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  • Allah honoured humanity
  • Ones of humanity
  • Allah takes majestic pride in our diversity
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I'll be lying on a sheet on James Miller manual human hungry like I've been Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala I should have been more serene said no Mohammed normality. Also have you had your main and beloved brothers and sisters in Sudan while lying I'm gonna go to Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always and forever we'll begin with the praise of Allah subhanaw taala I should have Allah Allah and Allah will be witnessed and then has the right of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala and we send our love and greetings to our beloved Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam to his pious and your family, to his companions and to all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. Allah

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subhanaw taala blesses to be upon the Sunnah of Devi, Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam in this life and his companionship in the article, I mean when hamdulillah ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless us in this day of Jamar even though we are unable to be together in the masjid mela grounders to sue and congregate once again in the Messenger of Allah subhanaw taala. And to bless us on this day, I mean when hamdulillah in us finally, it's amazing that during the month of Ramadan, it's as if the Allah subhanaw taala keeps the world and ugliness of the world at bay, so that we can prepare ourselves spiritually. So the minute Ramadan ends, that ugliness once again shows itself And subhanAllah one

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of the great tragedies in the one of the most despicable things of this world, we got to see it once again, play out this week, we one person of one race, or one color kill someone else of an of a different race, purely because of the color purely because of the social standing. And of course the anger and the disgust that has followed. And for us panela we don't just give a hoot simply because it's popular to do it's the bandwagon you and you need to give a sermon or a lecture on race because that's the proper thing to do. We know Yeah, in South Africa SubhanAllah. We have a big problem with regards to race. It's not just one that is personal. In other countries, it might be a personal

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issue. But we know that here structurally, the system in South Africa is designed that favors one person over another purely because of where you come from where you live, the color of your skin where your ancestors came from. It is designed that way we see this being played out in Japan a lot we can have a discussion around the economy exhibit will impact one group of people differently. We talk about the Coronavirus for example some people will have access to to better treatment, others won't have access to treatment, just because of the color of the skin, with its education, transportation, whatever it might be race, class privilege, all of these things are played out And

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subhanAllah it shows that we live in a society that is unjust Subhan Allah and Allah subhanaw taala one of the things he came to teach us and one of the very clear messages of Islam is this of justice, of equality of the oneness of humanity. And it is very clear if you look deep into the Quran to find it. It's very clear it's explicit and more so in the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, then we have all people, the Muslims, we should be the foremost when it comes to these things. There's a concept the word that is described, it's called as Obeah. It encompasses not just racism, it's tribalism, nationalism, it is where one person shows a sense of superiority over

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another. We're injustice is done against another person purely because of where they come from and who they are versus where you come from. And Islam came to abolish this in fact, the promise of lamb causes Jay Haley Yeah, it is ignorance. It is backwardness. Jamelia is obviously the opposite of Islam. It is an element of Cooper. And as even claims it's even an element of shortcuts type of have this belief in Allah subhanaw taala. It's a disease that we should always be wary of, and something which we'll always talk about, and inshallah we'll talk more about it in this Friday lecture. But before I begin, I want to remind ourselves about the great men of Beloved, we'll talk about the

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story of Bella. And yes, we all know that he was a black man, and that he was a person of African descent, we will mainly we need to harbor that were of African descent dominis hobbits with dark skin. And that is besides the point, what Allah subhanaw taala had given him and how the Sahaba saw him and how the society transformed shows us the beauty of this religion. And so we remind ourselves quickly about his story, but out of the Alon, his lineage goes back to his father was an Arab man, his mom was a Abyssinian princess. She was an African woman, and they were both taken as slaves. So there were three people, noble people, and they were taken as slaves. And so beloved of the one is

