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Today I have a the Hydra is

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two portions. First part is Subhan Allah How many of you have heard the word eligible? Even that up Elif Elif lamb VA Wow. Anybody heard of it?

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Subhan Allah, rasool Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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told us that and one of the ways to make the DUA Mr. Jab is you have to praise Allah first. As a matter of fact, he saw somebody making out without praising Allah. He said, This is not a valid.

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You have to praise Allah first. Praise, praise, praise then ask right we spoke about that many times. And if you notice all the DUA taught to us by Rasulillah Salam, this is the procedure. Praise, praise praise. And then you ask what do we praise him with when Allah hill a smile? Husna Fado who Allah told us in the Quran, that to Allah belongs the best of attributes the best of names so ask him by these names. Okay, now let's let's go back to Oliver Rasulullah Salallahu Salam hadith is

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five words

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a live though br The Jalali will Ekrem

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a live who

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means that we move at Firo il them

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a lot frequently. Constantly. This is the word I love though. So our Salah Salem is telling us that say abundantly say a lot yeah they'll Jalali will a crumb what does that mean? Does that mean? We sit down and we like some of the groups they sit down and repeat the name of Allah 100 times is that the way no does not mean we sit down all together and we start screaming yeah they'll generally when a crowd No no, it means that before you make any dua use this name. Yeah as a crumb, a creamy Yeah, they'll generally only crumb ish finish. Yeah, they'll generally when a crumb add Yeah, they'll generally when a crumb was sucking it. Yeah, they'll generally will Ikram and then whatever you want

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after that, and he used the word I live to say it Allah to Allah Subhan Allah, many of us do not know that this name was taught to us by the soloist I set them to use it Allah. And as matter of fact, some of the other man said that this is one of the opinions that this is it's Mala Hill oven. This is one of the greatest names of Allah, Allah and did Surah Rahman after mentioning all his favorites upon us and the jinn. He said, tada, customer Rebecca

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Ville Jalali will Ekrem what does the Jalalabad Ekrem mean?

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The Jalon Jalil is

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greatness, beauty all those three are in general. Yeah, the general you are the owner of beauty, greatness and perfection and Ikram. We all know a crown, the honor, the generosity you are your Allah, the source of Jalil and you are the source of a crown and then you ask Subhanallah so this is the first part second part.

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Few brothers came and one of them was going through some hardship, legal and he's going to court and the other guy was having problems with the police. So I said you know what,

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let's remind each other of the dua of Rasulullah Salam when we are going through this kind of difficulty you're about to meet somebody who is plotting for you

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you might you are going to meet someone that they might harm you or you want that

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result of the court or of this to be in your case in your favor. So what is it that our solar system told us? Allah Hoonah in Nigeria Luca fino Horry him when I was obika Min surey him ya Allah we

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and what's the best word Naja Luca fino holy him we make you your Allah defend us. It's an it's a term in Arabic Now we all know the Yeoman Naira the day off slaughtering so yeah Allah we make you on their necks. It's a term it means

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We are putting you your Allah to defend us with the easy with the toughest place this is the place that if you touch a color sunny if you cut here you're done. So ya Allah we are asking you to defend us from this enemy when we come in Cerulean and yeah Allah We seek refuge in You from there shall not Shirwa heard from all their evil ya Allah they might be plotting evil against me in secret which I do not know so ya Allah please protect me from that to from the one I know from the evil I know and from the evil I do not know. Look how beautiful it is. Hola Hola in Nana Jaggu Kathina hurry him when Uzu became ensuring him you land in an airport.

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brother called me the other day

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for hours with immigration. Allah Magna shadow Casino. But over the weekend, you can ask me how many times I repeated this guy when I was having the royal treatment at the airport. Oh that was my favorite that. So you're going into court and you know that you are Muslim. You are wronged you you get pulled over by the police.

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When we can

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so this job we should all be memorizing it insha Allah to Allah. And keep in mind I always remind myself and remind you this is the night of Friday. The night waitress was excellent told us to make a lot of salad upon him Allahumma salli wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad so your ultimate adventure 545 Zachman Loxia cinema equinoctial off