Mohammad Elshinawy – My Son, Uphold the Salah

Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The importance of protecting one's spiritual health and protecting his family is emphasized, as it is the central column of development. The speaker emphasizes the need to pray five times a day and avoid confusion, praying for one's spiritual health and not hesitate to pray. The importance of praying for the future and not just for the present is also emphasized. It is crucial for one's health and chances of success.
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Julian fusina Xia Tian, Melina May, Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah. Allah, Allah Allah Allah Allahu la sharika lah worship, Mohammed Abu whenever you hora sudo yeah yo Latina mano de la porta potty wallet mo tuna 11 Tomasi munia yohanna Sakuraba kumala de hakomi nuptse wahida wirkkala caminhada halibut salmon humare Sharon Kathy Rahmani

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waterpump la la de de la una Viva La ham in LA Cana la cumbre FIBA yeah you're Latina Manasa hola hola fudo polenta de de nuestra hella kumala como la comida Nova con one minute a la hora Sula, who Papa differs 1000 Halima

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all praise and glory be to Allah We thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and it's forgiveness and his protection from the evil whispers within us and from the consequences of our evil deeds. for whomever a lot as the origin guide one can ever lead astray and whomever Allah leaves the strain on can ever guide and we testify that none is worthy of our worship and our devotion with Allah and Allah alone without any partners, the true supreme King at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam was inserted in truth, His Prophet and his servants and His Messenger whom Allah says there was no sense at the mercy to the world.

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After reminding myself and my brothers and sisters with the tough love of Allah is the agenda, which is his do, right?

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And our lifelong mission to observe him in a way befitting of him subhanho wa Taala, in loving, willing consistent surrender to Him.

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We returned to where we left Luqman about the Alo tala and who the wise saying to his son, oh, my son,

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even if it be the tiniest speck, in the farthest darkest corner of the universe, Allah will bring it forth. Nothing hides from Allah, every speck will resurface after reminding his son about the inevitable imminent Day of Judgment. Then he went on to speak to his son about the biggest thing

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that will remind him of the Day of Judgment, which is his relationship with bukata and the greatest thing that Allah who will ask him about what Allah brings him forth on that day of judgment and he said yeah, born a year after me salata what mobile Murphy one honeymoon carry was a fallback. Oh, my dear son established the father established the prayer the prescribed prayer. What motivated maroof and instruct good one honeymoon car and forbade or denounce evil was where Allah I'll fall back and persevere in the face of whatever will afflict you, whatever will touch you in the past, on route to this.

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And so he began with Allah because it is what will remind you of the Day of Judgment, always. It's the reset button for you. And it is the greatest thing and the first thing Allah will ask you about on the Day of Judgment, as if to say to his son, oh, my son, don't think all deeds are created equal. You will come on the day of judgment and the first thing Allah will ask you about is your Salah. If you tell him I was taking care of the the needy, he'll tell you what about your Salah? It will tell you tell him my bills, massages. He'll, he'll tell you what about the Paula, if you tell him that I was very kind and had a good heart towards people and considerate of them. He will tell

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you what about before Allah, for Allah first before anything else, as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us if that question goes well, then everything after it will be even easier. And if this question is not satisfied, everything after that will become even more difficult, it will become irrelevant, it will become more scrutinized. And so he said to his son from his wisdom, don't ever confuse the value of anything with the value of Allah, you begin with that. And that was from the great wisdom of Luqman Alexander, he understood his job very well, that you're not just going to leave it out there like mine, not just about being a good person. What is the primary facet of being

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a good person of my children coming out? Right. He understood his primary job was to emphasize the father to his family. A lot as though he said this to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even what more Allah gave his father as he was father Allah and instruct your family to pray to Allah.

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And be stubborn. You know, we said before it's bear means Be patient. When you throw that heavy, lesser thought in there, it adds heaviness to the meaning. So be heavily patient upon instructing your family to make follow up, then the ISS, instruct your family to make fun, be heavily patient on that. Let us look at his car, we're not going to ask you for your money.

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We ask ourselves all the time, where are we going to get our money? And how much money are we going to secure for our family and secure for our children? A lot of saying that is irrelevant. Your primary job is not to make money. Your primary job is not to even make money and donate it to good causes. Your primary job is you instructing your family to be upright servants of Allah. And that doesn't exist without sola.

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And so, think of it this way. If you were to tell your child, I'm sending you to college, this is why I'm paying for your dorm and paying for your tuition or whatever expenses may arise. And you arrive to visit your child, this college student and you find them playing video games the whole day and all night.

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Tell you what are you here for?

