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Yusha Evans
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What is it that we as an Ummah should be doing in 2019? What is it that we are supposed to be doing?

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We live in a time that the world is lost the world as a whole is in deep misguidance deep darkness

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and they need help.

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And we as Muslims are the only people on this planet who possess absolute hock absolute truth. So by its very default nature, the responsibility for helping mankind is falling on the backs of the ummah.

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beyond being its default nature that we have the blessings of the truth, this is the pure son of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam is that our is sharing the message of tawheed you can say that, yes, his son was the aid with his right hand, he taught us to do these and these other small acts of the son of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. But the overwhelming overall spirit of the way of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Sam was Diane Lola Be it and he was at a gym when the era that he was called to Allah but Allah has permission, and a lamp giving beautiful light. If you look to the Sierra of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. If I had the time to go with you story after story

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after story, hour after hour, I could show you that the entire Sierra of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam is replete with his son of the hour. If we look at the very beginning, and I'll just give you two, I had about five plan but we'll cut it to two and they should be sufficient. And I'll be very brief on them because they are stories you know, to be authentic. I don't need to give you title and reference and book and page etc. When the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam at the age of 14, had taken himself and retired himself as was his norm to hottel here, the Cave of here outside of Mecca, to look at his people to contemplate what can I you have to understand first and foremost, he cared

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about people. This was his son even before Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed in anything he cared about his people. He would retire to this

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cave to think and look at his people. He could see the city of Mecca. He would watch as people coming and going and worshipping false idols antagonizing one another and oppressing one another and treating one another as property he would see this and think what can I do to help my people?

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And would that concern Allah subhanho wa Taala sent to him jabril gibreel appeared to him and said to him Acorah, read, recite we know how the story plays out he said, I cannot he was squeezed if Cora then he was told upper OBC Mirabella the kalapa read in the name of your Lord who created in jovial gave him the first few verses of what would be known as Soto, Allah or the beginning of the Quran.

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Then jabril la Sam introduced himself said I am jabril I am the messenger from Allah to the messengers of Allah. Then he introduced him to his aura. Instead, your Lord has created you and has commanded that you worship him with the Nia with oneness singling out all either for him alone, in getting rid of all the false idols. Then jabril la ceram introduced Mohammed sobre la hora, it will sell him to himself for the rest of his life, identifying who he would be to the day he died. He said in new O Muhammad, at a Sarah to Assam have been chosen by Allah to be as last and final messenger to mankind. Then, he said the same way he appeared, he disappeared, he was gone.

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And our Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam could feel the weight, the weight of the Quran, the physical weight on his shoulders where Allah jello or Allah tells us how he revealed this. For unintel the one of the mountains you would have seen that mountain humble itself out of Kashi for Allah, one of the companions of the Allahu and said that when he was sitting with the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam, the prophet had his legs over his thighs and why he began to descend on him, and he could feel the weight as if he was going to break his femur. We know that when he was on his writing animal and why he would come to him the weight would cause the animal to sit down.

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So he went home to his wife Khadija of the

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mother, a woman whom he loved dearly, who made women jealous of her even after she had been buried in her grave for a long time.

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He went home and he asked her,

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he told her what had happened and he said, my wife have I lost my mind have I just give it to me straight? If I've gone crazy.

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Without hesitation without reservation, she looked at him and said, you were someone who stands up for justice. You are someone who helps everyone you are someone who passes no one without a smile. You are not someone whom Allah would disgrace with this type of madness. So she affirmed in him and believed in him and this is what he told

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eyeshadow Viola are later on in her life when he would when she would say why you still cry over this old woman. He would say she believed in me when no one believed in me. She stood by me when no one stood by me. And she like, she left a legacy of our she was a rich woman when she married the Prophet alayhi salatu salam who was poor when she died for her support of the data of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. May Allah bless our mother Khadija.

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But then she said, let me reconfirm something for him. She had a relative named watercop, who had read the Torah that was with the Jews at the time, he had read the NGO that was with the Christians at the time, she took him and said, Listen to what your nephew has to say what happened to him. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam recounted his story to him and he smile. He was old at that time, he had become blind and weak and frail. But he smiled. And he said, Indeed, the same angel came to you that has come to all of the other NBA, this is indeed jabril. He presents himself to no one but among those from amongst the NBA. And you have been chosen by a lot to be from amongst his messengers, and

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anyone who knows the Torah. Anyone who knows the Injeel is not would would not be surprised by this fact that it's you, you've been foretold. But then he gave him some ominous news.

