Omer El-Hamdoon – Bustān al-‘Ārifīn – Garden of the Aware Lesson 8

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of purifying and saving one's heart for loss of consciousness and the need to find one's true inner self. They stress the importance of finding one's heart to be clear and clean, finding it to be pure and clean, and finding one's heart to be aware of its actions and emotions. They also touch on the use of negative emotions in the workplace and the importance of practicing the holy Bible and learning to read and practice the Bible. The speakers emphasize the importance of working on one's heart to clean it and improve one's personality.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While he was so happy he or Manuela, my dear respected brothers, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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So we have been speaking up to now about the different aspects of coming closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala and we had spoke in

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the previous lesson about some of the sayings of the righteous people with regards to the concept of Nia and intention and the floss. And this book here was Donna Alfie, my mom no we so he tries to mention different aspects of sayings which will be beneficial. And he mentioned last time, the saying regarded to

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a Hamad bin howry and he was speaking about how one of the righteous people I've got a commandment s word he always used to, or never used to eat the bread except with the intention and so he carries on now with the same narration related to Ahmed ignore abl howrey. Where he says that Achmed says semi to slay man, Janya, dharani Rahim Allah to Allah Rahul, Amira, la ha Bill lubicon was a fool ha who has the Boo ha, wala tofu che and Manila Molly, avoid hero. So, ma'am, no, we just likes to as is the usual aspect of the people of Hades to clarify, sometimes there are certain things which might need to be clarified in terms of names and so on. So, he or he just points out that

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the word dharani Oh, where is this shape dharani form. And he said that dharani is either can be read as an dharani or it can be read as a da e because they are both linked to the city of Dahlia. And that is in a city or a village near Dinesh. And so that's where abou Sulayman dharani is from. And I will Sleeman saying here that in line with the whole theme of the topic, which is about how a person should deal with his heart, look at his heart, purify the heart, which is obviously the place where the intention and also the floss the sincerity will be there. So he's saying, when you deal deal with a loss of Hanna, what Allah with your hearts, that should be the ultimate goal. If you

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like that you should always be clear, a clear your intention should be pure. When you are dealing with a loss of contact, think about how your heart is because that is what you need to purify. That's what you need to correct and soft, purify it, make sure that it is correct. And not only that, but try to tame it as well, because the heart like any other limb may try to go here and there. And then he mentioned the general theme, which we have been speaking about before is that a person who is more aware of a loss of Hannah who with Allah, He is not going to be aware of others. And he's not concerned about what others think or what they are, what their attitude is.

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So that's why he said, Well, I took sushi and minima lamalfa Hara, you're doing something a parent, you don't need to hide it from people. Because end of the day, your intention should be that you're doing it for Allah Subhana hotel. So it doesn't, it shouldn't make a difference in your perspective, whether people see it or not. And whether people are aware of it or not, because you are doing it for a long time. So you're not it's not like life trying to hide away from people. So you don't want people to see it. Because if you do that, there is an aspect of where you are almost taking people into consideration. You're thinking about people in your action and that could be a problem in

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Ma'am, no, it also tells us a little bit about Muslim man he said that was a man was one of the

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one of the high status. People who are aware of our last panel attallah he has many kerama, which are gifts from Allah, which are outward. And he also has very wise sayings. His name is Abdul Rahman, even though I met nataliya. And he said in the future, we will talk a lot about him and mentioned some of his things. And he was one of the people who was from our city, he says, he's from our city dimension, and that which is around it, around the Allahu

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Now, some of the LMR you'll find sometimes they have this kind of there is a small aspect of almost like, patriotism or nationalism. So they, when they when they are associated with a certain city, they usually try to mention a lot of the people related to their city. So you might know he is from that area of a sham. So obviously any of the orlimar that are from that area, he would try to promote them more, not out of any is not out of specificity to that person, but more in favor of showing that you know, this area is, is good, it's full of scholars, it's full of righteous people. And you see that also happening with

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faithfulness, stamina, Tamia, as well also is from a sham and you see how he also gives preferences. The one of the strange things is

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with regards to the middle of Shabbat and the night of unlimited middle of Shaban, which there is some, there is a Hadith, which is a sound Hadith, which indicates that there is a virtue related to it.

