Riad Ouarzazi – Quran Gems – Surah Anbiya, Hajj, Al Muminun

Riad Ouarzazi
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some of the results that are similar so invest in Mr. ecommerce provider had one product category

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where would fall saw us today? So that said, MDX saw that as it has as well known and they will be covering a little bit just the very beginning of sort of north I will not be able to unfortunately cover all the slots I will leave solid loads or tomorrow shall Montana will try to cover some gems on these three amazing sauce. So the MBR profits It's a Mickey SolarSoft has is another nice hola and so, what Milan is a Mickey Mickey swallow shimmies was revealed in Metka and all of them are from the mean any they are

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100 100 yards or so except for the hedge which is only 78 A and that start with sloth and Viet. It starts off with Allah azza wa jal talking about a better thought talking about resurrection talking about the devil Judgment. Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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intolerable in Sufi Sabu woofie reflecting

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on external over the hour is near. This was 14 More than 1400 years ago, the Prophet Muhammad so so that what day is it now in a Islamic lunar calendar? What is it?

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What is the full day 1440 410? My God is

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13 the Ramadan

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so it was not 1444 So imagine 1400 years 44 years ago, the Prophet says the hour is near, followed by the message he says we're in 2023 I mean, we're today he was like long sentences with more than 1000 years ago, and the property has stayed that Allah is gonna be saying the hour, people's reckoning is drawing near.

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And people are feeling that they are instead in the state of heedlessness, they're not taking this thing this matter seriously the matter of judgment. Everybody thinks that, you know, we still have time I'm still young. So we're gonna have a long way to look the prophecy a lot you say a lot. But in this he said well, and then Allah subhanho wa Taala says first and return here's a gem, Allah subhanho wa taala. It says that

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in the conky tab, fie the colloquium at the top, you know, we have revealed onto GitHub, it is your vehicle, and it is a reminder, Allah has already say in this GitHub is your honor, in this GitHub is your grace in this GitHub. Is Allah associate your elevation what GitHub are we talking about your ancestors?

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What are we talking about here? Of course, we're talking about the book of Allah is the Kitab get means the

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the Quran is Allah has engine has many beautiful names, and one of the names of Allah is a loving, and if Allah is great, Alene HIS WORDS OF Eileen and the words of Allah, Allah azza wa jal by virtue of this court and who would elevate you alive just by virtue of this, and he will favor you amongst all others, mashallah 1411 That what makes these parents very special because of the content they carry in their hearts in their breast, Allah subhanaw taala would elevate them in this dunya and also in their rank higher ranks in gender because of the potential. So Allah azza wa jal, she says that in the Quran is in your honor, as it is in it is your resume. And that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada

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talks about the power of telecoil, which in this source of MDF, is manifested through the story of Ibrahim and it's amazing if you want to learn about Telecom, Allah azza wa jal, so that NBN

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Ibrahim was young, you know, if you read the fussy, he was about 16 years old, they said when he went and he destroyed the idols. In fact, his father used to make what used to grab the iris. So he goes and he destroyed the idols and then he left the axe that he used in front of the Big Island he destroyed all of them and then he left one Iraq the big one of the acts from off the Iraq bohem at least to them Allah subhanho wa Taala This is verse number 51 is part of the abbey he will call me mad he

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was disturbed I think that you people are worshiping partnership.

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We found our forefathers worshipping them so we're worshipping them. In the continental European Union parents union forefathers of illustrate what Allah He that he didn't know

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And he says by Allah I shall destroy

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it then so he just what did he do? He wasn't he destroyed so they came around they came back and finding all these islands being destroyed so they said verse number 59 Paulo McPhatter had the only hedging that enabled me not only me who said we did this to our gods to our idols in this wrong door we did this our gods God was

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calling him we've heard of feta in our beef. Feta means a boy young boy by the name of Ibrahim to

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bring in front of everybody that's asking this question so they both people are human they said I'm too fat to handle the body or you're the one who did this to our gazebo he or you're the one who destroyed them he says verify level could be the first one coming up the phone is gonna be this big guy right here asking the X next to him why don't you ask him this yeah he's guys right.

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And then they go back and they said, but you will know that they cannot hear they cannot see Why do you tell us to ask this guy he cannot hear you cannot just how can you worship something that cannot hear cannot see that cannot benefit you have free look at my dad We don't owe to you and what you worship and then instead of coming back to the truth they're persisted in Romanian in darkness. What did they say? How cool who wants to go how do they go in Arabic We say Halak you know when you burn but here it says

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the no huddle record is in the form of intensity to prevent him Yeah, I mean they they built this huge fire and they blow it blow him into what pod how am i Oh, Huntsville area to come. And then here's the beauty of the gym. Allah subhanho wa Taala I think it's just the fire and what the beach and the fire the

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fire. Yeah, and all the other than be cool. If Allah wants to say cool, Ibrahim would have

