Reflections Ramadan 2023 09 – This Qurn is enlightenment for mankind and guidance and mercy

Muhammad Salah


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The transcript describes a video featuring a speaker discussing the book Surah of Islam, which is a source of guidance for those who believe in the Bible. The speaker explains that the book is a source of guidance for those who believe in the Bible and that those who believe in the Bible and have not seen the Bible will benefit from it. The video also includes a brief advertisement for a clothing line.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back verse number 20 of Surah Al Jazeera chapter number 45 reads as had for eroding Nancy wha hoo wah wah, mentally Comey you can

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and it simply means this. So, the word had whenever refers to the Glorious Quran. This book had buzzsaw eeriness, Bossa is plural of basura. So this book is an enlightenment for people were hidden and guidance, work

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and mercy, but for whom it will come in your opinion. Those who will benefit out of this book those who believe in it, those who are certain in faith and belief in the Almighty Allah and in His Oneness. In the beginning of Surah Ibrahim is be upon him chapter number 14 If you remember the Almighty Allah says Alif Lambro kita Boon

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la Cali to Creedon nurse Amina vumat, Elan, Mori B is near Rob be him in so often Aziz il Hani.

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So the Almighty Allah declare that he has revealed this book, the Quran, the glorious word of the Almighty Allah to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, why little Friesian nessa in order to take people out of darkness into light. So this is the flashlight which Allah subhanaw taala calls it nor

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light goals it Huda guidance calls it nursing because those who will follow it will be eligible for Allah's mercy. Not only in the Hereafter, the life will be a pleasant life in this life. They will not live like livestock like grass eaters like cattle on Earth. Rather, they would live like Nabin believers as the Almighty Allah created them and made them superior to the rest of the condition.

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In the beginning of Surah, Al Baqarah the Almighty Allah says Zaarly Calcutta, la RAI Buffy hood a little more clean

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indeed there is a

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vocal Allah there is no doubt in it. And it is guidance but for whom

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there are many people who read or hear the Quran and they oppose it, not because they don't understand the Mecca and pagans, and the pagans independence, somebody perfectly understood every word in the Quran

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and they simply belied it, and they rejected it. Why? Out of arrogance, out of personal ego. So the Almighty Allah says this book will be a source and means of guidance, for the pious for the righteous for the believers, those who read it and benefit out of it. And then he started listing their qualities by saying number one Alladhina meno Naveen, ye

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why you came on a Salah Taiwan,

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Philippines own and he did not speak about the qualities of the believers otherwise, just in this, it said, Those who will benefit out of the guidance of this book, those who believe in the unseen. They believe that the Almighty Allah said that he has created this entire creation and he's above his throne. They believe in it, even though they haven't seen Allah. They haven't seen any single messenger, but the indications around them of the open universal book, and also the guidance that is laid down in the Quran guided them to look into everything around them, and even within themselves off here, unforeseen FLR, also known as guided into the Oneness of Allah and accordingly started

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offering the acts of worship of the prayers have given any charity and so on. So this book is for all guidance. May Allah Almighty make us among those who follow the guidance in this book was Santa Monica