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But there wasn't really any mention from the processing about a specific a bother to do in this night or a specific act or what to say or to read. But there is a reference to it. Now some people took that as a reference as a reason to for the virtue of the night of Shabana Tamia, rahimullah being quite a sort of quite literalist, and very strict in this he, you consider that this was a bit and it wasn't really appropriate, etc. But at the same time, he was aware that people who had revived this practice of the here laylat and this Michel van, were actually people from dementia and people from Michigan. So in one way when he came to talk about he almost give them a way out to say,

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some people if somebody did it with the right intention, then maybe we it's not as bad as we can say that and that shows you that there was almost like a kind of leniency towards the people over sham.

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So I will show a man a dharani or aldora he, he also said as Imam no he narrates madra command at draka be kathrada Salatin while our salming well I can be Sahar enough's wassalam at the solder one Masai Loma, and this is really a very important few words,

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which sometimes may solve for us many problems. And that is, he's saying that the people who have reached the stations or the levels that they have reached, they didn't reach this with extensive amount of Salah, or fasting, or these, a by that which people do in practice. But rather, it is more to do with the inner self, it's about how generous their self is, and how their hearts were pure towards others. You know, so they want people who hold grudges, or people who had enmity towards others. And they had and most of them and also from the meanings of gnosis is that they were sincere, sincere to the other people, they wanted the good for others, whenever they saw an aspect

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where they can help others they would help them if they could, you know,

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if they know that there was an issue, that needed solving, they would give their advice and so on. And so without obviously being nosy or interfering, but they would help as much this is the kind of naziha you know, you see somebody struggling with something you go and offer your support or your help you need see somebody who might be in in some sort of need, again, you offer your help. That's the kind of Nazi hallowmas Nazi he doesn't mean that you just go around giving advice to people and just say, Oh, you know, Fear Allah, do this. stop praying, stop doing it. I don't like that kind of. I'll see how it works and

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And we know from Salama to solder, we all know about the Sahaba, who the prophet SAW Selim said that there is a man who will come to you is from you will appear and he'll be from the people of agenda will know that Hadees.

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And when one of the Sahaba Abdullah have not underwent and stayed with him to find out what kind of a bad that he does, what kind of things he found that he wasn't doing much. The only thing that he was, he then convinced to Abdullah was that whenever I go to sleep, I relieve myself of any grudges, I forgive anyone who has harmed me, I don't leave any grudges in my sight. And that will and you see that in itself was why the prophet SAW said this is a man from agenda. So further on, you can understand them for that. It's the inner self, it's the it's the it's the inside, which is important to purify and to clean, and to tame. If you do that, you will reach so much levels. And there is an

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aeration as well a tradition

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which I'm not sure if it's authenticity, but there is a tradition that also says the same with regards to Abubakar have a line that Abubakar did not reach where he reached because of his excessive sila or sada karsan. But it was something that was stable in his heart. You know, this this yucky in this email this person D, which was stable his heart which made him reach the status of where he he reached. So therefore that in itself should now make you understand that the reality of where your focus should be is on cleaning and cleansing your heart. He goes on to say What kind of a man want to share fear of your loved one man rather than yuck the Allahu Allah Allah who have

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been higher value since one happiness whoever wants that a law would give him and determine for him good things, then he should have good good

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suspicion or he should think well of people and don't always

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it does were his words and the meaning of this means have again a pure heart a clean heart towards others don't always suspect ill of others don't injure others don't always think that people are you know always always, you know, almost like a negative negative person always looking at the the faults and the negativity and always interpreting actions in a negative way. You know, that why did that? Why is that person looking at me like this? Why is his hand you know, in his in his pocket, why did he smile? Why is he talking to this guy, they must be talking about me and things like that always that is a kind of bad intention towards others. So having that is also a problem in your

