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Juz’ 29 with Ustadha Lobna Mulla

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The line Oh Blimey what I wanted to log in without too much caffeine a lot more soluble cinema biotic and avocado, silica Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are only here to be here or send them to sing the theory of hamdulillah we are at just 29 knows how to love the 29th night of Ramadan may last time except your prayers and your eba on this last of the odd nights of Ramadan. And the Allies was that allow us to power through the entirety of Ramadan make the most of every minute, and if for it to be an accepted on Milan, and for us to be amongst those who observed later to further along. I mean, we're blessed as we're coming down to the end to have with us live in the middle of

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Hamlet in LA, who is not only a board member at Payne, but you know, someone's Pamela, who spent a lot of time in Tel Aviv in various respects, not just through your pain, but elsewhere. She is an amazing life coach as well, Michelle, I'm not volunteering your time, instead of minutes everybody else. But the last is an incredible life life coach and mentor, and does a lot of our training modules, in fact, on on conviction circles, and through the European expanded learning department. And of course, also Chaplin through Ioh k out there in California, and I'm the developer. I mean, so that's why she's happy. She's in California. We're Misaki we're locked down in Texas, you're locked

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down in California.

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We're very happy to have you.

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Along with of course, she from the law.

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You know, I think he's gonna miss me every night redshift, of course, come on.

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Up come. So we'll try to propose some ablon programming. So make sure from double commit to it from now. So he can't, he can't bounce and run away after it all, within a time as we get into the 29th GES of the world.

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These surahs seemingly because now you're at the point where you're 29 and 30, where there are many schools within the Ges. And hello, while the sutras can appear to be disconnected, they're actually very carefully related to one another. And so the majority of the plan that was revealed to the Prophet sly some in the initial revelation is all in this juice, which is very interesting. Okay, so

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three of the first four sutras of the Quran are revealed to the profits lie somewhere revealed in this just hear us with Parliament with death and the Muslim men. And there's a strong emphasis on the awakening to the Day of Judgment, the warning of the Day of Judgment. As Pamela it's just pressing on the idea of how inevitable the Day of Judgment is, wake up from your current reality wake up from your slumber wake up from this illusion that there's nothing beyond the exterior. And it starts with certain work, right? Look to the world around you have tell them in football? Do you see any flaws in the creation of a loss of data? What is beyond this galaxy? What is beyond this

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creation? That Allah subhana wa tada allows us to observe? And how do we see through it and so to awaken out of our sleep to awaken out of our convenience to awaken from our our place of privilege, as we'll see as well, that's alluded to here in this juice. But to wake up, right, it is a just that is meant to wake us up, and to start thinking deeper about things. And so certain one obviously, is a sort of that we recite before we sleep, to wake us up to the reality of a loss of humans out of that, as we take a break from this world every night, and our souls temporarily escape our bodies, we remind ourselves of this inevitable reality of certain work. Every night, before we go to sleep.

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Eliza Duff talks about the greatness of himself, Allah subhanaw taala talks about the beauty and the magnificence of the universe around a loss of habitat talks about the difference between those who, who, who walk through this earth, deeply perceptive, and connected to the signs of a loss of hundreds Allah and those who close their eyes and do not even consider familia t can be mountain Marine, where that cup of water came from in the first place where the connection of the natural elements around them to how they provide for us, you know, especially nowadays, by the way, when things are provided to us in their fine packaging, we have removed the pieces of paper that we have

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in front of us from the trees that they came from, we've removed the water from the the origin of water in our universe in our universe and how it last comes out. I don't want to add as provided that to us. We've removed all of these things from their origin and so Eliza jumpsuit that talks about the signs around us and then brings it back to the way that those signs play out in our everyday life and how the blessings that we have are connected to those bigger signs. And in that way, just as the sip of water that you take from any tea can be mountain married, just like the simple

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Water that you take is connected to the the rain that Allah subhanaw taala allows to come down upon us and the oceans and the seas that he's provided to us, the oceans and the seas and the rain are connected to a greater source that you cannot see. And so the source of the water in your hand, is the rain that you often don't consider. And the source of the rain that you do see is none other than a loss of hundreds out, but it must have a source that a lot as a job calls you to. The next surah is through the column. And Allah Subhana, which Allah tells us about the insults towards the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and gives us the example of the first prophet as we said very

