Umm Jamaal ud-Din – Explanation of Surah Al-Fatiha

Umm Jamaal ud-Din
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Hello humans Judy and fusino amin se str Melina mejor de la who Fela de la la woman you believe Allah hurry Allah wash had to Allah ilaha illa la who want to lash de cara? Wash had to Annette Mohammedan up do what else Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, first of all Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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sapan Allah we've only got less than less than 60 days maybe 50 days or something like that until we're going to be in Ramadan inshallah So, I'm trying to focus on some subjects that can help us to enhance Ramadan for us. And the topic I chose to speak about today is the meanings of sort of Fatiha inshallah, because we spoke about we spoke a few weeks ago about

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our Salah sola, you know, our prayer and the importance of, you know, the prayer in our lives. And I want to speak about sort of 30 how because every, every one of us reads it in your prayers. And yet, so often we don't know what it means. So I suggest that you get out your pen and paper because, you know, one of the reasons we don't have Kishore in our prayers is because we don't actually know the meanings of the words. So when you know the meanings of the words, it has a very big impact on your heart. And that's the difference between our prayers and the prayers of the Sahaba. Like, if you look at the way that we're praying comparison to us, like it's related that you know, for example,

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our buck rasa deity Allahu anhu, he wouldn't get past you know, the first few lines of sort of Fatiha except his his beard will be soaking with tears, you know how much he's affected by the verses. So that's the difference between our present day present and a lot of it's got to do with the fact that we just don't understand the words what they mean. Okay, so, Susan 30 ha, why is it called su 230? Ha First of all, like if you know, factor heart means open, like opened. Okay, so certain Fatiha it's called Al Fatiha because it's the opener like it's the one thing that opens and it's, it's what opens the Koran, you know, it begins the Quran. And also,

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it's also said that it was the first surah to be revealed in its entirety, like there's a dispute amongst our lm app, about which is the first surah that was revealed as a whole, but it said that from the PNM many scholars is the first thing that was revealed in its entirety was Al Fatiha.

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Another another thing also as we know is sort of at heart is what we begin the prayer with. We begin every prayer with sorts of Fatiha

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now certain Fatiha

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we noticed that a little Donna chose to begin the Quran with this.

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And we read it and he chose it for us to begin every single prayer with it. So there's a big reason why there's a big reason why he chose it to begin the Quran with it, and also begin each of our prayers with it. And what is that reason? One of the reasons all that said is like sort of what he has, you know, it's called Koran, Omen kita. Like it's so it's the source, or you know, you know, it's the most it contains all the comprehensive meanings of the Quran within it. So every meaning or every subject that comes in the Quran, after that you find the region of it is Institute Fatiha. So for example, if you look,

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if you look at what's contained is referred to ha, it contains the praising of Allah, it contains making dua to Allah, it contains asking for help from Allah, it contains depending on Allah, you know, subjecting oneself and humbling oneself to a loss of pantalla. So it's like a summary of everything that's contained in the Quran. And this is why it's considered like a more Jeez, I've considered like a miracle of the Quran, because imagine, it only contains 25 words.

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And 113 that says, and yet it's containing all of these comprehensive meanings within it.

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So this is, and the other thing is we know that Allah, Allah made it as a pillar of every single Raka like without, without sort of fancy, how Yoga is not accepted, like it's a pillar of the prayers that you have to come with it in every single regard.

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And another of the virtues of sort of Fatiha also is it can be recited as a Rukia. It can be regarded as a Rukia. We spoke about Rukia a few weeks ago as well. Like if you're sick, you can read it into your hands, and then you can blow and then you can wipe of your body and you can repeat that seven times. And that was even done in a time of the prophets that I love it. So when one

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I was bitten by a scorpion, and one of the companions went and he recited sort of 30 ha, and D'Ivoire just mentioned over this man, and the man got up as if he hadn't been bitten. So and then we went back to the profits that allowed us and, and, and the profits that alarmism said to him, how did you know that it was a rock? Yeah. So like, we can actually use all of the Quran as a Rukia. But in particular, there are some verses and some theories of the Quran, which are particularly, you know, very, you know, Subhanallah the Baraka is great, you know, of course, all the words of a lot about a car, but there are some that are more, you know, are stronger for for, you know, in

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particular Rukia.