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born a slave. in Makkah, we know that he had African features. He was black. When the Sahaba described him, he was a tall man. He was a muscular man, he was a beautiful man. We know that his voice was deep. We speak about his eyes, being in his deep, dark eyes was mesmerizing. When you looked at him, he was an intelligent person, but because that the society he came from all they saw was he was not an edit, that he was a slave that he was dark skin, he would only be that he would be below the black man. That was all he was in his in his society. And then of course, Islam came to Makkah, and he was the first people to embrace Islam, and to accept Islam. And in the first days, in

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the early days of Islam, we know were the days of persecution. 13 years, the Muslims were persecuted in Makkah. And no one was persecuted more than Bilal, we know that he was the man that got the worst treatment that he was beaten the worst that he was stabbed, and he was the symbol of resistance. Where as many, many people many of the Sahaba these are the greatest of people with to ski to openly profess the Islam, or many of them that were tortured so much they would

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See things just to get out of it pilau could not be broken. He did not budge and he would be tortured so much no matter what would happen. The words he would say was I hadn't I hadn't there is one God, there's one God that was all he would say non stop, and the more they would torture him, the more you would insist on this until SubhanAllah. Bilal is the symbol the poster boy of resistance against oppression that you can't break this man no matter how much how much persecution you give him. He's not gonna break and the valleys I would say the valleys of Makkah would echo without saying I don't I don't. And the master Omiya would break before below will break you know,

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you will be beat below so much is almost so sore from the beating that he had to give up. Eventually we know that Allah subhanaw taala blessed beloved of the alliance by setting him free through advocate on your lawn. And one of the great honors of Satan advocate organza he has the honor of sitting below Alfre and also in that site in a beautiful story, that when a worker came to me to say, you know, sell me Bilal, what do you want? What price do you want Romania, say 10 dinars. And it's like a fortune, a 10 times the price. And a worker doesn't negotiate it doesn't haggle, he immediately accepts no no second offer. And so my is like, you didn't even negotiate with me, if you

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offered me even one dinner, I would have sold him to you for one dinner, because that's really what he's worth. He's only worth a 10th of the price. And what Krugman says to him that a lie even if you charged me 109 out of 10 times the price out of still paid that because that is what blood is worth to me. And it shows you already the paradigm shift that people are the Muslims at least are not looking at at a man based on his color with his parents were his social status, and what can be learned in the society in Makkah would never have crossed paths. But now they can begin to see the human, the human the person. This is a man as a human being. And of course, with that is the

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brotherhood of Islam, this affiliation after the Muslims, of course, migrate to Medina, we know that a great honor that once the masjid was set up missing another way. The question was, how should we call people to the mosque? Should we use a bell should we use a one and of course there's a dream one of the Sahaba where he is shown how to give the other and the prophets of Allah except that this is how we're going to call people to to the masjid five times a day. And of all the Sahaba he chooses the resource for them selects Bilal, for so many reasons. One of it being that he had this most powerful voice amongst the sahaba. But of course, beyond that, it was his email and he stuck

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was closest to the visa lab, and he was selected to call out the Iran. And it's amazing that because he was the one that had the courage to call out ahead on ahead on on everyone else was quiet in Makkah when everyone was too scared to profess the Islam he was the man that stood up. Now he gets the honor to call everyone to the masjid and we know that he's the first one I've been of Medina, the first imam of Masjid Nabawi. A few years later, the great and perhaps the most triumphant day in the Sierra and the biography of an obesity problem is when he returns to Makkah, now imagine our our pain that for we are unable to go to the masjid for a few months now. And it makes us sad and it

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makes us deeply depressed, we're not able to go to the masjid. Imagine how much more painful it must be when you are deprived for 20 years from going to the harm of Makkah than the Qibla that you are facing is the secret to idols and that you are expelled from the city. And so it was such a difficult thing for the Muslims knowing that Makkah was under occupation, the Kaaba was under occupation. And then of course, Allah would bring on the 80 of the hijab 20 years after the the mission of Musa Salah, the liberation of Makkah. And so this most triumphant day, the Muslims returned to Makkah, those who were persecuted and expelled they return home and at the Kaaba is now

