Omer El-Hamdoon – D29 Du’aa of Prophet Yusuf – peace be upon him

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a segment of a video where a woman named Heidi talks about wanting to die as a Muslim, but she is not a fan of Islam. She talks about wanting to be killed as a Muslim, and mentions a woman named Missy who talks about wanting to be killed as a black woman. The segment ends with a woman named Missy talking about wanting to die as a black woman.
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The other ending with tonight inshallah which I think is a very befitting to as we are concluding it's also the drought of the conclusion to the whole story of use of Allah He said um use of as you know, went to

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to Egypt and later on his family came and joined him

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and to summarize his whole experience he said something there and to end he made the DA he said Robbie cod

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called Hurston decision a Florida Hello Jamie seem to be coming ready but they said Rebecca Darlington him into a Heidi's you have taught me to interpret the dreams. But that is all encompassing he said, falter somehow it will off until we leave Indonesia and

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tawaf any Muslim man who will help me beside him. falter. SMR is the guy that we can show a corporate father a seminar to a lot of anti worry if Daniela tofana muslimin. What happening Besides, so my Lord, You are the Creator of the heavens and the earth.

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You are my worldly, you know the one who is protecting me the one who's looking after me, my guardian,

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in this life and in the next life. So I asked you to when I come to die, let me die as a Muslim torfx any Muslim man? Some people misunderstood this to say

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some people is understood to say that use of is the first person to wish for death. No, that's not right. This die is not about wishing for death. This is tough, any Muslim is saying all law when I come to die, please make me die as a Muslim. And Lucas holla, the humility of this great prophet of Allah Yusuf, even though he's a prophet, even though he has, you know, done all of this, the whole story is there in front of us. But he's still saying Allah, you know, keep me steadfast, I don't want to die in a state other than the state of Islam. And this is something that we should always be making Raj always seek Allah that He makes us our hearts steadfast on this Deen and that we only die

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in the state of Islam. And then he says, Well, how can he beside him? And let me catch up?

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is one one meaning let me Oh, one translation, let me catch up with those who are smiling. Again, a very humble, there are as if like, you know, the sila here and the good people are all ahead, and I'm at the back here, I'm going to catch up, let me catch up with him. Or at least, you know, put me amongst the sila hint, again, a very humble, humble

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claim or a humble announcement by Yusuf alayhi salam. And this is also something that we shouldn't be feeling, you know, no matter how, how pious you are, how righteous you are, you don't know where you are in the scheme of things. So always ask our last pantalla to increase you and to make you catch up with those who might be ahead of you. And that's why Imam Shafi Rahim Allah, he had a beautiful couple of lines of poetry, in which he said, he said he was sila hain or less to mean home. I Li and anala be him. shefa waka homerun kana t Giada Tomasi

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Asante La Jolla community.

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He said

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I'm sure we can see that link that has been posted. He said I love the righteous people humble sila hin is the mount Shafi. I love the righteous people, even though I'm not amongst them.

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Maybe maybe by loving them, I can get some of their intercession.

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And I hate those who deal in my houses like you know, there are dealers almost like you have drug dealers, these are sin dealers. You know, I hate those who deal in sins, even though me and then we have the same product and we're still we're still dealing with the same product so obvious humility saying that

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I love the silent generation even I'm not amongst them, but maybe at least I can be. I can get some favors by loving them. And I hate whoever does sin even though I am also in the you know, doing the sin that's very again very humble for humanity Shafi. The great pillow

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of Islam, Allah Subhana Allah be pleased with him. And Mr. Mohammed his beloved student and friend.

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He replied to him, he said,

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on the same sort of lines he said to him was silent he no antamina home. One Tammy mentor jab Minho, shefa watarrka who mankind the tiara to who almasi OFAC, alojamento COVID la, he said you love the righteous people and you are amongst them and you are the one who we will seek intercession from and you hate those who are dealing in sin and Allah May Allah protect you from any such commodity. So

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to offer any Muslim man while How can you assign a

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Zakat Allah here may Allah Subhana Allah bless me and bless you and accept from us and from you this great month is very sad. It's almost over.

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like always, Hallo we feel there's a kind of emptiness that we feel as we as we depart from online, but like we said, hopefully we can keep the battery charged. Keep going. But in the latter let's end with the latter.

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Alhamdulillah harem benign, and

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