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Okay, so, that's introducing sort of Fatiha and like I said, it's also called only keytab. It's also called on boron. And so we begin every surah of the Quran begins with Bismillah R Rahman Rahim so Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim, what is the meaning of these words? I begin seeking the help of Allah because the bat is called, but at least, at least Deanna buck, it means the bat of seeking help. Right? So you're saying Bismillah I seek help in Islam is named Bismillah. In the name of Allah, I seek help In the name of Allah.

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Right, in all of my affairs, in all of my affairs, and that's why even before you know, writing a speech or before, you know, sorry, saying, you know, saying some words or writing something, we can say Bismillah or Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. And we know the letters of the prophets that allowed us and he used to begin them with Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. Because that's what this means. mandra him is saying, like, it's you're saying, you know, I seek help with you, you're like, in your, your name, a lot of like, Man, that Rahim.

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And when Allah says, Allah, Allah is, and it's an album, like it is the greatest name of a law, like the name a law is considered to be at least an album, which means the greatest thing of Allah pantalla. And it is the name because nobody else is named with his name, first of all, nothing and no one else is named with his name. That's one thing. And the other thing is that all of our laws, other names are derived from this name. So our like, man, our heme, and medical kudos, all of them are, you know, derived from this name.

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So we have to, you know,

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so we have to realize, my dear sisters, that no matter how much a human looks for peace and tranquility in this world, right, you know, we always are looking for what makes us happy. So we think if I have a husband, I would be happy. If I had children, I would be happy. If I had kids. If I had wealth, I would be happy. You know, if I had a better house, I'll be happy. You know, we we always think that if we had this and that to complete, our lives would be happier. But the reality is, all of that is a temporary, it only brings a temporary type of happiness. Right? But it's only through knowing a law, the reality is, you will never be complete and you'll never feel the

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complete, like

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tranquility in your heart and peace until you know Allah and seek newness to him. All right, you have to live your life seeking happiness to Allah subhanaw taala you know, making your aim to always draw closer to Allah subhanaw taala and depending on him in doing that, okay, so that's, it's only when you start to do that in your life sincerely that you're going to be able to get fulfilled the true happiness that comes through that. Okay, so that's that, you know, sort of 38 is actually teaching our hearts how to turn back to a lot. I'm going to show you how in a minute inshallah. So students it has teaching your heart How to come back to Allah because we are busy with our lives

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during the day. We're busy with our lives and we need that constant reminder to directors back to direct us back to our purpose directors back to our goal where we should be hitting. So now a low dollar says out what man is part of still saying the best Mullah this mean Iraq, manda Rahim our man. So one thing we can say here is we thank Allah subhanaw taala that he began with his words Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Okay, that he chose to just In the name of Allah, how does he choose to describe himself? Our man our him so he could have used other names he could have said and are we a long way now like the strong and the mighty, but he chose upon a lot. From His mercy. He chose his

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He's names that relate to mercy.

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You know, so that we, our hearts too close to him, feeling His mercy knowing that whatever happens, you know, allows mercy encompasses all things.

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So, Allah is a man. He's the one who he's the one who pardons and forgives. Those who turned to him in Toba is the one who you know, full of mercy full of mercy. And, and, like the name the name of rock, man, like, if you understand like about the record wasn't in Arabic, which means like, the weight of the words, each word has different weights, like nouns have, you know, weights. So, an fi LAN means the one who's full of something. So like, for example, if you say someone's what band means they full of anger.

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Okay, but when you say, Man, it means the one who is full of mercy, full of mercy. So it's describing, it's describing, you know, about a loss, a loss.

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Action, a sorry, it's a describing that a lot it's describing his on his was like a describing a description of a law. It's describing how a law is, okay, it's describing how a loss of contact is that he's full of mercy, and he's full off.

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So he's rahama

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is to be found in this world, and also in the F era. And we know that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that

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in you know, Allah has one, he has 100 mercies, he has 100 mercies, and only one of them has been put in dystonia. Only one of those part of one part of those that mercies of those mercies has been put in dystonia. And as soon as you say, for example, with a horse, you know, like the mother horse raises her hoof not to hurt her calf, you know,

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the bird in the nest, you know, she makes her nest she sits on her eggs, and even the Rama with between human beings. So all of that, that you see in the earth, the Rama that exists in the earth and natural Rama that's all just one part of

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from, you know, that's only one part of 100 parts, but then there's 99 parts that also pantalla has reserved for Yamaha piano. And Who is that? Who is that for? That's what meaning that's reserved for them what meaning? Okay, so, alas, Rama is something the rough math that's in this world is for both the believer and even the disbeliever even for just believe that Allah has Rama with them.