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And he didn't prophesize he just knew what was going to happen because he had read this is what Allah gave us the stories of the people of all. He said, I wish I was still a young man, so that I could stand next to you and be one of your first supporters. When your own people turn on you and throw you are.

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Our Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam could not comprehend this, because of the deep Serbia of the Arabs of zaharia. The fact that they would support family and tribe amongst all of the things even if you knew your uncle was in the wrong, you support that family. This mafioso mentality that our Prophet warned us about time and time again, even during the farewell sermon. Even on his deathbed, he warned us do not return to us. So be it. And what are we done? we've returned to Australia, we've returned to tribalism. We've returned to culturalism we've returned to this baggage that was considered je Lee and the Prophet Lisa to slam is anyone who dies with any Jamelia in them than they

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are destined for the fire. May Allah protect us from a Serbia?

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So he asked what a will they turn on me just because I'm going to ask for them one word.

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I'm only going to ask them to say Allahu Ahad that Allah is one

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worker looked at him and said, have no doubt about that fact. No one came with what you are going to come with, except that their own people were the first to turn on them and throw them out. And we know that came to be true.

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So our Prophet alayhi salatu salam decided to wait, he's going to go home and wait. What does the low one for me what what is next? And guess what? He kept waiting. And he kept waiting. And he kept waiting. And he kept he waited so long. It was driving him mad. To the point where he had to leave the city of Mecca. He said I cannot take it anymore. He left the city of Mecca running out into the desert. And jabril la Sadam stopped him but this time, he was totally different. He was standing across the sky, one foot on each horizon, and a very frightening manner stopping the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, telling him go back, because you are indeed the Messenger of Allah and I am a de

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gibreel so he went home to his wife her these are of the low one our daughter and his family and early in those who lived in his home, and he told them that me loony wrap me up, cover me up in a blanket.

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And then Allah subhanho wa Taala spoke again. This became the call to action. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam was wondering what should he do? What was next? Allah Allah Allah revealed it to him in these verses defined him for the rest of his life? sobre la and he was Selim, if you wanted to ask me what was the core of the Sunnah of the prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam it is this, Allah revealed to him and said to him, yeah, you have a mood of fear. Or you was wrapped up in the blanket comb, get up for an earring, go one, whatever, Kapha Kabir and magnify your Lord and purify your garments and stay away from the idols. This became the call to action to autosol la Salatu was

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Salam. Allah told him, what do you do, you get up and you go one them, you get up and advise them, you get up and tell them about me, you get up and tell them about themselves, and that they will live this life but they will die. And then I will put them back together the same way I fashioned them in the beginning. And I will call them account to their actions and based upon my judgment, they will leave this receive my rathmann enter into my agenda, or they will receive my punishment into into jahannam. This is your job that

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he was the regimen era. So what did our Prophet alayhi salatu salam do? He got up, took off the blanket and began his mission. And that mission would continue day and night for 23 years, no matter what they called him. It did not deter him from from India, no matter what they said about him than slanders the rumors. The lies, no matter the wars that

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were fought against him family that turned on him. plots that were made against his life. None of it ever changed who he was at a setup to a certain none of it ever stopped him from caring about the people, even the very people who were speaking against him. Even the very people who were plotting against him, even the very people who were causing wars against him, he still had concern for their soul. We see this in his conversation with Khalid, even while he through his brother, a man that had fought a war against him a man that had killed his own relatives.

