he sham comes up to Salem. And he says to Salem, Aleca Hajra Do you need anything? And it was like a question they would ask, you know, almost like saying,

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if you need anything, I'm here if you need any help, you know, I can fulfill it for you. So Salem was seem to be a little bit upset. He said, You know, you know, I have any shame asking me

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if I need anything, the house of Allah where all needs are addressed to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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as harsh a sham was a bit taken aback by this response, you know, so he left him asylum continues his toe off he does his prayers etc. Now as when he leaves the house, he sham says, Okay, well, maybe this is another opportunity to ask him. So he sham comes up to Salem once again. He says alcohol Do you need anything? You know, you before you told me not to ask you because we're in the house. Now we're outside the Sacred House, the sacred Master, do you need anything? He said, Are you asking me if I need anything? From the knees of the dunya? Aha, that is Eleni. Eleni, Eleni. Minha dunya I mean, are you asking me if I need something of the dunya there? He said that Ballymena?

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Dunya I mean, I can't give you anything on the ACA, obviously. So I'm offering you something from the dunya.

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And here comes the beautiful response of Santa. He said for a lie. Mercer L to her minion Liqua que fez el Amin maligned by Allah. I did not ask any of the needs of the dunya from the one who owns it, the real person the real being who owns it.

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So why should I ask you from someone who doesn't own it?

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Beautiful detachment I didn't even ask. I didn't even ask the dunya from from the one who only asked it from Allah. I never asked him for the dunya never asking for anything you know, why should I Why should I take it from you and you don't even own the dunya? Who are you to give?

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As Allah says at home Yuxi Munna Rama tropic today they are they the ones who divide the Mercy of your Lord? Did they give out things? No, of course not. So, a great example of detachment to the dunya and the honor that a person has in being associated with Allah subhanho wa taala. It's a great lesson. It's a beautiful reminder. I hope you enjoyed it somebody glaucoma.

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