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The speaker discusses the history of the Prophet sallam's marriage with the mother of the beast, Selma, and their relationship with the beast. They also mention a woman named Hamza who was married to a woman named Xena vintage Josh and later married to a woman named Xena vintage Josh. The segment touches on the importance of giving charity and support to a woman named CELTA who was lost and lost her charter.

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So now money come around to live at a cat to do brothers and sisters Welcome back to the first shorts, where we are talking about some of the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, about whom we don't have much information, but we have a lot to learn from. And today we are with our mother, Xena into Azima Ali Allahu taala, Anna, and I want to emphasize that she is our mother. She is one of the Mothers of the Believers. And when you have a Mother of the Believers when you have one of these wives of the Prophet salallahu Salam, you want to learn as much as you possibly can about them. Now Xena been to Azima will the law on how often mixed up with Xena bint

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Jahsh so the Allahu Allah Who as I said, we will have a longer episode about inshallah Tata, because there's far more extensive biographical details about her. She's probably the wife of the Prophet sly, some about whom we know the least. And there's so much to talk about in terms of the lessons that we get from how Allah subhanaw taala plans for her to be married to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but there isn't much that we know about her. However, here's what we do know about her inshallah Allah and we'll talk about how she ends up in the house of the messengers of Allah Han he was Xena is a name that some of the scholars they mentioned here it comes from obviously you'll find

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a beautiful flower, but Xena, it's the jewel of of the father. It is a woman who embodies certain characteristics of beauty as well. And she is a woman all the loads had on her that is only spoken of in the best of ways. She's from a tribe from an edge known as bento Heelan. That is her father Hosanna. But as far as her sisters are concerned from her mother's side, if you go back to the episode about new Baba, and follow all the Allahu Taala and her then she is one of a helot minutes who the prophets like I mentioned, the believing sisters, so her mother is Hindu bent out. And so what does that mean? She is a half sister to may mourn. I've been told how to throw the Allahu Taala

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and who would be the last person the prophets lie some would marry. So Zane I've been uzima and more I've been to the Hadith had the same mother they were half sisters. And the prophets lie some would be married to them both, but not at the same time. Also, she is the sister of Selma bint or mace. So Selma Bintaro Mesa the Allahu Taala Anna is the sister of Hamza while the Allah hota I'm sorry, the wife of Hamza while the Allahu Tana. And so again some of InterBase may Mona Bintan How does a smart Vinter amaze who was the widow of Jaffa the alongside and whom married to Jaffa? I will bucket and it may Allah be pleased with them all. Amen. Father, rhubarb Robinson Hadith who was the wife of an

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ibis? And the mother of the Father, Abdullah Ambassador obey the Lagna and thus, may Allah be pleased to them all. Luba Sula, who is the mother of harlot or the Allahu taala. And, and this is just scratching the surface Subhanallah so all of them are sisters, from one mother, which is just remarkable. Now, when it comes to Zainab all the law, time has been close Aima she was married to several people before the Prophet sallallahu wasallam so her first marriage was to a man by the name of Tophane if it had been optimal club to fade if it had been Abdun McClellan, who is a cousin of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. At some point, he divorced her, okay, so to fail, is her first

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husband, after he divorced her. At some point she was then married to his brother who is a believer, a great companion or VEDA Adnan Haddad for the Allahu Tada and we will talk about obey them and how to throw the Allah on home before we complete the series of the shorts, so her first husband was still failed her second husband, the great companion, the brother of Tofail, or beta, and learned how to follow the law Tada and who died in the battle of better or right after the Battle of Beddit. Then after a VEDA, she was married to Abdullah bin Jash will the Allahu Tong, the cousin of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the great companion that we spoke about, you know, just just a

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couple of episodes ago, and the brother of Xena vintage Josh I know this gets confusing. So I'd love New Jack was married to Zane up been to Azima and his sister was Cena vintage Jack who would also be married to the Prophet sly some at some point so she is the widow of our beloved New Joshua the Allahu Tada and obviously after the battle. Now there's something that that actually caught my attention only this time around, and I've lectured about her before, which is Subhan Allah that Hamza will the Allah Han Han Abdullah and rejection of the la han who were buried in the same grave as we spoke about widowhood, and the widows of Hamza, the Allahu Taala and home and of the love and

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Josh will the Alon who are sisters. Okay, so Selma

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informace who is the widow of Hamza is the sister of Zainab bint Kazuma, who is the widow of Abdullah and Jash. May Allah be pleased with them all. So after the battle, you know there is this renewed energy and spirit of marrying the widows, okay? And this shows in the Quran, some of the revelation of the Quran, and certainly the actions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and what the prophet slice of them was encouraging his companions to do to step up and to marry the widows of herds or some of the orphans of

