The Untwisted Truth and the Straight Path

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The speakers discuss the upcoming series of hedge against Islam, emphasizing the importance of twisting people's behavior to fit their desires and achieve their goals. They stress the need for guidance and precision in achieving their goals, while also acknowledging the importance of not overestimating the power of the messenger sallahu and calling on individuals to make positive changes. They stress the importance of recognizing the straight path and not wanting to compromise, impoverished individuals, integrity, and being a person of integrity.

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beam and hamdulillah I mean whatever you want

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call it silica Mohammedan sallallahu wasallam. While only he was so happy he was so into sin and kathira want to remind everyone inshallah tada about the evil hedger campaign and Charles is coming up next week in the night Anna, please do go ahead and follow along in sha Allah to honor the virtues of the hedges series, as well as the series that we're going to be doing specifically about the draws of him at his Salaam, which is going to start in Charlottetown on the first of the ledger next week in the NA, so please do follow along with that series and shall wattana also, and if you'd like to opt in,

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or or automate your sub account for those bless attendees, then please do so inshallah tada at the link below. Now, we spoke about a person who, number one has these traits of loving the world too much. And then we talked about your Sedona and sebelah that turns people away from the path of Allah subhana wa Tada. And then Allah mentions where you belong to her or Elijah, and then they twist the truth you're born or her meaning it, they twist it, and they make it crooked. Now, obviously, there are two ways to understand this two things that we can extract from this, you have a low and a higher Elijah would mean that the enemies of Islam twist Islam, so that they can make it less

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appealing. So they misrepresent it in a way that it would, it would take something so straight and so beautiful, and make it look ugly. And then there are those that twist it and twist it in a way that they make it more comfortable, right. So they water it down to where it no longer has the elements that are challenging, it no longer has the elements that cause discomfort, or that require meaningful commitment in life. So twisting it from the inside or twisting it from the outside. Alright, so twisting it from the outside for the purpose of mis portrayal. And you know, really feeding that you also do not unsavoury the law turning people away from a loss of autonomy or

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twisting it meaning not following it properly, the way that the hypocrites would. So twisting it in accordance with one's desires. And, and really diluting it to a point that it's not, it's no longer uncomfortable or no longer requires commitment, it no longer threatens some of the things of hope of dunya that you have the love of the squirrel that you might have, that we're serving and are serving as obstacles to the faith. And obviously it should, it should be very clear that when we're talking about standards here, that never should a person who is falling short of the standard, alter the standard to be more comfortable. Instead, they should exert themselves more, recognize the mercy of

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Allah subhana wa tada that a lot does not expect us to be perfect, but a lot expects us to recognize perfection properly. Now we're talking about this path.

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It's really beautiful that the way that the sudo started off with was Latina, Aziz and Hamid, that this is the path of Allah, Allah says Allah Hamid of Allah Subhana Allah, the Almighty and the innately praiseworthy. And what that means is that this is a path that cannot be twisted, that cannot be changed, all that have tried to miss portraits, failed in their plot, all that have tried to, to innovate and cause it to deviate and make it crooked from the inside have failed. The Dean will be preserved by Al Aziz and Hamid until the day of judgment, may Allah subhana wa tada allow us to recognize that truth and to be upon that truth. And so one of the critiques is that, you know,

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they want they want a lot of guidance to follow their guidance and allows guidance is supreme and allows guidance is the straight path and it cannot be crooked. Also, when you're talking about standards, you know, a lot tells us about those that were oppressing the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam, what do Lotito for you to know they wish that you would compromise and they would readily compromise. The compromise would have to alter your theology, they don't care about their theology, they care about what their theology gives them in terms of access to power, and in terms of ability to oppress. And so you worship our idols for a day we'll worship your God for a day, you know what

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you worship our idols one day of the year, that's where they got to, will worship a lot the rest of the year because they needed the profit slice of them to acknowledge or validate their idols just to the extent that it gave them the access and the power to be able to do the things that they wanted to do. And so they are not a people of standard. They're not a people of integrity. The prophets lie some is the opposite of that right? No matter what comes in terms of suffering in this dunya for the sake of Allah

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peloton anticipating the reward in the Hereafter, it's worth it for them no matter what allows them to access the dounia in the way that they seek to do so in an unhealthy way and gives them power and access and privilege, then they'll take it because yes, they have been hired to do near zero, which is the opposite of the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam. And so they would be comfortable with a customized fate that's diluted to a point that it's no longer threatening to their interest. It's no longer uncomfortable to them, it no longer asked them to commit in a way that would that would challenge themselves and really call on them to make meaningful change in their lives. And

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Subhanallah with Ibrahim it has said,

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you know, you go back to the call that he made to his father, and I spoke about this in the webinar, by the way, the coherence of the ball, he might Islams call but he was drilling the same points over and over and over again in his dour, whether he's talking to his father or whether he's talking to his people, whether he's talking about the worship of the idols, or he's talking about the worship of the the objects of the earth, or he's talking about, you know, worshipping the moon, the stars and the sun. He has a remarkable consistency with his message. And one of the things that he says to his father diecast slotland. So we I will guide you to a straight path. So we means it's a path

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without defects. Somehow lots of perfect path, it's a path without defect. And so it's important for us to always recognize that path, even if we're falling short again, of the goals and of the ideals, but to recognize the straightness of that path and to straighten ourselves up, rather than make the path crooked so that it fits our cooking this, this is a pure path, and it must remain pure. And when we are impure, we seek to shed those impurities so that we can be worthy of being upon that path. And that's why when we ask Allah for guidance, and then also that all of them will step in to guide us to the straight path. We're not asking a lot just to guide us to it we're asking a lot to

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guide us to it to guide us on it to guide us to the destination of that straight path which is His pleasure but Tyler and his paradise bit in the night Allah May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to attain gender to fit a dose and be amongst those that he's pleased with alumni. I mean, Zack Milan Hayden was so damn it come to life.