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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing their plans for their book and media. They discuss their desire to make their book more popular and discuss the importance of public relations. They also mention a person who had a similar desire to make their book more popular but did not achieve it.
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Yeah, if your Quran is too pretty then you're posing with it. Stop posing. Right Go Go read, go read the Quran a little bit. Meanwhile such a shining, yeah have this super shiny one No, but how many pages have we gone through that? Oh Hamdulillah 255 to like this particular most of you are gonna be digitally immortalized. And you can see it too. You can see that kind of just a little dingy here, and it's clean here.

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So Kilala the, there was a show, that's totally unnecessary. It was a show called who's the boss where the dad or the male character plays the the nanny or the cleaning, and they want to shoot a commercial in his kitchen. So he goes crazy. And he's like cleaning the kitchen. And the day of the commercial, the commercial guy comes in, and he looks at his kitchen, he goes, it's too clean, and he starts spreading jelly on the counter and then he got so that's the feeling I felt is that we want we want our Quran to look lived. Okay, we want our Quran to look lived. It's like how people buy rustic furniture. And exactly, I'm sure that someone's going to start a read Quran. Yeah.

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You want to look like your Hafez buy your Quran from I'm telling you make the infomercials with that with a one 800 with the 80s tinge. Do you want a or do you want to look spiritual when your religious family members come over?

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Do you want to have some Do you want to look like you're close to God by one of our read Gorons but wait there's more way throwing a gentleman

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will co throw in a nine volume color coded set of Buhari so it can sit on your shelf and you can look like you don't worry about the heavy shipping the book is actually empty.

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It's just a prop free shelf. It is just very pretty. And no insult but I only say that as a real story that a brother came to the masjid and handed over

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over $12,000 in books at a man like a whole wall library and then they were brand new cased. And it was all those really nice like fatale body Bukhari with the ones that and he goes, What is this? He goes, I bought it as of as I had the best wall in my house.

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Yeah, I never read a book. He goes, I just bought one and it looked real pretty. And then I bought the next. And he goes I know how to read but I just never read books that had the casing on it. But you could see that the plastic casing, but when you know when you put the binding together, I think everyone knows what I'm talking about. Then it makes like an image right? You know, just just kind of closer that I wanted to leave with. So one of the things that we study in PR history and marketing history. So public relations itself was developed by this guy named Edward Bernays right, he is the nephew of Sigmund Freud. Right He is whom madman's main character is based off oh did not

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okay. Now this guy, he actually re define or redefine but America at the times in the 1920s 1930s they were using the word propaganda. They're like we're not communist. Let's change it to public relations. Okay, now one of his major clients was claim to fame before he became even bigger was the book publishing industry. They're like, Hey, can you help us sell more books? He's like, let me see what I can do. And so what he did was he went to or he figured out how to convince developers and you know, builders to whether it was offices or residential homes or apartments to add what's called the bookshelves into the walls. Bookshelves into the walls, right? Not like it's there's a built

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into the building. Even my, my current apartment has bookshelves built into the walls. Yes. So when somebody moves in there, they're not going to host people with empty shelves. They have to buy books, and sales over the next decade skyrocketed because you have to have gone with the wind or whatever. Right? And it's the same idea like this gentleman you mentioned is like I got books, but I'm like what's their identity? They're Muslim you know, scholarly that all that so what the shaky, shaky Muslim

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and so like and so as a result, they went out every brown families that like having coffee or something like that on their shelves, right like to showcase Hey, we're super religious. Yeah, because we are being religious. Yeah.

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But it's the core. It's not knowledge. It's decorative, right? The way what but then people have come to our house and each of the children up to who are above six have their own normal ground transition. Yeah. And it is. It is laying tattered, tattered, its toys are next to it. And people. Sometimes I walk into my daughter's bedroom and it's on the bed. And I'll say it again. So we keep hearing it. And they read Quran without hijab on I know that someone's losing their mind, but I would rather my girl if they're sitting reading Quran, you lose your mind. You're like, No, you can't do that, but it's not

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mandatory guys I know it's great adequate, but I, they know that if it's really late and they're not able to put themselves together, still going to read Quran do I mean you may not have the proper gym clothes doesn't mean I'm going to work out. Thank you. Okay.

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I'm sorry the irony, the irony is because they read Quran in gym clothes sometimes and you're like, No, this can't be happening, but it's like yes, yes, agreed Quran I'd rather you read it. Janice Gron had water spilled all over it. It's a full 30 is just, it's it's like crumpled. I used to dry it in the sun, honey. That's what I told her. I said leave it open in the sun, it will be fine. And she was like, Okay, so that's that formality that we want to go away. Thank you friends.