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early on that was revealed to the prophet to lie set as a method and unit it is set up. So last kind of time starts off the sutra with some of the insults towards the prophets lie Selim calling him a madman. And this was very early on, as the profits licensing was starting to encounter these insults in Mecca, from a people that he had never encountered insult from before, which made it that much more hurtful. So these are fresh insults to the profit slice of them. And a loss of Hannah, what's Alice's possibility hooking it up became without the Queen kosaki booty is nada. Well, who am I don't, don't turn away from your people, the way that you undecided is turned away from his people

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stay the course Allah subhanaw taala will cause miracles to happen. So the first number, the first example of a prophet is given to the Prophet slicin up. And the first method, the first example of Christ is given to them in the people of the garden, who were greedy, and they wish to deny charity to the poor, and so they hoarded and they showed great greed, and in their selfishness and their self preservation and their greed, they ended up losing themselves and they ended up losing that which they were trying to hold back from, from the people. And how much of this is connected to the early Mexican themes of dishonouring, the orphan consuming the wealth of the orphan, of belittling

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the poor, of out of a place of greed and preservation of power and wealth, rejecting the message of the prophets I send them and in the process, they would lose their power and their wealth and find themselves in deep regret. So Lars was on is giving us you know, have an agenda, not the people of Gemina have an agenda as in the people who own that garden, as an example to place that if you do not wake up to your reality, this will be your inevitable, inevitable ending and to the prophets lie Selim Do not let the the time that municipalities saddam walked away from his people be yourself but you want to start a psalm of course was delivered by just about horrible vagina who knows sleight of

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hand and last panel I chosen an elevated solarzero job makes it clear that Eunice is not does not remain disgraced In fact, he comes up elevated, but telling the profit slice Ella foster really hooked me up became well as iconic as occupant hood is now that Walmart will

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be patient with the command of your order and don't be like the Companion of the whale at that time. So it doesn't say don't be like Eunice. Don't be like Eunice it stuff in those moments when he walked away from his people? Because he did not see hope in them. Finally, or not Finally, but then the last answer brings us to a hacker, certain hacker.

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Certain hacker talks about the fate of the mood and add and fill around and overthrow and towns and the people of know how it is set up. And the punishment of those who said that this is that this is merely a poet that this is merely a madman that this is merely sorcery. So it moves beyond the analogy of the dunya with consequences that's given in the previous sutra. And it talks about entire destroyed nations. So sort of the column is very personal. And that it's talking about the the the reason why these people were really holding back was from a place of greed. Certain hatha is talking about the actual destruction of those nations, because of the rejection of their profits certain

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column alludes to the insults towards those profits, certain hacker a lot of those absolves the Prophet sallallahu wasallam of all of those insults at the end, and says that this is the revelation of the Lord. This is not the words of a shy or a sack. It's not the words of a poet, nor magician. But instead, Tenzin on the one hand, I mean, this is a revelation of the Lord of the worlds and the loss of hundreds. It says how to highlight is justice, one of Jehovah and a number of COVID. That look, you know, you are rejected for turning away from the revelation you are punished and had the prophets lie. Some of them altered the revelation, he too would be punished. So there is a

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responsibility that's being placed on the prophet to stay the course. And to be and to, of course remain committed to the revelation that he is carrying and there's a responsibility of the people to respond.

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properly to that revelation, certain Mirage, Allah subhanaw taala talks about the qualities, the assent of the believers, the qualities of the believers, and the way that the believers set themselves apart with their character. So this is the earliest elaboration, and I believe this is going to be talking about certain matters, the earliest elaboration on the qualities of the believer similar to what we know, and what we're covering a bottle of man, what sort of pot and the last times I talks about how they set themselves apart, they take their prayer seriously, they take their oath seriously, they take their chastity seriously they, they honor their contracts, they do, you

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know, they're wholesome, people that live with this knowledge of the hereafter. As for those that turn away and lost, contact us, via Hulu, I will tell you that cool young lady counter you are doing, leave them to continue to play to continue to be in the state of heedlessness until they find that which they were promised. What's the next Surah Surah nor,

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where nor haliaeetus. Salam is, is at the point where he is complaining about his people after 950 years of damage to them. They're still continuing under heedlessness and newer Halesowen gathering his people on the ark, the few that Los Angeles say and the rest of the people being drowned after a lot as I just said in the previous unit for about one year fubu oil Abu. And so Pamela were intense, I know you're stabbed in common light or come a few turn away, a different group of people will come and it's not just people, the next one I saw to the gym where a lot of talks about and you know people that were not even human or creation that's not even human beings listening to the prophet

