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Praying for Non Muslims


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The speaker discusses the concept of the beast's punishment and the use of the beast's beast's beast's beast's beast's beast's beast's beast's beast's beast's beast's beast's beast's beast's beast's beast's beast's beast's beast's beast's beast. The operation by the nation of Nora Lutheranism is described as a war criminal operation with war criminals attempting to kill the operation while they are killed. The punishment is designed to prevent people from becoming too afraid of their future and eventually becoming the greatest teacher and preacher of all time. The message of Islam is not to ask for forgiveness and to allow others to use it for guidance.

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How old are we learning ministry polynomial Jeem Merica aniline maybe you are Latina man who still feel overly emotionally key in our locale and who will really mean that the Manitoba yeah and allow home means that the Manitoba and Allah home and US herbal Jaffe America still failed or Ibrahim Ali maybe he'll

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know neither team either

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fella I'm type a yen Allah who and who will heat up? I mean, in Ibrahim Allah were on le

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rubbished hourly salary or silly MD, the Tamil assignee of Cali Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. While earlier he was happy to buy a moped. Once again everyone Islam Allah kumara Lightoller obrigado. What I'm going to share with you today is perhaps not the most conventional way of looking at these ayat, not a very common way of looking at his art, even though others have talked about it. But I will share with you what I'm absolutely convinced of when it comes to the conclusion regarding Ibrahim alayhi salam I've titled or given a subtitle to this session of praying for non Muslims. And what that has to do with the idea we're going to talk about is in

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surah Totoaba. Specifically, the ayah is going to be about Ibrahim Ali salaam, but we're going to look at the IR before and we're going to look at the larger context of SUTA Toba and we're going to look at the seal of the prophets I send to try to paint a larger picture. First, let me just translate the ayah as it is.

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Allah says well, my goodness, they follow Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim Allah, Allah and Manuel editing or other Yahoo. Ibrahim Ali salaam asking for forgiveness from his father, for his father was nothing but a promise that He had made to him. So he was you remember when he was being kicked out of the house? He said stuff Lula Karabi right, I'm going to ask forgiveness for you. So now Allah and so the Toba is making reference to that promise, and saying the only reason he was doing that is because of a promise he had made to his father,

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for that matter, but you know who and then when it became clear to him, I know who I don't want to let that he is an enemy to Allah, meaning his father is an enemy to Allah. Tomorrow, I mean, who he disassociated himself from him. He dissolved his connection to his father, meaning no more prayer for him. Ibrahim Allah, Allah on Halim Ibrahim alayhi salam was someone who truly felt pain and loving was very loving and forbearing. So now in this ayah, we're seeing that Ibraheem Alehissalaam stopped praying for his father, right. Now, let me share the aisle before my Kundalini Nebby well Latina Avenue and yesterday fuel in which we clean it is not because it is not right for the profit

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or for those who believe along with the profits that they should ask forgiveness for the Mushrikeen when you start feeling the emotion again, well Oh can only quarterback even if they are close relatives. Member the Matoba Yeah, Allahu Allah, Hamas Hubble Jehane,

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even after it has been made clear to them, once it has been made clear to them that those are the people of hellfire of the blazing flame of a Jehane. And that the next idea is the one that I just told you about Ibrahim Ali Salam, because the moment the ayah came line is Allah's Messenger and his believers cannot pray for those who do shake. And the question came with the Quran already said

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Ibrahim already some prayed for his dad. And so Allah is clarifying No, but he did that because of a promise. And then when it became clear to him, he no longer pray for him, but we have to really wrap our heads around this, this concept, right? Like, did you do Coleman? You know, Nabila, he will you will actually you are doing them and had Allah wa Sula who will O'Connor our

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Insert medalla. Allah says you will not find the people you will not find a group of people that believe in Allah and the Last Day, who at the same time show, show love to those who oppose Allah and His Messenger, even if their family right. So this idea is coming up in a number of places. From this one might extrapolate that once you become Muslim, you shouldn't be praying for non Muslims. Easy enough. The issue is this. Number one, the idea of Baraka the idea of having nothing to do with anyone having no no connection with anyone.