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He still told his brother, tell Khalid, that he is a smart man, he is intelligent, he is wise, he should be wise enough to recognize who I am. This caused me to leave his home, right to the city of Medina and give not only Shahada, but they add to the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam, and we know what he became for this Deen. This is who our Prophet alayhi salatu salam was, this is who he is. And if we as Muslims say that we follow the Sunnah of the Prophet, so mobile and he was setting them. If you're not involved in Dawa, then you missed the entry point to the sudden, you've missed the whole thing. You've taken only the outward aspects of the Sunnah the using this, like the eating

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with your right hand, sleeping on your left side, walking in with this foot now that foot and saying this do I and that that's all part of the sun. But the entry point into the sun of the Prophet lays that out to swim is to care about these people out here in the streets and whether or not they understand who their Lord is, who created them, who woke them up this morning, who fed them, who gives them to drink who causes the air to be breathable for them. This was his job. So by default, it becomes our job. This is our responsibility. Let's go to the end of the Sierra, I wanted to tell you about the story of Sharif, the story of the worst day of the life of the Prophet alayhi salatu

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salam, but we're not going to have time for that. But if you know the story of tar, if you know that the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam had been given a pitch permission by a lot to destroy the people of Haiti for what they had done to him. And he refused. He refused. And he said and I was not sent to destroy but to guide and he led the people of Sharif live. And not only did the idols come down in time during his lifetime, and people worship the loss of Hannah who went to Anna, but a young man from the progeny of those people whom he said even if one of them worships Allah, it is worth what I went through on his worst day that he did. His vision was so far reaching that a young

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man, a young man named Mohammed bin pasa metha fee from the people of time if we take Islam to the subcontinent. So many of you owe your Islam to this vision of the Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam. But during the farewell sermon of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam in which the early may have told us is like the synopsis of Islam. It's like a summary of the entire religion. The most important thing that would be said and that would be the final words of it never did in its longest form by Omar Al Khattab and the Muslim Imam Muhammad. The Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam after giving this long, beautiful speech about Islam. He looked at everyone in front of him and he said,

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those of you who are here today convey this message to those that are not here. For truly it may be that the person you convey this message to may understand it better than you. I don't think we realize the honor that is it that Allah gave us on this day before us. All of the other nations were only commanded Allah says this and so by ina, they were only commanded to worship Allah make the dean pure for him established Scylla bass paisa with their legal Dino, a Yama that was the right Dean for them. Why? Because Allah was going to send them another messenger, just hold on to the message into the next messenger comes don't do anything else. The dowel was upon the NBA upon their

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backs, but with the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam understanding he was hooked up. And I mean, he was the end of all prophets, he knew that there would be generations after him, and generations after them, and after them that would need to hear the message, if to hate that would need to hear about La ilaha illAllah that would need to understand their purpose and who is going to do that job. So he took that torch that was given from one profit to the next by devialet ceram. And with the permission of Allah, he handed it to this,

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making this onma Quantum higher in a mountain of rigidness. That's what made us a maroon it's been my roofie that's what made us who we are, that torch given to us to carry on the message of the NBA to carry on the job of the NBA, and Allah only gave it to the best of his nations.

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You have to understand how important that was to Allah, Allah Allah. Because after the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam said this, what did he do? He raised his fingers towards the heavens. And he said, Oh la bear witness three times. I have indeed conveyed your message. My Lord, You gave me a job 23 years ago.

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You told me to do it. I have done it and I have now passed on it's continuing legacy to the greatest and I am telling you a lot I have done my job and how that allow response. A lot of responded by saying Allium this day.

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have made your religion come in. I have made your religion perfect. And I have completed my mirror upon you which is Islam and I have chosen for you Islam as your deen.

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Look at the honor that Allah put on the backs of this ummah, he completed his way of life for mankind on our backs. He completed his favor for humanity on our backs. He made this religion perfected upon the torch of data being handed down to us. We don't deserve it. We're lucky we have not earned it, nor do we deserve it.

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But we want all of the favors of it, don't we? We want respect we want honor we want is we want dignity. We want a lot of open doors for us. We want him to grant this paradise we want to lay out people to lay out the red carpet for us. We don't deserve it. A lot does not give this ummah what they have not deserved or earned. We have not learned that yet. We have not learned that yet.

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The beauty of this religion

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is upheld by the data. of its followers. It's always been like this. It's always been like this data was what makes or breaks this. It is what makes or breaks it because this is the primary purpose for Allah Subhana Allah guidance is so that people could know him and understand him and know why they are created and know why they are existing to serve and worship Him alone. So Hanna, who with the ANA, and I finished with this last advice. A few months after this, our Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam would take his last breath. And that would be the saddest day in the history of humanity. Ever. If you don't believe that, recheck your Eman the day our Prophet alayhi salatu salam breed the

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last breath of life in this world it was the saddest day in the history of humanity. Right before that a few days before that Allah warned us what taco Yeoman total Gerona feed Allah, fear a Day in which you will be returned to Allah.