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hearts. Any amount of chef is basically saying that, you know, if you want to, if you want to last pan out to Allah to deal with you, well, then you should start to cleanse yourself from this soup of bond don't have bad suspicion. Others always have good suspicion. Always think good of people. We have in this regard. You know, the saying of a subtle Viola Han when he saw a man stealing

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and he said to him,

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are you stealing guy and

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the guy was taking something and he said, are you stealing? So the guy said Lau Lau Lau will levy La Ilaha Illa Who? He said no by Allah who there is no god except him. So he said cadabra to Basra de la and I believe in a lie. I deny my site. Levi I'm gonna say my site is is lying. Because he swore by Allah subhanho wa Taala I believe in Allah. So that's almost like an example of, you know, good, good suspicion in regards to two people and that's why even you know, when you look at some of the accounts of Islam in terms of some of the punishments in the penal codes, there's always consideration a large consideration in the in this aspect is always to push away any doubt any

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misconceptions? You know, if somebody if there's any doubt about an issue, if there's no clear, you know, punishments do not fall on people or penalties, if there is any doubt about a matter has to be, you know, has to be clear cut can't be and that is one example there. If somebody denies something you can't force them to say otherwise. Then Imam Shafi talks in his narration and he mentioned

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his snad

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With regards to a one of the Heidi I don't think there's any benefit in mentioning the fullest snad here, but he says that about Hatem Mohammed even Audrey says Sameer two other Kobe saw your cool right to Sofia and authority film Anam. So here he is mentioning the chain of narration and he's saying that this chain reaction the the narrator says that he saw Sophia and authority in a dream so when he obviously meaning after he passed away so I said to Sophia Masha Allah will be what have what has a lot done with you and what have you attained. So

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so he said soufiane reads this poetry and respond to that he said in order to lrB Keifa Han for Kylie, honey and reward aka Vanessa aid. La Quinta, a woman is allama Pooja, the Abra team of staff in wakatobi, amit for Dominika factor al Hassan Hassan Arata, who was your knee for any minca you buy it. So

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this narration, the Imam nawawi stage, which is about Sofia authority, what he was seen in a dream, and when he was asked, so he said, This man asked him what has happened to you. So he said, as singing in a form of poetry, he said, I look to my Lord,

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without any veil.

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And he said to me, congratulations to you, you have been assigned to is the name of sofian congratulations to you for my pleasure, that I am pleased with you. You were somebody who used to stand very often when the night would fall. And you would have tears in your eyes of someone who is anxious to meet more staff than you are, you're anxious to meet to meet obviously Allah and someone who had a heart that was pure and longing. So choose whatever palace you want. And visit me because I'm not far from you.

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we need to know a little bit about who soufiane

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authority is because obviously, that will give us a little bit more understanding of why he would say such a thing or why he would be treated in such a thing. So Fiona thought he was someone who was his name sold because he was from Benny soul and many souls are from,

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from from the Arabs from economic demand, if they go back to move on and so on. And he is

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basically someone who was present during the time of

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year and he was in the first

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the first generation he was born in the year 97. And he was born in El Kufa

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so he was in Iraq and Iraq and he lived most of his life there. And then he left it when

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the Abbas's to control Abu Jaffa mon Sol, because he fought he wanted to force him to become the judge. So he decided to leave.

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And he went then started to go, you know, between Medina and Mecca and so on. His mother was very righteous, he was a righteous woman who said to him, my son, you go and seek knowledge. And I will look after your income, I will net and I will sell and I will pay for your expenses. You just go and learn and dedicate yourself to the knowledge.

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And also it's narrated that she said to him, to soufiane my son when you write

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10 letters or so look at yourself and reassess yourself. Have you changed in any way? Do you feel more arrogant? Do you feel a maybe

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more closer to Allah? How do you how do you see yourself and if you feel that you're not changing in any way, then that you should know that this is not going to harm you or benefit.