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You see, this idea that we're learning today comes in surah Tauba. So the Toba is the Toba of that is the surah of the punishment of Allah on Koresh. So what you have to know about sort of the Toba from being

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Getting to end the surah is unique. The surah is about Allah's punishment. And it's at the end of the Prophet slice Adams mission. So the prophets, I said, I'm just trying to preach to the people of Makkah that he's migrated to Medina, he's seen all kinds of opposition from them, they've attempted to kill him, expel him from his home, they've gone to war with him a few times, nobody is clear that the messenger is, in fact, the Messenger of Allah, then the people of Makkah. And then on top of that, they remain committed to the ship for other reasons for political, social, economic reasons. But now they've been conquered. So all of that struggle is now over. And the Quraysh who opposed and

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the motion of keen, who opposed the Messenger of Allah have now been conquered? How do you deal with these people now that they have been conquered? They've been they've been your enemy the whole time? How do you deal What should their punishment be? Now pause for a second. Other messengers also had to deal with nations, right? But other messengers, when they dealt with those nations, those nations were usually dominant until the end, and those messengers had to escape. And when they escaped, what would happen to those nations, like new Hyundai salaam escapes what happens to the nation of Nora Lutheranism escapes what happens to the nation of Luth, Musa alayhis salam escapes what happens to

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fit on this is a formula right? It happens over and over again. And whenever messengers escape, that means the nation that is left behind is punishable. It's they're punished and they're annihilated. This is the way Allah does things. So not Allah. This is the Sunnah of Allah. Now Rasulullah Salallahu Salam escapes Makkah, the same way that Musa escaped around the same way that no holy salaam escaped the same way that moved to LA slammin. His family escaped, and now wrestles iclm Escape Makkah, well, if he's escaped Makkah, what should happen next to the people of Makkah. The same thing that's happened all the time, right? But what did Allah do? Allah azza wa jal

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progressively gave them punishment. Allah explain why is the punishment to the Quraysh different from the punishment of nor the punishment of loot, the punishment of fear now, why is it different? Allah says in this surah Khartoum, you as the home Allah, who will be a deacon fight them, meaning the maastrichtian of Makkah, Allah is going to punish them using your hands, so that he used to send punishment from the sky. He used to send punishment from the by the winds, he used to send punishment in different forms, natural disasters, you can call them, right. But this time, Allah said, No, the swords of the believers are going to be the punishment for the machine of Bucha.

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This This was a new policy that Allah delivered. So the beginning of that punishment is better. It continues, and it continues in that mazhab. And now all of those battles are over Mkhize now conquered. This should be the final episode, the final installation, the final installment of that punishment should happen now. That final installment is described in what Surah October, the final installation. And now now that these are there, they've already been declared punishable by Allah. The door is closed. Even then Allah said something he's never set for any other nation. He said to His Messenger Salam in this surah he said we're in a huddle mineral machete Kena Sajha raka Jeju

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Hatteras Mark Allah Allah from Oklahoma now, if one of the machine comes to you seeking your protection, because they never heard anything about Islam, the whole thing in Macau was happening. Medina was happening and this guy was at home playing Playstation. I don't know what he was doing. Like he had no idea what's happening outside and he comes out and the Muslims have conquered it like hey, what were all the idols and they used to be idols here. Like what's going on? I don't even know and he just shows up to the promises of hey, so

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I think you guys call me mushrik? What's up with that? Like, can I know about Islam or something? You could say to them 23 years, bro, where you been?

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But if someone comes to the Prophet says, I'm seeking protection, no, I look, I didn't take it seriously. Your beef was with the Quraysh or some people I had my own thing going on. I was gardening in my backyard. I just I didn't know what's up. So he comes in ask Allah says, For a year who give him protection at this market, I'm Allah until he gets to hear the speech of Allah from my blue kumana Then take him to a place where he may feel safe.

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That's because these are people that didn't know. So Allah is making excuses, even now even as a whole the nation is punishable. But even now, excuses are being made. Now, when the punishment of Allah comes, Allah says law is that the moon of Saturn well is that when, when the divine punishment of Allah comes on a nation, which nation a nation that disobeyed Allah's Messenger,

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right, then when they get that punishment, then that punishment cannot be brought any sooner and it cannot be delayed. It's an exact time when it's going to come.

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The punishment comes on them in the form of the conquest of Makkah. Now these people are war criminals. They tried to kill the prophets like Selim, they've engaged in war multiple times. They've tortured innocent Sahaba. They've taken their property, they do all kinds of stuff, right? What should be happening with them?

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Well Did Allah azza wa jal reveal he revealed through the Toba and in the beginning of Soto tava I'm just going to read just a couple of IR to you because this is homework reading for you guys just enjoy reading what's happening at the end in the end chapter of the prophets lifesize Bara atonement Allah He Rasool e il Allah Xena had terminal Mushrikeen declaration of no connection but I means you know, absolution I have nothing to do with you. I have no no connection to you. Okay, at this disavow any any any association with you? And announcement of disconnect from Allah and His messenger to those who you may have made any treaties with treaties with among them are sticky in

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memory and how they BIA we make treaties. Now Allah is saying all those treaties done, they're finished. For see who will already then he turns to the machine and says, Go ahead, you can walk around in the land, you're free to move around. Wait already this is this is wild because usually, once the enemy has been overpowered by Allah, what happens next? They're killed. Allah says no walk around in the land orbita asuran How long should they walk around the land? He says Go Go wherever you want for four months.