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and responding. And so with no hunting is still out while one month while he could easily be dejected, 950 years of data with you know, less than 90 people to account for in terms of those that accepted his message with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam as well. It wasn't just the human beings that came to listen to you. But there were a gym that you could not see that listen to you, and that believed in you. And that took it back to their people. So while you see the the apparent destruction of people that rejected, you're not seeing the hidden acceptance of a creation that is concealed from you. And so you never know the effect of your data on the environment, then certain

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Muslim men would death that the two pseudos that were revealed to the Prophet slice them close to one another one emphasizing that the profit slice of them stand up and call the people one emphasizing with the profit slice them stand up and pray. And so it gives us the the makeup of the believer is pm at night and Dara and figma in the day, to stand up in prayer at night and to warn and call and to work acts of righteousness throughout the day. Finally, sort of the piano and insert and then more setups which all highlight the Day of Judgment, as the AMA talks about the resurrection of the soul. And insan talks about an agenda. And Mozart focuses on the consequences of

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punishment for the rejecters of truth. So actually, if you read those pseudos, all three together, you'll notice the theme. The ama talks about the Day of Judgment. So insaan focuses on the rewards of the believers and sort of the most that focuses on the punishment of those that rejected so they actually read very powerful together as you read them and Chatelet Tada. And with that in Charlottetown. I'll pass it on to chef

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does echolocating Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah Wanda le was fv and when all that rubbish Ronnie so de su mi Md whereunto productivity Sani yes oh Hong Kong era Bellamy

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as he mentioned some Pinilla I plan to touch on the chapter of and Muslim in the first roughly nine verses and this chapter is very dear to me, and inshallah it will be dear to all of us. But inshallah it will be on our conscious today rather tonight inshallah tada when we see this chapter for Muslim men, firstly and Muslims, the one that is covered in garments, and this is actually what a loss of pain without a call out, or named the prophets of Allah and it was up to him. He said, Yeah, you have Muslim and I thought the nurse turnigy

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Yeah, you have Muslim men, all you that is wrapped in garments. Now, some scholars mentioned that this was revealed to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam, when he was in the lap of Khadija radi Allahu Allah. When you receive the revelation from gibreel and jabril told him it caught up and the prophet SAW Some said and to be taught in the province Alliance and I'm used to it to handle it as I showed the lohana you said that he used to have solitude and to meditate for lack of better words and to pray to his maker Allah subhanho wa Taala that's when a lot chose to reveal it crop via jabril to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Then on his way back, he comes to

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Khadija and he was sweating profusely and he laid in her lap. His best friend Khadija Allah Allah subhanaw taala when we look at it

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One time in the cave he is alone and he goes to his best friend the other time he was with his other best friend aboubaker only aloha Nick Cave. But seeing how he goes to Khadija alone, it says me Louisa Milani.

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And he said any Hoshi to Allah and he said barely I fear for myself. I don't know what's going on from this revelation I received and he was scared. And his wife's opinion of law. His best friend, I repeat, was someone that gave him the emotional support that he needed and dare even say spiritual because she reminded him of the good deeds that he did for people. It was what he did for people that made her say No way. Let your Zika low evidence Allah subhanho wa Taala would never abandon you. Because the way that you are good for people, good to people and how you treated how you treated people. But when we see there's some scholars mentioned Allah subhana wa Taala at that

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moment revealed to him Yeah, you had Muslim men. Yeah, even Muslim men and some scholars mentioned Yeah, you have more depth here. In any case, they both mean those that are wrapped in a garment. But what I want to capitalize on here is in one word, salon. When we see this chapter, it primarily concentrates on the salon but not just when we hear the word salon. We see that Allah subhana wa Taala is giving you the method in which to get the most out of your salon. You know many times especially our youth May Allah tala protect them and protect all of us. You know, sometimes I sit in ask my children and you know, ask all of you, you know, ask yourself sometimes what was I thinking

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in the salon? Sometimes asked my kids, okay, what were you thinking today? It's okay, you can answer the question. What were you thinking about? You know, it happens to all of us. But Allah subhanaw taala here is giving the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam at the beginning of his theory, Salah let's say it in another way. He's giving a man that just received revelation and he's fearful he is full of fear, doesn't know what's going on. does not have any idea what's going on. And all he has right now is the comfort of his wife Khadija, a lawsuit kind of what Allah tells him what stand up and pray. Oh, you wrapped in garments for me Layla Illa de la, stand up at the nighttime except for

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a little bit which can mean the most part of the night. This for one Chrisman who karela.

