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Ustadh Ammar Alshukry presents a series on the 99 Names of Allah with real life reflections.

In this 25th episode he talks about the name of Allah – Assamad

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Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome boys and girls of all ages and all species. As you can see I'm a little delirious we're getting

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via well beyond I think I've hit our 36 of waking time. But we are continuing on in this tagalong discussion with a moto shoukry in your host yours truly belongs on set Ahmad a comb ariosa look at that I think Nope, there's no sweat beads on it yet. And

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and it's really hot in here.

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You know what happens in a sweater? He's wearing a sweater. Yeah, right.

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guys wearing a sweater in summer in Houston. And do as no problem whatsoever. What can I say? I'm a cool cat.

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Oh man, we got these LED lights cool to the touch but the battery of motion handout.

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Yeah, so what are we doing? We're doing the name of a law summit, a law summit. Famously found in which sorta sorta summit

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all hawala had a loss Ahmed nemea, mula when I'm sure we haven't done a solid yet. I'm pretty sure no, we have not done a summit. Great. So write it down. Yes, a summit.

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And that is fine as the second vessel sort of lost like we talked about, that's the only place where it is found. So the classes alternate name is a summit right. So the summit, I know it's called solar lift loss. It is also called that and Solar

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Decathlon they're called and attain Musashi said thing.

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to sort of say that 10 times fast fashion attain, yeah, it's not that hard. Because now you're saying

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there's a

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means to remove. Okay, those two solos, they remove Schick from a person. Okay. You have both Catherine and Ella Haas. They have a beautiful relationship. That's why the province will send them recited them so frequently together. Yeah, it's a follow up to floss as a follow up book, if you don't, yes. So you have this concept of negation and affirmation. Yeah. So La Ilaha, Illallah negation and I'm affirmation. I've got one is basically say, I don't worship what you worship, and You don't worship what I worship. And I never worship what you worship and you never worship God, I worship to you as religion. And to me as mine, but the question that comes is okay, well, what do

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you worship? You negated? the worship of what we worship? Yeah, but what do you worship? And then you have the affirmation, which will allow women who have or who this is why worship. So we don't want to get into it to see it. 1111 fun activities, if you ever want to do a quick

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that one thing, just like if somebody ever asked you like about Islam, just just take that moment and just translate the interpreted meaning of certain hos. Say, a lot is one, huh? And he is in need of no one. And you know, nothing. And he's not from anyone, and he's not, didn't give birth to any child, and just continue from there. And it's just like, oh, that's very godly. And there's nothing like there's nothing like so then we come to this term, a summit and a summit, you know, to your just to your Arabic ear, it's not really going to come up with anything, Father, I

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mean, that all mean, so what does a summit mean?

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It means you'll find it translated as the one who is

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self self sufficient. Yes. Right. Oh, you were telling me before we I think we did in a previous video we, I think we mentioned is you're talking about how a summit is someone who doesn't have organs? Yes. No internal organs, no internal organs. That's how the early companions they define a summit. But what that basically means is don't need no air. You don't need no food. You don't need no you don't need a blood circulation. You don't need any of that, which basically means you're self sufficient. Yeah. Everything needs something external to survive, to thrive. And Allah as we get is the one who does not.

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So of the meanings of a summit, however, are other words as well, like a rub and medic and Madigan with a bit, the one who rules and owns so he has been and would have been the one who plants is that one of his names? Yes. With a bit. No, it's not one of his names then. But it means plants okay. And no doubt a lot as well. Your plants also have the meanings of

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summit is the one who's perfect because when you are no longer in need of oil or if you are no, no if you are not in need of anyone that denotes your perfection

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denotes it.

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I mean it exemplifies it. Well that's what it means. Right? Yes. Okay. It means that you are perfect. So a lot of you this preference kicking in a closet is perfect also have the meanings of a summit things that are connotations. Is the rich or honey of honey, we didn't do honey yet. Okay. I gotta go because this is all sounding very, very familiar.

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We did it. We didn't do it for money. I'm pretty sure.

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But the point being is that, um, we you know, I think we did it in my dreams. Okay.

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So, I love Honey, you're like, Okay,

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let's move on moving on.