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Am I only supposed to go to college? I don't have a life. No, you have a life. It's no problem. These things can exist, but not at the expense of the primary reason why you're why you're here. Likewise, with the adult in his job, are you allowed to make money? Are you allowed to enjoy your share of the dunya even not just good causes even just enjoy the * out of this dunya and moderation, absolutely, but not at the expense of your job, you're here for a very specific reason.

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Or that reason is for you to command your family to pray.

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Because that is the only way they're going to start on their journey to being servants of Allah. Do we think we fulfilled our job do we think we will be saved? On the day we are questioned about our job if we don't focus on the color of our family members. You know, a lot though, just said what, who am fusa como alikum nowra. Protect yourself and your family, everyone that you have control over or influence on or a leadership position towards?

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Protect yourself and your family, he began with yourself, because you need to save yourself before anybody, you have more control over yourself and anybody else. But he also began with you first, some scholars said because you will not have saved yourself without saving your family. And so it's really all comes back to you Do you think you will be saved? If you're the perfect Muslim that performs the perfect salah and phase, the perfect guy and does all those things on your own, but you didn't impart this on those that Allah made you responsible for? Can you even consider By the way, that of all the things that the prophets of Allah do for this planet, they offer a good example.

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They encourage people to pay and alleviate the suffering of the downtrodden all of that, of all the things to mention a lot as though a gel makes it a point to mention that the prophets would instruct their families with Salah. Don't be confused about the value of this task of this project was Kuru pilkey Tabby is Marian and mentioned to them in the Scripture is married in law who can afford your Colorado cannot afford an obeah he was a man that was always keeping his promises and a messenger prophet. What can I model Allah who was Salatu was the cassava can angara became or Leah and he was someone that would constantly yet Moodle.

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Continuous 10 would constantly command into family with prayer and with charity and thus he was pleasing to his Lord, he was so pleasing to Allah because of that, because of that function.

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So how often do you speak to your family about cola and emphasizes

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the Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam said to us in the hadith of Ramadan, the show I brought the Alo tala on him from his father from his grandfather, Maru Allah The combi sala de Lisa brain, Audrey boom la Hayashi. Command your family, your children to pray at seven years old.

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And strike them for it at 10

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What does that say to you? What do you understand when you hear that Howdy.

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It's as if the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying use all of your tool instruction promoting the father positive reinforcement. And if it gets to it three years 5000 prayers leads they're still not working. Use some of the negative reinforcement as well use everything you have to make sure your kids are praying.

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Put all your energy in this directed channel it towards this. And of course the hitting here is when it is beneficial. It's not in our face of rage. It is not before 10 years old. It is not before you showed them and encourage them and check up on them and rewarded them and all of that

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But use everything, use all that you can use to make sure your family is praying.

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Because this Salah is and it must be seen not just valuable in terms of the reward you're going to get in the hereafter or how much it's going to contribute towards saving you. This is the way to protect your family. Like this is the cornerstone of the spiritual development of your family members, which is the most important aspect of their development more than their physical development more than their financial planning and financial security more than their mo their spiritual development is the most important part.

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And if they are going to become something, something worthwhile, you need to establish this correctly. You know, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, a follow up to a move to Deen, Salah is the mood our mood is the central column of this religion. You know what that means? That means two things. central column you imagine you have a tent, and you have a column in the middle. If it falls, the tents fall the dean fall

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and the higher you erect this tent, the further the tents can spread and encompass and the longer this pole is the more deeply rooted the higher it rises, the better and more stable your 10th is your dean is.

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That is why

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the Allahu anhu he used to write letters in a message to all of his governors all the people he would appoint over different regions. He would tell them while mo hammer Murakami recovering the fallout

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from unhappy over half of unhappy Latina who woman by Yahoo Allah Masha Allah

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He will tell all his governors, you need to know that the most important affair of yours to me is your prayer. Because whomever safeguards it will be able to safeguard the rest of their religion and whomever is careless with it whomever neglects it will be even more neglectful over everything else. It's proportionate.

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Like any measurement Rahim Allah, did he become a member of thin air did he become overnight? A great scholar a great amount of perseverance man and when speaking truth to power and establishing the truth about our Deen without compromise. Where did that come? Mm hmm. Mother Rahim Allah, my love is still mercy on her. She used to take him wake up before pledges and make will do for her child, his father had passed, he was an orphan she would make will do for this child of hers, and walk him through the dark streets of Baghdad and at all. And she would bring him to the masjid every single day, every single day, so that he could get a good seat in the front rows of the prayer. So

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that he would there was no microphones. So he would be of those who could hear the Hadith scholars best when they are transmitting the traditions of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, every single morning, she would do that.