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Stand up half of it or decrease a little of it a little bit night. This one person who Padilla, Jose de la or increase it increase that amount walk to the court and enter Tila In any case, a loss of data ojibwa II, a salata fileted he obliged upon and made obligatory upon him to pray, but in the middle of the night at the nighttime, and a loss of panda with data after understanding that he made this obligatory upon Him, we see the importance of the prayer. The first thing that he was ordered was to do something that will equip him equip him for what is to come, and what is to come a loss upon dialysis. In ninette inessa nuth de la Kat olan subpoena. So now I told him to stand up in

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prayer, stand up and have your undivided attention to your Creator. Why? Because we are about to reveal to you a weighty word a weighty statement, and scholars have mentioned with this old lens that the law can mean subpoena that means heavy. So we are about to give you something that is very heavy, meaning what the heavy in weight of this crowd meaning the message is so massive and so profound, that it will change your life, it will change nations. Some scholars mentioned that it is so heavy because it can only affect the heart that will accept it.

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There may be someone that memorize the Quran, but it has only come to be phonetics for them. May Allah not make us from them. It has only come to be sounds that they say it doesn't affect them at all. That's where the golden subpoena means that it is heavy. And it is something that is massive, because it goes beyond what you recite even though in every citation we receive reward for every letter that's recited and shallow to honor and even the one that struggles to recite this for the youth and those that have converted or renewed Muslims that are trying to come back and practice their faith to the best of their ability. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says you received

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double the reward. What are the Quran who are yet to tell? Well, who are they he shot on? The promise of the lie that was sent him after saying the man with the Quran is with the expert. The Quran is like the one that is with the noble Angel scribes. But then he continues on to give us an encouragement to say look, it's not just on this leading total we are leading in the prayer. No you standing in the back. You may not understand everything that said but you're trying.

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You're making an effort.

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He says then he then he says the one that recites it who gets attacked at Jani, the one that stutters, well, who either he shock and it is hard upon him or her for they so they get to rewards to show

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That you should never give up and seek help.

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By using it in the nighttime.

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In s&p alayka own in turkey dinner last panda with Allah continues to see in international a lady here shut due to an alcohol malkina that barely in the rising of the Knights in some scholars mentioned to HUD you it is very hard and most potent to you for governing oneself and the most suitable for the for your word or for what you are saying so Nasha To live is like the reborn Knight. In other words, the type of tahajjud in other words, if you were to sleep and to get up and to be fully rejuvenated. Nashi means to originate something to bring something new Nasha to lane is that portion of the night to where you preferably if you were to sleep and you were to wake up, you

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were to wake up you were to sleep and you were to make an effort to wake up to to Jeff adenuga, whom I didn't look legit. When Allah subhanaw taala talks about the righteous people he says that the Jaffa junoon their sides are released or they go far away from their mobile budget from the place of reclining or laying down. Yet their owner boom Whoa, fun welcome. And they call out to the Lord in fear and fear and in love of him. So when seeing this, we see that the one last 1000 mitching Nashua, to live as a means for something who will shut the lotto and it is the most potent of good as translation here, I shut the water and walk out means to step. So it is the strongest means of

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stepping closer to a four Makita a sub one what a como Kayla, and it is the most upright means of speech, meaning that if you were to live in your night, if you were to renew your strength, if you were to get up at the part of the night where everyone's asleep and no one sees you or hears you except your Lord. This is the strongest means of coming closer to him by reciting the Quran. The strongest means of reciting the Quran in this prayer that he says in the lack of in the howdy subhanho ila that barely and this is for you. A very there is for you by day a prolonged occupation with ordinary duties with charisma erotica, whatever, tell Li e tivity law and remember the name of

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your Lord and devote yourself in complete devotion.

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So here he's talking about really reciting the Quran and mentioning Allah subhana wa tada and Tibet tener la de tiempo Tila is to come closer to him. But mainly what we want to talk about here in these verses is the importance of reciting the Quran as a prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to the noble Koran lays them in that Mendham utility bill Quran is to to change your voice, but to recite beautifully this book of Allah subhanho wa Taala as he would raise his intonation would raise and lower when reciting this beautiful book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So remember, that in times of hardship, in times of ease, turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala and try your best to perform one of

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the strongest means of coming close to him, which is the prayer which is the Salah, because remembering that Allah subhana wa Taala ordered the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and it wasn't ordered for us was ordered for them in the early times in the early adventive. It's not to wake up in the middle of the night, and to pray, pray to Him and to ask Him for His blessings to ask him with his beautiful names and attributes for really that is one of the strongest moons of coming closer to him and pondering over decoding the data that which is a heavy, heavy weighty statement we lost upon with Allah make us of those that adhere to this beautiful woman advice from

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Allah and make us of those that are here to in our actions.

