Hamza Yusuf – Reflection On The Tsunami

Hamza Yusuf
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the "monster" concept, which involves losing pleasure and harm from oneself and others. The "monster" concept is used as a way to avoid harm, and the speaker discusses the struggles of humans being punished for actions and the importance of protecting children. The speaker also discusses the negative impact of animals on people's behavior and their responsibility to protect children, and the need for people to take responsibility and be empowered. The importance of protecting one's own privacy is also emphasized.
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Siobhan regime is Rahim

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Salatu was Salam autoshop an MBA one more setting what

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what are what are what are

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the verses that this reciting

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that if a good flicks if a good comes to them, either Sava Tom has no, you know, they say this is from our loss bandwidth. And then when something harmful happens, they, they, they blame it on the profits of the lighters

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and which is just generally blame, you know, when something good happens,

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people are happy but when something bad happens, they want to find an object to blame it on. And then the verse says, you know, say that everything is from a law, whether it's good or it's bad, it's from Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna, and then a little bit after that, it says, you know, any good that comes to us from Allah, and then any harm that comes to you, is from yourself. So, and then it says, you know, if this wasn't from God, you'd find any difference. So it's very interesting that in that same idea, there's, on the one hand, a loss handler data says, you know, if harm comes to you, you blame others. But if it's if it's good, then you say, Oh, this from God, and then if and

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then Allah subhana wa tada says, No, it's all from Allah subhana wa Tada. Here we shall has no say, yeah. And then after that, it says, you know, if a good comes to you, it's from Allah. But if harm comes to you, if a savior comes to you, it's from your urine, knifes. And the way that that's reconciled, in the commentaries, is that,

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in reality, everything is from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah because padre fady, he will shatter he will, he will murder he, that's a hadith in which the prophet SAW license that I believe in the cutter, it's, it's good and it's evil. its sweetness and its bitterness. And, and so everything is from Allah subhana wa Adana. But

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what we're being told is that when harm afflicts you, you have to see the S Bab

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because everything has a sub. So anything that Allah does, for instance, if you if you take medicine, and you get well, it's we believe that Allah subhana wa, tada, cured you. But the medicine was the suburb. In other words, if the medicine, if you didn't take the medicine, you might have gotten well, but that was the means by which Allah made you well. And the same is true that anything that happens to us whether it's good or bad is from Allah subhana wa, Tada. But when good comes to us, it is from a lot because it's, it's unwarranted. I mean, humans, no matter what you do, I mean, if you just look at the Hadith, to worship Allah, according to the Hadith about the man who worship

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last 500 years, and then, you know, he, when he went to when he stood before Allah, Allah said, enter into my paradise, by my mercy, the total agenda to be remedy. And he said, Laila, via Emily, you know, I want to go in by my actions, I worshipped you 500 years on an island. And I never disobeyed you Not once. So in other words, I want to go in by my actions. So Allah said to the angels has Cebu, you know, take him into account in front of him. So the first thing is the eye. So he said, What's the you know, this is a story that prophesized and told us, he said, What's the account the reckoning of an eye, just the gift of vision? And he said, 500 years of worship without

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disobeying a law. And so he's, then he said, Do you want to carry on with the reckoning? He said, We are America, America, you know, with your mercy with your mercy, let me go in to paradise, you know, so nothing we do warrants what we're given, neither in this life or in the next slide, but the harm that comes to us is is from our own cells. Now, right now, you know, people are asking about the tsunami.

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You see, because there are all these people who, I mean, there were people just on the beach, they were sunbathing. Some people were sunbathing, some people were fishing, and they literally just got swallowed up in a wave and gone and, and it's more than 150,000 people, which is a lot of people. And and, you know, the Secretary of State from this country went there. And he he's a general, who said he's been in several wars. He's never seen anything even similar to the devastation. And he said it it just brought home the power of nature but

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For us, you know nature for nature read god you know it's the power of Allah subhana wa tada and that is the point because it's a to generally have the pleasure of Allah. It's a manifestation of the pleasure of Allah. And and we don't ask Allah why he does things, you know, people say why did that happen? That's not a that's not a question that the Quran permits human being. The Quran says lay, you said, Well, I'm a fat, he's not asked about what he does, well, Home Use alone, but they will be asked about what they're doing. So every person who was taken, they're going to be asked about what they were doing.

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That's it. I mean, it's as simple as that. Now, the prophet SAW him said, anybody who dies drowning dies a martyr.

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You know, so all those people in sha Allah, may Allah,

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you know, forgive them and accept their, that Shahada, you know, but then there's people that that's not wasn't their state, you know, they weren't ready to go. But I mean, if you look at that, we those of us who are left behind, I mean, that's what we have to ask ourselves. You know,

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we have to ask ourselves, first of all, what are human beings doing to bring these things on ourselves? Because this is collective, it's not just that it might have been the mercy for the people that were taken. Those are the ones that got the mercy. It's the ones that are left behind. Those are the ones that are stuck. Do you know, so I'm not going to decide who's right and who's wrong here. But when we look at that, we have to ask ourselves, you know, what do we do?

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You know, in the face of something like that, I mean, because this is Somalia, I mean, our brothers from Somalia shift. I mean, there are people in Somalia, this is a few 1000 miles away, who lost their, their boats that they depend on their livelihood for there's just gone, you know, from waves. And then over 200, people just taken away by the ocean disappeared. I mean, that's in East Africa. And this happened over in Indonesia. So I mean, if you look at the power of that, you know, and then people up in Thailand, and for me, the three biggest signs that I saw in that was one that the animals didn't die.

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You know, they couldn't, there were no carcasses from animals. So they're asking what happened, then there are all these anecdotal reports of the animals leaving

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before it came. And they head for the hills. Now, there's all these articles being written, oh, well, they sense the seismic.