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Because I lohani means

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if you are no longer in need, if you're not in need of any of us to do this. No, if you are not in need of anyone. Yeah. Right. That in and of itself is richness. Yeah. Because * is to be in need. And Lina is to not be in need. Okay, Eliza is a little funny, because he has a somewhat, and also

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of the connotations of a lot as it being a summit is that he did not create us to benefit him. Yeah, he's not I mean, he does. He's a no need of our worship. He's not in need of our worship or our company or anything. And that's why, in the great Heidi's that we mentioned yesterday, they had etha, with otter or the, in a previous session, that Allah just says, if the first of you and the last of you had the most righteous heart of the most righteous person on earth, that would not increase my kingdom in anything. And if the worst, first of you in the last, have you all had the most righteous, evil heart of the most evil person on earth, that wouldn't take away from my kingdom

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anything. So a lot as it did is not increased or decreased by our worship or lack thereof.

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Oh, you know, when we talked about this, we talked about this in a hand at hammitt. Yes. And Hamid, very good. That's why it's all sounding familiar. Beautiful.

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So we want to Yes, because galani and the summit, we don't benefit from Allah, and he is praiseworthy and deserving of praise. Respect, we don't benefit a lot. We benefit from Allah. Yes. And so.

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So I guess the question now is, yes, I am repeating for those of you who might be watching.

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So what's unique about this between

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what we've covered in Hemet,

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I don't remember all the details that we covered. So we talked about how Hamid is one who's deserving of praise and all the values and all of his ways you're famous, okay. And when he is somebody in why, why is he deserving of praise because He is Allah honey, and because he is a summit, right, some of being some of us on her own or needs. And that is because he's free of, you know, the need. And as a result, because he's obviously has the connotation of praise. Yes. Someone does not have the connotation of praise. Someone has the connotation of life and existence, life and existence. Okay. So Allah azzawajal is a summit. He is the one who is as is translated self

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sufficient. Gotcha. So it's talking about it's more related to him being a hate. Okay, than it is to him being an Hamid. So related to being I guess this is where are they where do they share? Okay, come in with regards to a Lenny that a lot as is the one who is not in need. And I guess there is a relationship with regards to it. Hamid in the sense that a lot I was at his last summit and a lot I was at his little bunny and a lot as again is perfect. Yep. And so he is praiseworthy of because of that, and he does not need our praise because he is a summit and he is a Vineet, we do not increase him. I think that anywhere, like a title would come out of 99 names and Jesus ain't one.

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Because he's a summit. He is a summit. He definitely is.

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Okay, so

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I want to just wrap up with someone with regards to some takeaways with progressive summit. Okay. The first is, the first takeaway is that when a person believes that a lot as again is perfect, and solid, right, self sufficient, completely up to Him belongs all things that makes you seek refuge with him. Yeah, seek assistance from him. And so you see, a lot of these names are calling us to this action, right? And that's why a lot is good. Allah says, Would you like it I smiled, who's not Allah says to him belong, the 99 names or the Beautiful Names, so do what priests call him call him, Pedro, who we have call him by these names. These names are special

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to propel you towards this action, which is to call a law firm who behalf either you who are out there or who Okay, okay, gotcha. Okay. So this this is all supposed to propel you this action as opposed to

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its commanding people. Okay, so call him okay. He's calling us he's commanding us to call him gotcha. So Allah azza wa jal.

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This should make you call out to Eliza yet and this famous statement that the Prophet symbolize that I'm talking to him in a bus. He's teaching him this. He says, oh, young man, I'm teaching you so what words

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are young love in a bus? how young was he at that time? Yeah, bus from the profitsystem died. He was somewhere in his early to maybe mid teens. So he was one of the young Sahaba for sure. So he was along the lines of Philippians obeyed. And these guys, I'd like to do better. My boss was older than him.

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The live news read was the first muhajirs to be born in he was. Well, I guess his family was more. He was the first of the mohabbatein okay to be born. Obviously he didn't migrate from the family of origin. Right. Right. So here's the first boy to be born in. Medina. Yeah. So the month so 10 years in Medina, he promises he passed away, he was probably around 10 years old, if not nine. I believe my boss was a little bit older than that, but probably not much. But he's definitely counted as the Sahaba. Got it? Okay. Well, I never even Okay, so

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he's definitely not like a modern, you know, he's not, but I'm like, I'm just thinking myself, because I in my mind, the image of him is an elderly man. Because of the because of the Spanish history that I'm reading, at the time of the island, the transition between the maid and the ambassador and all that. So like, at that time, he's like, old, and then he dies, and you have his sons also going forwards. But I guess that is about 100 years after the death of processor. Yep. Yep.

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So you have, that's number one, calling upon a lot agenda and feeling the need to access.

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Goodness from the one who's not in need of us. Okay, we're in need of anyone. The second is to recognize that these names that we call upon, they're not just simply things that you, you know, you simply state or state.