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refresher from the law says Pamela sola, the early verses of Salaam should be read as being understood as part of beyond right because the five prayers were not legislated until Medina, so not a lot to him that you want and continuing their prayers into the night. You know, beyond was was a necessary part of their lives specifically considering the times that they have some hon Allah. So inshallah tada stellaluna will hand it off to you.

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Exactly. Okay, the chip on my

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shoulder. So tonight definitely the talk is about sola, sola, sola, Sheikh Abdullah he just talked about the importance of salah and in particular pm will nail and that was prescribed to Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to you know to give him the ability to have that spiritual strength to be able to deal with the people and call others to Allah subhanaw taala and here and sort of the mileage we see that salon is also described as a quality of the believer and we're going to see many other qualities are attached to that. And and before we do

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About salon, I want to talk about a couple of ways in which Allah subhanaw taala mentions the impatient person. And and then how that juxtaposes against the qualities of the believer. So about our lady my shades on our genus filetto and their him bloodspot Allah says in the incentive Holika, helluva, either Mr. Who shall Rogers who are what either Mr. Hill hydro menorah, that very man was created very impatient, very impatient How so? Going into the next as that when something evil happens to him when a calamity befalls him, he is in a state of panic. He's freaking out, he is despairing, in the hope in Allah subhanaw taala, that something good will happen after this test,

00:25:45--> 00:26:26

you know, very different than the believer who looks forward to the good that's going to come out of it at some point. And then what either Mr. Hill hydro manure, and what's also evil about this quality is that when something good happens to this person, he or she, that he withholds he does not share with others and the blessings has been given by Allah subhanaw taala, whether that be wealth, and it gives them charity, or for example, and having good health, a lot of time and being able to use that for good. So he withholds he's stingy. That's what I thought. There's a hadith talking about such evil qualities, in which ebihara Rajan on who says prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa

00:26:26--> 00:26:47

sallam says that the worst thing the worst quality in a human being is greedy impatience. This this description of hella and unrestrained cowardice. You know, being in a state of shock and fear, instead of looking towards the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and hoping in the blessings that he can give us from the left.

00:26:49--> 00:27:16

And we see something very similar to this, you know, we don't want to be those people that have our Amen. You know, we're on the fence. when good things happen. We believe in Allah subhanaw taala. when bad things happen, all of a sudden, we're in a state of loss, such as described in sort of fudge, until I can show up tomorrow in just 30 that when the person is being blessed, they say Allah has honored me, but when they're being tested, they say Allah has dishonored me has

00:27:17--> 00:27:34

has humiliated me. So we are not of those people until other believers are not of those people. Who are they and Alex Martell describes now the opposite of that, where he says lol mousseline, except for those who pray, except for those who pray and this is beautiful.

00:27:36--> 00:28:14

Allah, Allah talks about twice in the Quran. You know, this quality of using prayer to gain closeness to Allah subhanaw taala in this lesson month of taqwa, we are trying to get closer to us hearts, Allah, through doing the good things that Allah loves and staying away from the things that last month Allah has prohibited and does not love. And one of those things in which spark Allah tells us to do was staring over somebody was Salah, twice, he tells us this MK or n, that seek assistance in anything in any difficulty that you have in, whether it be in spiritual affairs or in family affairs, or financial or health, so on and so on. What should you do seek Allah through

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patience and prayer, patience and prayer. And here patience is the complete opposite of what was being described in these first few as of somebody who's so impatient that something bad happens, they're in a state of panic, but something good happens then they hold back, they're being greedy, perhaps not knowing they think that I might not get more of this or better hold on to it all for myself. We don't have that kind of read instead, that we use this this patience, we use this seeking of assistance and we do this through what is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala and what she says to somebody was solid, and also last month, Allah mentions in the Quran about how prayer prevents us

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from doing bad deeds. Prayer helps to prevent us from doing bad deeds in the selected

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evil Wonka. So 100 out of brothers and sisters that we have been given this beautiful gift of Salah. We have been given this beautiful gift of salah and it is it is incumbent upon us and we have this last few nights last few nights in Ramadan in which we can ask us for Tyler to make it easier for us to practice this beloved worship that he has blessed us with. And it's so beloved that Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that when he advised my eyes, he held his hands and he said I love you. And he told him a lahoma say this after every prayer, Aloma Allah, Vic rica was shook rica was named by the tick, he advised why because Salah is so important