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Well, and then we'll unlock them a little more Angela, and you should as you go around free. Don't you even get the idea that somehow we're naive that you're gonna go regroup and come back for another wave of attack? You should know now it is impossible for you to overpower Allah when Allah Musil caffeine and that Allah is determined to humiliate those who are hell bent upon disbelieving. So now, this is an announcement that four months, four months, you get to roam free.

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New headaches alumna resignation was not given for months when the flood started. Loot on asylums nation was not given for months when the fire started raining from the sky fit on was not given for months when when water reached his neck, and Allah said, go swim around in the water for four months, then I'll drown you. That's not what happened. But when the sort of the Sahaba reached the neck of the Mushnik here or did Allah say, now go walk around four more months. Think about it.

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Go ahead for months. And then what do you say later on for even salah Shula forum factorial Mushrikeen when those four months are done, kill them which again, execute them. This is Allah's punishment on who the Quraysh who fought the Messenger of Allah sociala This is divine punishment. This is a this is the the Quran episode. It's the final episode of what happened with previous nations. You understand? This is not jihad. Now this is punishment from Allah. That's not there's a difference between this and Jihad vs. Avila. This has nothing to do with Japanese Avila. This is divine punishment. That's why Allah says in surah Kati Luhan. You ask them home Allah who can fight

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them, Allah will punish them by your hand. Now, so this surah is about Allah delivering his final punishment on the people who denied the Messenger of Allah sai Salam, and committed all kinds of war crimes, they deserve the death penalty as far as Allah is concerned. That's the that's the declaration. Now, in that context, there are still Muslims, who have family members who are on the wrong side of the battlefield multiple times.

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You still have Sahaba who moved to Medina who were victims of the torture and all of that, but they still have family among the people of Makkah. So and they know the four months are running out. So what are they want to do in those four months? They want to make sure those people come back to Allah and Allah is basically saying, the Messenger of Allah, the greatest teacher and preacher of all time, spent more than a decade with these people. They tried to kill Allah's Messenger, they heard the entire Quran they saw the victory of Allah Khan, these are who they be, I happen, none of this was able to convince them and Allah has declared now these people are you know, how only Allah

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can decide whether somebody can get guidance or not. Right? And only Allah decides. And for any human being that is alive today, you and I can never say this person's heart is sealed, Allah will never guide them. We can never say that. You cannot say that. The only one who has a right to say this person has their heart is sealed. They will never have guidance until the moment of their death, and they will die as a machinic in a coffin and burning the hellfire, the only one who has a right to say that is who it's Allah azza wa jal. We don't know what's going on in somebody's heart. But you know what? In some cases, Allah tells his messenger because Allah, Allah tells his

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messengers, Allah Masato, salaam, I am letting you know in the case of this person, or this group, or these individuals, they're done for. There's no point making Dawa to them. I have decided they are worthy of Allah's punishment. I've already scanned their hearts, I know the depths of their hearts, there is no ounce of faith in them, they are only worthy of what punishment and therefore they will get punishment not only in the hara, but in the if a messenger is alive, they will get punishment in this life too. They will get punishment in this life too. Now with that in mind, listen to those out again.

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MacConnell interview it is not becoming for the prophet or those who believed to seek forgiveness for them which should begin which Mushrikeen This is Surah Toba. These are the Mushrikeen that are on death row decided by Allah because he's already checked their hearts and he's decided they have no ounce of Eman left. If after those four months are done, they don't come to terms on their own. There is no room for any mercy for them. So it is not becoming for you becoming a view to be praying for them. They this is all on their own. Now you have to disconnect there's loyal your loyalties have to be tested now. What Oh can only Korba even if they were close relatives member demotivate

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you and Allah home and now home has hobbled your home now these words should ring differently to you now, if it has become clear, even after it's been clear, become clear to them that those are the people of hellfire. The only one who can declare someone alive. A person of Hellfire is Allah. And Allah declared them that Allah declared that and once he declared someone that you can pray for them. Now let's come to Ibrahim alayhis salam, and Ibrahim Americano is the following Rahim. lethaby. He is our editor in Yahoo. Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam was only praying for his father because of a promise he kept he a promise he made to him for the MATA ba Jana Allahu when it became clear to

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him when he became How did it become clear to him by way of Revelation. And now who are the wala that He is Allah is I don't want to Allah, that he is an enemy to Allah wa Amin, who then he had to also say who I mean who he had to dis disassociate himself from him.