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liberated. So the problem arise into Makkah, not as a conquering hero is he lowered his beard touching the camel so low, and he makes it off and he removes the idols from Chicago. And so now after he makes you start off and I imagine the scene, the conquerors, meaning the Muslims that have liberated Makkah, they are they at the Kaaba, the people who had fought in Abu Salam had killed so many Sahaba, who had a place many of them had a priest Bilal themselves personally had harmed him. They're all lined up. They're all standing now at the Haram in front of the camera. And now what's going to happen to them? You know, anytime one person, one group conquers another city, there is a

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parade or there's some kind of pump or some kind of display of greatness to make others feel low. And so now the obesity tsunami is going to display greatness. And so what does he do? He calls bill and he says Obi Wan stand up and sing the Kaaba climb to the roof of the Kaaba and display the greatness Allahu Akbar, give the adhan, only the greatness of Allah is going to be displayed here, no one else is going to be honored and to be shown off in terms of the conquerors Allah Himself, Allah alone will be shown the greatness and so Subhanallah this honor, can you imagine that beloved on the lawn, he would climb the Kaaba, and he would be the first man again, to give the other man in

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the Haram after it is liberated. we fast forward a few more years and Subhan Allah than a visa Salam, as we know, he would die. And that beloved the day the day that the person passed away, it was his habit that every single event before he would give them that he would ask them to be Salam. Amaya give the event and so five times a day you would give the event and then absolutes actually Allah, Allah and then a resource alum will come out and leave the

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salah, and now it was the person passed away after fajr. And so it was the thought of there'll be someone passed away and bit I'll give the event and he gives Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar, a chateau a La ilaha illa eyeshadow, a Nemo and he's unable he chokes is unable to see the name of an abyssal solo. It's too it's too painful, because he knows I'm going to say the name of enemies of Salah, but he's not going to come out this time he's and he's never ever going to come out again to lead us in Salah. And so without for three days tries to give the event off to everyone you know, tries to give the other and he breaks down in tears. And so Abubaker the Alon eventually by his request is I don't

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want to be the oven anymore. And so a new oven is appointed. And Medina itself becomes so difficult for Bilal to live in because every way he looks he's reminded of the visa Salam. And so he leaves Medina completely he leaves Medina completely, and he sort of goes just to fight jihad, which is like no joy for him in this world. And so SubhanAllah 10 years later, the amazing moment we Jerusalem is now a conquered the Muslims are able to liberate Majid Luxa from the most powerful empire in the world. And so when the masjid of Jerusalem is set up, remembers Luxor was not the same number of the Alon and the sahaba. Build a new Masjid on the site of the dome of where the masjid

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would be. It is only befitting that they call the man who had given the first event imaginable we will give the first event and the Haram of moko ascended the Kaaba, the corbynite. Again, even though he was retired, he didn't want to give the event anymore because it's too difficult for him. They said below, it's only befitting that you should give the Afghan once again and so be out of the Alana would give the anon the first van once again, and Majid lochsa And when he got to that shadow, Allah Allahu Allah, he forced himself to complete the Anon, but everyone now was in tears remembered the days of Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and the honor that Allah subhanaw taala had placed on

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this man Subhan Allah. And what's amazing is that yes, in the time of the Prophet Salam, he of course did not see color or a given beloved honor because of his Taqwa. Now, the Sahaba, after the Ruby summit passed away, they would still see this man and give him that same honor that was befitting of him that when Jerusalem is conquered this great city, the city that you know, all religions in the world look to as a center, they would choose that again, when the when the the honor of Islam is displayed, the man who would give it is a spill out on the land below the wall just to complete the story. We know that before he passed away, he would get a dream from an abyssal

