Three Lessons From the Crusades For Our Times

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AI: Summary © The group discusses the loss of religion and the return of Jerusalem to its former city, leading to political and political unrest. They emphasize the importance of education and teaching of people to be blunt and accurate, as well as the history of theying of Jerusalem and the importance of avoiding advertisements. The speakers stress the need for forgiveness and proper treatment of those who benefit from it, as well as protecting peace and avoiding violence. They also mention the history of theying of Jerusalem and the importance of praying for God and doing things that benefit others.
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hamdulillah we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our actions. Whomever Allah subhana wa tada guides, none can misguide. And whomever he misguides none can guide him to the straight path. I bear witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah subhana wa Tada. And that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final prophet and his most perfect worshiper as to what follows Allah Subhana Allah reminds us in the Koran to be conscious of him. When he says yeah, you have levena Amano. La haka, Ducati. What

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thermotoga illa Anta Muslim moon, dear Muslims around 1000 years ago, or 922, to be precise, in August of the year 1099, one of the great senior odema of the oma, a judge appointed by the Sultan, by the name of all the herbicides and haraway, he was granted an audience in the Palace of the halifa, the Abbas in halifa in Baghdad, this Khalifa is almost the head of villa. And he entered into this palace, he took off his turban, and he was shaved, which is a sign of humility. Nobody appeared in public back then, with their hair uncovered in Baghdad, except if you were a pilgrim, he had shaved his hair. And he went with a group of people in tattered clothings, with blood still on

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their garments. They weren't dressed properly, disheveled, tired, clearly not from the people above dad. And he entered into the chamber of the halifa. The halifa was sitting on his throne, and he began thundering in a loud voice, which is not done in the presence of the halifa. And he said, How dare you be sitting here? How dare you enjoy the comforts of this dunya eating and drinking and living like this? When your own brother in in a sham have been slaughtered? One day to remark this has been conquered. How can you be sitting here and doing nothing when our brothers and sisters are in this are inside of the bellies of vultures, and our sisters are being dishonored, and here you

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are doing nothing. And he brought forth the people that were with him, and they turned out to be survivors of the massacre of Jerusalem. And he asked them to describe in vivid detail what they had seen. And they were clearly tired, disheveled, they had come straight from Jerusalem to Baghdad. And as the descriptions continued, the halifa lowered his head in shame, the entire room became quiet. And at the end of that conversation, the Khalifa promised to do something about the matter. And why would not the halifa of the Muslim is lowered his head his shame. After what happened in July of 1099, barely two weeks before the call the entered Baghdad, how could not the entire oma lower its

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head in shame because of the realities of the conquest of Jerusalem in July of 1099. Because it was in that month that a group of Europeans commonly called Crusaders and they were a motley Group, a group of different people, some of them nobleman, some of them peasants, some of them educated, most of them illiterate groups from all over Europe, from what is now England and France and Germany. They had made their way traveling from Europe, all the way across the European lands through what is now Bulgaria, what is now called Turkey, what is now called Syria, making their way through all of these lands, pillaging, murdering, raping months had gone by everybody knows they're coming, and

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they come and they land outside or they or they situate themselves outside of Jerusalem, and they lay siege to Jerusalem. And then on the 15th of July 1099, a day that we should all remember and know the 15th of July 1099, they entered the city of Jerusalem, and they began massacring the inhabitants of the city, man, woman and child, Muslim Jew, an even Christian that was not a part of their sect of Christianity. Everybody in the city was massacred, even those who are inside the masjid even those who sought refuge in the XR complex, the entire city, one of the most brutal executions and slaughters in all of medieval history took place from the 15th of July onwards. And

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it wasn't a one day event brothers and sisters because there were no bombs back then there was no nuclear weapon, you press the button, there were no missiles that come in from apartheid regimes. No, the way you kill people back then, was one person at a time via the sword. So four days, and I want you to think about that after the hook was over and you go home for days. Muslims were tied up, lined up, families put women and children they know the fate but it's not their turn yet. And one after the other. Those barbarians who call themselves warriors of Jesus, and they have nothing to do with Jesus Christ. They stood there and they slaughtered every single human being who lived in the

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city. More than 100,000 innocent lives were lost over the course of a week. The

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chroniclers who record the event. They mentioned with pride that the streets of Jerusalem are filled with blood. One of them mentioned the blood reached his ankles as he's walking in the streets, another European chronicler visit to Jerusalem. One year later, the next year, in the year, in the year 1100, he visited Jerusalem, and he said the stench of the bodies and of the rotting corpses after a year was so bad that he had to cover his nose with his sleeve as he walked into the city.

