Omer El-Hamdoon – Stories from the Past #2 Death of Abu Zar’ah al-Razi

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a narration of the Hadith, where a Muslim named knew that death is the recommended action. The narrator describes a deathbed person named Moedid who was punished by his teacher and by his companion. The narrator also describes a deathbed person named Moedid who died after practicing La Ilaha Publicity.
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One of the stories that shows the importance of living your life according to let you learn how to live if you want to die en la ilaha illa Allah

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there is a beautiful narration where three of the famous and big Hadith scholars of Khartoum arising, Mohammed even a Muslim have been Awara and they'll move the rebutia than these

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giant giants in Hadith. They went and visited another giant and Hadith narration his name was Abu Zahra arising, obey the law even abdicating his name arise you, they went and visited him while he was dying on his deathbed. And they note that you know, when somebody's dying, it is the recommended action is to remind somebody to say La ilaha illallah it's better not to try to force them or command them say c'est la ilaha La Salle because that can antagonize the person who's dying but maybe say Leila and Elijah is too you know, to remind that person however these great people they were also quite shy and embarrassed to say to their you know, the companion their teacher, in

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Hadith, Abu Zahra arise us like I say, a giant in Hadith narration and obviously a pious Muslim to say to him say Lila they felt that little bit ha So they said, why don't we just revise the Hadith in this regard? So Mohammed, even Muslim Anwar, I started off by saying

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the Hadith narrated Abu Assam narrated to me from the chain that he heard from Abdul Hamid Abuja, for from silence

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even at the UN, he started to stutter, you can remote and remember the rest of the Hadith had been not heavy, and he just kept on So, he could not continue the Hadith something happened. So steps in another had the Hadith scholar who is I will hurt him arising and he says,

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had death and Buddha Buddha narrated to us that a blossom narrated to him

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that from Abdulhamid Abuja for from a soil ignore EBI arriba and he then also started to stutter and he wasn't able to finish the Hadith. So these guys are reviewing the Hadith in the presence of Abu Zahra who is lying on his death, and he was listening to them and then all of a sudden he said,

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boondoggle narrated to us that Awasum narrated from Abdul Hamid dimri Jaffa from Sol Hypno abbiati from Kathir immuno Mora that he heard more and it mudgeeraba The famous companion, who said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said whoever's last words

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of this dunya is La Ilaha illa Allah, He will enter a Jana mankind Halfhill kala Mohammed dunya La Ilaha illa Allah the halogen and on saying underrating this hadith he died straight after Subhan Allah beautiful story which shows if almost the embodiment of the the saying of Allah or you who believe fear Allah and die not accepting the status love you Allah as you should be feared and die not accepting the state of Islam yeah Evalina tabula Hapa to it. While at Hamilton Isla and Thomas Limon. They said, how can somebody die in the state of Islam by living in Islam? If you're somebody who's living and teaching and embodying and practicing La Ilaha illa Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah is going to come smoothly on your tongue. When the time comes. May Allah have mercy on Abu Zahra Razi and all his fellows and compatriots, and may Allah subhanaw taala. Help us to stay steady on these words.

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