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Salem that would say to him, we are beloved, you haven't visited me in so long you we've lived Medina for so long, you never came to visit me. And so Bill would rush back to Medina. And he would visit the grave of Nabil Salam. And at that point has no sign of Yolanda when our young men grandsons, there'll be Salam and none look more like the Prophet Solomon like hasn't resigned. They asked me to, you know, honor us, you know, below, give us the honor of giving Adan and because you couldn't say no to the grandsons are gonna be so solemn, below give one last man in Medina. And of course the whole city erupts and explodes of sadness, joy and sadness, because it reminded them of

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their visa salah. And so now that I've been unable to live in Medina, he leaves Medina and the span of life passes away in Syria on his deathbed, his wife is crying, and she said, What a sad day. And he says, no, no, what a happy day because this is the day I will be back with and it'd be so solemn. So you know the story of Bill Allah, we all know the story of people. And we all know that, you know, he was an African man, he was a black man, that what is amazing is that in the highest days of Israel, the moment when the Muslim community displayed the pinnacle of joy, it would be beloved of the Alon that will give the other and that he would be the man that would, would bring us together.

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And so Subhanallah if we think about where you would have been had it not been for Islam, without the Allah and would have just been a slave, you would have just been a person that was unknown or, or despised in his community, and how Islam elevated him. And more than that, not just elevated him how it changed the rest of society, those same Sahaba had it not been for Islam, they also would have not seen the quality, the caliber, the humanity of this person, they would have seen him as a slave as a nobody, but they got to see they got to identify the humanity in this man and the beauty of this man. So this is the power of Islam and the ability to change it transformed one person and

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to transform an entire society, that it destroys this concept of one person being superior against another person because of your color, your race, your bank account, your nationality, your passport, all these things mean nothing. And that is why Allah subhanaw taala mentioned so many eight about the honor that he has given in son we just go some of the ayatollahs positions. Well, I've got a Kurama bunny item that we have surely honored all the children of Adam, Allah doesn't even say the Muslims. Yeah, Allah says all of humanity, Allah has honored them, but they have a special place with Allah subhanaw taala the creator of the universe, Allah goes further in surah teen one also

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Nakata hologram in Santa Fe Selita Karim that he has made mankind all of mankind in the best of stature. And this is the same Lord whisk created sun the moon that you

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universe, all of creation, the angels panela he says that you are inside, you have been created in the best of stature, but Allah subhanaw taala Allah subhanaw taala we know that of the four things he connected with his own hands, he did not even keep up with his own hands. He gave only four creations the honor of them is Adam, what Allah subhanaw taala created who with his own hands, and we know Adam, Melissa Sudan was taken from clay from all parts of the world was mixed with white clay, Bleckley, red clay, hard, soft, all of us together. Adam Alayhis Salam, our father is symbolic of all of us. And Allah subhanaw taala honored Adam meaning on it, all of us that He created Adam,

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externally from the rest of creation with his own hands and fashioning and molded him. Now if this is the honor Allah gives one person, how is it then that we disregard degrade and harm another human being when this person is so beloved in the sight of Allah so honored in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala also subhanaw taala. He shows the honor that he gives in sun when Allah seasons to the room and of the signs of Allah of the evidences that there isn't Allah of the things he takes pride in a majestic pride, divine pride, he says, of the things which shows that these and Allah is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the diversity of your languages and your colors. The fact

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that Pamela, there's no religious sticks in the world that says this, what Allah says that the fact that you have black people, white people, and all colors in between and the different languages that you have is an evidence that there isn't Allah who loves to create in diversity, that there is no superiority and innovate all of it is part of Allah subhanaw Dimas creation and Allah says indeed in that are assigned for people who have understanding or have knowledge, more explicit than that Allah subhanaw says, Yeah, you are not all mankind, all people, not just the believers, all of you in the Holika come in the Quran, one for all of you go back to one man and one woman, which I'm not sure