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Okay, so we have to realize Yes, Allah will tell us Rama is not just for in this world is not just for the believers even for the disbelievers. Because if Allah didn't have rough math for the disbelievers they wouldn't even have one sip of water in this world. They wouldn't even have one sip of water so allies even having mercy with them despite date, do not even one time in their life. You know, say Alhamdulillah or do center to Allah not once but he's still he's still upon a lot is surrounding them. You know, he's still His mercy like they they they enjoy from his mercy every day. Okay, but when we're talking about the specific mercy, that's for the believers, this is what's

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contained in Allah's Name are Rahim. Now he is the action of a law, he is the action, okay? It's talking about a laws action of bestowing His mercy. Okay, and this Rama is for them what meaning because Allah, Allah says in the Quran, where can I be in what meaning? Or Hina? The he is most merciful to them what meaning? Okay, so that's what that's the that's the that's a very you know,

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that's a very summarized definition of the meaning of Bismillahi R Rahman r Rahim. So, in the name of Allah, Allah man, the one who's full of mercy, or him the one who bestows His mercy upon them what meaning? Okay, so that's how that's how you feel from the very beginning. And then

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we come to the next words. So now allow, Allah says

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Alhamdulillah he Rabbil aalameen Okay, All praise is due to what our beloved I mean, the Lord of the worlds now and hands when we said hands, it means that all praise and thanks is due to Allah who to honor all praise and thanks, is due to Allahu taala.

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So he is to be um, he is to be praised you

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Every way and he has to be venerated with your heart in every way. So when you say this is when you say this verse, in fact, my dear sisters, what you should be doing with your heart is feeling your heart full of love for Allah. Okay, you're saying al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil

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aalameen and you make your heart feel full of praise for law full of gratefulness towards Allah subhanaw taala you're praising him because he deserves every praise due to all of his Beautiful Names due to all of his beautiful, beautiful attributes and all of his his actions soprano wadala so this is how an account is different from shook, right his hands and his shoe so hands is your it's when you praise your praising Allah for his characteristics that he has that unharmed, you're all praise His for him because he deserves to be praised just for who he is. subhana wa Taala. Whereas a shock, is you're thanking all of what they've done. Sorry, you're thanking someone. When you do

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shock. It's because you're thanking someone for what they've done. Okay, just for not because of their characteristics they possess, but just because they've, they've done something like a favor for you or something like that. Okay. That's the difference. So that's why a low dollar deserves and humped just for who he is. subhana wa Taala because he is the one who is a Harley. He's the Creator. He's our laws that he's he's the provider, and he's alluded peer, he is the manager of the affairs. Without him subpanel Donna, nothing would have existed and nothing and everything would cease to exist if it wasn't for his Rama sustaining if it wasn't his rathmore sustaining what's in existence.

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Okay, so no one deserves to be truly thanked and praised. except him supine on what the honor. So that's why our hearts need to you know, you need this if you if you turn if you open your heart to along the prayer you say and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen feeling that Praise to Allah, you see the happiness that comes in your heart from the very beginning. Okay, you feel your heart lifting up and feeling happy. Okay, then Allah, Allah, Allah mean, why is he not belong to me? Why is he Lord of the worlds because he's the one who originated all of the alanine, right? The alanine

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everything besides Allah is from God. I mean, so Allah is a Holic. And everything else besides Him is must look, it's all creation. Right? So He is the Lord of Allah, Allah Nene. And everything besides Him is in an island, like, which is a kingdom like kingdoms. You know, you're you have the island of the humans. You have the name of the gene, you have the island of the angels, you have the name of the planets, you have the name of the animals. So there's all different kingdoms and Allahu taala is Rob Bellamy, and He is the Lord of all of these alanine and he's the one who created them. He's the one who provides for them. He's the one and that's what and he's the one who sustains and

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nurtures them. That's why he deserves to be worshipped alone.

