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Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the treatment of its followers and the use of words like "has" and "has" to describe actions. Jesus is a woman who describes her actions in a video game, including throwing her luggage and reaching the bottom of the ocean. She also mentions her wealth and desire for forgiveness from Allah.
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Alhamdulillah Allah Allah means that Allah was summoned by the kind of Vienna Muhammad and while earlier was a cylinder Sleeman Kathira to mama that

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the dua of the Quran we have number eight shallow to Allah that is some sort of Gambia, still we are certain Ambia chapter 21. The IR which is the source of the DUA is IR number 87. And that is a very famous dua for many many of us memorize and we practices a regular basil handler Brahmin, and that's the dua of Yunus, Abner Mata nebula Yunus will Mata in the ayah Allah subhana wa Taala says about him was a newly is they have a morality been for Allah naka de la la he's another so dolomitic Allah, Allah Allah Allah Subhana inika terminal Donovan festa janela on Ajay nominalism, aka daddy minute, and this idea and Allah subhanaw taala saying and remember your Muhammad and as an as well

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for us. And remember when the man of the world the noon he didn't mention him by name, but he is known to us as a Prophet Yunus is

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your man remember when the man of the world stormed off from his city in a rage? Why? To put perspective into the iron shallow, taller so you knows la sera Municipio Mata Allah subhanho wa Taala sent him to the people of the city of nine hour.

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nine hour is in modern day Iraq is near the city of Mosul. And it was also mentioned the Hadith his interview SallAllahu wasallam when he was coming back from the PIF, if you remember when the Prophet SAW Salem, he was rejected in Mecca. And after three years of the concentration camp and shove every time and they were released. The first destination he got he went to Salah Salem was a five. So he goes to five and he spends few days over there. He received harsh treatment. Now that's harsh treatment, horrible treatment. He was the harshest and his career has been messenger SallAllahu wasallam at that time, and as he was leaving the city he was being stoned and it was being insulted

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and harassed and

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and he lost his even his standards and slippers in his feet were actually were bleeding. he find himself all the way down the valley in the mountain there down there in the valley.

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And as he was sitting and resting to

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from the Jewish of Medina, or John I'm sorry managers to to from the Mushrikeen of Mecca. They they saw the profit some of that condition they felt bad for him they're still considered relatively overall Quraysh

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so felt bad for him. And they sent their servants one of them sent his servants his slave.

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His name was or does. So he sent it to the prophets, Allah Salam with some grapes, fresh grapes. Which tells us that the story happened when is your ma

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and the summertime? Because that's when fresh grapes are hamdullah we take grapes, you know winter and summer no difference. Back then everything was seasonal. So yeah, eventually, he does product day to dot board the fresh grape to the Prophet sallallahu sallam. And as the professor was about to start eating he said Bismillah

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so a Deus was surprised because I've never heard this before in this area like they don't say scenes in this area. He just wanted you guys where did you learn this from? So the Prophet says I'm told him says where are you from? He goes I am from the city of Nineveh because oh the city of my brother unit seven meta the righteous man usable meta he goes, Well my God commands even matter how general usable units it will matter. The man was a Christian, because how you use it will matter. He goes to his my brother, I'm a prophet. He's a prophet too.

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And the man he he started kissing the professor some hands and feet. Those students Ricky looked at each other. He goes, is Paul Your slave for you?

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Now you lost your slave already. Basically. Eventually he mentioned the city Nainoa in the Hadith, we know that he was from nine Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala said about that city that was a city that was a civilization that call was an elephant, obviously dune. Allah said we have sent him to about 100,000 More 100,001 city back then it's just like saying a million plus in this day in these days. He's talking about a big city, big city. And just to give you a perspective, Irving and itself we have actually bought 300,000 residents in urban only just urban, Dallas, Dallas city itself about two

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million plus. So you can imagine I want to say 100,000 and the equivalent of a one of a million, so that will probably be bigger than Ervin. 91. That was a huge civilization. So, you know, he was a messenger, and he was inviting into Allah subhanho wa taala. Because of their comfort, and prosperity and life, they rejected Eunice's message. And after spending so long with them, rejecting his message, you and us, ALLAH SubhanA gave him that gave him that command, or gave him the order or the order gave him the news that your people in three days they are going to be punished by the punishment of Allah is coming upon them and three days.

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And Eunice he warned them. He said, I told you so. You know what, you're doomed, you're gonna be punished. He was so angry with them. And he didn't want to associate himself with that punishment. So what did he do? He leaves without permission.

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He leaves the city without seeking permission from Allah subhanaw He was so angry with them, that he wanted to go and give his message somewhere else so you can accept him, if they refuse me rejected me. And that's what Allah describing this is what a noon is. They have a mobile device. The no newness, he left the city he was in a fit of rage. And he rushed out because he was upset with them.

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Well, then what happened to him? Allah described that 100 watt and other AI other Surah So to suffer, he says,

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When are you gonna shut up? Saline? Is abaca and full cream machine for Sampha caramel malt howdy. So you and us, Allah says he was one of our messengers. No doubt about it. However, he is Abacha and the word a bug in the Arabic language is used usually for a servant who is this obedient and runs away from his master. So Allah tells us about Juno's he ran away from me. He didn't run away from us people

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run away from Allah azza wa jal because he was never given the permission to live them yet.