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And women do not pray every single morning, they are not obligated to pray every single morning. And so there would be times when she would walk him all the way to the messages. And she wouldn't be praying in those periods of her of her month. And so she would stand there until she was he was finished with the prayer and the class and comes out there and walk him home. It is no surprise that he became an emotional drama. Hola. Do you have a plan for your child? Do you have a plan for your family members? Do you see it? Do you see the correlations or not?

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Do you have a plan when my child needs to be praying, even if it's not seven, even if you're starting late, but okay, by this point, they're gonna I'm gonna need to hold them to the prayer and encourage them to pray and always remind and at this point, they're going to be praying, they're five. And then after that, I'm going to get them at the masjid. And then after that, I'm going to start creating a buffer they'll pray there sooner or their night prayers. So that if they ever slip the slip from the voluntary, they never dip beneath what the five prayers that their religion will collapse without.

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And the very first step to do this, regardless of At what point you are in this project. Or if you're just going to start after today's call to what the best point is for you to reset recalibrate how you look at solids.

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The solids serve you or not

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does it benefit you or not? Because it will not benefit your children much if it doesn't benefit you. How do you see for that? Do you see Salah as an interruption because many of us do. Like Salah is this I got to get this function out of the way so you can get to dinner you just got home. Next function is what? It's dinner. So let me get out of the way so I can get to dinner. And so it is this lifeless

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function that is soulless, it is just a body it just an exterior motion is solid and interruption to you. I want you to go home asking yourself that question today. Because Salah is supposed to be the very very opposite. For Allah is not supposed to be something that interrupts your work. interrupt your day interrupt your life. So Allah is supposed to be the time you look forward to that.

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I look forward to that break from the madness of life.

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You know, there's so many things in life that we think cannot be delayed for another second, cannot be interrupted. Right and you stress over it, and you get so worried about it, whether it's like deadlines or people's expectations, or they can't be delayed. And so that puts you under so much pressure and so much stress and you get all worried and anxious and, and worked out until you just keep going, you just keep going, you keep going until you're going to destroy yourself.

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And so Salah, then comes steps in to rescue you from that madness, that grind that does not have any mercy on you. So outcomes are less than salam, meaning he legislated the law for us to tell you, Hey, stop, stop right now you matter. You know, the whole idea of like self care, you need to stop and think about yourself a little bit. You need to stop and take care of yourself a little bit, and your emotional health and your mental stability and you're solid in self care. There is no greater self care than you disconnecting from yourself and the show the weight that you chose to put on your shoulders. Imagine things were dependent on you. How do you take care of yourself, by disconnecting

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from yourself and the pressure you put on yourself and connecting with Allah. And fala comes from the same route as split leg, which means connection is by connecting with Allah. The way to remember yourself or take care of yourself is to forget yourself. But not forget yourself with some alcohol because that's usually what happens when you go down the grind, not to forget yourself with some haraam form of, you know, relief, catharsis. The way to forget yourself in a beneficial way is to remember a lot

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and that will come back to benefit you and you will have then taken care of yourself. That's the real correct way to remember yourself, to remember your size to remember you're pleased to remember that you have a great God in front of you and behind you.

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For Allah is Allah. Allah says tapana who was Allah? Natural Law has the answer whom and fusa home when they forgot about Allah, when they disconnected from the memory of Allah from the mindfulness of Allah, that's when they really forgot about themselves, meaning that's when they really lost themselves. That is when they really stopped taking care of started neglecting themselves. So when you disconnect from it, like hard stop for a long time now, it's supposed to help you say wait a minute, like oh man, the world didn't stop when I when I interrupted this function. I'm not that necessary.

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I'm not that permanent. Neither is the whole world that necessary and that permanent.

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Everything you know, that your the world around us reminders about. And so Salah reminds you of Allah, like you look at the highways and you look at construction or architecture, things like you look at what people's hands have created in your mind become centered around people. But Allah tells you look into Allah or look at the natural world that I that my hands have created.

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That I have created myself to start realizing that how amazing Allah is because the assumption that things are dependent on you and that you can do it all and that you're so amazing if you just try hard enough, this is going to set you up for work. For frustration for failure, it will devastate you

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so is salah and interruption for you or do you see there's a break that Allah gave you a point to climb a point of attention a point to climb out of all of this. You know this Allah Allah Villa Jin chose to give into the profit loss island in the ascension time when he climbed through the sky.