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So every one of them every day, a little Donna is sustaining the creations. You know, his his risk is coming upon them. And he's the one who covers and shelters. He's the one who pardons and forgives. He's the one who gives victory. He's the one who you know, brings life and brings death and he gives and he would hold so this is all from his actions. subhana wa Taala Okay, so now Oh, man, oh Rahim upon Allah emphasizing again, Allah's mercy, our man, our him. So he's repeating these suffer these repeating these attributes in order to emphasize them so we seek His raw because his raw is wider and more vast than anything Allah says in the Quran. warra Mati was the Aquila Shea,

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that my Rama is more vast than everything. Okay, so that's why we should never despair of the mercy of Allah. We should never despair of the mercy of Allah and we should always turn to Him in order to seek it like don't just hope don't have just wishful thinking that you're going to get the mercy of Allah you need to actively seek it from a law you can't just you know hope in your heart inshallah Allah forgive me and Allah have mercy on me and I'm going to enter Jana, you have to actively seek Allah's mercy by making your love Forgive me your Allah and asked you for gender your Allah I asked you to have brought upon me, y'all I asked you to have Rama on my family. Okay, so you need to

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actively seek the raw material loss of pounds honor, but know that no matter what your situation is,

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you know, no matter how

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You know, desperate your situation or you know, no matter how what you've done, no matter what, how many sins you've committed, or what you've done, but always know, that allows Russia is greater than it, but it's just a matter of you taking the steps, you have to take the steps to seek Allah Rama.

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And we have to realize that every day, from the moment you wake up and you go to sleep, even when you sleep, you're experiencing a loss Rama, but we we are not Subhan Allah, we don't reflect. And we're not grateful enough to Allah subhanaw taala to realize this Rama, who was the one who kept you alive last night. It's only by the Wrath of Allah, because Can you control your heart rate while you're sleeping? Can you control your breath while you're sleeping? Well, luckily, none of us can control our heart nor our breath when we're sleeping. So it's only by Allah's Rama, that he's sustaining us over the night. And if, if he didn't want, we wouldn't even take the next breath. So

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it's by the raw have a lot of even take, you know, one breath, it's from his Rama.

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And if we came here to the lesson safely, that was by his rough map. So whenever he gives us is a rough map. And whatever he is protecting us from is also a raw things that we know when you see someone getting affected in their life with a sickness or you know, with a hardship, and you're not being affected, you should reflect on that and realize that's from a Rama of Allah, that Allah did not test you in the same way. But so often, we're always just feeling sorry for ourselves, and thinking about what we don't have. And we're not realizing how much we are drowning in the Marvel law, literally drowning in the Marvel law every day. It's upon Allah, like Allah says, we're in to

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do net middle law, he led to suha, if you were to try to count the blessings of Allah, or try to estimate that you need to be able to but the thing is that we don't even take the time out of our busy life, to even reflect upon all of those blessings. So everything, everything is being sustained by the law, the law, the birds in their nests, you know,

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the even the ads, everything upon a lot is is coming under the rockmart of a loss of pantalla. Even when a person if and what mean gets sick, they are still under the rahama of Allah, any thing that happens to a believer in this life, there's a rough mother law for them. So don't ever think that you know that Allah is not having Rama for you due to a trial you're going through. No, Allah is Rama is with you. Allah is Rama is with you, as long as you're with a lot as long as you meet Allah as long as Rama is with you. Because why? Because through that hardship, he's raising your level in Jannah through that hardship, he's purifying you from your sins, through that hardship, you know,

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yeah, and it's upon Allah, like you're being you're being purified, you're being healed, you're being strengthened through that hardship. So there's, you know, a lot of teaching so many lessons through that hardship. So there's always Rama for believer, even if it might, we might not, we might not be able to necessarily, you know, look at someone's heart should we think supine or look at that hardship, but you have to realize it, no matter what a lot of testing was done with, there's always raw data, there's always raw and if you see what Allah is gonna give them in the next slide, due to what they went when they what they went through, then the panel but that's only then you'd realize

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how much rough my head I had for someone's panel last. So

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that's the first thing and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. You feel in your heart full of love for Allah, like I said, and veneration for a lot. Okay. And then when you say R Rahman r Rahim, you should feel your heart with hope. You're hoping with your heart for the mercy from Allah. Okay, then you come to next verses. Maliki Yo, me, Dean. Right. Maliki ami Dean is the controller or the owner of you know, the owner of Yamaha piano. And also many diomedea is another recitation. So like the king, the king of the Day of Resurrection. Okay, so it can mean the king of the Day of Resurrection or the owner. But both meanings, both meanings, it's got the same implication that Allahu taala on

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that day. That's when you realize who is the true king, who is the true king, because in this life, people can be Miss misled, they can think that someone's a king or someone's got power, but that's when you see to whom the true power and Kingdom belongs on Yokoyama. And that's why when Allah will call out and say, Amen moluccas out where are the kings of this world? Where are the kings like he thought you were so mighty, you thought you had such power, so much freedom to oppress. And then Allah will say, the mandate and Molko Leon, to him is the kingdom this day.

