Omer El-Hamdoon – Bustān al-‘Ārifīn – Garden of the Aware Lesson 7

Omer El-Hamdoon
AI: Summary © The concept of a "monster" is related to the belief that individuals have the ability to obtain reward. The Hadith process is important in achieving reward, and the speaker discusses the importance of satisfaction and trust in achieving richness. The loss of family members and the importance of good attitude are also discussed, along with the idea that people may not always achieve their goals and may not be able to convince themselves of their intentions.
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So that was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was so heavy on Wada llama Alina. And finally finally Marlin today Nick and Ali mahaki My dear sweaty brothers said I'm gonna have to live with our cattle

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Sharla we are carrying on with the book of Bustan allowed a few. And we're still in the in the topic related to what is considered a very

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important aspect of anybody seeking to gain

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benefits and value in their life and that is related to the intention. So, mmm no in this book has mentioned already the access to all this topic with the Hadeeth of inner Melbourne yet he expanded on that a little bit, then he went on to talk a little bit about the meaning of a class and the different definitions of a class. And then he spoke a little bit more intricately about the aspect of civic and what truthfulness means in this in this matter,

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truthfulness in the matter. So, what is truthfulness? And not just truthfulness in the sense of the the the tongue and speaking the true words, but rather it's more about truthfulness in terms of persons outward and in Word aspect. And then he went on to speak about the importance of

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attaining the intention and having the intention present when a person wants to, to do something and this is where we inshallah will go on from because he spoke about the different aspects of intention and how it is important to try and attain that as much as possible, and he mentioned some of the sayings therein.

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So he goes on to say, fosmon cat would have said it was seen as the how or has an ad, the good deeds and the bad deeds determined. And and here, obviously, as you will see this Hadeeth which all of us know, but it really has a whole important concept in how we try to get the rewards from our last panel down and this is the Hadith, in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said there's a sound Hadith in the law Hakata but in the water allocatable Hashanah it was set from an hammarby haseltine philomela malha cateva, hula, hula who in the who has an attend Kameelah that Allah Subhana Allah has determined is ordained, what is a lesson and what are the good deeds? How will

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they be written? And how will the bad deeds be written? So whoever has the hem, the concern has the the ones is anxious to do something wants to do a good deed, but he does not do that good deed. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala will write you for him as a complete hustler as a complete hustler. And he goes on to say, Why and how maybe her family Lucha

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Khattab bahala Why should I say that Elizabeth it left a lot of AF in Casio. Whereas if he was concerned, he wanted, he was determined he wants he had that you're either to do the good deed and he goes ahead and does the good deed, then now he's not going to get one hole has said that he's going to get 10 minutes at the minimum

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going up to 700 and maybe even much more than this. And why is it that this hadith is is fundamental, because you can see just by looking at this, it very basically is that the power of the intention so even without doing anything, just having a good intention is enough for you to get the reward from Allah subhanahu wa Tada. So when you change the intention and it becomes actual actions, then your potential for the reward is much greater. Now some of you I can hear asking, what how will a person differentiate between getting 10 and 700? what you love, I think is too much more than this. And what is gonna differentiate this is probably why Mr. manoli. You mentioned this here as

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well is what will differentiate is the intention, how pure your intention how varied your intention is.

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How how much effort you have put into the intention because the more your intention is, if you like

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very this more innovational in the sense that it is bringing lots of aspects into it, then the more you will get the form that good deed rather than just something basic. So for example, when you come to the masjid

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you could be on a very basic level intending to come and pray Salah to Gemma. Yeah, so that could be an intention, but if you left your house and you intended not just that you are coming to salata Gemma, but you are coming, you intend to go to the house of Allah, which is one of the greatest places have been the cause of the law. And you intend with going to the house of law to also meet

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the good people. And you intend with that to give Salaam and you intend with that to do at Caf as long as you are in the masjid. And you intend to learn something, or you intend to get the reward of walking to them as you do. And you can almost variably multiply your intentions just by doing a simple act. And so therefore, you can see the difference between somebody. Again, same thing, it's the same Hadith as the initial Hadith. For men cannons, usually to whoever's hegira is to align His Messenger, it's the same act, but the intention is what is gonna change the act, and it's how much reward will be built on this as well.