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Why nothing else was given to him in the skies. But that because that is your way to climb to the sky. He was teaching us through the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam among many other potential wisdoms that the only way really up is to go down. The only way up for the Muslim, the Muslim is supposed to understand and believe that the only way up is to place his face on the ground. And you understand there's something so liberating and so special about that. Think of your faith.

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You know, your faith is the way that people identify you into Jude, you hide it.

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It's like your water presents you.

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Also your face is the seat of your beauty. How amazing and beautiful people are when people have done, you hide it. And place is a seed of expression like how do you know someone's happy or obsessed or it's your face, right? It's not by your hand. It's not by your needs, that people know that you're obsessed or you're happy. Hide it, it's not important.

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And so you disconnect from all of that, and you connect with something so much bigger. And this is a human need, by the way we all have. This needs to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

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So you connect with Allah Himself to try to help you connect with the world of the angels. When you put your head down. Try to penetrate. Try to penetrate with it with your thinking not to daydream and follow but to penetrate beyond this world. You're part of something huge, something that stretches across time and place.

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Through your Salah. Like the angels on top of you the mountain in the in the in the skies that are greater than the size of mountains are praying. And so you're being like them now. And their lifespans are much larger than yours you're doing what they're doing now. This is not just like an imaginative exercise. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in the haze in the forehead Bukhari, Allah also funa cameras are so full Mullah Kettering dahabiya et Muna fulfill our life in our heads are all soon stuff. Won't you guys imitate the angel is basically what he's saying. Won't you guys make straight ranks? He said, He's connecting between our prayer and theirs Won't you make

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straight ranks the same way the angels make perfectly straight ranks in front of their Lord. They fill the first line first before going to the one behind it until they're perfectly settled in their ranks.

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And not just the angels, the world of the righteous even on Earth.

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You're doing what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam did you're dealing with nor alehissalaam did, you're dealing with past present and future Muslims have done whether human even or jinn. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to us another Hadith also unquestionable when you're in the Shan hood. And you're saying As salam o Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah hain peace be upon us. And the righteous leaves of God he has the more as the moment you're saying that, Bella coola, within lillahi, folly ha, fisherman, you will all this actually is delivered, Allah delivers it for you. And it reaches every slave of God that is in fact righteous, whether on the

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earth or in the sky.

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And so that that's like a huge thing. That you you go upwards, you ascend by going down into sujood. And you connect with a large village and then you connect with the righteous by disconnecting from yourself and your tiny little world. Think of people what do they try to like accomplish? What is their where do they find value anymore? Like compare with the picture I just drew with some person who spends three, four weeks, not five times a day he gets a copy of this. He spends three, four weeks struggling to say I have lost nine pounds now.

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Congratulations. Well, there's a world of a difference between this as a life goal as a finding a purpose and a meaning. Or someone that comes in please, some human beings that don't even know him that are online on social media somewhere and are probably gonna get mad at him very soon. Anyway, compare this with that. It's a world of difference.

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And if we understood that we would enjoy and benefit our Salah, from our soil so much. It begins there. a folder called football all the money 100 Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam O Allah, Allah Nava shadow Allah, Allah illallah wa la sharika, Donna Mohammed and Abu whenever you hora solo.

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And so we can see now that even the practicing Muslim who does perform Salah, but does not do so meaningfully, even his mind his mentality, her mentality can be warped to become so reduced, so simplistic, so insignificant. And so Sarla has the potential

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not for sure depends on how well your Salah is I'm saying it has the potential for you to push back against all of this. To say no, I'm not going to spend my whole life just in a blur just firefighting trying to put out this fire, then the next fire then this fire then the next fire until I myself catch on fire. Basically, this all app is a fixed focus, non negotiable institution to ensure you're constantly creating or preserving pathways for like the water to get in. Right, you're creating sources of water within yourself so that the fire never gets to you and so that you're able to have enough in you to serve others. This this is your source, this is your reservoir of water.

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cultivate that pathway, cultivate that stream of water by connecting with a lot of villages, your ultimate source of nourishment. He doesn't just give us this nourish our bodies. He gave us greater than that.

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But what happens if I can, then you're not paying attention to what lokman Robbie Allahu anhu said he didn't tell his son makes Allah.

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He said to him, a famous Allah

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established the prayer, you know, pm in Arabic means to stand up. Something that is taught me something as independently able to stand standing on its own. It's not leaning. It's not crushed. It stands up. It's upheld on its own. That's what he's saying and upright. Follow.