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To be no one to answer, no one's got power to answer. Nobody can even utter a word. And that's what a lot of Donald's say lilla Hill we're here to Baja. It's to Allah alone. Allah alone The irresistible. A lot I learned the irresistible sapan Allah. Okay, it's only for a lot of then This ends the Panama My dear sisters in this ayah is a healing every person who ever got oppressed in this world,

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every person that ever got oppressed in this world, there's a healing, because this is your day of justice. This is your day of justice that you've been waiting for all these long years of suffering, and going through trials due to the oppression of others. This is your day to get your justice. So there's healing in these words. And so also a lot of data says love Boolean there is no oppression On this day in this dunya. Even if you went to a court case, and you might have got some justice, it's never complete justice. The majority of victims who walk away from court cases they don't feel they got their justice. Right. But in Yokoyama, Lebanon yo there is no oppression on your pm

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everybody will be given even an atom's way of like, they'll be recompensed even an atom's weight of oppression that they went through even to the level that there's a hadith that mentions about two RAMs, so Allah will even establish justice between the animals to that level. So two RAMs, they had a fight in this dunya one had horns, the other one didn't have horns. So obviously, who won the one that had the horns one and the other one was cute, but that's not fair. Because he had horns, he didn't have horns. So on your piano, Allah will, will raise them. And they will the one who had didn't have horns will take his hammock from from the one who had horns, but then Allah will make

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them dust because there's, you know, they are not the animals not held to account. And so when a Kaffir says when a cactus sees that,

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they'll say, Yeah, like Tony, come to to raba I wish that I was dust. Because when a person knows they're going to be called to account for their lawn. It would be better for them to be have been an animal in this world, rather than to be a human because that you know that animals aren't going to be thrown into the Hellfire for their for their oppressions. Okay, so

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this is the day that allowed data is gonna take retribution on behalf of every single person who was oppressed, every single person who was unjustly killed, every single person who suffered and was you know, had their rights taken away from them in this dunya this is this is their day. So this is this is a comfort you feel in your heart, you should long for that day, like know that this is this is your comfort zone, kind of like I was reminding you, you know, don't don't don't despair, the day is coming, you know.

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And the other thing too, another another way we should be feeling as well with this, I obviously is feeling free from a lot because we have to not just be focusing on what other people have done. More importantly, is to focus on our own selves. What have we prepared for this day? So when you read Maliki army Dean, you need to realize that the day you're going to be standing there alone, there's gonna be no one there to argue on your behalf. You know, there's gonna be no you can't give excuses, false excuses. It's all about what you did. You have to face up to what you chose in this life. You know, you have to did you choose the date of the agenda? Or do you choose the date of the Hellfire

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what would have been there and you can't hide anything from last Pandora. So that's why everything is open on that day, everything's opened up. So and, and so that's why when we read these verses, we should feel fee. Okay, so those are the three bad the three pillars of a bad day. They are the three pillars of worship, to worship Allah with love, to worship Allah with with hope, and to worship Allah with fee and some of the LMS they they said, you know, they gave the description that it resembles a bird like the way that you are traversing in this journey back to Allah like we're on a journey. We're on a journey in Estonia, traversing back to Lhasa pantalla

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and the way you should be approaching this journey is like the bird so the bird it's you know, the the what resembles a bird is love resembles the head of that bird. So the main, the main focus you have towards a lot is your love for a law that's what's guiding you right? But then how do you fly to Alaska pantalla you have to be balanced between hope and fee. You can't just have all hope without an end and let your wing of fee not be there because if you have only hope you rely on that hope and you won't you won't protect yourself from the fire.

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So and you also if you only rely on your wing of fear and not like your worship Allah only out of fear and without hope.