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And you might know it also further to emphasize the point about the intention. You also further narrates the Hadith, which also sound Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, I live in Joshua Dini, also known as karma, you all know, there's a hadith that the processing said there will be an army that intends to attack the Kaaba. And so when they are in the sort of barren land on their way to attack, the earth will, will open up and it will swallow them, and they will all be destroyed yossef will be awaiting him, while he shall have the aligner should all message the law, how will they all be destroyed, how they swallow all of them. And amongst them, there will be people who are

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there will be people who are obviously the leaders and there'll be people who are not amongst them, yeah, and they didn't have the intention of attacking the cabinet they were just being forced to come. So the prophet SAW Selim said, they will all be destroyed, but then they will be resurrected according to their intentions. Again further emphasizing the importance of intention in this regards.

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Then email Now we also mentioned to us another Hadith again on the same concept of intention, with habit of asahina and bustle of the line humor, and that also loss I sell them called La Hirata by the Fed. Well, I can Jihad on wynia. There is no more hegira, after the fetcher, meaning after the conquest of Mecca after Mecca has been opened, but there will be continued to be a Jihad with intention. So the lemma the different about what does it mean there is no Hendra after the conquest. So some of them said, there is no digital from Mecca, because initially the headrow was leaving Mecca to go to Medina. But now that Mecca has become one of the lands of Islam, there is no need to

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leave Mecca. So there is no hegira because it's Islam.

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And the other said,

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left is right by the Federal means that there is no there will be no hijra in terms of the full reward. So the history can still be done, but the reward isn't in the same virtue, because we know that they are not equal those who have spent their money before the conquest of Mecca and those who have spent their money after the conquest is different. And if you look even at the Sahaba the levels of the Sahaba as has been ordained by the writers of biographies and the determinations is that the Sahaba are categorized into different levels and those who have became Muslims in Mecca. So they are essentially the Maha jurien. And then you have the onslaught but then there is a change in

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points which was the difference and that is the actual

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The factor and what is the factor?

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What do we mean by a factor?

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yeah, well, which which opening on what which event?

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For termica is not the right answer.

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Enough Angelica fat ham Urbina? Yeah, you're the sort of perfetta you know, sort of further in fatahna like a fat ham movie. And when was that revealed?

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No. No tabuk was after the conquest of Mecca.

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And today we are well done, Masha, Allah ha, seem you've been studying Russia. So this is so helpful. davia. So her debut was when the treaty was done between the Muslims and their operation machinery. So Allah Subhana, Allah revealed enough to handle lack of autonomy. So they consider this treaty as a fetter. It was an opening was a victory, because it changed things. And that's why it was considered an important change, because now

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no longer was Islam and the Muslims under threat, this was now an opportunity for them to, to go on

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the outwards, you know, expanding our giving, there was no fear of having the enmity of brush which was before and so that's why we even went

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highly liberally into is even one of the prominent Sahaba but he was one of the Sahaba, who

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a Muslim after the conquest. So even though he's one of the great Sahaba but in terms of his levels, amongst those a habit he is considered of the later Sahaba. And so his status is not like those who were before him in entering Islam.

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I mean, also I know he talks about his religious generally as an aside, because you know, this book of standing out of him, he doesn't just talk about the general concepts of spirituality, but he tries to also include some aspects of FIFA as well. So here, he just says, Well, you know, what is the actual ruling about somebody who has to do a hedgerow from a land where his he is basically ruled by disbelievers? Is that something that he has to do? Is it the same as Mecca or not? And he said, It is basically it becomes compulsory on someone to do the hegira. If he cannot practice his Deen, if he cannot practice his Deen in that land, then he has the obligation to go to a place where

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he can practice with Dina and this is in line with what Allah subhanaw taala said, when he spoke about those people who, when the angels come to take their souls, and they were not practicing Islam, and they were making the excuse that we were oppressed, we didn't we didn't have the the the freedom to do our soul the angels will say to them well wasn't the land of Allah wide and vast so that you could migrate anywhere you want and, and to to attain that ability to do your worship your deed to practice your deen and worship Allah Subhana Allah. So this is an aside, based on that fact related to Angela.

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Now in regards to some of the sayings with regards to this aspect of intention, so it's all still going to the same

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topic. So, he says, We narrated

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rabina and see the giniel rbma, Sora, amagno, shahabi and Tabby This is a follower he was a cool field hamedan alum Danny that when he used to take his charity, when you saw nice charity when he used to give be given his wages he would spend from it. So he automatically give from his wages, he would give soda. So when he would go back to his family, and he would and they would count the money, they would find that the money has not decreased. Yeah, the the money exact money that he was his wages was given because it was the same even though he had given charity of it. So he said to his nephew, why don't we do the same as

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the charity and you will you'll see how it is replaced by a loss of Hamilton. So they said to

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To him, if we knew that it would not decrease we would have given.