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Even elsewhere in the Quran Allah used this term with was with the previous nations that had the books but didn't really have them. Well unknown of camuto rotta, when in gene, if they would have just upheld the Torah and the evangel the books of Moses and Jesus, I made him a serum. Likewise many of us have further but we don't really have it. Why? Because we did not do if I'm a default that we overlook the economic part. What does it mean to Sala to offer it the way Allah wants and expects you to offer it? That means all five on time.

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And that means when you're offering those five on time, you're trying your best, you're attempting your best to make it a full of quality.

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Because if you're shortchanging yourself, you're shortchanging yourself.

00:25:49 --> 00:26:11

Abu Qatada the Allahu anhu said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in so unnecessary aka Alessia silicone sala de la, you see morrocco aha, la You see, move ruku aha well as to do the hawala Pasha, that the first the worst kind of thief is the one that steals from his prayers. By not

00:26:12 --> 00:26:17

perfecting, completing, it's bowing, and it's frustration, and it's state of humbleness.

00:26:19 --> 00:26:24

You're going to have to do this, so that you can be able to tell someone that this Allah is actually worthwhile.

00:26:25 --> 00:26:27

This is the greatest thing to encourage people to pray.

00:26:28 --> 00:26:30

There's a brother in this community

00:26:32 --> 00:26:36

who attended our Joomla for a very long time before becoming Muslim.

00:26:37 --> 00:26:46

And a few years ago, in the spring conference, after the spring conference, myself and another one of the speakers, we took him out for a cup of coffee and we spoke to him like become Muslim already.

00:26:48 --> 00:27:03

You seem very compelled. And so don't hold back, don't let shavon discourage you. He said it's just this whole sell off thing. Like I can't How am I? How are you going to convince me to change my whole life and like come to a full stop five times a day world doesn't work like this? How do you guys pray five times a day?

00:27:05 --> 00:27:16

And you know how the brother with me the other speaker, the other shift convinced them, he said to him, we don't pray five times a day. Most you will find out that Muslims who pray they pray way more than five times a day

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because of what they found in the prayer when they offered a

00:27:23 --> 00:27:28

transplant that into your family members, your children, what do they see you getting from the fallout?

00:27:31 --> 00:28:08

If you offer a karma to salon, you establish it, right? You learn the meanings of what you're saying, and you schedule for yourself a regimen so that you actually wind down before you pray and you're not focusing. By the time you know, we rushed into prayer and I will end with this. By the time we we wind down. We're already things Solomonic was canonical because this we're just in a rush. Observe the tsunami of washing trying to calm yourself putting your phone away a few minutes before the prayer not a few steps before the prayer the all of these things will build up to a quality of Allah. And then you need to know the potential of this is what our Prophet sallallahu

00:28:08 --> 00:28:36

alayhi wa sallam would say, oh Bilal call to salam to give us rest. Give us some comfort with it. Oh VLAN additional via and the province often and said, Well God, that's horrible too. I need to Sala the women he was married to in the perfume that he enjoys. I love these halaal things from the junior but the joy joy of my life was made to be in fala he enjoyed Paula more than the people that are exhilarated by aspects of this dunya enjoy their dounia he would enjoy a lot more than they enjoyed them that

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and then it will be your salvation on the Day of Judgment. May Allah save us and you and our families and help us protect ourselves in them. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said and we said I close man half of Allah whomever safeguards this Allah doesn't just pray it safeguards it. Amen to Salah Kenneth Lahu. neurone wa bohannan happen when adjusted to normal km it will be a source of light and a proof meaningful of its faith and a source of survival and salvation on the Day of Judgment. And whoever does not safeguard his father will not have no I will not have Berghain what happens light or proof or survival on the Day of Judgment, he said and he will be on that day

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maffra una una semana obey Allah with for our own and her man, his minister and qarun and we'll be able to follow the people that were deterred from Allah by their power trips, or their occupations like how men or their riches like cartoon, or they're arrogant, like obey even the color and their tribalism.

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We ask a lot though just to grant us a standing in front of him that will allow us to stand in front of him safely on the day of judgment and make the father the dearest of our experiences in this world. And make it a comfort and an escape from for us from the grind of this world. Allahumma amin May Allah help us find ourselves through remembering him and May Allah protect us from ever thinking that we

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can find satisfaction other than Him and may look you're our sick and may Allah have mercy on our dead male must support the old press in every corner of the world Allahumma amin allama fill in our hammer, a lot of Filipino hammer, a lot of Macmillan our hammer, a lot of Muslim Massimino and machinima. Allah hamartia moto moto muslimeen with Shimano moto moto muslimeen Well, I

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mean serrania Ilaha Mateen was Allah Allah Azza wa barakaatuh Vienna Muhammad Ali. He was like the engineering

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