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And Sophia was one of those people who was very, not only was he very pious and righteous, but it was also very knowledgeable and one of the

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The people who really he should have had the school you know, we have a school, Maliki's and Hannah fees and he thought he was a school in himself, but he didn't have any students who really preserved his method. So he ended up with them there was no his all his opinions and things got dispersed amongst others. Mr. manoli sir Mr. Malik has a very nice thing which he which he said in regards to Sofia and he said before Canada Iraq, to jishu Elena dinar, you are doing home.

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Iraq used to send us and Samantha Medina used to send us lots of money and gold and silver had josephian for us by Hector Juju Alina bill

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until soufiane came and started to send us knowledge and you know only in how do you know what not and this is like a praise from Imam Malik for for Eman. sufian authority, Rahim Allah and he has many sayings many obviously aspects of the fippa which we can go back to. So when he died, this is what he was reported to have said that Allah subhanaw taala spoke to him directly and he congratulated him on attaining His pleasure from a loss pantalla but the point why Imam and knowing the Raisa here is the point to say to him that his heart was a longing heart It was a pure heart it wanted to meet a lot It was anticipating the the link with a loss of Hannah what time a man and now

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he also in his book here mentioned some of the words you're not because some of the LMR he mentioned them and he just corrects the, the the linguistics of who these are, I don't think there's a need for us to go into those names because it's, it's more or less just for

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and it's more for people who are concerned with the actual the actual wordings and the names of how they are mentioned.

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But you might know it does explain this word as I mentioned Amit, which is somebody who's longing, loving, sincere, truthful in his love for Allah subhana wa tada

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after that Imam know we mentioned another narration here, this narration is from ya hear it no more as a Razzie again, he mentioned this is not to it. And he says, Yeah, he says, came in was staggering. Mum put WebSocket in her home.

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How many of a person who makes is still fall, but they are rejected and despised? And how many of people who are silent meaning they're not making stuff up, but they are shown mercy?

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And what does this mean? It's basically explained by the fact that a person might be saying I stuck federal law on his tongue, but his heart is corrupt. And somebody might not saying stuff for a law but his heart is in remembrance of Allah. So it is the the the action of the tongue and seeking that cannot be opposite towards in the heart. And that's why we spoke about silica before we said about the truthfulness is when your actions are internally and externally are aligned. So you have to be careful in that you might be doing acts which may seem that they are good. But if your heart is opposite, or in contrast to this, then actually it might be a burden on Europe does Allah have a

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burden on you rather than something which you will be rewarded for?

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That's why a man bizarrely has a saying similar in this regard. He said, that's how many a person might be prostrating himself before Allah.

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he is committing a sin, which if it were to be, if the punishment of that sin were to be brought down on a village, it would have destroyed them. So he's praying, and he's in sujood. But he's also in a state of sin that he if if he were if that sin were to be punished for him destroy, and the people that hate them, they explain this that what he meant here was that sometimes the person is in salah and the default position of a person in Salah should be

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They are focused on Allah. They are worshipping Allah that they are attending to Allah. They are frustrating. In fact, that's the closest that they are to Allah subhanaw taala when their frustration but this person when he's in sujood rather than being focused on the hand, the substation where he is in, he is thinking about something else he is probably in admiration of something else. So he is completely unattentive to Allah subhanho wa Taala and in a way what emammal has, Allah says is a form of mockery, that a person is mocking with his Sylar because his Salah is not only is it not directed it's not like he's just distracted by his action his attention is

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somewhere else he's and it's almost like a bad of something else.

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He says then had that and I would have said was Parliament hora de la URI de la la de la who Allah

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ala mo cufon Allah fury y el el mapa. For Allah Allah will be pulled to Jani lane Manasa and Mark Luke amapola, Emma Mona shaffir of the law and Lisa in Mama horfield in MLA, Elmo, Monica

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will has an award another one of the righteous people, he said in his contribution to this man, hi, Roger, Elaine, you read a llama behind the fire who believe, again, this is all within the whole concept of intention and purifying, if you go towards knowledge, and seeking knowledge, and you sit in the gatherings of knowledge you sit hearing, intending to benefit from this knowledge and to transfer this knowledge into action, so that you can work on it, then even small aspects of knowledge will be beneficial to you. So

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there is that link of the intention of why you are sitting here and all of you can now you're sitting here, intending to learn something. So the question that you need to ask yourself, why am I sitting here? What is the purpose of my listening to these words, and I hope inshallah, that you know, we've had a few lessons now.