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If we knew that it wouldn't decrease, we would have given. So Obama said, I said, I don't make that condition on a law. I don't make that condition on Allah. So and the day if, if obviously, if you're giving, you know, you're given a bag of money, and then you know that, wherever you spend from is going to be replaced. There's almost like a lack of there's a lack of test of your Eman and your thing if you're expecting that know whatever you give is going to be replaced, defeats the purpose. So here a woman said I was giving, he wasn't expecting No, it has to be replaced, but without doubt with

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the belief in Allah subhanaw taala and the man, Allah who will replace for whomever he he wishes, and we know.

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And we know that

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that is important in terms of what is known as a seeker, which is to trust in a loss of handle. Or when you trust in a law, then no doubt that Allah subhanaw taala owns everything and he is the one who provides he's the one who places we know the famous narration of Herrera or the Allahu anhu, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he asked the prophets I send them to,

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to the UN he bless him. So the prophets I send them had a bag of dates. So he

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he made for the barelas Allah will bless him in his his food and he said, Take these dates, but only eat one date a day. Don't eat more than one a day and do not open the bag. Don't count the dates. Okay, just take one a day and that's it. So Alba Herrera said I took that and this was obviously during the towards the end of the life of the Prophet seisen because I was later only became a Muslim after high bar so he was only effectively with the Prophet sizing them for three years. So he said I continued to eat through the lifetime of

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the prophet SAW Sam until he passed away. And then through the lifetime of a worker and then the lifetime of

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Omar and some of the years of this man

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because I opened the bag

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and he is after all these years. Yeah, I mean I say a year during the Prophet two years old worker 10 years Omar says how many years is eating just one date a day?

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But then after being suspicious

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when he opened the house Yeah, I'm excited to to run out so having that that fear that trust in Allah Subhana Allah Allah will

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people but obviously you can't you know you can't do this you can't be testing a lot because some people tried to test Allah so okay I'll give you know and see you know, does it really replace or not? That's not how unless is what a boom a Sarah was meaning by his reference. We don't make this condition on law.

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Then he mama No, he says what Kyla Mahmoud Abu Abdullah Mohammed bin Idris a Shafi Rahim Allah He said halal dunya well after Rafi Hamza, his oil, the greatness of the dunya and the Acura is in five characteristics that one should try to attain First of all, when a neffs worker fool other workers will halaal when the boss will, taqwa will feel called to be la hazaragi La La Quinta alcohol. So if he's saying basically if you have these five qualities you will attain the goodness of this life and the next The first one is Renan neffs which is to be rich

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within yourself, the richness of the self and this is what the prophet SAW Sam said he said, they said Rena and Catherine a lot of richness is not how much property or material you're lacking the Lena Lena nefs it's it's the it's almost meaning the satisfaction of the neffs

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well Hina who will cap off as the poet said that enough shortages and takuna fapy era will follow higher on Main and up ha well Lina who else Kapha Fein Abbott's for Jamie Omar fill out the likes. Yeah. So the, the the soul enough's doesn't want to be poor, you always want more. So, the real richness is to be satisfied. When you are satisfied. That is when you really become rich, because if you're not sad

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you will always want more. And that's why the process ends at Locanda evening Adam why the ninja habits the son of Adam had to Valley's full of gold, leftover salad, you would have wanted a third Well, I am level jiofi Adam electron, the only thing that will fill him up and he'll feel full and content or he will be full, that means he can't doesn't want any more is when he is put in the ground, the only thing would be the earth, once you know he's burned out house doesn't really want any more of that.

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So, Lina neffs is the is the satisfaction secondly, careful other careful other is to keep away from harming others you need to push away harm. And this is something that is sometimes tricky, you know, today, you know, especially when you mix with people, you know, a lot of the time people the more you mix with people, the more you are prone to be being harmed by their flapped by their words, by their looks by the you know, you can't you can't escape. Unless you go and live in you know, you know, as a as a monk somewhere, you know, you Rahab you leave, then you will never escape and that's why the process of said said

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allows you harlot a nurse whilst but either home hire on Manila de la Johan as well as the one who mixes with people and is patient on their home is better than the one who doesn't mix with people and is not patient on their home. Because that's part of life and you have to so the big The biggest challenge is when you are keeping your heart away from people, you don't harm people. You don't harm them with your word with your logs, your unnecessary, you know,