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that after every prayer, make this door say Oh Allah, I seek. Help me to remember you to be grateful towards you and to beautify my worship towards you, to remember you to be grateful towards you and to beautify my worship towards you, and the

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Definitely includes Salah as well. So when you know in these nights, if we are not feeling Salah if we are, you know, finding it, it's just a tour or we're losing concentration, or we're not seeing the long term benefits, keep at it, fake it until you make it keep in there, young and old you know you've been doing this for a long time when you're just starting, there will be a learning curve there will be inshallah, a point where when you keep doing it and you keep asking what's current Allah to bless you in this beloved D that is prescribed for us, that you will start to love it. Not only that you will run towards it, and you will yearn for these precious moments with our Creator.

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And and here Allah Spano, tala, now describes the qualities of the believer, he begins the qualities of the believer with what those who pray, and he ends with it also describing those who pray as well. And so after this, this set of descriptions were last month, Allah says, you know, manners and patient acceptable saline. Then he says, a levena, Houma, la sala de m, de moon, those that they are consistent in their prayer, they are consistent, and they are on time and they guard all the obligatory aspects of prayer. And some have also said that they are them in the sense that in between the each movement, they allow their bones to rest, they are not pecking in their Salah as

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prophet mountainside Sallam told us not to do, we're not just rushing through it, we are actually resting in between each movement, trying to really take in what it is that we are doing, and trying to improve and increase our connection with Allah subhanaw taala.

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And then now let's find out describes the qualities of of these believers out What is he talking about? Now? He talks about those that they understand that their wealth, there's a right upon them? And who do they give it to those who asked and those who are deprived, so basically people that are in need, who else has lost hearts, I will describe the people who believe in the Day of Judgment, the people who fear the punishment of Allah subhanaw taala, not like those who are mocking prophet outside Solomon said, if you really are a prophet, why don't you tell your Lord to bring down the punishment, you know, we would never do that, because we fear the punishment of love. We understand

00:32:12--> 00:32:13

that that is a reality. And then

00:32:14--> 00:32:54

Allah subhanaw taala also mentioned those who are chaste, those who fulfill their trust and their promises. When some some something is given to them as an amendment, they fulfill it, they protect it. And when they make a promise, they fulfill it as well. Those when they give testimony, they give truthful testimony, they so here, this concept of upholding justice is so important, and Islam as well. And then again, Allah subhanaw taala concludes this description, this beautiful description of the believers, with those who guard their prayers, those who guard their prayers, when levena, whom I left for letting him you have his own, you have his own, and who what will be of those believers,

00:32:54--> 00:33:25

they will be entered into allas agenda suppiler, the highest level so we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us of those people who will be consistent in our prayer, and that we will guard our prayer and we will do all those other qualities that was found Allah has talked about it. And the good thing is if we believe in what Allah tala tells us that we can accomplish these good traits by seeking Allah subhanaw taala of favor and mercy by patients and prayer inshallah, so we ask Allah to make use of these people and keep us consistent. And so a lot zek located

00:33:26--> 00:34:06

my mother, Kiki, Stella luminous palates, a very beautiful way to round it all out. And it's really interesting, but the lies is that it tells us to guard different aspects of our prayer, right. So the difference between fi sloty him you Hoshyar own and I lost a lot to him, you have people on those that preserve the extra elements of their prayer, those that preserve the internal elements of their prayer, and it always fits so beautifully in the context of how the law so in this situation, where Eliza is giving the command to stand and to pray, and to to guard the rights of the prayer, it fits into the same way that the same spirit of guarding the rights of the family guarding the rights

00:34:06--> 00:34:48

of those that you enter into dealings with and so on so forth. So it's a beautiful, a beautiful way to bring it all about Zach Lowe, heighten stellaluna and inshallah tada tomorrow night everyone We will see you for the final or and 30 for 30 inshallah, and we will have with a chef Gasser Burgess inshallah Tata to round this out with Susanna and I, you know, I look forward to seeing you then and I want to remind you all please keep this near your eyes inshallah. And especially tonight and keep working until the last moment of Ramadan, and before tomorrow night for last episode of kalantri for 30. Please tune in to Amanda's sermons in the Most Merciful 2am Eastern in sha Allah wa Salaam on

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April when I have to lie