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Thank you so much for this

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amazing opportunity to be here, the first place. And so to be asking this question directly live with Dr. Zakir Naik, my role model says to start with? Well, I have been ruminating on this question for a very long time now, I've been studying Islam for over a year now,

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really deeply,

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both from the philosophical angle and also from the theological reasons. Because I have a background of that, as a former seminarian in Hungary.

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It was really a humbling one for me. But I think some of your videos change some of the ways I perceive both Christianity and Islam.

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And today, I want to x I think, my final question and thoughts, the reason why I have to fly all the way to be able to see you.

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How do we reconcile

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the idea that Jesus Christ has a divine nature, and the idea that he's just a prophet, because one he was born without human intervention.

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And two,

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he somewhat behaved as if he was us a god. Somehow the Bible should read all the part of the Bible, you will notice these sorts of divine kind of stuffs, you know, recording the Bible, that just like you pointed out, the Bible has some very great doubts in them. Like, for example, unit, sorry.

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I personally recorded about 300 contradictions in the Bible, I load 300 contradictions from the Bible. And that was the first time I ever did so courtesy of obviously, your teachings, you know, so I also read about the history of the Bible, and discover that for the first 300 years of Christianity. There was not like the Bible, or the Bible, as we have it today. It's a compilation of over

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300 different books or laters, ruled by different people.

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The judge decided to choose about our sub seven posts, that's because of agnostic decided expertise level, that was the tube the second that Facebook today is the platform. So those who died 300 years before that's kind of isolation of the scriptures about your divine was. And that is quite evidence. It was like he's looking at whether to not believing something seven books, so wanted to address that particular part for me reconcile how I could reconcile the action of Jesus Christ as a god. And he's prophethood

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Thank you.

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Joseph, he had done a lot of research on Islam for the last

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last one year, and the year banking on about how we learned about the Bible, and how it was the compilation and the control of leashes talking about zebra and if I

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see what the basic question was, that how do you reconcile

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the concept of Jesus Christ is upon him that is divine, and he's a prophet at the same time.

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That means how can I possibly be God and man, at the same time,

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as far as logically speaking, logically fulfill the logic and then we're going to discuss logically they are two opposites.

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Can you have a posh Ottoman English with

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our dharma, you can have a short when you get a million, you can have a contract, it is meaningless. You can have fat to manufacture man is the man is a thin man needed medium, you can affect it. So the qualities of God and human beings are opposite.

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God is immortal. Human being is mortal. Can your person is a mortal mortal at the same time? They're mortal.

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So can you have a person who has no beginning and at the same time, can you

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begin at the same time, it is meaningless. It is meaningless so god man, a person I recall piece of God and man is meaningless because God is immortal. Human being is mortal.

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God requires mostly human

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leave request sleep and rest. God doesn't require to eat even when the guys to eat.

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So if you analyze anyone, any logical person will not agree, God man you can think godly man Yes, a man who follow the teaching of God no problem What do you mean possible? That means messenger of God, but God, man, impossible. So anyone who says, God man, a man of God, it's impossible, it's meaningless.

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And if someone says, that Almighty God became a human being,

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even if you become a human being,

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if he can even overcome,

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so if you say God became human being hypothetical

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can be

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possible if you become completely human being of God.

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So there's something called as anthropomorphism.

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anthropomorphism means, Almighty God,

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becoming a human being. And people morphism.

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anthropomorphism is a philosophy that God became human being in some religion once some twice some 20. Some means

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50 million times.

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Millions and criticals.

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They call Alta which I killed for five. So number one, no, God can never, God will never become a unity. If he can, he can become God again. So logically, it's not possible at all. Is that clear? No coming to your point? How can we reconcile that the quality of Jesus Christ peace be upon him, some called godly some are

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like a human be.

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Let us analyze which qualities of God the Christian assumed to be divided. And one year he said that he was born without anybody dimension. So one of the reasons that Christians say that Jesus had been God is because he had no father.

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So the reply to this question is given in the Quran, in Surah Imran Chaplin metry, what's some fortnight Allah says, in the Melissa?

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In the masala isa in the comments, Allah Allah, Allah.

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So Allah confocal, that the similitude of Adam, is same as that of Jesus. The Samaritan of Jesus is saying, made out of Adam.

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He was killed some dust, and so be it. It was that means if you see it, Jesus is God because he has no father. Then according to the Bible, Adam, please the economy, no mother, no father, he becomes a healer.

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He if you see a person who has no father becomes God, then Adam, please be upon him. Mmm. And my father, the Quran, Bible says that. So that means you have to say

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is a bigger word. And the Christian say no.

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That means both were not God. These were miracles of God. And Quran says, confer. Allah sent to me it is. So if Allah normally Allah creates human being, with mother and father, but if you want, you can get without father example, if he's always around Jesus case, he can get with

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a company that is, both of them are messengers of God, messenger God, Almighty God chooses and man amongst men, and communicates with them on a higher level, which we call as prophets of God. Okay. I believe this word God

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Christian does basically, I

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don't have a single, a new religion.

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Yes, I do believe now that Jesus is not God. Very simple.

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If you read the Bible, you will discover a particular Bible where Jesus is trying to shy away from believing that He's almighty God. We definitely points to the fact that he was telling us that I am not God. Yes, very.

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know Jesus.

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Jesus in

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He wants to be

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the right thing. Jesus never ever thank God, not my new diamond.

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Everywhere in the Bible is very clear that it is the Christian missionaries and the church which I'm very humbled

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distributed judiciary. So what you have to understand that Jesus can be involved very unequally often, and he also thought he was very unbroken, that he was not God but he was a messenger of God, not my will, but Thy will be done. So, the Bible is very pleasant, but the church manipulates and tries to mislead, the father was an ulterior benefit. So it's very click on the mining of the Bible and if you read Barbara's open mind that no way the Jesus Christ is built on inclusivity but that does not mean that we disagree which is we believe he will.

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So Christians together, only do what we say in elegant, vivid