D03 Give us goodness in both lives

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a story about a man who lied about his cattle and used it to make profits. The speaker describes his job as a license producer and how he was asked to make a drop. The transcript also mentions a disturbing anecdote about a person named Robb and their relationship with him.
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So, I called him to lie he horrible cattle. And we ended this nice program with

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today's date that I have chosen for you is one of those that when some of us have a like ns and I should have asked what was the majority of the, of the profits on the license, meaning what was the most do I that he used to make?

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And they used to say he used to say

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Allahumma TNF and dounia hacer una Warfield la hora de hacer una joaquina either but na or robina it Neff dunia Hasina Wolfie la hora de hacer una joaquina either, but not a lot. Give us in this life, goodness, and in the next life, goodness and protect us from the punishment of the grave. And an interesting anecdote is that once NSA nomadic was at the gathering of people, so they had some of the gathering, and they asked him to make

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so he made for them. And he made this drop Robin attina for dunya Hashanah. So it has an eye opener.

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And he looked at them It seemed that they weren't very happy they were expecting a much longer

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probably one of like, these days that sometimes we hear in the keynote, you know, these 545 minutes, the average is four. So he said What is it? What is wrong with you? I've made you adapt, which has encompassed all the goodness the goodness in this life and in the next life, and it's an all encompassing job. So what more can I say? So we make that work together in sha Allah Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah while he was in Walla Walla, Rob burner Tina dunya. hacer una Warfield. filati hacer una walk in the knob of Sala la leccino Hamad Wada. You're so happy Jemaine