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Everybody broke down on that day, Omar, who is the epitome of manhood, if you want to learn how to be the manliest man you could ever be you study the life of Armand, don't forget about the life of abubaker with the softness you mix them together you have a very good Masha Allah Muslim. But Omar lost his mind. He took out his sword and machine Napoleon said, If any of you says that he's dead, or kill you myself. You went to be alone with lead with a law like Moosa did, but I bought God who was in South Africa. He had take permission from the prophet to go, came rushing back, went into the room of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam he said he uncovered him, smiled at him.

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It said that he was even more beautiful, in depth that he was in life with just the beauty in the door. And he kissed his forehead and he covered him back up and he went and stood on the member in the masjid of the Prophet Alayhi. Salatu was salam, and said, those of you who worship Mohammed, Mohammed is dead. But those of you who worship Allah, Allah is Allah, Hey, he's alive and he never dies.

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There was a woman on that day who grasps the reality of what just happened. Her name was Iman or the Aloha. Now what about her, the mother of the Prophet after his mother, she took care of him for his entire life she raised raised him, he treated her like a mother he called her only after his mother. When she would walk into a room he would get up and give her her seat and give her the attention a mother should be given. She watched him die as well and she cried and abacha, Norma radi Allahu and Huma. They tried to console her and said, Don't cry. He's better now because he suffered so much because of us. Because of us. He suffered so much. She said I'm not crying because of his death. We

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all died coolness and the echo note. She said, The reason I am crying is because with his death, the wahala has stopped.

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With his death, the revelation from Allah will not come to us anymore with his death. Not only will we not hear the voice of our beloved prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam, we will never get the voice of a look again.

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There'll be no speech from a lot anymore. Why? Because he said everything he needed to say. We have it right here.

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In this month, Allah says Shahada Ramadan Allah de Lune Zilla Fie hill or an that this is the month in which he revealed the Quran, who del in Neshoba unit in mineral hood. Not only is this a guidance for us, it is an evidence for our guidance.

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I don't need to see the Prophet Muhammad Ali set up to set him face to face to know that he existed to know that Islam is real. I can pick up this book, this is his miracle. And until you can disprove this book,

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Islam is what it says it is the Prophet is who he says it is. Our job is to simply relay that message to mankind. Allah has stopped speaking Yes, because he said everything he needed to say. But if we continue to do our job of that Allah, then the words of Allah live on the words of Allah continue to be spoken to humanity. When we decide that hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen These are the words of Allah genuine Erna, we keep them alive for mankind. We have a job to do, but this is the sisters. I don't care what your other profession might be. Above all of that Allah has commanded us in ordered us given us an explicit command, do our room, in less bureau bakeable Heck, call into the

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way of your Lord with wisdom. We cannot escape that wrote that responsibility on our shoulders. We can try to pass it off to the in we can try

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pass it off to the EU, we can try to pass it off to the duet, but each and every single one of us will be questioned about that idea. We will be questioned about living in the West will be questioned about our non Muslim neighbors will be questioned about the non Muslims we did business with and encountered every single step of our life, we will be questioned.

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We need to be prepared for that question insha Allah, we need to care about people, we need to have concern for human beings and we need to convey the message of Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna, with some sincere reverence and intent, because this is the Sunnah, even if you were to abandon all of the other acts of the sun and uphold this one, you'd be a lot better off. This is the sun Darrow Illallah calling people to the Tahitian Allah subhanho wa Taala if they accept it, and hamdulillah guess what if they don't, and hamdulillah I'm not going to beat them over the head with it. I'm offering them a solution. I'm offering them a cure. I'm offering them something that will save their

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life for dunya. Well fers if you want it, take it if you don't that's on you. It does not affect me and whatsoever I have gotten mine Alhamdulillah that needs to be our attitude in sha Allah. May Allah give us the best of this and understanding and make us of those who understand in human Shalom.

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