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when we're in and we've made you into nations and tribes, Lita are awful so that you may get to know one another, so that you may cooperate with one another, so that you may recognize the goodness in each other so that you may celebrate the diversity of one another. The fact that you are of diverse races and colors is something good and you should you should celebrate that. Then Allah says in the chroma come in the light o'clock, but the best of you and the most honored and the most noble amongst you is the one with the most taqwa and you know, taqwa, as we know is something in the heart. It is something which none of us can see. None of us can judge who has more Taqwa or less

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Taqwa meaning, you don't know which person is more honored in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. And therefore everyone should be treated equally, everyone should have the same status as another person, Allah tells you, the only reason that you are diverse is to recognize one another. And the only thing that makes one person better is in the currency of Taqwa. And that is in the heart which belongs to Allah subhanaw taala. So this is very explicit in the Quran. The Quran is very clear, you know, this is 1400 years ago, but even in modern times, when we see 2020 Spatola, we as people have not gone beyond we are still stuck in this issue this JV backward, England, a mainframe, we are

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still stuck with this concept, that my color or my social status, or my job description, my nationality, my wealth, the amount of money I have in the bank, that would make me a better person. The prophets also lump if you came to the mercy of enemies or Salam, you would have seen people from all different backgrounds, rich, poor, young, old men, women, different tribes, different colors and complexions all coming the as equals they all set as equal to one another in the merchants of Nabisco Salem. The only difference would be the person who was more generous, the person who was more insular, who was more knowledgeable, the more good qualities you had, this is what elevated you

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within within society, once a man comes to the masjid and he comments how he understands how the Arabs are congregated with maybe some that they follow that of Islam because they are Arabs, but he can't understand why the why is the blackbull Alia Why is the SL man or Farsi Persian, a Rumi swaybar Rumi, why are these different foreigners? Why do they get the same kind of treatment like as Arabs, and then it goes on them become so upset at this man that he actually gives a time for Hooda and he says in your minds, oh, people know that the Lord and sustainer is one you have one God you have one Allah, and that your ancestor is one you have one father, your faith is one your religion

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is one. The arrogance of you is by no way a virtue in ability of your mother or your father. They take no pride, there's no pride in your where your mom or your dad comes from, or who your ancestors were, or your language there is no pride in the boasting of ancestry is an act of Jehovah. Yeah, that one should not boast about who my forefathers were, what difference does it make where your forefathers came from, where another man's forefathers came from? The only thing they are the pious people, and they are miserable sinners, the only good people and the bad people and all of us are the children of Adam. And Adam comes from Dustin. Ultimately, if you really, really want to play

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that game, and you really want to look at your forefathers and your ancestry and your lineage, ultimately your ancestry goes back to that everyone

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All of us who NCC goes back to the lowest thing on earth, which is that in another Hadith very similar to this, you know, related to this, the prophets of salaam said that this amazed there are people that they are boasting about their forefathers when he says many of you, your forefathers were basically firewood for Jana, you are so proud of your ancestors, and many of them are bad people just because of the color just because where we came from and the provinces, they will certainly be more insignificant in the sight of Allah than a beetle who rolls the dung with his nose, that you know, putting your nose in the dirt. That beetle has more honor in the sight of Allah

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in some of our ancestors who were bad people. And therefore the only thing that is it counts in the in the sight of Allah is your piety, your iman, the kind of human being that you are, this is the only thing that matters in the sight of Allah. The Prophet Salam reminds us that he says two things of Jay Helia two things of ignorance. Two things of the days before Islam that will remain in the Ummah is those who boast because of the lineage or the class or the social standing, there's nothing you've done nothing amazing of where your parents came from, or where you live, your nationality has nothing to do with you, you didn't do anything impressive, you don't have the right to boast about

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it. Yet, the prophecies of this will remain in my ummah until the end of time, my alma, there'll be people who boast based on the ancestry. And another thing is they will be little another person based on his ancestry or his social standing. So if anyone feels a sense of superiority towards another person, or sees another person's inferior, know that the results are not cool that an act of jaggery an act of ignorance, an act of pre Islamic tendencies. The prophets Allah says that all of humanity is Hadith in Muscat. All of humanity is the family of Allah and the best of humans are those who are kind to the family of Allah meaning kind to other human beings. All of you know this.