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Then you tend to what happens is that you end up being so harsh on yourself and saying Allah couldn't forgive me what's using me praying I've done so many sins. And so you you end up making you know, you end up falling in a heap and not doing anything because you're worried about like, you've got too much fear like you despairing of Allah Rama, you despairing about loves Rama. Okay, so, to be balanced in our worship, we have to be like that bird being balanced between hope and fee and not letting one go more than the other. So that's how, that's how these first three verses it's also a law, they straight first three verses offer a law. Okay, praising him full of our hearts full of

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love and veneration, our hearts full of hope and our hearts full of fee and so these first first three verses are awful us pantalla then we come to iya cannot do what he can sustain you alone we worship and You alone we asked for help from so now

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here along with Donna is so to Panama before that we were talking about last pantalla in the third person

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were saying and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen All Praise be to allow the War of the Worlds All right man Rahim Maliki on medium we're talking about along with the person but now panela from the subtlety of the Arabic language. Now Allah makes us talk to Allah direct. This is how the effect has so interesting is waking up your heart like you were thinking that way. Now you're talking to Allah direct. Yeah, cannot Buddha, you're a law. you align, we worship, and your Allah you align, we seek your hope from. So now this is like a contract between you and Allah. It's like a contract between you and Allah subhanaw taala. Because you're saying your Allah iya cannot boo.

00:31:59 --> 00:32:05

You alone, we single out. And we have hope and love and fee in you alone.

00:32:06 --> 00:32:54

So this is this is towheaded Oh, here, this is your action towards the law. It's your action towards Allah tauheed and odo here you're singling out alone a lot alone in your, your worship. And worship is not just out to worship sisters. Worship is not just prayers and fasting. Worship is of the hearts. And in fact, all worship begins from the heart. Okay, so why do you pray to Allah out of your love for Allah and of your fear from a law of your heart in a law? Right? Why do I thought, same thing? So all worship springs from the heart. So this is your you you have that approach towards Allah subhanaw taala. Right, you approach a lot in this way. And then you ask a lot of help

00:32:55 --> 00:32:57

in that area. nestene

00:32:58 --> 00:33:09

All right. It's you who we ask help from. And this is tauheed obeah, this is a lot helping you now, a lot is helping you. So

00:33:11 --> 00:33:53

you're showing that in order for you to get to worship Allah, you need to be able to depend upon him. Like you can't do by yourself, you need you need a lot of help, in order for you to be able to worship Him, isn't it like in order for you to be able to worship Allah subhanaw taala you're in need for a lot of help to do that. This is helping you have to work on a lot. It's hoping it has dependence and reliance upon a loss of current data. So the goal, the reason why worship is mentioned first is because our goal is to worship Allah. But then in order to reach this goal, we need the help of Allah. What's the means to reach the goal, the help of Allah? So our goal is to

00:33:53 --> 00:34:04

worship Allah, but how do we reach their goal, the means, which is the hope of a loss of pounds, Allah so like I said, this is like an act. It's like a contract between a lion his servant, because

00:34:05 --> 00:34:21

it's upon and apt is upon a servant to worship Allah. And then if you do that, it's upon Allah to aid you. You understand? So it's upon you to worship Allah, that's your private contract. And when you do that, Allah will aid you.

00:34:23 --> 00:34:59

So that's why in a hadith it mentions it actually mentioned about Al Fatiha and it says when you come to the vs IE Jaeger Naboo what Yeah, can a stain. It's mentioned in a hadith could see that Allah said, this is between me and my servants. This is like your contract between you and Allah subhanaw taala now we move to the next part of fats and fatty which is in fact all for ourselves. Then now it's all about you. You're making drop now. You're making up for yourself. So you're saying he dinos, see rock on Mr. Team, you're a law

00:35:00 --> 00:35:37

Guide us to the straight path. Because there are different types of paths, you know, there's the straight path which leads to Allah. And then there are many crooked paths that take you away from the path of Allah and ultimately they lead to the jahannam wilderland. This, Allah saves us. So here's where we are seeking the day from Allah. He was seeking the guidance from Allah, we're seeking the guidance from Allah. So after we sought help in our rabada we're also seeking help, in our guidance to stay upon the Shetty out of Allah subhanaw taala to say upon, you know the religion of Allah subhanaw taala

00:35:39 --> 00:35:50

because if Allah doesn't guide someone, they'll never be guided, even in the beginning of the lesson. What did I say? Yeah, mejor de la fille mo de la de,

00:35:51 --> 00:36:35

whoever Allah guided them, then they are guided, so we can't hope to be guided except with the help of Allah Subhana Allah. So we have to realize my DC says that the dunya can be given to whom Allah Subhana Allah loves and whom he does not love. Alright, the dunya if you look at the dunya look at the dunya and the way it's divided. You see from those who have given dunya that dunya is even given to the Kufa but it didn't give it to the most hated of people. You know, even the worst of presses and the worst of lowest of people. Allah gave him dunya so that's giving get being given dunya is not a sign of Allah's love. Alright so dunia is given to him a lot. And him Allah does not love as

00:36:35 --> 00:36:38

is mentioned in no law where you have to dunya

00:36:40 --> 00:37:06

man you hate women like you hate that very Allah gives the dunya to him he loves and he does not love when you don't feel a man in lemon you hit like so the man is not given except to Allah who Allah loves. So how do you know? Like who is the one who Allah loves if they are Pani men Allah? If you're a Pawnee man, it's a sign of Allah's love for you. Not about how much material possessions you've been given.

