D09 The Master of Asking Forgiveness

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Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was rbny la shala We and our program with da and today's da is a DA which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam named it as the master of is still far say you will still fall and the Prophet siteowner said see you do they still fall on your cool adapt alojamento the Illa Allah in the abduch alarm entropy La Ilaha Illa and hallak 21 abduch wanna Allah wa t kemah Stobart

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over the coming Sheree masana abou El Camino medica la where I will be them before for me they know lay off it was on obey land is called cedras the first the Masters was hired as the best version of is the fall if you like because in this is the fall a lot of you are invited to acknowledge who you are to acknowledge where you are to acknowledge your relationship to a Lost Planet Allah and the ability of Allah and Allah Subhana Allah is the one who forgives the sins as we spoke about when we talked about Toba

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and for a loss pantalla to forgive your sins there is an important reality which is that you need to acknowledge your sin you need to acknowledge that Allah is the only one who can forgive your sins no one else can forgive your sins, no idol no other person no other entity can forgive the sins except allow me to feel normal in the law who can forgive the sins except Allah? So to say Allahumma Antara de la ilaha illa Allah you are my Lord there is no god except you

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why I had haluk 21 abduction created me again to acknowledge the loss pantalla is the creator he's the ROB he's the one who created and therefore I'm your slave. You are my god You are my day he that I have to worship. I locked anyone up to quanah islandica de cama stop I am trying to do my best to keep on your path on the contract between me and you the promise that I've made when I gave the Shahada and then he says I will be now medically I am ready to express and to shout out and to acknowledge your Nana your blessing onto me remember this is a form of sugar as we spoke about before what are what will be then me and I also you know the my shortcoming well I bought with them

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before fairly for in the hula obey land. And therefore I give you an I acknowledge that because no one will forgive that except you. So this is the say you do list afar and that's the kind of so far that has to be

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made by a person now and again too large and in fact, it's good to try and make that as default at least once a day. It's a beautiful but realize the meaning say the meanings from your heart understand what you're saying inshallah you'll get that reward from a loss

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so we're going to make the de sha Allah to Allah to end this program in compressing all the diets that we have done up to now

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allow Medina human had a wife in a few minutes a total and if he went to elite What about if in the lahoma female please walk the shutter on my plate when I totally what I look like you know luminosity to illuminate the stuff that will come along or when a tool we like but like Alhamdulilah podataka tabarka robina What are you