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The amazing thing before the person passed away his his sermon, where he explicitly said that no Arab has superiority over non Arabs and no black person has superiority over a white person or a white person or a black person, that all of you, all of you are equal in the sight of Allah except in the level of Taqwa that you have. The only thing Allah will look at is in the level of Taqwa even Subhanallah using names once the Sahaba had a bit of an argument that the Muslims are Makkah with the Yamaha gene and the people of Medina yeah and so on. And they said these titles are these are titles which Allah had mentioned in the Quran, the subtitles Allah gives them as a sense of honor.

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But now they use these titles Omaha, Julian Owens song to divide as a way of being superior to another, another group to show that we are better than you because we are the margene to show that we are better than you because we are the unsought when there'll be some heard this, he became so upset the promises will say to them, is it with the cause of J Lea that you are you using terms of je and again as we said, these are terms Allah using the Quran, Allah calls the Mahajan or unsought but the NIA yell was not for goodness, they were using a way of belittling another group, the Sahaba human beings, the prophecy This is Jay Helia ways of pre Islamic dealing of things. And he says, You

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call yourself by these names and I'm still amongst you mean, I'm not even dead yet. And you're still going you're going back to this backward way of thinking. And he became very angry at this. How do you think Buhari Subhanallah even even a name that you give each other even though it might be a good name, when it's done to make someone else feel inferior? Or to make you superior and SubhanAllah? It becomes an act of giant Lea how how amazing how strict we are on this issue. If you look at the racism Subhanallah racism the first racist or the original sin, the first sin that we know of is that of racism when he believes the first sin that we encountered was that I believe the

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first sin that Adam saw on Islam. The first disobedience to Allah was that he believes and he believes not bowing before Allah when Allah asked him what we believe. Amma Menaka understood why don't why did you not make me do what I commanded you to do? So what was his response? He says, I'm a hydro mineral, I am better than him. I'm superior. I'm privileged. I yeas listed in me hudec phoneminer You made me from fire Wahaca who maintain You made him from from clay. And so he believes is the first creature that we know of that has displayed a son and his son was that of pride and racism. In his very excuse explains why the only reason why I am not obeying your Allah while I'm

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being unjust why I am being disobedient is because I am superior than him because of what I am made of where I come from versus where he is where he comes from and what he's made of. And you know, subhanAllah that what am I mentioning the police is not the wrong he is superior. If fire is superior to that. He's not wrong in what he's saying. Of course he's wrong in what he is understanding of that, that Allah does not look at what you are made of. Now how worse is it Iblees is actually superior in terms of his his his creation is made of fire. We made of clay. How worse is it that we won we also made of clay? We you come from the exact same thing like the person you're

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belittling. You have even less of an excuse the Iblees you have even less of a reason

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To feel any sense of pride when he believes analog. And this is the first thing that got the first sin, and is the reason why he believes God cursed and he was expelled. Now this shows you the seriousness of the sin, if it is the thing which caused the beliefs to fall, and for all those who follow you believe Subhanallah, it is this and this is the original sin, even Christianity, we have a concept of original sin. This is the original sin of racism, the first thing that we we experience, and anyone who has a sense of racism, you can have a little bit of a lot of it, it is a disease that will eat at you Subhanallah, this disease of racism, it can be so dangerous, that it

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has caused genocides, Holocaust, apartheid, all of these catastrophes that the world has experienced, it comes down to a very basic feeling where you believe that you are superior to another person that you in, whatever, whatever it is, and it might be your color, it might be your your culture might be your nationality, or your social standing, what job you have your title in the company, when you begin to believe that you are better than any other person, this is the beginning of it. And as we said, If it continues, it can actually lead to killing or genocide on a global scale, we will see, you know, a system of injustice, a system of evil against another group of