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For me, it's also been very beneficial, because just me reminding myself and you with these lessons, has really helped me to focus more on the intention. So a person should now be more focused on every aspect of his life whenever he's doing even small acts in his life, thinking, why am I doing this? And what how can I make the intention to make this for a loss of Hannah Horton, whether it's as basic as putting your head on the pillow, and before you go to sleep, making that intention there, or whether it's when you're eating,

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or whether even if it's you know, checking your messages on your phone or whatever, if you think about the intention and try to make the intention good, then you will be rewarded by a loss of parent and I think this is an important practice in order and today we've also spoken about other things which again, we can work on. Like we spoke about what we spoke about the the chest and the heart being clear and pure. Not having any grudges towards anyone not thinking ill about anyone not suspecting badly of one not having negative thoughts. This is something that you can work on as well.

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There's very few of us here who don't have grudges, or maybe have had some sort of altercation with somebody or maybe annoyed by somebody or whatever. Can we get over this? Yeah. And can we actually try to make an amends and try to correct that and try to cure because that's what's important. And then he meant he went on to say that Abdullah had been appalled, he said that Elena Momofuku phone alarm and Bay that the benefits of the knowledge is is is withheld depending on whether a person acts on it or not. And here he mentions the saying of Imam Shafi, laser lane muma hotels in a limo manufacturer, that the real knowledge

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and this upon Allah when you look at the, the sayings of the people of the past, you will see.

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You will see a lot of people, they that was their understanding of the alien that they understood was not just information. It wasn't just things to memorize or things to learn, but he was. It was almost like intricately part of knowledge. And that's why the prophet SAW Selim said,

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and this was narrated by her a friend I think Abu Abu Dhabi

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He said, shall I not tell you of the first ailment overwhelming you'll find the first knowledge that will be raised from amongst the people.

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What do you think that illness might have had the Hadees before?

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No, no.

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And who should

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and who should, which is the humility and the humbleness in Salah, the focus in Salah. So you see, in this Hadith, the prophet SAW Salem named horseshoe which is an action of the heart isn't it? And is that the focus is is actually an ailment it's not because it's it's a benefit that comes from the understanding and so on. So this is the understanding of the Sahaba and so on so your your knowledge isn't just something that you learn and literally and you memorize, but it's something that has to extend into your work and your practice. So there is no point of learning words and and how many how many people memorize the Quran is the saying of Abdullah and Massoud how many people memorize the

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Quran and the Quran is cursing them

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come in power in the Quran? Well Quran will Anna Why is the Quran cursing them because they they read the Quran the member they don't practice the Quran and in the Quran there are verses were saying do this don't do this don't and he's not he's not paying attention to it. So what's the point of memorizing the Quran if you're not acting on it, and and that is that that is the point here that is needed to be

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So so that's why any person whether he's agile me or or Arabi, he needs to understand the Quran and has to exercise his effort to learn.

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Okay. And that is priority. That is priority, why is your priority? Because this is the word of Allah Subhana Allah This is the only remaining unaltered

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and edited and adulthood, words of Allah Subhana Allah all the other words have been corrupted. So you have the words from Allah and if you don't you want to give the words or law your utmost attention. And so you should and that's why I gave him a sharpie and another thing he said, he said he will Allah Cooley Muslim in annita, Allah Lovato, labia Mata boo boo he Judo, my boo boo, every Muslim should learn the Arabic language as much as his effort can take him and you have to strive your effort, okay? You might not be able to learn fully but put your effort as much as you can. And similarly if your Quran you should put as much effort into understanding what you are reading

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because this will last fantasise affiliated abarbanel Quran the Quran was not sent down, to be memorized

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in the hearts just like that. It was sent down to be practiced to be understood and to be practiced.