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But that you recognize that these names that we have,

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they indicate the difference between a lot as we get in us, you know that you reflect that you are a person who is in need, every single day of your life, and people need you people need you. And you need people and I need people and people need me. And that's the way that we go. Yeah, sometimes, you know, it's interesting, I mentioned that because a lot of times we drive our own value based on who needs us. What do you mean, sometimes people derive their own value based on who needs it? Of course, I mean, not even just career. I mean, our our salaries are the value of that of what we're paid is dependent on how much value we bring. Yeah, value bringing the skill sets that we have. Are

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you expendable, or are you not? Yeah, I mean, everybody's expendable, but to what degree? Yep. And, and just even in social life and a community and in families, like are you needed and are you wanted? And I think that's a huge sense of like, just personal identity and personal self worth.

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And a lot doesn't need any of that. Exactly. So you go from 7 billion people on this earth who all need each other all need each other to some extent and then recognizing that you know what, all of these needs. They all go horizontally, but they also go vertically. Yeah, and when they go vertically, they're all going towards one entity. They're going towards allies. Oh, yeah. Yeah.

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And the third is this is just amazing. dd Is it like the sense of confidence and identities is unmeasurable with among a lot, like within a lot, because he is a summit and just like here, we are trying to get a sense of our own selves. Yeah.

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Yeah. Coolio. Madhavi schatten, Allah says every day he is deciding an affair every day, issues are coming up to him and allies, again, is answering and responding and all of that. The third is that when a person is in a source of distress, when things happen problems, and they turn their hearts towards a lot as a surgeon, recognizing that a lot as well, having certainty recognizing that a lot as we get is the correct address. That is the correct door to knock on. Yeah, right. The more a person actualizes these beliefs, the more they will find that they are speaking to people less and speaking to a lot more and just wondered knew we were mentioning before, how often a certain name or

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attribute is mentioned. And a summons comes once. Okay.

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I was asked my question, how many times someone comes? Yeah, it comes with some sort of cancer. If you want to be philosophical about it, it's like it's like it's just one you don't need anymore. Yeah.

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You don't anymore? Yeah, yeah. Then you have

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actually not those three points or we wanted to share with regards to So just to review someone so names are not just to be stated, right it's just to have an understanding of where like, yes, we might need each other across the plains of humanity, but we also need a lot. And that's that's part of reflecting on this. Like, it's not just when you live these names, it's like man, I need like three people today. Or this person is calling me 10 times because they really need me Yeah. And it makes you reflect on the ones Pamela who

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is not in need of anyone Yeah. And the one that we're all in need of and that makes you reflect on his power and his ability and his

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his life his emulates it's even things as a as a human being to think that you don't need anyone is even a sense of arrogance. Yeah, it's not a good quality. No. It's like it's devoid of the idea of, we're part of a community. Yep. And that's why there are some attributes that are not praiseworthy when it comes to human beings and they are praiseworthy when it comes to a lot. So yeah, some of us some of these one of them. Yep. And of them is a cable. Cable. Yeah.

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It is it only like a handful that would that would qualify it to be in that category.

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Or is it a lot? No, no, it's not. It's definitely not a lot. Okay. It's like off the top of your mind if we were to go through it. Right. I wouldn't be able to come up with it off the top of my mind. Okay. The hikma would be something you want to embody. Right? And Hi, right. Hamid. Okay. Yep. a shocker. Definitely good with people and humans. Probably not. Not. You want someone who is generous, right? Someone who's resourceful and Mooji. Yeah, yep. Boom. I'll pay you money. Someone who maintains Yes, whoever, like, you know, the famous scholar, his name is Edwin. I'll pay him a bit. All right. And that's because his father used to be like a custodian or a guardian of a

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particular place. Okay. Or a particular school, I believe. So they called him in a Mojo Zia. Okay. He's the son of the guardian or the custodian of nice, okay.

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Are you um, is the one who maintains everything. Gotcha.

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You got a straw is Kareem near, Jamil beautified? Yeah, so it's, it's, you're right, it's a handful of things. Okay. That would be considered a severe. You want somebody who can hear you

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for that one opens hearts. Alba, see, all seeing, you want to be able to, you know, monitor things and whatnot, self control and restraint. To be one of risk.

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To be a giver. You have to be

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forgiving, to be creative. So I look a barrel with a cub bear and a summit so far are the names that are worthy of a law only great. Um, the law will be great. And we can ask everybody if you have other names that will fall into that category. Feel free to comment below, comment and tweet at us

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or social lattice or whatever. All right, we didn't hear what's on the line. Listen hamadryad as I said him Sima katella.