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people, because what you do is when you see yourself as superior, you will rob that person of the humanity, you robbed the person of the honor and the dignity. And once you do that, taking the wealth, taking the lives, the sanctity is taken away, and so it becomes easy for you to harm that person. And that is why Subhan Allah, this issue of race and racism can lead to the evils that we see happening in the world, the genocide and the killing, and wars. And so Subhanallah, Allah Subhan, Allah teaches us that one of the ways in which many of us, we display our racism, and we need to be honest about about this, maybe you're not going out there and you are physically harming

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someone of a different culture or color. And you might don't even say this publicly, but privately how many of us use derogatory nicknames or terms or slurs at people of a different class, or people of a different color, and Allah sponsors or you believe it, not one group of people, belittle another group of people, it doesn't say, only for the Muslims, for any group of people, if it's if it's a Muslim group, or non Muslim group, do not belittle any other person, it might be that the person that you're belittling is better than you Subhan Allah. So Allah is saying that the beginning process in which you display this act of racism is when you start, you know, looking down on someone

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else, and you belittling them, or you give bad nicknames. Also, how bad is it to insult one another? After having faith? How bad is it that you go back to insulting each other, and this is a sign off of Jay Haley of England, the promise of love even goes as far as a very serious hadith is something that all of us need to worry about the resources. Whoever fights under the banner of and becomes angry for sob. He is moved by a sense of sob as we said, it could be racism, it could be nationalism, tribalism, culture, whoever fights under these things, and he's angry for these things and, and you know, harms people because of these things. And he dies when he dies a death of Jamia.

00:28:08--> 00:28:45

So anyone who is so deeply affected by racism, that this becomes the way in which he views the world and he dies upon that it is a death of Jamelia, as if though he has not died within Islam. And so you know, many of these ayat and Hadith, we know these things, and it's slogans. And if a non Muslim, for example, speaks about that, so we can quickly put these things and racism sometimes when we talk about it as Muslims, we always talk about a pseudo something external, something we suffer from, it is something that other people do to another group of people. It's not a Muslim thing, but at least panela. We know and we look or take a hard look at ourselves, our mosques, our service, our

00:28:45--> 00:29:17

homes, our community, we know that we have problems in our community, how many of us SubhanAllah. If we look at the Muslim lands, for example, you know that if you were to go to a Muslim country, the first thing that they will usually ask you, where you come from, What's your nationality? And based on that answer will depend on the treatment you receive that if you come from a European country, you will automatically get a privileged treatment. But if you come from an African country or an Asian country, then you are, you know, you're unimportant. And subhanAllah it will go so much further, even if you say, Well, you know, I have an American passport, they'll say materially, but

00:29:17--> 00:29:57

originally we do come from because you don't deserve the honor that a person of a theory complexion gets this is the reality in many of the Muslim countries. This is how many of the Muslim lands operate. And there are so many people we lived in many years of my life, you experienced this and you think wait is the Islam, the same people you all know about below. You all know about the IRS in the Quran, you can quote them better than anyone else. But why does it not show in the way you treat each other? If we look more closer to home, if you look here in South Africa, how many of us genuinely see people of a different culture whether you have a Malay culture, Indian background, you

00:29:57--> 00:29:59

see those have an outside culture

00:30:00--> 00:30:37

to maybe the new immigrants, the the people that have come from from Somalia from Bangladesh, those who have come migrants, do we see them as as equal to us? Do we give them the same privilege in terms of the Masjid? Yes, they can stand exhausting salah. But if we were to ask, Well, are they allowed to join our Masjid committees? Are they allowed to be our Imams? Subhan Allah, we work as part of a group, IDP, many of our Imams will hamdulillah of African backgrounds and Subhanallah the difficulties of an African Imam receives a either an imam who is sometimes more educated than you're a millennial, Indian Mowlana or chef, yet he has to work that much harder to get any kind of