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So he ran away from them called Hillel Fukuyama machine. And he ended up going on that boat or that ship. And it was full, was crowded. But then what happened to that boat? It starts going into the waves on the surface.

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And it became dangerous. And people got scared. And everybody's opinion to Allah subhana wa Donna came the captain says, Look, we have too much load over here. Throw every unnecessary, anything unnecessary, throw it out into the water, so they start throwing their luggage and their valuables. Obviously, no money, no jewelry, nothing will save you in that moment. So therefore, they they saved their life over their wealth. So there's everything out

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there wasn't enough water still coming in. It's making the boat heavy. So they said someone has to jump.

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Someone has to jump out to be fair, we're gonna have to draw a lot. They're drawing lots for Canada Mahadeva Zaha Hadid he also drew a lot for them. And he was defeated me it was him

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there are some narration says that you know what you want to say he's a stranger now who should actually keep him so that's why again.

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Now that's an audition says maybe did that multiple times, and all ends up him being the one to be thrown into the water.

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And they did. So they throw him into the water filter, combo filter.

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Allah said that the hood the whale came and swallow them.

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Now how big that that well was the demand, Allahu Ana, but it was able to swallow human being. And the human being was there in the belly of the world. In which position was he standing was he sitting there are some narration says which is the spirit of will obviously not necessarily from the prophets, Allah salah, and he was actually standing on salah. Like it was big enough in the belly of the whale that he was standing and making salah.

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But we know that he was in the belly of the world, for how long Allah on Sunday, say a day, Sunday, seven days and then it just goes up to 40 days.

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But you and I agree that you know a second would feel like a central ledger, mandible of the world, right? How many of you would like to be in the belly of the Weligama? Just to explore to see what's in them.

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You wouldn't trust him. Right? So imagine him being there a day or a seven or 14 days.

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Obviously, he was there in the darkness as Allah describes a little mat for Nevada for Lulu month. He called upon his Lord Subhana wa Taala in the darkness of Lulu man and the blue man his darkness he mentioned them in the plural unit says darkness is less right which means what? The darkness of the world the darkness of the night. The darkness of the depth of the ocean, Blue Mountain bah bah bah. All these different levels of darkness Subhanallah now he is in complete darkness.

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How is he

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We're gonna see his way out of this. There isn't,

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there wouldn't be accept from Allah subhanho wa taala. And that's when Allah says God for another for the man. He realized there is no other option he has no escape. And these darker tip, they tend to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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there was some narration of this rightly yet, that the whale took units and went all the way down to the bottom of the of the ocean, which is the spirit of winter is, of course, an ocean and marine life, but eventually went all the way down to the belly up to the bottom of the, of the ocean. And that's when you start hearing some voices there. And Eunice asked, Carla, Robbie, what is this? says these are the animal of the bottom of the of the ocean, the pleading to Allah subhana wa they're seeking so far from Allah Subhan they seek forgiveness from Allah Allah, remembering ALLAH SubhanA wa that's when it says, for another full dollar month

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in Atlanta Subhanak in the continental dollar mean, so he called upon his Lord Subhana wa Taala darkness he cried out, there is no God worthy of worship my Lord, there is no God worthy of worship except you. Glory be to You. And I've certainly done wrong.

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Now Allah subhanho wa Taala the answer comes with the article fat fat which means festa Gemini he's basically like swiftly the answer Kimber. Swift, the first jab Nana, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So We answered his prayer. What a J Now Houman Allah them, and we rescued him from the anguish waka Allegan Mini. And so do we save the true believers? May Allah make a Muslim

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So from this, what we learned is that this is still the dog, the distressed, the DA or the distress, especially if you earned it, if you earned that trial and that ordeal, like it was my mistake might make it my fault, unfortunately. And that's what ALLAH SubhanA wa does subjecting me to this trial. So therefore we ask Allah subhana wa Tada by this making this dua to seek forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal and also rescue and safety. Allah subhana wa Taala says here in this file for another Photomath Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Subhana Allah in the continental datamine so he called upon his Lord, there is no God worthy of worship except you glory be to you. I have certainly done wrong. So

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we're going to repeat this guy in sha Allah azza wa jal and the DUA from Odin so far in the month of Ramadan.

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Illa Allah

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Subhana Allah

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in the Quran to Min Allah Al Amin, La ilaha illa and

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Subhanak in the current terminal volume in

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La Isla and

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so the HANA in the current terminal volume in

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rugby in the misogyny of Dora

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we're under our hammer rahimian

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rugby Zinnia Elma

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rugby ish rally Saturday

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was really Emery.

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Well hello CODATA melissani

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You have Kahu Kohli

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Rob be heavily melancholia.

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Watch Allahu Raab. Bira the

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Robina Tina. Mila Doom Kurama.

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Well, how are you? Hey, Lana. Minh. I'm Marina. Rashida rugby at the hill knee. Modal Karasu.

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Wa origini. Maharaja Sudak watch Ali. Mila dunka so soltana seerah

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Allahumma their hamari de Gama Rob Bayani?

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Savera la Miami Zachman La

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Jolla those would like to join us for the QA we're going to be reading the first two pages from number eight the edges of the Quran

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