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that, that would become famous later on. Z nebrodi. Allahu Allah has been married three times already. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sees her and he proposes to her it has Salatu was Salam in the month of Ramadan, four years after his. Okay, so she is married to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the month of Ramadan four years after Hijra. This was shortly after the marriage to have so little the Allahu tyna So the prophets I approached her and the MaHA was 400. Durham's again, and that was a marriage that was solidified in Ramadan. And what we have at that point is that she moves into the hoodoo, right, she moves into the home of the prophets of

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Allah Harney, who was, and she will only get to spend a few months with him, it is thoughtless to them. And there are a few things to mention here. Her nickname is unwell Misaki, the mother of the poor, and this nickname of omen. Misaki is not something that only happened in Islam. And remember the prophets lie some said that people are like precious stones, the best of you and the days of ignorance are the best of you and Islam, if you have understanding so she was a woman that was known as the mother of the poor woman must suck even before Islam, Islam only obviously cemented that and made it an even more established part of her personality, right because now she has the incentive of

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pleasing Allah subhana wa Tada and seeking the hereafter as well. So they said that is a noble or the low tide on her, there would never be any food that would stay in her home past the day, you know, any extra food that she had would go and she would often sleep hungry, because she would give away whatever whatever was in her home. And this was true in Makkah. And this is true in Medina. And this is true with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam And subhanAllah. We have you know, one incident that's narrated where a soulless Iseman was, was, was touched by her generosity, and, you know, giving away everything that they had in the home that night. And you can imagine if Rasul

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Allah sigh Salem, of course, is known as being more generous than the blowing wind in Ramadan. You know, the love Nagas are the low tide on whom I says, the Prophet sallallahu sallam was always generous, but when Ramadan came, he nailed Karhu Jabril went up Reisner would meet him, then he was more generous at his Salatu was Salam, then I'm blowing wind. So I think to myself, what would it have been like in the house of little soul loss? Isom Xena Benteke was a model of the law and how in Ramadan, okay, imagine the charity and the generosity that was coming out of that home and Subhan Allah, God that Allah Masha, by the, by the decree of Allah subhana wa Tada. She died just three

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months after being married to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, three months Subhanallah where she got to be with the Prophet SAW Salem, one of those months being Ramadan, when they got married. And the only thing that we know of her is her generosity. Omen Misaki, the mother of the port passed away, there in about mention a few things here. Number one, this is the only other wife that the Prophet slicin would bury with his own two hands and his lifetime, it slotless so after Hadith or the Allah and so the only one that the prophets lie, some himself will vary, which obviously is, you know, a unique form of pain, and obviously a unique blessing for her. Number two,

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she is the only one of the earth she's the first of the wives of the Prophet slice on them, in the row of the wise little solo slice them in about there, in the in the graveyard in in Medina, in genitive, here. The wives of the prophets lie, some are lined up, she is the first one to be there, and then the wives of the prophet slicin And would pass away, and they would all be buried in that spot, except for maybe one or the other behind her afterwards who would not pass away there. So all of the wise the prophets, I saw them with the exception of Khadija and may mourn up may Allah be pleased with them are buried there in a book here and Xena was the first one in that row, after she

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passed away on Selma are the Allahu Taala and her she she she was the next wife that the Prophet slicin married and she said that he married me and I moved into the home of Omar Misaki. Zina Benzema all of the a lot of time. And one of the greatest lessons that we take from this, by the way, something that one of my teachers mentioned Subhanallah the hadith of

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Prophet sallallahu wasallam that nothing extends a person's lifespan, like charity. Okay, so the prophets lie some mentioned that giving charity and one narration he mentioned CELTA him establishing good ties amongst relatives family. One narration he mentioned that extends a person's lifespan, and gives a person a greater share of their time on earth so that they could increase their share in the hereafter. Subhanallah Xena Benzema only got three months of her life with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And it may be that her being only masa keen, her spending on the poor and her being known for that was a means by which her lifespan was increased. In any case,

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obviously, that is with Allah subhanho wa taala. And we don't know the answer to that except to say that look at the baraka that came in her life as a result of her spending the blessing that came in her life as a result of her spending for the sake of Allah. Surely that was something that the prophets Allah licen him saw, and an honor that Allah subhanho wa Taala wished to bestow upon her. And we see that today, our mother Zeno will the Allahu Taala and have been Cosima that we don't have much information about her. We want to know everything we can about our mother, and we pray for her, we make dua for her and we love her. And we pray that Allah subhanaw taala allow us to be with her.

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And we pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to inculcate in our own lives, that habit of spending upon the poor, what does it take in this day and age to be the father of the poor, or to be the mother of the poor, or to be the brother or sister of the poor? So think of it in that way when the prophets I seldom used to ask Allah subhanaw taala for herbal Misaki in that Allah bestow him the love of the poor, what an honorable woman that she was named the mother of the poor, all the Allah hota and one as well. Genovesa Allah Aarnio Salam, Jemaine, may Allah be pleased with her and all of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam does actually allow Hayden inshallah to

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Allah. We'll see you next time. Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh