30 Steps Towards a Refreshing Ramadan #03 Float like a butterfly

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Omer El-Hamdoon

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Now a third step towards refreshing Ramadan, we talked about the importance of changing and changing for the better. Now in that section of the book, we talk about upgrading, which is a terminology familiar with smart gadgets and computers and the like. But I want to draw on you another analogy which is more related than rooted within nature. And this is where you have to ask yourself a question, do you want to remain as a caterpillar

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which eats whenever it gets the chance to which is busy crawling on the earth, Stumbling on heavy trying to just get get along?

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Or do you want to become a butterfly

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free to fly into Rome and to go throughout the different places achieve

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different heights and in fact, eat and drink from the sweetest of nectars.

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most people would opt for the butterfly. But we all know that the butterfly doesn't become a butterfly just like that. It has to upgrade from a caterpillar. And that's why we have to also make that choice. And so Paolo has a beautiful analogy here because with Ramadan, Ramadan is about fasting. And it's about denying yourself and the caterpillar goes through a very important painful process of turning into a cocoon and denying itself food, you know, it stays there for weeks without food, but it goes through an important change. So when it does come out emerges it emerges. A totally different person's upgraded to a better type of insect. And so it's no longer heavy, no

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longer plodding along no longer just eating and focusing on food but rather is now free to fly and to run throughout the day. So this form of on try and make that positive attitude change decision to become better to upgrade in the book 30 steps towards refreshing when we talk about how there are many steps many things within Ramadan many principles, many processes act of obedience, which helps us to make the upgrade. You can refer back to that inshallah to Allah to get that. Now I know some of you are saying, well, a bit hungry. It's not long too far. I'd rather be the caterpillar. But then again, is that what you really want to remain?

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I'm sure. Changing for the best is always a positive decision that everyone can make. So am I