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And that's why there are lemma in the past.

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When they used to say somebody is caught it today we say Party Party, party party means it just knows how to read the Quran. Okay, but the car The car is of the past, you know, the Hadeeth we have what when the prophet SAW Sam was upset, he was really upset when he sent 70 of the poorer the sent them to a village to go and teach them

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not just for iron, but to teach them Islam, he said and they will call the poorer the 70 of the poorer and those villages, they were traitors, they betrayed the promises and they killed all those 70 so these were coura not that they just knew how to read Quran. These were Mohammed they understood the Quran and they knew how to practice the Quran. And so in the past, the methodology of learning the Quran was learning the the Quran and the practice and the famous notion of the LMR of the past, I mean the Sahaba especially,

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they used to take 10 verses at a time, they would take 10 verses, we would learn how to read them, we would memorize them, we would then go away and practice them and then

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we will move on to the next 10 so we wouldn't move on to the next 10 if we hadn't learned and memorized and practiced. So they said the LM l l l l m and we took M and M together and that's why in the tradition as well on top he took nine years to memorize so little Baccarat nine years because you know it taking it in a way

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understand, practice and move on not just take it and then not so it has to be

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have to put that effort in. I'll end with this last saying which is related to somebody called awesome and joy, awesome and joy.

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And his net His name is in jewelry. And also he know he says have awesome enjoying the whole keramat. He has, again gifts that are lost pantile has given him and they said maybe it's related because he is an engineering manager and he used to be he used to be hungry, he might be able to stay hungry for a long time. So they called him a jewelry. So assimil jewelry, he just basically said

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two words at Dino illawarra. Dino Elora Dean is

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his piety and by piety meaning here to abstain from things.

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Fearing that you will fall into doubt or into haraam, whatever water is when you leave halaal things

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in fear that you might fall into heroin. So it's been putting a border between you and heroin. You know, it's anything that might have any aspect of doubt and suspicion, you stay away from it because you don't want to, you want to keep that border away from for how this is what so Dean

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is what what does that mean? That means your your basis of your dean is how do you distance yourself from anything that potentially can harm you. And that again, goes back to the heart because it's a it's a practice of the heart is it's not it's not actions. And this is the whole point of what you might know is trying to say to you is that the focus has to be

00:36:49 --> 00:37:38

on the heart. And so he translates this to say for offload a bada the best a bada mokaba to lay the best a bar that is to struggle during the night meaning to get up and and so on. And the best path to agenda is Salama to solder the best path to gender is to clear your heart and your chest free from all the grudges from the hatred from badness all that clean that in there is the best way for our agenda. No actions is involved here. No physical actions, no hunger, no nothing. It's about here working on site here. So as you can see from these few narrations, the focus of you know, always trying to remind us is that the path of those who are aware and are iffy in those who are going to a

00:37:38 --> 00:38:00

loss pantalla is focused on them being concerned with their inner with their heart, correcting their heart, cleaning their heart, purifying the heart taming their heart and getting rid of all those aspects because if you think about it, it's a very simple equation. What is the equation? The equation is if you want the light of

00:38:01 --> 00:38:10

the Quran, the light of Islam, the light of the understanding that comes with knowing Allah, how are you going to get this light if your heart is

00:38:12 --> 00:38:15

dirty and your heart is concealed?

00:38:19 --> 00:38:58

What Jana pulumi makina they are in bags they are sealed audibel kulu, buena Wolf and and other things and your heart is dark. Nothing's gonna get in. So you have to get rid of these bags that are holding back all you have to clean the hearts from all the all the blackness and all the darkness becomes a clean heart and becomes clean it can it can see the light. The Quran can be understood. The meanings can be reflected your personality, your practice, all that will change. If the heart is is good, does that milaca zimbali have any any questions or comments they would like to make?

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