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frozen but Allah says be cool and Sudan the code and cerametallic about him ya know corny, but I don't wanna say them and either Irani brothers and sisters what is the lesson? The fire is a creation of a life Burns but you can only burn with the permission of

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the knife that Ibrahim used to sacrifice his son the knife kills the knife slitters but the knife can only kill with the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is the power of focusing on Allah subhanho wa taala. Right? And then, in verse number 76, Allah azza wa jal talks about the prophets will invoke the Lord starting from nahi Salah and this is a really beautiful lesson to all of us because we make and what Allah to answer our ground, what is the condition what is so special about these prophets of Allah azza wa jal has answered that call starting from no honey so that one will have either no

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doubt, I mean, first stage Avila invoked to us first Tisha banana and we answered his call Allah says what are you what are you what is now in the midst of your

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first job and as an AU he called upon us and we answered his call and then what are New

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sisters this question is for you.

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When it comes to that wasn't known who are we talking about here?

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Are we talking about him? No more.

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I'm sorry.

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About Us.

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Yo, yo, yo, yo also

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What did you say you also have right

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okay, do

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you want us highly Senator know what

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area there's another one

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with a known is available for

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in the country, not bonhomie first

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and then when he doesn't know the permission of the Lord and you know the story of unison he said when he was sworn in by the by the by the fish, and then he made that to Allah ironic myself let you know ironic myself iniquity monopoly me fester, Jeanette and we answered his call and then security. One more time another prophet making dua to Allah was that Korea is now gonna be larger than the formula that we're under. Hi, Anwar. You see, first the Japan and South Korea he was trying us and even the Dodge Chargers and he always hated what you see on Superman. First, we answered his call. He answered the call of all of them why Allah azza wa jal answers the call right here he tells you

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why his agenda remember he brothers and sisters if you want to answer in a home care No, you said you're gonna feel

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On your art, they used to rush evil and good deeds if you want to as they used to happen in doing good deeds in Hong Kong on your side, you're gonna feel kind of way out of I don't want to have that and they used to make these folk as old times if you want it to be to be answered in sha Allah, Allah Tada so that the church, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, Yeah, even as we come in a sense, and that is that when I believe as a Christian talks about the day of judgment, but it says, And you give an example of this woman, you know, if a woman is pregnant, she will drop her baby woman to suck in her baby, she will drop her baby, nobody will care about anybody else is such the intensity

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of that day. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about Ibrahim and the story of Ibrahim calling people to help his wife was called Salah al Hajj. And last but not least brothers and sisters salt and Allahu Akbar, in itself requires seminars, Allah azza wa jal he's talking about the ingredients, the recipe for the true success, the recipe for AlFalah when the Imam when he says hi yah, yah, you know how you come to the true success so Allah subhanaw taala says by the F la Hanuman opening on Indeed the morning on aren't successful, who are they that Allah azza wa jal is talking about these attributes of this moment on first and foremost success Allah says Allah Dena Rumphius on our team

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harsh you know, and those who are they believe the short end of Salah they pray with some tea we know what the short end of Salah with devotion in their Salah was

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born and also stay away from vain talk brothers and sisters please she said he said backbiting backstabbing is not going to add nothing but scenes to your to your bank account all of these leave that one

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I have no time for this you know instant talk you know event talk you know fill your time with beneficial talk with beneficial these are Latina who lives alone and those who pay charity we bet you please help the magic of the centers of people shallow gonna help us help others insha Allah who will let you not only follow him half the room talking about those spouses those who guard their chastity or Dina humbly Amanda to

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our own and those who keep their governance they keep the promises they keep this Emma that the trust when other Salawat in your house we don't and those who persist in the Salah they keep this a lot

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and then maybe

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those who will inherit what what he thought they would inherit when you inherit it would inhibit and for those who don't want a social toxin about the stages of men creation you know from different stages and at the end ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says here verse number 19 And with this some shocking Welcome to Haida hut that either

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gonna build your own army

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FEMA thought this is a golden reminder for all of us my brothers and sisters coming in OH MY GOD, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, When debt will come to a man to them when that will come to him. He will say Paula Bilgin on Oh Allah give me just to come back up. And let me also on your side when I promised to work righteousness, I promise to pray, I promise to fast. I promised you that will end just bring me back. You had a chance you have a chance now why are you wasting your time while you're not praying? Why not? Why not within Asia? It's your job right now. You're only the

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each or not happen at the end of solar thermal note. What did Allah start with silicone what Amino is not the way

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it is? It's

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And he ends with you know, he ends with to kind of look at the yield curve you don't

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have land what we know the non believers, the

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so Pamela, the mean which are you in sha Allah who today will be successful and along with neighbors may Allah forbid, unless they must share they shall not be successful individual judgment, a lot of empathy and in order to realizers and guidance to the best of this world of academia and the work of the product philosophy comes accompanied by data

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