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How could we not collectively hang our heads in shame, because of what happened in the year 1099. And it remained in the hands of the Crusaders for three entire generations, not the children of that generation, not the grandchildren of that generation, the great grandchildren and the great great grandchildren lived to see the return of Jerusalem on the hands of that great military general that we call Salahuddin a UB in the famous battle of Hitler in 1187. So from 1099 to 1187, the Crusaders occupied Jerusalem, as we're all aware. Now the story of the Crusades is one of the most important events historically one of the most greatest tragedies as well. And there is much to benefit from

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and obviously, we only have one hold back. But I strongly encourage all of you to read about this event, because it has so much that we need to learn from and benefit from, especially given the circumstances of our times, given the fact that time is limited. I want to concentrate as somebody who's read a little bit I'm not an expert in history, but it is one of my areas that I love to read about. I want to derive three benefits from this era from the crusades, three benefits that insha Allah huzzah Allah, I want us to think about in light of the current situation. Firstly, the question arises, how could the Muslim Ummah have lost Jerusalem? Was it not doing its prime and

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Pinnacle? Was there not too glorious khilafah and was known as the Abbas's. How could a group of ragtag motley crew coming all the way from Europe inching their way walking on foot? Some of them? How could they come all the way from France? And nobody does anything to stop them? Where were the subtleties? Where would? Where would the halsy is? Where would the soul jewels? Where was everybody? How could this have happened? And when you study Islamic history, you realize what we're seeing then, we are seeing right now you see brothers and sisters, many of us have a romanticized view of the past. We are taught things that are almost like mythology when we're children. And you know,

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when we're children, it's fine to romanticize the past, no problem. It's fine. You, you know, spice up some details and cut off some negative things, that's fine. But if adults continue to believe, in the past as a fairy tale in Islamic history as not the real history, but a romanticized history, well, then they're going to repeat the same lessons and the same problems of the past, they're going to repeat them. As adults, we need to grow up and we need to call a spade a spade. As adults, we need to examine history critically and learn from the mistakes of the previous generations so that we don't repeat them. The fact of the matter is that the primary reason we lost Jerusalem back then,

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is exactly the reason why we don't have Jerusalem now, and that is that No, we didn't have Muslim unity. We didn't have it back then. And we don't have it. Now. The fact of the matter is that the Muslim world was divided into many different many kingdoms, many different governorships, many different principalities, there weren't 52 countries as there are now there wasn't an oyc with a nominal leader. No, but there were governorships. There were many dynasties and kingdoms, there were plenty of states that were competing with one another, and each one wanted its own power. And the halifa was simply a halifa in name in reality by this point in time, the averted halifa was a token

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figure. It was the soldiers who were in charge the Ibis halifa didn't even have an army, even if he wanted to declare an army. He had no army, the power was in the hands of other mini dynasties. And do you know brothers and sisters? Do you know that while the Crusaders were inching their way into Muslim territory, Muslims, these dynasties these kingdoms, just like we see now, were fighting amongst themselves. They were waging war against each other, each one trying to capture the land of the other as they're fighting and literally in their backyards. The Crusaders are inching on and they're thinking it's a trivial matter. I need to

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Fight with my cousin. I need to fight with my brother so that I control the larger share of the pie. And I'm not joking when I say my brother, I'm not joking at all. In fact, one of the most painful episodes one of the most painful episodes during the year that the Crusaders conquered Jerusalem a few months before this incident to blood brothers, both of them from the Soviet dynasty red one and dakak two Blood Brothers, one of them control the head of Aleppo and the other control Damascus demisch. They were fighting one another, each one wanting the territory of the other the same year that the Crusaders are inching their way in Billa. To Sham two Blood Brothers forget distant

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relatives forget competing kingdoms that both say the Kalima. They had the same father, and they're fighting one another for the kursi. Don't think that anything you're seeing today is new, the same realities of the past internal strife, Civil War, greed, wanting more dunya. And because of this, what's going to happen, the enemy is going to come in and right behind their backs to go and conquer Jerusalem. And then when Jerusalem is actually conquered, do you know what the seljuks basically said? And did for the people of that time, the surge of leaders amongst them, they basically shrugged their shoulders and said, Well, technically, the fatimids conquered Jerusalem. It's their

