D11 Du’aa of Ibaad ul Rahman

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The dark for tonight is a dark, which we've named the Dow very bad or man, why is it the Dow of a bad man the slaves or the worshipers of a man, because it is the two are the two, two drives, which are both mentioned in the end of Philadelphia on as a loss of hantera describes who are able to worry about or a man or lady named Shauna. I love all the hohner so a lot of pantalla mentions dedicate the last verses of Solomon on to talk about some of the characteristics of the slaves or a man those righteous people will walk on the earth with ease. They don't feel much hardships or hardened to feel anything on their shoulders, so to speak. And ally specifically mentions that there

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is to do that they make in this car in this

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narration. So the first one is a lady named Lorna Rob banners refund by Johanna in

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Canada Rama Rob no sorry, fana Addabbo, Johanna inada, kind of aroma Our Lord, push away, turn away from us the punishment of the Hellfire because truly, the punishment of the Hellfire is intense and severe. It's almost like someone getting hold of the debtor you're holding him to account.

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And the other drought which is towards the end is robina hablan. And as well as you know, weather reality now for water iron, which is what Athena Mama, our Lord, grant us from you.

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With regards to our wives with regards to our children, our offspring, grant us that which keeps our eyes tranquil that which gives coolness to our eyes meaning that which makes our eyes happy. That's what makes our hearts happy and make us as imams leaders for the righteous people, meaning that in our flock in our a bad day in our characteristics, others will look to us and they will be guided by us. Rob and I have learned and that's why Gina with reality now ferrata ion hi Jana mattina mama. So this is the two dogs that we have chosen for you today and inshallah you will find that attached to the web page if you go back and show. So let us make the door together.