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And so that, well, that doesn't explain why they got up and left.

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You know, you can set something go the wrong direction. I mean, who inspired them to go up into the hills?

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You know, and the thing about we know that our law says, you know, the, one of the reasons why humans are not punished is because of animals. And there's Hadees that the only reason disobedient people get rain is because of animals and vegetables, because they don't deserve for the rain to be withheld. Because they haven't done anything wrong. So these animals, they, they just knew it was time to go that something was and we know in the Hadith and eema Matic related the Hadith, that the angel shake. I mean, the the animals shake on Friday, in anticipation of the the the the the yomo piano

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you know, so there's a Hadeeth in indicates they have some type of extrasensory perception of

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the end because that is Jamo piano for all those people. And that was the piano for those people. So, you know, the animals are in tune, why aren't we in tune? And what I found also interesting, that was one side. And I and it was very interesting also that, you know, there was an elephant that actually took some children on his back in a village in India, and he just took them up into the hills.

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It was an elephant. Because the children, they have no sin, children have no sin. But unfortunately, they're in the, you know, if the parents are sinful.

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That's that's part of the tragedy of life, you know, and that's why one of the responsibilities for parents is not to be sinful. You know, I mean, in the Jewish religion, they say, you know, sins are visited on the children for three generations. And seven and three and three, Imam Ali related that and he said that that is true, that that they don't take the thumb, but they take the results of the sins, you know, they get the results. So that's one of the reasons why they say you should be righteous

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Because you don't want to bring trouble on to your children that didn't deserve it for your sins. And that's, that's one of the reasons just to protect children, people should be obedient, just to protect innocent children. So if you look at those, you know, the the other sign that I thought there were two other signs. One was there was a whole village of people that were saved. Because when they saw the waves recede, they remembered the elders.

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The old people from the village said that the elders had told them when they were children, if you ever see the ocean recede, go to the hills. And so they fled to the hills and went up to their temple up in the hills. But that, to me, is what the secret of Senate

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Do you see that the protection of transmission, and that's something that humanity's lost? See, that's just the outward manifestation of it, of people that were connected to the the ancient people, the elders, through a chain of transmission. And, and even though they didn't know what it meant, they just knew we were told when you see this, do this, and they they listen to their elders.

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And, and the whole village was saved for that one reason. And so there's a sign of the secret of Senate.

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You know, just just the senate of knowing that, and those are, again, Aboriginal people that their Aboriginal Fisher people. So it's people that are in tune, you see. So what what's happening that we're so out of tune, and the biggest disharmony to me in that whole event, is why are Europeans going to these, these places where there's immense poverty, and they're staying in luxury hotels, and, and being served by people that live in the most abject poverty? And what to me, one of the things that a lot did, is he just reduced them all to the same, to the same level. He just took away everything they had, some of them lost their lives. But for those who survived it, suddenly,

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they're now being taken care of by those poor people who are as human beings just embracing them, you know, and helping them and why aren't we helping? You know, why, why are human being so neglectful of their responsibilities? You know, because that's the thing about poor people, they'll help you.

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So why is it that the rich are so negligent of the poor? And that's one of the things that prophesized him warned us about is that if the rich don't give back to the poor through Zakat Do you see they bring on they incur the Wrath of Allah subhana wa tada

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by not giving back to people. So I mean, that was an immense sign for me just thinking about that. And we're here in this immense opulence in this country. We live in opulence, we live, we're all wealthy, there's nobody in here that's not living in opulence. You've got running water in your houses, you've got heat on in the wintertime, you can go down to the store and buy what you want, you can go get credit when you don't have money. You know, we I mean? We're living like rich people. And so it for us, you know, one of the things that we all have to do is take ourselves to account.

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Because that's what it's all about the tsunami is coming. You know, it's coming. I mean, it's coming to us all eventually, you know, because the Angel of Death is the ultimate tsunami.

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So, you know, may Allah make us ready for that and make us people that are prepared to meet their Lord, you know, because we believe that and people are gonna stand before a lot and there's going to be accounting done, there's going to be reckonings done. And people that die drowning don't get those reckonings. So those people they adapt didn't come to them. I mean, the prophet said Amati or matamata, Houma. My Alma is Omar that has Rama on it. Your Ada addabbo haathi dunya. All of the punishment of this oma is in this world and he said fit in was that as it went, but I earthquakes and calamity and people you have to ask you, why are all these major earthquakes they happen in the

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Muslim parts of the you know, in the last since I've been alive, all the really big giant 50,000 people 100,000 it's mostly in these Muslim areas, while Iran and Algeria and that's a sign from you know, the prophet sighs them that these these things really are purgatorial, you know, there are ways in which we are purged of our because our wrong actions are immense. And people that deny that they don't. They want to pretend like God is not the God doesn't have wrath, and it's not emotional wrath. It's not like you or I get angry. A lawsuit

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Hello, it's Anna has sunon if you transgress them, then these things happen. So there's mercy in there, but there's also manifestations of wrath. And, and, and, and there is, there's a lot of cause for us to really be in a state of ishfaq. You know, it says in the Quran, those who believe, are in a state of apprehension about the hour. You know, because it's real and the hour is your death. I mean, that's the reality of it. It's your own mortality, it's my mortality, your mortality, we're all mortal. So, you know, I mean, that's when any bad a fix you you have to look at yourself. You know, when when a CEO comes to you, you have to look at yourself. And, and, and May Allah subhanho

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wa Taala give us that ability to see ourselves clearly and to see our own shortcomings and free us from delusion, and give us the ability to be humble and grateful before him. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala strengthen our brotherhood and sisterhood. Keep our hearts united and protect us and protect this place and all the people just suck Mila Ferran cinematical.

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