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business, not ours. And that is because the fatimid dynasty and the seal dynasty were battling over control of Jerusalem. And it so happened a decade before the Crusaders that the fatimids had won over the seljuks. So the soldiers wash their hands and said, it's your business, you deal with it. You can't get it from us. Go ahead, you protect it. So nobody ended up default demos were based in Cairo. They were based in Egypt. And they're like, Ah, that's so far away, who's gonna go they're basically enemies within the oma fighting over power. And in the meantime, the outside enemy comes and simply takes Jerusalem we need to learn from this brothers and sisters, we need to find as much

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unity as we can, within our own ranks. One of the other lessons we learn from the Crusades. The second lesson is that there was no quick fix. It didn't happen overnight, 90 years it took. And during that timeframe, during that timeframe, many were the people who attempted in different ways to do so. And Allah's Will that it took place in the hands or on the hands of Salahuddin and a UB but the fact of the matter is, wild Salahuddin is considered the hero and he deserves the title of hero, the main brains and the main person behind the reconquest was the mentor of Salahuddin new rodina zanghi and new rodina zanghi was the one who for his entire life was trying to get Jerusalem

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back he made it his life mission and goal he made it his life's mission and goal to return Jerusalem to the oma and he tried unsuccessfully many different ways doing this doing that waging Jihad forming unification, but it was Allah other it was Allah other that knew that Nina Dunkey died and Jerusalem was not conquered sister he remembers due to Dena zonkey we know his name, but his reward is with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Without nuda Dena zanghi there would be no salahaddin Allah UB, why is this what do we learn from this? Brothers and sisters, we need to lay the foundation for future generations. We don't know the impact of what's going to happen. noteworthiness Zangief saw this

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young teenager by the name of use of his actual name his use of Salahuddin he saw this young teenager by the name of Yusuf and he saw potential in him 18 years old and he took him under his wing. He trained him he gave him power. He sent him here and there and slowly but surely Salah I then began to rise when Notre Dame passed away. Still it talks a lot in another decade. But the vision of Luda Dean was actually materialized after the death of noteworthiness zanghi. We don't know what efforts we're going to do is going to bring fruition we can't necessarily look at the prize in our lifetimes. We have to plant the seeds put our trust in Allah subhana wa tada in sha

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Allah, Allah shall reward nuta Deen for all that he deserves, even though he didn't see with his own eyes, the conquest of Jerusalem, and we need to learn from this long term planning. We might not see success in our lifetimes. But we need to think a generation ahead like new to denas zanghi did the third lesson that we can derive. And of course the details are beyond the scope of The Hobbit. inshallah You can trust me on this. I have read enough books to derive some lessons from the from the crusades, the third lesson we can derive the question arises Why did it take 90 years even? I mean, after all, once Jerusalem is taken, why doesn't the oma come together? I mean, think about it.

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We had an entire oma surrounding Jerusalem of Muslims, hundreds 1000s of people that are that can fight dozens of dynasties and there was but one small city or one small group of European Crusaders that are overtaking Jerusalem, why did it take so long, we go back to point number one and which is the same issue of why the delay took place. And that is that even after the conquest of Jerusalem, by by the Crusaders there

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Was internal bickering there was backstabbing, there was rivalry between the dynasties and even those that were fighting for the same cause issues happened between them. And again, because of the difficult times we live in, we need to be a little bit blunt and and teach us some relative some lessons that open our eyes. These are not romanticize facts. This is raw history. The sad reality brothers and sisters is that Salahuddin Ella up and do the data junkie are both great people we respect and admire them, but shavon got to between the two of them. As Salahuddin rose in power, things happened between Duda Dean and him and awkwardness and anger and acrimony. Salahuddin became

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in charge of Egypt, new to these in charge of Syria. And the two of them began to have harsh words so much so that there was a potential for a war between two great men. It's not the first time the Sahaba also had some misunderstandings and things happen. Politics is politics Subhanallah and those that were many who criticize Salahuddin, there were many who are opponents of Salahuddin and if you look at his resume, he was a politician. He was a general politicians are not rude, ah, politicians have to do things that are great politicians do things that are the lesser of two evils. So those who want perfection, you're not going to find it in a politician. Politicians by their nature, they

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make the best of a very difficult situation. I thank Allah I'm not a politician, I would never be a successful one. Now ma do arts people have Islamic knowledge or a different category, and politicians are a different category. nodine had to do things. The hook was not the time to get into them. He worked for default limits by the way over a decade. He's working for a heretical regime. You know what default him his work. He was their prime minister. He's working for them. And then eventually he does a coup d'etat certain things happen that's occur, Notre Dame passes away. And he reconciles with the Xingu dynasty by marrying the wife of Notre Dame, things are there, it's a great

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area. If you want to St. in a politician, you're never going to find one politicians and saints don't go together. That's why do your brothers and sisters my point for here number three, it's a very difficult one. But if you want people to benefit the oma, the fact of the matter is those that are actually doing the job in politics, you cannot expect them to be saints and Runa Ma, they're not walking angels. The politicians that are the most successful are those that make the best of a really bad situation. They're not those that are completely innocent. The era of the Holy Father Russia Dune is gone. That was the only time those for a walk on earth man.