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Now let me give you another case. No, Helene Salam and his son

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until the very end isn't no Hello, I'm asking for his son.

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He sees him drowning. And he says in Muhammad Ali, he's from my family, Allah, you told me that my family will be saved and he's from my family. And Allah responds to him. No, he's not. It is at that moment that Allah revealed to him that he's from the people of hellfire. So Allah could have revealed it sooner, but Allah chose to reveal it all the way at the end. But even then, the revelation can only come from Allah azza wa jal. I cannot say about a cousin, a Hindu cousin, or a distant uncle, who's Buddhist or Christian friend or whoever that these are people of the Hellfire I can't say because I don't know when their hearts are gonna turn. And when I don't know that for a

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fact, when Allah has not given me that knowledge, Allah has not revealed that to me, then I it is okay for me to ask for their guidance and to ask for their to pray for their forgiveness. Now Allah guides me Allah forgive when I'm home Allah Allah moon, ALLAH forgive them these are people they don't know.

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You know? So this is actually a similar to a dua the Prophet SAW Allah made when the Messiah Deikun almost almost killed him in the Battle of word. You know, because ALLAH forgive them these are people that don't even know they don't even realize what they're doing. But eventually Allah says know that door is closed but because you know what, even up until Ohio they were still not the door was still not close to them. You know, holiday been Waleed is the reason so many Muslims died. Right? He was he was a strategic general in the army that almost got almost killed the prophets I saw them. They were almost successful in that mission. And he's one of the most important companions

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of the of the prophets like Selim, he comes to Islam. What does that tell you? The door was not yet closed. When did Allah close the door, he closed the door when the doors of Rama were closed on at the end of the Sierra when the punishment on the crash was coming down. And that's why the surah that delivered that punishment doesn't even have the bus Mala in it. We there's the one surah of the Quran. We don't say Bismillah R Rahman Rahim. There's a reason for that because it's the surah either. It's the sort of punishment. And so in its context, we learn about Bara, in my opinion, Allahu taala. Adam, I am absolutely convinced that if a young man becomes Muslim, and his mother is

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right, his family so he loves his mother, that you should not be using these ayat to say you can't pray for your mother.

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Because it's not become clear to him that you know, the IRC for LaMotta Bayona who, who Allahu Allahu I don't want the law. It's become clear to him that is forever. He's an enemy to Allah Tabata, amino, he had nothing to do with me this associated himself.

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That's not the case. Ibrahim Allison left his father in Abra, Amin como matar balloon hamdulillah when it became clear to them SOTL Medina, which is another sort of disassociation, Ibrahim Ali Salam, such as people i We have nothing to do with you. They have nothing to do with you, and whatever you worship besides Allah, but you know what, at the same time, there were people that were making Dawa to their family and they're also praying for their family. They're praying for them, they want that the emaan to come to them. It is impossible for us to think that, you know, for the people in our family, our loved ones that

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don't have the better maybe a following a different religion or no religion at all, that we shouldn't even ask be asking Allah azza wa jal for their forgiveness or for their guidance. And this is the last thing I'll share with you asking for forgiveness and asking for guidance or wanting the same thing.

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Because we know in our deen, we know you cannot ask for someone's forgiveness. Just like ourselves, we cannot ask for our forgiveness, separate from asking for guidance, because we know the only way we get forgiveness is how, by following guidance, you don't get to be misguided and get forgiven. Right. So if you're if so, so this is actually kind of a mythos actually you asking for one thing, but you're necessarily asking for the other. If you're asking for somebody to forgiven you're definitely asking for them to have guidance. They go hand in hand, and that's the mentality we should develop. They should not be used to torture somebody psychologically, that they're just being

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told all your family's in the Hellfire you can't love them. You can pray for them. You can be kind. That's that's silliness. That's not Quran. These these are notions we've developed without understanding the place in which if Allah azza wa jal mentions these things, and how he's how we're supposed to apply it, and makes you appreciate what a hard test it was for the Sahaba they had a test harder than we'll ever have. They had to know that their family is going some family members are going to hellfire because of their own stubbornness. And they're not even allowed to pray for them after what was revealed. They're not allowed to pray for them. They're not allowed to ask for

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their forgiveness or back for their guidance because those people have rejected it. And Allah knows that better than they can so Allah let them know that that door is closed. May Allah azza wa jal make us humble to His Word and better our understanding and soften the hearts of our families and those that are non Muslim. Allah inclined their hearts more and more towards this Deen so Allah azza wa jal can give them guidance and make us all worthy of His forgiveness. BarakAllahu li Walakum Quran Al Hakim on a funny way er can be it with the