00:30:37--> 00:31:10

recognition. Because people cannot see beyond the color of his skin doesn't matter what qualification he has doesn't matter how much knowledge he has, or the piety that this man has. Because he's not from amongst us, He doesn't deserve that same kind of honor and dignity. And when you find the same thing, as someone comes from a European country with a European accent, automatically, we give them a better listening, we give them some kind of status and privilege. Many of us we need to ask ourselves, why is it why do we do that? Why is it that if we need to interact and with those beyond just race, it's obviously class as well, if we are interacting, someone that

00:31:10--> 00:31:47

comes from Bishop's court will get a different kind of treatment, somewhat closer Bishop levers, someone, the CEO, if you were to have a meeting with the CEO of your company, will you give the same treatment to the janitor of that company or the man that picks up your date that do they get the same kind of treatment? And if if we are unable to give someone and to treat people with the same kind of dignity, irrespective of the of the job description, or the color or the race, and there's something wrong with us, then we are not able to see the humanity in the next person. Some things that's fine a lot. We know how many of us in the privacy of our homes, we use derogatory nicknames

00:31:47--> 00:32:23

or terms for other groups and cultures will lie. This is Jamie Yeah, this is something that if the prophet Salam would hear us say, you would tell us that this is an act of, of pre Islamic nature that to say these these terms are reprehensible from the Quran, from the Sunnah. And it is SubhanAllah. What worse than that is we teach our kids these things, and we indoctrinate them and cause them to inherit this kind of disease and prejudice in them. You ask yourself, if a person of a different culture have a darker skin color, or to come and propose to your daughter or your sister, would you be happy about it. And if you can't, if you can't judge a person just based on his Eman

00:32:23--> 00:33:02

and his taqwa and the kind of human person he is, but you have to look at all the other things in spinal know that you also have that disease. And so for us, what's important is to be true to ourselves as a community, but we also struggle with this. And it is as an associate, these are some of the diseases of Jamelia that will continue is this asabi here. And so for us, it is to consciously try to undo this kind of thinking. Part of it is because of the society that we live in the media that we see, we are indoctrinated Yes, we have inherited this from the legacy that we live in. And we have to condition ourselves not to go back to that way of thinking. And if we can't, you

00:33:02--> 00:33:39

know, break that, you know, we can't get out of it. What's important is to ensure our children don't inherit that disease, that yes, that hamdulillah they live in a time where it is better maybe than in the time of apartheid. So it is important for us to ensure we don't use culture, or class or you know, physical attributes or the position to show that one person is better than another, we should teach our children that, as the professor shows, we are all brothers and sisters in humanity. And all of us ultimately go back to that the only thing that is going to count is if you're a good human being the only thing which Allah cares about is if you are a pious person, that is the only way that

00:33:39--> 00:34:12

you should be able to differentiate better from from worse is the kind of human being that you are. And so my Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be of those people that are people of Taqwa and Iman where we have the honor and the nobility that Allah gives us through through piety, through being a good person in how we treat each other. As the scholars say, there is nothing more beautiful, I will always beautify you that if you want to look at beauty and you look at external beauty, the thing that will always be beautiful, is good character, how you treat people, this is always something that is going to be beautiful, any culture, any class any place that you are in is going to be some

00:34:12--> 00:34:42

that carries the most weight is how you treat each other. So to each other with the dignity that Allah subhanaw taala set and the height of the beast of creation, give every human being that that honor and treat everyone equally and treat everyone with respect. And this is panela what it means to be a Muslim part of our image and part of what it is that Allah has brought about in the Sunnah of Nabi Muhammad, Salah Salem. So Allah bless us with that and forgive us for our shortcomings and our mistakes and the weaknesses and already move this from us and guide us. I mean that Caliphate was at a loss you know, Mohammed was sitting with me