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The only time when the best of the oma was in charge of the oma that's why we call it Holy Russia doing after that what happened happened. So in our timeframe, brothers and sisters, you're going to find people, those who want to criticize will find plenty to criticize, because nobody is an angel in that realm. We have to look overall at people who are benefiting the oma, even if they have some mistakes amongst them, the next fella had dinner up that comes along, and there will be coming, no doubt about it, because Jerusalem is our land and Allah will return it to us. The next Allah had dinner up there comes along, I guarantee you, as he is rising to power, you're gonna have a bunch of

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people whose expertise is just criticizing, they do nothing except sit in their armchairs and criticize anybody who does everything else, we have to ignore the professional, full time critics because they get nothing done, as they find fault with everybody else, you will not find a walking angel that is a politician in general. And much can be said, I don't want to ruin your impression of some of these people. But the fact of the matter when you read their biographies, you have to do what you have to do as a king as a ruler, as a leader as a general, it's not all clean. And sometimes you do things which is the lesser of the two, but you do a lot of good for the oma and you

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end up a hero. And those things that you did are basically ignored for the average person, which is fine. But now when we're studying history, and we're seeing a repeat of that time when Jerusalem is gone, we have to be careful that we don't fall into the camp of the critics who all they could do is look at Salahuddin and look and do routine and talk a lot and do nothing. Sometimes those that benefit the oma are not going to be perfect angels, but they'll still end up benefiting the oma These are three simple lessons that I wanted to derive from that timeframe. And as we conclude the first hook, but we remind ourselves that last time Jerusalem was in Crusader hands for almost 90

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years. This year, we are seeing the 73rd years since Philistine and our brothers and Philistine were expelled. And we are in year 54. Since East Jerusalem was invaded, because actually is Jews from Oxford, it was only invaded in the Six Day War in the 1960s. When they captured Luxor. We do not know how many more years Assad will be in the hands of those that do not deserve it. But we have to have your pain and we do have your pain that eventually the rightful owners of unlock saw will be the ones that are in control of it and a lot so we'll be liberated of that we have absolutely no doubt whatsoever because Allah says

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In the Quran, Khattab Allahu Allah have really been an hour rusu Lee, I have decreed that I and my prophets are going to win, and we are on the side of the prophets and we will insha Allah who to other when May Allah azza wa jal bless me and you will learn through the Quran, and may make us of those who is verses they understand and applies head on and help them throughout our lifespan as follows forgiveness, who was will ask him for his love of food and the ramen

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hamdulillah he had a summit? Let me let him You let me call a coupon ahead. Well, Baidu,

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allow me to address one of the causes of concerns that I myself have witnessed in the last two weeks. And because this is something that is relevant to us as the Muslim community, I feel that it's very important that again, I'm explicit about this, in the last two weeks, as we saw what's happening in Oxford, and many of us got involved online and get a hold of the rules and putting them on the internet and what not, what we saw was the worrying reality of attacks and hatred between the oma and between different groups, all of whom love and absorb, and all of whom want to free an axon. People have different ways and solutions to the problem. It's not a one pronged solution. And

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different people are attracted to different ways to solve the problem. That's great. The problem comes when a person who is persuaded to go one way feels that somebody who's going the other way is an enemy. Even though the goal is the same. Even though the goal is the pleasure of Allah and the liberation of anoxia. We cannot take other Muslims as our enemies, just because they disagree about the best procedure and path to go. I understand tensions are high, I understand bombs are being dropped, I understand we see these images, and understandably, we are angry. But we cannot allow the mistakes of the past the disunity that shook the oma for so long, we cannot allow it to affect us.