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unnecessary actions and etc. And that, like linen nastiness, dissatisfaction with the material, careful, other is a satisfaction because it gives you that emotional and psychological ease. You know, you're because today, one of the main things that a lot of people under pressure is these grudges and the arguments, you know, especially with your neighbor, you know, if you have problems with your neighbor, you know, it sometimes becomes like a feud, you know, they're always harming you, they're your nanny, it becomes or even with other people that you might deal with, you know, hello, and you have an argument somebody you always try to get the better out of them. So, they say

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something, then you say something that you will try and attack them in some way and so on. So careful as I gives you that tranquility, thirdly, Chris will help to earn that which is halab

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and that in itself is there is great, Baraka and blessing when your food and your consumption is all halaal and you're not mixing anything with her on the way you are earning the method of earning the actual stuff you are earning as well Helen, Allah Subhana Allah will bless you and that's why the prophet SAW Selim said to sad even he will pass he said out the meramec he asked sad asked the prophets I send them all measure laugh make me make make me or make me laugh for me that Allah answers my

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Okay, he wants you to be someone who Allah he saw the process and said, and this is the this is the again the wisdom of the Prophet sighs and then he didn't just say to him, okay, I'll just make dua for you, but he gave him the keys. What is the key to having your answer? Does anybody know?

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Yeah, cuz this is what we're talking about. So it's about as possible, but mostly we said, after update, Mata hammock, tokunbo Java da, make your intake, your consumption by YouTube, which is good, then you will become answered. And this is in reference to the Hadith which Hadith in the law, even libelula, the Hadith where the process of Allah is good, and you only accept that which is good by and then he mentioned the story of the man who makes it.

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Yeah. Who is long journey, as as Akbar is dusty, disheveled. He lives his hands to the sky yard I'll be making drought but his food is haraam. His clothing is haraam. His drink is haraam. He's nourished by haraam. So how will he be answered? So there is a link between cassville halaal and between your

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being answered, and obviously salad was amongst those people who

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lost pantalla bless him, and he became amongst those who had

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the DA was was answered. And this was a there was a famous

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About sad because he was the governor during the time of role model, they align a governor over the people of Iraq. So, what happened is, the Iraqis are always troublemakers, you know, there

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are Omar on one occasion he went to visit. He used to visit the people and ask them so he brought the people and he said and Saturday said, Tell me what what, how is sad amongst you? So one of the guys who was one of these troublemakers, he said, Well, sad,

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is he he doesn't. He's not fair towards us, doesn't deal with us fairly. And he does not. He does not present himself to us and we can't access him. He's one of those people is hard to get hold of, and you have to chase him. Obviously a governor has to be easily accessible. He doesn't he's and and so we don't see him much. And so he basically was complaining about sad, so sad, he said, he said, he said all law, if he is lying about me, okay. Then let his poverty belong, elongate his poverty. And let him live a long life meaning let him become old old age increased poverty, and let him be affected by the fittest by the trials. So and then, but as a result, that side stepped down as well.

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He didn't carry on his role in it because it was almost like a public scandal. So anyway, this man later was seen many years later, he was seen as an old man who had very poor he's begging on the streets. And whenever women would pass by, he will try to and he

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was the word

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harass women and things like that. And which is a kind of the Fitton that he was exposed to Sony and then he was saying, I saw but to me that I want to say it on the outside has affected me, meaning that he was he was a liar when he accused sad wrongly. But anyway, we digress. So cassville Helen, is that link to the last four three bars to taqwa.

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So the clothing of taqwa and the loss of Hannah dialysis we'll talk about Erica higher. So the clothing of taqwa meaning that let your let your your clothes are the things which are closely linked to you. That's your the closest item they guard you and they value and they protect you. So let the taqwa be your clothes. Let the taco be what guards you unveils you let the taco be your

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You're the boss. And in doing that, that will enable you to guard yourself against a lot of things because taqwa essentially is about having that consciousness to avoid the heroine.

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Or more turquois you have the more you're going to keep away from heroin. And lastly, he said we're faithful to the law, which is to have trust in a law to have

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trust in a law or times

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mmm knowing that says well we narrated from a seydel Jolene Hammond Hamad musella we narrated from Hammadi myrcella What can you add to minelab dad?

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He was considered amongst what's known as a lab doll which we will talk about inshallah, he said, Hamad he said mantella Bell, Hades Lehigh, Rila Maki, Ravi, whoever sought Hadith meaning, saw knowledge and wanted to know for other than Allah, then he will be

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and he will be plotted against means that he will be shown up and he will, he will be exposed

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and he will also lose out. So,

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this was also an explanation or an important reflection upon about the importance of having the right intention and the right reason to do the good things.

