Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #167 – The Modern Mind Doesn’t Compute

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative consequences of actions that are not true and are not recognized as justice, such as id rooms and shooting. They argue that oppression is a natural consequence of pride and arrogance, and that individuals should be punished for their actions. The speaker also emphasizes that actions that are not recognized as justice are not the end of a world.
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you have to believe in *, because there's people who do Subhanallah and that do just unspeakable things to other people, you know, they exploit the weak and the vulnerable, you know, for their own sort of sick pleasure for various sorts of purposes. And justice isn't done in this life. Look around you look at the state of nations and across the world, you know, where's the justice? Justice is not the rule of this world. It's the exception. And so if you don't believe that there's an afterlife or punishment in the afterlife, you know, that's a pretty depressing world that you

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know, there will be justice done, but and we'll try to do as much justice as we can hear, but it's ultimately going to happen in the end, okay, well, then somebody says, Okay, so there's justice. Okay. But what about somebody who just, you know, rejects Islam who have they oppressed, right because that's this is our weakness as being modern people. We think of justice just in materialist terms, right? Killing and you know, * and theft and you know, occupation and these sorts of things. And then somebody says idolatry, how's that oppression? And alas, fondata calls it and the Koran he says, he says that shit is oppression, great oppression, the greatest depression actually,

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for the modern mind, it doesn't compute how is she oppression and shirk is oppression, idolatry, anything that's other than towhee than worshipping Allah subhanaw. taala. Alone is oppression in multiple ways. The first way is that you're oppressing yourself, because you're being ungrateful. Forget about even the consequences that are going to happen the afterlife, you're just being a jerk, right? You have all of this amazing stuff. You have this body, you have this mind, you have the senses, you have these relationships, you have these memories, you have these abilities, and capacities and all these sorts of things. And you don't think you have anything to be grateful for?

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Are you kidding, right? What type of person would have that orientation. And we've come back to this before with sincerity right? Who wants to be thankful? And who doesn't want to be thankful? Right? So you're oppressing yourself. In the first instance, you're also pressing yourself in the way that for us as believers, we know that you're going to see it in the afterlife, that insincerity and that ingratitude and that arrogance that you have, and it is arrogance, to think that you don't need to be thankful to anybody for what you have, you're gonna get punished for that and the afterlife, right? So that's one way in which idolatry or anything other than to hate is oppression. It's also

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oppression, because your faith is based in something that's not real. And so because it's based on something that's not real, it's going to have very negative consequences for your life. Look at people who are superstitious look at people who believe in you know, magic and these sorts of things. They have beliefs, and they live in paranoia, often, right? So they walk around, it's like, oh, my gosh, it's like, you know, something happened to me, I broke my leg, or I broke my ankle. Maybe someone casts a spell on me. Maybe I did this wrong thing. Maybe I upset my ancestors, maybe I did this unlucky thing, right? The luck is like an oppressor God. Right, that's constantly hanging

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over you every single thing that you do, you don't know the rules of the game. That's the thing with shidduch anything that's not so hard, you don't know the rules of the game. It's not clear. And so you're constantly in fear and anxious, every single thing that's happening to you, did I offend this force? Or this God? Or did I stepped out of line? Or is this happening to me, you don't know. You're constantly looking over your shoulder? If you believe in Allah and you follow Tauheed, then you know exactly what's expected of you. You know, the last part that I was the only power has the only ability over everything and you have to worship Him and be grateful to him and try to obey him as

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much as possible and you're good. The things that he said to do, you know, the things he said not to do, you know, your clear peace of mind, you don't have to worry about some sort of crazy force blind force, you don't even understand, you know, attacking you in the middle of the night or something like that. Everything's cool, right? So shook is oppression. Allah says in the Quran, and it's true, right? Last thing, okay. Somebody who doubts, right, this sort of attitude of, of not being grateful, not wanting to be grateful, being too arrogant to be grateful, right? The that person deserves some sort of punishment. Okay, that person deserves what's coming to them the afterlife.

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Somebody might say, Well, why should they be punished forever? Right? Isn't their life only temporary? They only lived for a certain amount of years? How does it make sense to punish somebody in eternity for something that they only did for a limited amount of time? And the answer to that is because Allah subhanaw taala knows that the people he punishes eternally, if he let them live eternally, they would keep on choosing the same thing. It wasn't their choice to die, right? Their time ran out, if Allah actually and he says it's in the Quran, if he returned them to Earth, even after they had seen the hellfire and seen the punishment and seen everything like 100% evidence,

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right? completely clear proof, scientific proof. If he returned them back to Earth, they would do the same exact thing, because it's not about this. It's not about knowledge. It's not about being convinced it's about this. It's about your sincerity. It's about your virtue. So that's why there has to be justice.

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