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Again, we have to learn from the past Subhanallah we saw with our own eyes, when people were raising funds for an ox off and on hamdulillah. Lots of funds were raised. So many people objected to raising funds. And they said until you establish the enough, all of these funds are useless Subhanallah you go ahead and establish In the meantime, there's a child dying of hunger, I need to feed this child, your criticism of me raising funds is neither going to help you nor me, no feed this child, what have you gained, another person stands and wants to go to a rally and the person stands up and says until you fix our internal theology. There's no point in going to the rally. So

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panela fix the theology and also go to their rally until you pray fudger there's no point writing to your congressman, you have to come pray for it with me, then let's type of the letter to go to the congressman. Why is it either this or that? Why is it my way or the highway? Can't you understand that different people have different talents and different passions, and you do not know where and what is going to benefit the oma we just saw a political strategy help out we don't know what caused that strategy. One of the Palestinian Congress people spoke to our president the next day your call was done and something happened did that impact or not? Maybe it did. Maybe it didn't. But the point

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is, we do not know what will be the best. And why do Muslims Why can't we agree to have different ways to help an oxide? Why is it only one thing until we pray for God in the masjid? Okay, pray for God and also do something else, correct your aqeedah and do something else Can't we come together and understand that as long as everybody has the same goal, we work with different ways. Don't take other Muslims as your enemy. If you don't agree with that methodology, fine. Don't sign up to that cause but do something what you cannot do what you should not do is waste your time and mine and the old must time by sitting at home and just criticizing and criticizing and criticizing because well

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law he brothers and sisters we now have in our ranks professional critics who do absolutely nothing except sit in their father's basements and type await and give sermons from YouTube. And they don't do a single benefit of the oma except find fault with everybody else. Just like in the time of new Lena Salahuddin there were people who sat and criticize and did nothing. Okay, we agree I'm not perfect, you're not perfect. Show me a better way and a shallow to Allah, we will join you. But until you do that, what is the point of creating animosity and hatred within the oma and your brothers and sisters? We have a group that yes, we should hate. And those are Muslims that have

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allied with the forces of evil, why not take them as an enemy? Anybody who allies with apartheid regimes anybody who supports directly this type of of bombing and whatnot and there are people amongst us that are doing this? That is the enemy those are the mana fix. Can't we understand

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That if people have a different way to get to the goal fi coolin head and sha Allah there's good in all you do what you're doing, I'm doing what I'm doing and inshallah together we are under the umbrella of La ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasulullah brothers and sisters let us let us learn from others and output the Battle of brother and the Battle of word. What does Allah say about the Battle of burden and sort of tail and fall? Allah says wala Tina's fetish shallow, do not defer an argue amongst yourselves If you do so, you will fail do not defer an argue amongst yourselves join your ranks close even if you disagree go ahead and come together for the sake of Allah. And when they did

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that, but there was a success. What happened at Allah zildjian explains and sort of other Emraan had died after sheltam What an odd number. When you despaired and you started bickering amongst yourselves in the Battle of butter. You didn't differ Allah give you victory in the bottle of oil, you began fighting and differing amongst yourselves, and because of that, oh, it happened. Muslims, there is no easy way forward. I don't know the best way but neither do you. Nobody does you do what you think is beneficial. I do what I think is beneficial. And may Allah azza wa jal put Baraka and your efforts and my efforts, we are not enemies simply because we disagree about the most effective

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strategy don't take each other as targets come together. for the greater good. We do have an enemy and that enemy is the outside apartheid regime and inside anybody who supports them, anybody who allies with them, anybody who has treaties with them, yes, they are the one I feel. Let's group together against those people, no problem. But the people of eemaan the people of taqwa the people of the Kalima, the people who clearly want to benefit the Muslims have an officer and the oma. Even if you disagree, disagree with politeness, disagree with them and let them do their thing and make do offer them make drama. Allah bless you in your work and then you show a better way and you know

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what Allah azza wa jal will bless the people of sincerity and the people of taqwa be amongst them. I ask Allah subhana wa tada for claassen tofield I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to protect us and the people of Alaska and the people of the oma along with NIDA and for Aminu, aloha moneta, then if you had to meet them and ilaha

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illa Allah Dana de la kadota Wella Maria on Alicia feta when I see her on inliers Sarita Allahumma Rizal Islam when muslimeen Allahu maricel Islam I will muslimeen Allahumma arizal Islam and Muslim in Allah hormone Aradhana arada Islam all Muslim in Ebisu advise you who've been upset would you outed me at all fitted via Yo yo yo Aziz rebar de la in Nola Amara from Eminem better be hip enough safe within nahi, Malacca the Buddha say with a lesser become an engineer he will insert for all the ASME according Arima in the law hamanako soluna nebby you already know amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with the SEMA allama Sunday was selling robotic one biological silica Muhammad Ali he was ibH marine

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robot a law in the law to either your mobile ID or Sonic Wait a horrible way and Halifax shy when moon kariobangi era Camilla from Jeddah karoun Oh the Kuru la Halima come watch guru he has come What is the guru white Allah akbar wa Optimus Allah

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