00:37:08 --> 00:37:31

So we have to realize that the hidayah like guidance is only given to whom Allah panda loves. So we're asking a lot to guide us to the Serato Mr. Team, which is the path of those, what is the source of most okay what is the straight path? the straight path is the path of all those who Allah bless them and bestowed his favor upon them.

00:37:33 --> 00:37:41

Okay, and who are they who are the ones who Allah bless them and bestow His favor upon them? A lot tells us about that in another

00:37:42 --> 00:38:17

surah in the Quran Surah Nisa when they you tell her what was hula? hula he came on Latina and nama Allahu alayhi. Mina Nabina was 60. Athena was Shahada, he was Salin what has to now Allah ecography or whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, then they are with the ones who Allah favorite manana been from the prophets and messengers was the deacon and the sincere truth for believers was she had that the martyrs will saw the heat and the righteous believers.

00:38:19 --> 00:38:25

And you know, and they, you know, they are the best to be in their companionship with them. All right, so.

00:38:26 --> 00:38:40

So we're asking Allah to Allah to be with the cream, the cream of creation, you're asking lots of content to be with them to be you know, raised within and to traverse the same path in this dunya as they traversed.

00:38:42 --> 00:38:48

So why would you know, you could ask yourself, why do we ask Allah for guidance in every single pray.

00:38:50 --> 00:39:01

And you have to realize that why we do it is to show you how much you're in need for the guidance of a law in every day and night, we cannot we cannot afford to be without the guidance of a loss of pantalla

00:39:02 --> 00:39:14

every day and night, so it shows you how much in every hour of our lives were in need for the guidance of a law because without the guidance of a lot, we could easily slip off the path of a law enforcement to misguidance

00:39:15 --> 00:39:59

so this path, the only ones who traverse it, like I said, are the messengers and the righteous from the bed of Allah subhanaw taala and they are the ones who end nom de la him who you you bestowed your favor upon them and I'm de la him. You you blessed him with the man and he Daya and and it's Your Honor, and he Daya like guidance and your steadfastness that's all blessings from Allah to be chosen to be from those who are given a man and Allah who are given he Daya guidance and kept on the straight path into the meat wheel once upon Allah, right. Because you have to always ask yourself, what have you really found if you've lost a lot in your life?

00:40:00 --> 00:40:05

And what have you really lost as long as you have a wall, as long as you have a lot of utility lost.

00:40:06 --> 00:40:36

So allow us is si la Latina and I'm dilation way real now Bobby, I lay him with a ball lean, okay, so the path of those whom you favored, or why you really do believe him, not those whom you were angry with, not those whom you're angry with when a ball lien nor those who win a straight. So these relate to two different types of people in respect to knowledge.

00:40:37 --> 00:40:48

These two AR relate to two different types of people in respect to knowledge. So we have to realize my dear sisters, that some people, they have knowledge, but they don't act upon it.

00:40:49 --> 00:41:36

And it does not it does not go beyond their throats and doesn't affect them. They it doesn't transform their lives. Okay, so these are the ones ultimately that that that's something that brings the anger for law that you you know, but yet you don't act. What is a law saying that put on cable or map with an indoor law he and follow meloetta follow like that you say what you don't do? So it's it's a scary thing that you say, but you don't do so. So even though they have knowledge, but it's not a knowledge that reaches the heart. And so what you find is they have no mercy for others. They have no mercy for others, they have no justice, there's no ads. There's no overlap. There's no

00:41:36 --> 00:42:10

character, there's no manners. There's no trustworthiness, or honor, or honesty, sorry. And they don't act upon the knowledge. They don't forbid demo car, they don't enjoy the good service, what's the use of that knowledge, if it's not having an effect on them? So knowledge should have an effect upon you, it should transform you and so with these what these these are Yeah, we have to we have to, you know, reflect upon these is how much is our knowledge affecting us? You know, we've got knowledge if it's them, all of us have knowledge of Islam, but how much are we acting in, in comparison to what we know?