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Today, and not just today, I mean, something that's happened before is that people would

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seek knowledge for different reasons, we know that some people will seek knowledge for fame, others will for status, some would be to become close to the rulers, others would be so that they would be able to argue with others and they just have knowledge they get knowledge for the sake of arguments and others wanted for money. Others want so different reasons for people

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knowledge. So whoever was doing that for the wrong reasons, then he will be exposed one way or another. And today, I mean, so how are we see without mentioning any names, and we don't need to mention any names. Because we're trying to keep away from

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getting any, you know, we don't want to be talking about people le L, but you will see that there are people who have exposed themselves and they have put on the turbans, and they have these nice clothes and long beards and things like that. But one way or another, their acts their sayings, for a long time might have been

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very, you know, you might even be bewildered by what they say, and buffalo.

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But then with time, we saw that these were people who

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you know, where we're clapping for the leaders and the rulers. They were associating themselves with killers, they were associated with people who would commit harm, there was also a loss of things. And they were basically like signing checks, blank checks for the ruler. In terms of fatwas, wherever the ruler wants to have them, they would give the

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Some brothers Tell me a story. And

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I suspect this is a true story, and it's not made up is that when Abdullah the King of Saudi Arabia, he wanted to expand the harem? No, the harem was, the Kaaba is when there's the software and the model war between two hills. So basically, he wanted to expand the software. And so he extended it back. So think effectively was going to be shifted out from between the two hills. Okay, so the software was not going to be where it has been for 1400 years, the software and all in an attempt to expand everything. So he,

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he, he got the there's like a council of a lemma to study this matter is acceptable from Sharia perspective, from a football perspective and things like that. So the guy said, okay, we will, we will study it, and we will look into it and look at the different tags and opinions and so on.

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So while they were doing that work already started

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on the expansion. So the work was already we started with design, and these guys hadn't delivered their verdict yet. So they reported back to me, they said, I thought you are you're waiting for our verdict here. So and this is what the report says, I said, Well, he said, I knew that you would come to this verdict, and you would reach the verdict. That is a lot, but it's expanded

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in this way. So it shows you that sometimes

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people are used and abused and sometimes people let themselves to be in a way like this. And it's a hard situation is a difficult situation

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to be. So Fianna authority has a famous saying, I think is Sophia, Antonio, Sophia, and I can't remember or even maybe alginate, I can't remember. He said that for me to seek the dounia. For me to seek the dounia with playing a guitar is better and more beloved to me than seeking the dunya with Heidi.

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And the meaning that I use the knowledge that I have to attain the dunya I'd rather gone earn money playing a guitar, then using the Hadith to earn the money, using the setting how despicable is for someone to use their knowledge as a source of income. Because and therefore because when you do that, you're going to be guided and guarded by what to say because obviously now was paying you the money is your fatwa and your element things. So if your money is not is going to come from somewhere which says to you don't make this fatwa, you're not going to make this photo because you want to your that's your source of income. So it is one of those things obviously related

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to intention, and also related to how a person acts in that regards. I mentioned this last one, but I think we've already I've already alluded to it before, which is Ahmed ignore Bill howry, he said

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it was narrated in his narrating mode. He said that Abdul Rahman you've been with us word. Hello, viola and Canada cool. hobas. in Albania, we mentioned that before, he never used to eat a bread except with intention. So it's as specific as that anyone ever eat

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When eating bread with intention is to say how did how was eating the bread with intention so he say when he used to feel weak and feel a bit lethargic lacking energy whatever he would eat the bread with the intention of having energy it was like an energy food so then he will get his energy so he can carry on with his day to day life is a bad day is selected and when he feels that he's eating too much that is now now starting to feel a bit heavy he would stop eating the bread so eating and stopping eating was all linked to an intention so therefore he is his his even his food and all that was being rewarded

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as an aside mmm No, he says that this person he said we didn't really get any any we don't have the chain.

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I didn't get the chain, but I have a book and he you know, he says I have a written manuscript which has been I know that, that people of knowledge have told me that this was written by a data company data company again, one of the famous Hadith scholars and contemporaries, not contemporary were later after the mount Buhari, one of the most highly sovereign, so he said he was the one who wrote this from a Hummer dibner ab Al howrey, who narrates this, this narration and amongst others as well, which he will mention later on.

00:36:31 --> 00:36:35

Okay, so we'll stop there shall light on

00:36:36 --> 00:36:39

parents along to allow myself

00:36:40 --> 00:36:41

to wake

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