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Sabr and Abusive relationship What you need to know

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Haleh Banani

Channel: Haleh Banani

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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I want to remind everyone is that being patient does not mean taking a beating. I know that this there's a misconception within our communities. And it is very sad for me to say this, but many of the sisters I have worked with, they think that being a good Muslim, being a good wife means staying quiet and not speaking up when there is physical abuse. And that is not the case. You're not expected to stay in an abusive relationship. Now you can talk to the person, maybe take some measures and realize set some strong boundaries and we'll talk about this more. But realize that that is not necessarily a sign of a good moment, just taking a beating, because this is going to

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destroy your self esteem is going to destroy your spirituality. It's going to destroy everything about you