00:42:12 --> 00:42:54

Because those who came before us, the Jews, that's one set of people who Allah gave him a lot of knowledge. Yet it didn't. They didn't they they stopped, they stopped acting upon it. Their hearts became hardened. They stopped acting upon it, and they turned away from that knowledge. Right and they they became harsh they Aflac became harsh, and we have to be careful that we don't also follow that same path. Like Allah didn't give us these examples, just for us to say, Oh, look at them. Look what they did. We have to reflect upon ourselves. Are we going like that? Uh, we, uh, we, you know, we have knowledge, a lot of choices to give us them. But how honest are we in our dealings? You

00:42:54 --> 00:43:04

know, how trustworthy away Do we kept keep our promises Harry's out after like a week giving a good example this lamb in this earth. So we have to ask all these questions to ourselves.

00:43:05 --> 00:43:48

What a ball lien and not those who went astray. So basically the ones who they worship a lot upon Jehan, they worship a lot upon ignorance. So what happened is that they don't follow the evidence that was brought to them. by the prophet, they worship a lot following their desires, following their own opinions and own desires. And the prophets that allows them said, Man, Amina melon, lay Salah he emiliana the who are rods, who ever does an action that's not from the this affair of ours, it's rejected. So it's not for a Muslim to you know, decide that this is a really nice way of worshipping Allah, I'm gonna I'm gonna do it this way. Like we have all the Quran, we have all the

00:43:48 --> 00:44:01

authentic Suna and yet you want to go find a new way to worship Allah subhanaw taala. So this is turning away from the idea of a loss of data. And this is also something that brings the anger of a loss of handler for a person.

00:44:02 --> 00:44:10

So we're asking in these verses, the sisters were asking a lot to protect us from being amongst those who Allah was angry,

00:44:12 --> 00:44:13

or who went astray.

00:44:14 --> 00:44:56

So then what mean is the one on the path that you should be upholding the truth? Like you should be following the path of upholding the truth, which is this right? Almost akin to what you know, you uphold whatever Allah commanded, wherever he has to beaten you, you stay away from it, and you follow the shitty out of Allah subhanaw taala and what the prophets that came with, but like I said, the Jews were the ones who they abandoned, they had the knowledge, but they, they, they knew the knowledge but they hid it and they, they, you know, they turned their backs to it. Whereas the Christians, they want to seek they had this sincerity of the Christians had this sincerity, and you

00:44:56 --> 00:44:59

know, but they didn't turn to the proper sources for it.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:42

Okay That in turn to the proper sources for it. And that's why both of the Christians and the Jews, you know that that's their share of anger due to that and we have a lot of no wants to be like that. That's why he's asking us to say this in our prayer, so that you don't, you know, turn away from the knowledge that Allah gave you and not let it affect you. I can you turn your back and ignore it. And also that you don't try to worship a lot saying I'm sincere. And yet, you're turning away from the center of the prophets that allow you to center you're making up your own ways of worshipping Allah which actually come on to innovations. So this is this is not fine. This is not this is away from

00:45:42 --> 00:45:55

this rotten was the pain these are the two of the main ways of diverging away from the stratum was the pain. And then at the end, of course when we recite Surah Fatiha we say admin,

00:45:56 --> 00:46:01

we say admin, and so we're asking a lot of pantalla to

00:46:02 --> 00:46:22

respond to respond to this drop that we're saying you're asking a last minute to respond to this. So if you can see that if you are reciting sort of Fatiha in this way means your heart is interacting with the verses that you're thinking about the meaning of each of each

00:46:23 --> 00:46:28

and your heart should be interacting you know with the verses as you're reciting them

00:46:30 --> 00:47:11

and so inshallah Bz lights Allah if we you know, if we if we return with sincerity to Allah subhanaw taala in our prayers in this way, you'll find that the prayer will become inshallah transformational for you, within the prayer and even outside of your prayer. That is the beauty of the prayer that's what Allah spawn Tada. One of the main reasons Allah gave it to us so that we would know how to traverse you know, give us the strength to be able to traverse in this journey back to Allah Subhana Allah the main one of the main sources of our strength is through our prayer. You know, what does Allah say westdene ob somebody was Salah, seek help with patience, and with the prayer. And this is

00:47:11 --> 00:47:17

how to, you know, this is how to seek that source of patience through the prayer.

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